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"Magical Dream"

Hi there! Here I am talking about the game that made me dream, that I grew up with. It is just amazing, magical. Final Fantasy VII leads us to a new world, a better one. It gives us the ability to embody a hero, a mystical character into an adventure that lasts forever. If you haven't played it yet, what are you waiting for? Do you want to lose the best experience of your life? Don't lose it.

Sometimes it will make you cry, it will touch your emotions. It's something that you'll love. For those who have played, and I know there are hundreds, millions, you know this is the best game ever made.

Game play - 10/10. For a typical RPG game, the game play couldn't be better. It flows smoothly, allows the player to explore all areas and places of the game. It is also very fun to play, it has amazing characters, side-quests, great battle system,etc. Most of the time you control Cloud, but later in the game you will control several characters, due to the events that will happen. You can't get bored of this game.

Graphics - 10/10. This game came out in 97, and you can see the impact its graphics has still today. It is enjoyable to watch, its fun. It has excellent details and gives us amazing FMV. Back then, this graphics were the best ever, and still today they are very captivating. You'll be amazed by the details of towns, weapons, enemies, characters and many more.

Sound - 10/10. With perfect sound, the only thing missing are the characters voices. Slashing enemies, casting summons, the soundtrack, all is great! It's like we are really there! It has really beautiful sounds, and if you're going to try playing this game, enjoy the sounds to the maximum!

Story - 10/10. The story evolves Cloud Strife, an Ex-SOLDIER who seeks revenge. He'll join a group called AVALANCHE to fulfill that revenge from the top of the story, and with the flow of the story, you will meet great characters, with unique personalities. Can't imagine better story than this one! You'll love it. It treats every feelings, love, sadness, betrayal, friendship. Simply amazing.

Playtime - 10/10. In the first time you play the game, just enjoy it. Don't bother with strange of difficult things that may appear, extra bosses. Just pay attention to the story, and use it to enjoy your first game play. Play it naturally, be Cloud.

Replay time - 10/10. I'll tell you how many times I've complete this game, and I'm telling the truth! Well, 23 times! That's right. There were times when I started this game almost every week. And I completed it that many times! I honestly say that I need some game plays to understand 100% of the story, but after that I was only going for perfect saves. And I got it!

Well, in resume, you don't want to miss this amazing game. We have to face it, it's the best game ever, so don't waste any time, and enter this beautiful adventure! This reviews don't tell you any integral story, because I want you to discover all for yourself. I hope I inspired you! Cheers!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/07/09

Game Release: Final Fantasy VII (EU, 11/17/97)

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