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"Cloud VII is the support you need for your Fantasy"

Final Fantasy VII is another great Role Playing Game for the Sony Playstation. This game is just as memorable as Breath of Fire III. Final Fantasy VII is known by all gamers in the Role Playing Industry or born in the fifth generation of games or before.

Gameplay - 10/10
The gameplay is outstanding. This gameplay is unique from all the other Final Fantasies because Final Fantasy VII is the first Sony game from a Nintendo hit. The gameplay is a bit like the other Final Fantasies (as well as all the other Role Playing Games) but the characters and Gameplay is different from the other Final Fantasies. This game is unique because of all the weird actions you have to do throughout the game. I am not bashing Final Fantasy VII, I am saying that that is what gives Final Fantasy VII the uniqueness it has.

Graphics - 10/10
You do not need to redo the graphics on this great game. The beginning is amazing and I do not know why you want to change the beginning cut-scene (like the Playstation 3 remake). Isn't Cloud coming from the top of the train simple enough? I saw him come down but do you really need all those extra cameras with the advanced graphics? The graphics look good enough. You do not need all those extra cameras for extra glamour. It is Cloud. Simple enough. The graphics are what Playstation graphics are supposed to look like. The cut-scenes are in between because some are made of blocks while other cut-scenes have more sophisticated and superior graphics for the Playstation. The graphics should not be touched. Not for any remakes and definitely not for any ports.

Sounds - 10/10
Everything sounds perfect. From Battle themes to Intro song nothing needs to be changed. The sounds of the cut-scenes are awesome and they could not be better. The sounds from the weapons are just like the other RPG games.

Controls - 10/10
The controls are like the other Role Playing Games for the Sony Playstation, unique and changes with every Role Playing Game. That is what I love about the Role Playing Games for the Sony Playstation. The controls can get confusing once in a while but just bear with the controls.

Replay - 10/10
This game should not be touched for being remade for other systems. This Role Playing Game is too good to be remade for any system. The Intro movie for the Sony Playstation 3 is better and worse but that is the only part that I saw for it and Final Fantasy VII is too good the way it is to be remade.

Bottom Line:
Final Fantasy has very memorable moments from beginning to end. All of those who think this game sucks, than you have another thing coming because this game set the stage for the RPG genre from one of its finest, and most saddest, moments.

Buy or Rent:
Renting this game is not an option. This game is too good to be rented. Final Fantasy VII has to be bought.

Overall - 10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/17/08, Updated 11/05/08

Game Release: Final Fantasy VII (US, 09/07/97)

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