Review by Fin_Obelius

Reviewed: 10/01/07

A good game, but not all it's cracked up to be.


Final Fantasy 7... The most famous installation of Square Enix's hit series, spawning many direct sequels and prequels. It might seem contradictory to say that this game is a good game but not all its cracked up to be, then post a 9 for the score. But really, it isn't because from whay you hear from the fanboys raving about this game, you'd think this deserved a score of 100/10.


You are a jack of all trades named Cloud Strife. You are hired by a resistance group (Albeit pseudo-terroristic) group called "AVALANCHE" whose purpose is to destroy Mako Reactors as they suck the planet of its lifeblood. Those reactors are constructed by The Shin-Ra Company. Nothing exciting and awesome, right? Wrong. As you delve upon the story of this game, it becomes increasingly more complex and fascinating as you uncover a corrupt government's secrets...


This game is a RPG. Therefore, it has basic RPG elements such as HP, levelling up, and experience points. However, this game takes advantage of the Materia System. Each weapon you equip has a set number of slots to fit materia in. The purpose that materia achieves is to grant your team members extraordinary power for battle. For example, "Bahamut Materia" will enable its user to summon the legendary King of Dragons. Like most of the recent Final Fantasy games, characters in this game are capable of Limit Breaks. A Limit Break is a special move in which a character releases a ridiculous amount of energy and hits the opponent (might be plural, depends on which Limit Break you use) for MASSIVE DAMAGE!!! There are also two unlockable characters you can discover via exploration of the world of Spira. The replayability factor of this game is very high, with tons of materia combos, sidequests, and a few characters to unlock.


In today's standards, the graphics would be considered to be very poor, however, this game was created in the days of the PS1. The irony is that back then the graphics were considered to be unmatched. The graphics itself are blocky but the FMV cutscenes, they are surprisingly good. In the FMV's a person's body parts are not so blocky.


What an amazing game... although far from the best, it is a very worthy addition to anyone's collections. If you are into RPGs buy this game. (Good luck) I can promise that you will not be disappointed. A game that sports amazing graphics, addictive gameplay, and a set of memorable characters. Final Fantasy 7 was immortalized as one of the most famous games of all time.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Final Fantasy VII (US, 09/07/97)

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