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"A Great, but slightly Overrated Game"

Introduction: Final Fantasy 7 is the first Final Fantasy I've played and from what I heard as a general gamer, it's supposed to be the best (but apparently hardcores think differently). Anyhow, let's get to the meat of this review.

Gameplay: Typical of RPG in that period. Command, Items, Magic, Attack. Supports. Groups. Basically, it has all the elements of RPG and I can't say it's anything too innovative because I believe all this already existed before. I mean sure, there might be some minor innovations, but there isn't anything too significant other than maybe Limit Breaks, which I believe started on FF7. Overall, the gameplay is really enjoyable, but it does get repititive. I mean, you just select the commands and go. There isn't any "variation" and unfortunately, this is something to deduct on and is something that has to be improved in the RPG genre itself for that time period (which it did in some RPG games like Mass Effect or SW KOTOR). In the end, it's good, but not great. I honestly can't see anything above an 8. One other minor note is bugs and glitches. Those are sometimes annoying. Therefore, 8/10.

Story: By logic, story is either the most important or second most important element since story is the basis of carrying forward a RPG game. Fortunately, the story for Final Fantasy carries through. While I wouldn't call it a mind-blowing story, but I would say even for this day that it's one of the deepest stories I've ever seen in the video game realm. For example, you'll recall a significant event only to find there are at least 3 different variations or other factors that will make that recall more important and different. While character development isn't deep deep, but it's more than solid for a good score. You'll explore and know everyone's background by the end of the story and that's an nice addition to help a RPG game. As for plot, it's good in that it's grand and big. Normally, that's good because it makes the player feel more important, but if there is one weakness in the story, it's the WOW-factor. Sure, there is one moment that blew half of the player's mind away, but honestly, it isn't big enough and I personally believe people overrate that moment. I've seen bigger twists in other RPGs (Jade Empire and KOTOR just to name 2). As such, the story barely lacks the perfect 10.
Therefore, 9.5/10

Music/Graphics: I know the game looks like pretty horrible since we're in the PS3 age, but for that time period, it's amazing. The FMV is even more amazing and I believe it's considered by some to be revolutionary. Music is decent, but nothing to be jumping about.

Replayability: Story as a whole is linear and unfortunately, there isn't too much replayability. There is some replayability in that you can train different Materias and try out the sidequests, but even then, it's nothing too special. Whether or not you'll replay will most likely depend on whether you are hardcore or not because if you're not one, you'll most likely feel that the time could be spent on another game.

Who I reccomend it?
Certainly. The characters are deep. The story is deep. The gameplay might get a bit repetitive, but it's still fun (as long as bugs don't get in the way). And though it's a bit late to say this, the graphics are revolutionary... for the gamers of the last decade.
Overall: 8.725/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/29/08

Game Release: Final Fantasy VII (US, 09/07/97)

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