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Reviewed: 12/01/06

Final Fantasy VII = Awesome Game


Well, Square soft/ Square Enix has made another Final Fantasy. This one is one of their best that they have ever came up with at the drawing boards. I will refer to them as Square Enix simply because that is what the companies name is from the time this review was written. Square Enix has conspicuously had 6 other Final Fantasy's before this one and all of them were pretty good for coming out on pretty old systems. But this one blazes its own trail because it is so awesome, and has its own unique characters and story. This one is pretty similar to FFVI, FFVIII & somewhat close to FFX (which is the United States version of FFIII, which FFIII is the Japanese version) because FFVI has Espers that you summon that take out damage or make status ailments on the enemy or yourself. FFVII has the same thing called summons instead of Espers, they all take out damage instead of healing ailments or giving them. Final Fantasy VIII you have GF's (which stand for guardian force) and Aeons in Final Fantasy X which you can control them.


This game is absolutely the most funest game. Because of the battle system, side quests, characters and story. You are in control of Cloud most of time. But latter in the game you have to be some of the other characters due to something that happens. Like the other Final Fantasy's when you go in battle you have 3 characters and wait till your wait meter is full and you can attack. The wait meter is still used from Final Fantasy 3, 8, 9 & in some for X-2.

The game for me was pretty simple it is probably rated medium. It gets pretty easy during the first part because the first part of the game is suppose to be somewhat simple. Then after you get to a certain level it starts to get a little harder since you have more difficult bosses and sometimes confusing parts of the game. But overall you should only spend about 30-45 minutes getting use to the battle system and all the odds & ends of the battling system.

The control is quite simple. It is just like most of the Final Fantasy's today. One button is "ok" other is "cancel" and you use the direction keys instead of the analog sticks which can sometimes be a plus. But overall the commands should be really easy to master. If you cannot master them within the 30-45 minutes then I suggest that you practice that while you are training your characters just because you are doing something good in the meantime.


This story is really excellent story but is probably a most common among storylines. You start out with the main character called CLOUD STRIFE you can name him something else but I suggest you keep the name. He is a X member of SOLDIER (Soldier is like their military) but he left SOLDIER. And he joined a group called Avalanche. And there he met Barret who is the main person of the group ( with only a few people who are in the group) that hates SHINRA (by the way Shinra is the Government) because all they want to do is pretty much take over the world. So what Barret is doing is destroying Reactors in MIDGAR (That is the city that Shinra is governing) because they are trying to take the life stream because they think they are going to find the Promised Land. So they stop at nothing to get there way to find the Promised Land that they think is a real place. And on your way you encounter Sephiroth which is Cloud's arch enemy and Cloud doesn't like him very much.


The graphics are the best for the Playstation. This cam out in 97 which seems not a long time, but graphics wise this is pretty good for the games that came out around 97 on the Playstation. When you are moving around in the game you will see that Cloud has kind of block hands, that is pretty much the result of the graphics in 97, they weren't all that great but they still were great enough in that day. BUT when you were in a battle the graphics of the characters were all of a sudden better, you could see Clouds hands with detail instead of seeing block things and the weapons & summons, spells that the characters used were pretty sharp and clear. They didn't have parts that were blurry so you can actually see the image or summon. When you saw a 3D part it was very clear it might have been the better graphics than of the battle graphics and normal graphics.


The sound/ effects were really good the sound of Cloud striking enemies with his mighty Buster Blade was right on que when he stroked the enemy with his sword. The sound was also sharp and clear and wasn't muffled up so that you didn't have a hard times hearing the sounds. The music in this is totally awesome the battle theme the victory fanfare and the other music that comes on when you get in the High wind, the music is just so totally awesome and made what it is today. The sound from the summoning the summons are awesome sound effects as they slice & dice or just shoot a humungous beam at the enemy from thousands of miles away and still taking out good damage.


You want to know the playtime? This game has 3 disks! Well if you want to know how long it takes to complete the game. It really matters on if you can figure things out things on yourself or look at a guide/walkthrough. Because it took me about 70:00 hours to beat the game simply because I trained and took my sweet precious time to complete the game. But I have heard that someone has beaten the game in 30:00 hours which if they did that they must of skipped the dialogue, not have gotten some of the summons and extra stuff that you can do in the game. So I suggest that you take your time the first play through so that you can find some of the stuff out for yourself. And I suggest through your first play through you don't use a FAQ/walkthrough unless you are stuck on a certain part or you are those ones you like to get everything on your first play through. But during your second and on you can use a FAQ/Walkthrough and other FAQs that help you with specific items in the game or use the FAQs to help you get everything in your first play through.


There is actually a good amount of things that you can do after you have completed the game. You can train your guys to level 99. You can do all of the side quests there are. There is Ruby weapon & Emerald weapon which are very very very strong enemies that I suggest that you use the Faqs that are posted on Gamefaqs to get more information on how to defeat Ruby & Emerald. You can also train your Chocobos so that you can get the Gold Chocobo that is required in order to get the strongest summon in the game, so you better train the Chocobos. If at anytime that you missed any of the characters final limit breaks you can go find them, but you need to get all of the level 1,2 & 3 limit breaks before you are able to have them learn the 4th one.

If you wanted too you can go back to the towns and re- purchase the weapons and items that you had sold or just simply forgot to buy. There is little mini games that you have to do in order to advance in the game, you can re play those too in case you have done the other side quests.

THEN there is the Gold Saucer which if you have played Yellow Version of Poke`Mon with the game corner it is somewhat similar. The Gold Saucer in my opinion is a big place for adults much like those playgrounds that only kids can play in. There are a good amount of activities that you could do there. You can go to the arcade and win GP (It's like winning coins at a place like Chucky Cheese) in which you use the GP to purchase stuff only in the Gold Saucer. You can bust up your battling skills by going to the battle arena and fighting enemies that you have fought and win battle points for you to purchase some items in the battle arena, but don't forget that once you leave the battle arena you loose all of your battle points. And last and simply least you can go on some rides which are in my opinion once again kind of pointless to go on.


I RECOMMEND THAT YOU BUY this game simply because it is a truly remarkable game that made Square Enix what it is today and if you love this game I bet you are going to want more Final Fantasy's that Square Concocted and made very good games. And like I always say if you returned this back as a gift I would consider you Brainwashed because this is one of the very best games that ever came out. And I do not think you can rent this game at a local Hollywood or Blockbuster any more.

10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10
= 60/60

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