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"Sweet Jesus what a game!!!"

Ten years on and it's as popular as it ever was. It has so much to see and so much to do due to the fact that it's over 3 discs, this game will have you hooked for days on end.

The games main character is Cloud Strife, a former member of the Shinra faction Soldier who meets up with Barret Wallace, leader of a faction called Avalanche who's purpose is to stop Shinra from destroying the planet.

The games starts off simple enough, take down the Shinra corporation, however it isn't long before you discover that there a lies a more deadly threat. Along your journey you'll meet certain characters who will join you in your quest, one in particular holds the key that could save the planet and everyone on it.

The gameplay is very good indeed. Throughout the game you'll do a serious amount of travelling, a lot of roaming around is recommended as this how you'll find very useful and important items. You can also interact will people in the towns & villages that you'll visit along your way to everone, talk to everyone you meet several times as some won't tell you everything the first time around. Whilst travelling you will aquire vehicles which makes your journey quicker but can avoid random battles which is critical for raising your characters levels and earning momey.

Battles are a vital part of the game as this how you raise your characters levels and earn money.

Throughout the game various items & materia are picked up & bought, this gives your characters abilities to help make the battles easier & heal them if hurt.

There's also the 2 hours of cinematics which themselves are fantastic, highlighting the games key moments. The side quests are optional, however 2 of the main characters are earned from doing the quests as well as the ultimate limit breaks and weapons. An very interesting side quest is raising chocobos, it's costly and takes a lot of time but it's very rewarding.

Apart from the numerous side quests there is also the option of taking on the two toughest bosses in the game, however a serious of training has to be done & all your equipment has to be at their optimum in order to even attempt this, this also takes a lot of time fighting and building your characters up but extremely rewarding if you are successful at defeating these two bosses.

*Save often - you never know what might happen*

One of the best games ever released in my view andif you buy it, I hope you enjoy it

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/17/07

Game Release: Final Fantasy VII (EU, 11/17/97)

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