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"This game wins two titles. Most overrated game of all time, and most generic too."

Final Fantasy VII yes the game that started the craze... It was released back in 1997 for the Sony Playstation. Nobody thought the Playstation would be able to surpass the Nintendo 64 in sales. Final Fantasy VII exploded like a atomic bomb when it came out though. As a result the Sony Playstation flew by the Nintendo 64 in sales. I was one of those people who had got into the series with this game. I was young at the time and saw the case for it. The case was cool so I decided to buy the game. I played it and was blown away. At such a young age though who couldn't be blown away by the storyline? Generic main cast, generic antagonist, poor dialogue and cliche plot twists. For a long time I considered it the best game of all time. Nothing could come close to beating it. As I got older though I replayed the game again. Then I realized how mediocre it was.... Read on to find out what I really think about Final Fantasy VII. My HONEST opinion on it.

Graphics:6/10:Yes it was the first Final Fantasy game released for the Playstation, but it could have had better Graphics. Out of battles the Graphics are pretty terrible. Lego characters and disgusting backgrounds for areas, In battle Graphics are fine though. Character animations in battle are fine and so are the enemy/boss designs. The problem is Square could have honestly done much better. Overall terrible out of battle Graphics great in battle Graphics.

Gameplay:4/10:Final Fantasy VII is like every RPG. Go from town to dungeon. At town upgrade equipment and rest at the Inn. If needed level or get money to buy better equipment. Then move onto the next dungeon when prepared. Battles and exploration are done with a three man party. Battles are done with the infamous ATB battle system. Originally appearing in Final Fantasy IV. Battles and boss fights are terribly easy. Most random battles can be won without any strategy at all. Just use physical attacks congrats you won. Boss battles take little strategy if any as well. Just use more physical attacks best possible attack Materia and heal. Now, this wouldn't matter if the game was fun. The game isn't fun at all though. As I wandered through the game the only thought I had was how can I be so damn bored? Battles and exploration made me terribly bored. Storyline events made me even more bored. How am I supposed to enjoy a RPG if the battles aren't even fun? Well, at least Final Fantasy VII is playable and has one saving grace for the Gameplay department.

The Materia system. While it's not too amazing of a customization system, it's a good one. Basically take Espers from Final Fantasy VI and put them into small colored balls.(No pun intended...Mind you!) The catch is though you can equip multiple Materia onto a weapon or armor. This allows for more customization. Each Materia grants their own spell and lowers certain stats. As players gain AP from battles they can learn better spells from Materia. Overall the Gameplay of Final Fantasy VII is terrible. The game is boring, easy and the only saving quality is the Materia system.

Story:3/10:The Storyline of Final Fantasy VII is terrible. Where do I begin? Let's start with the main character cast first. First we have the protagonist Cloud. He's as generic as you can get for a protagonist. Spiky hair? Check. Gigantic sword? Check. At the beginning he acts like a badass and even though he is generic it's awesome. As the game progresses he stops being a careless badass and just has nothing extremely interesting about him. He does get more development in the middle of the game though. Next is Barret. Oh, my goodness I could laugh at Barret all day. He just runs around areas firing off his machine gun whenever he feels like it. Since Final Fantasy VII is so realistic and people have common sense nobody calls the police on him. Oh, did I also mention he uses profanity a lot in front of people? Anyways, next up is Tifa. She only gets two minor scenes in the game of character development. Then for the rest of the game she does absolutely nothing in terms of development. Next is Cid he gets a little development when he joins your party. Then for the rest of the game absolutely nothing interesting happens with Cid. Next up is Aeris who actually gets decent development. If you pay attention the Storyline you'll learn quite a lot about her. Like most of the characters though she gets very poor development throughout the entire game. Then there is Cait Sith. He's a little developed. He joins your party after a plot twist, but really he has no reason to help you. Well, at least there is Red XIII. The only character in the game who gets good development. You learn quite a lot about him. He's actually the only interesting character in the game. A pretty terrible main character cast overall.

Let's discuss the antagonist Sephiroth now. He is a horribly bland and generic antagonist. He has long silver hair and gets a gigantic sword. Now if that isn't generic please tell me what is. Throughout the game he gets a fair amount of development. While he doesn't get much development in the modern parts of the game you find out a lot about his past. A problem is he never says or does anything interesting throughout the game. He only does about two major things throughout the game. My major problem is how he could easily kill the main characters. Sephiroth could have easily overwhelmed the party. Instead he just runs and leaves a monster behind for the party to kill. If he had just fought them himself the plot would have been over and Sephiroth would have succeeded. While Sephiroth is generic and bland he does get good development. So overall Sephiroth is a decent antagonist.

Now, the game's plot could have been a little better if the translation was decent. Unfortunately for Final Fantasy VII the translation was absolutely horrible. Several Grammar mistakes throughout the game and words that didn't get translated correctly. The translation really ruins the character dialogue even more. So overall Final Fantasy VII has a poor storyline. Poor cast of characters. Horrible translation and decent antagonist. The overall plot is decent, but nothing amazing as well.

Music:10/10:I have to admit the soundtrack is extremely good. I love the songs in the game and the Music is probably the only redeeming quality of Final Fantasy VII. Overall a amazing soundtrack.

Overall:5/10:Final Fantasy VII is a extremely mediocre and overrated game. It's boring and too easy. The plot is terrible and so are the characters. Protagonist and antagonist are extremely generic. The Graphics are pretty bad as well. The only redeeming quality of Final Fantasy VII is the Music. I highly suggest you stay as far away as possible from this horrible game. At best Final Fantasy VII is just playable and contains nothing special about it. Which is why it gets a 5/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 07/29/08, Updated 05/19/09

Game Release: Final Fantasy VII (US, 09/07/97)

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