Review by Sephyzero

"Very very good game"

This game is a great game. When it first came out, this game blew everything away, and even today, it is still fun. When I played it a few weeks ago, though the graphics are old, the gameplay is great, indicative of a great RPG that the game is. Though modern RPGs have a different gameplay style, the gameplay in Final Fantasy seven still stands out and makes it a fun game. I still remember trying to breed chocobos and trying to get all the limit breaks and all the materia. It sure was one hell of a game. Heck, I feel like playing it again. The characters are really memorable. I do not recall any other single game in which the game's characters have stood out as much as this one. Everyone says this game is overrated and all hyped up and not that good. But the truth is this is a great game, otherwise people would not hype it up. The game generated such a deep story and plot and made all the characters seem real. All the haters are just hating on this game because they see that this game is rated so high and want more people to hate it.

This game made the RPG genre popular in the United States of America, and made the Playstation one of the best consoles. Final Fantasy Seven Refreshed the final fantasy line and made all the games coming after it that much more better and that much more memorable. Final Fantasy Seven help built the legend that the final fantasy series is. Whenever someone mentions Final Fantasy, they immediately conjure up the image of Final Fantasy seven. This game provided hours and hours of game play. Every bit of it was fun and exciting. The fighting system with the materia and the summons was fantastic. Also, connecting the game's story and elements of it to the game play such as materia made the game good too. Even after you finished the game, it was still fun. Exploring the oceans and fighting the monsters on the sunken ship was great. Trying to obtain all the combos so that you could cast Knights of The Round like 100 times in one battle against ultimate monsters like Ruby weapons was classic.

I believe this game is great. It deserves all the attention it gets. All the haters out there are just hating because they just dont want the game to be that successful.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/24/09

Game Release: Final Fantasy VII (US, 09/07/97)

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