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"A masterpiece, and truly a game that can stand up even in today's competitive gaming industry"

This RPG was truly a masterpiece by Square, perhaps not the very best ever made, but an incredible one nonetheless.

Graphics: 9
For its time, this game had very good graphics. The FMV's are incredible, the quality of which was almost unprecedented, and the general backgrounds were incredibly well made. The only drawback of the graphics are the character sprites. Although the sprites looked good in battle, when walking around they were blocky, and they had bad animations. Still, dragged up by the rest of the game's graphics, it gets a 9.

Sound: 10

The musical score for this game is absolutely incredible, and easily the best part of this game. The music is perfectly made for each scene, and is executed perfectly to create the moods. The incredible music is what you would come to expect from Square Enix, particularly Nobuo Uematsu, the main composer for the final fantasy series. His work has been amazing throughout all of the games he has composed, but in my opinion, this game is by far his best. One Winged Angel is often hailed to death, but the game is full of great compositions. The quality of the sound is also incredibly clear. Naturally, this scores it a 10.

Gameplay: 10

The plot of this game was also a masterpiece. It was full of incredible plot twists, and was always interesting. The script for this game was a masterpiece in itself, and it created an incredible variety of emotions at the right junctures. The plot itself is incredibly epic, and the incredible turns it takes creates an incredible experience for the player. The game also has an incredible amount of sidequests, and other extras added in after beating the game, so you can have hundreds of hours of gameplay. Many of these sidequests are playable in the middle of the plot, without having to beat the game first, so you can take a break from the plot itself once in a while. This gets another perfect 10.

Overall: 10

FFVII is truly an amazing game. It is able to deliver on every aspect, and is a game that can easily rival any game made today in every way aside from graphics. As Square has been making remakes of its games (not that the remakes have been particularly good), and gradually moving up the series, perhaps they will eventually make a remake for this masterpiece on the PS3. With the introduction of high-definition video and audio, it would truly be able to rival even the best games the game industry is able to churn out today.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/20/08

Game Release: Final Fantasy VII (US, 09/07/97)

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