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"Final Fantasy 7 is hyped for a reason. This is the best game of all time. Period. Even better than Phoenix Wright."

What starts as a revolution against an evil company called Shinra (a company that steals the earth's energy and uses it to power up a city) , becomes much more, as Cloud, clouded with vague memories of him working in Shinra as a first class SOLDIER (an elite group of soldiers that Shinra uses) begins his journey across the world, finding his past and what really happened at an incident at his home town five years ago. Cloud meets back up with TIfa, a childhood friend who he had a crush on, and Tifa introduces him to AVALANCHE, a group dedicated to stopping Shinra and saving the planet. During the journey to destroy a Mako reactor (a machine that gathers energy from the planet), Cloud gets separated from AVALANCHE and falls though a church roof. He meets up with Aeris, a girl who sells flowers. While Cloud doesn't know it himself, Aeris is actually different than everyone else. She also shares a connection to Cloud that she and Cloud are unaware of. Cloud cannot recall any memory of him in SOLDIER of how got into SOLDIER in the first place. Something definitely went on five years ago....something that deals with an experiment. All Cloud can remember is that Sephiroth, a first class legendary member of SOLDIER, went crazy when going to Cloud's home town and burned everything down. Then he went to a near-by mako reactor and after knocking down a young Tifa, he took the head of J. E. N. O. V. A. (a being that fell from the sky 2000 years ago and destroyed most of Aeris's ancestors) and started calling her mother. Don't worry. Everything will start to make sense if you buy this game. Cloud confronts Sephiroth and manages to stab him and throw him to the bottom of the reactor........ If you want more, just buy this game! The story is very intriguing and never stops being interesting. Great story. You really get attached to the characters.

Gameplay-wise, FInal fantasy 7 has the same ATB system that final fantasy IV introduced. If you are unfamiliar with this, then wiki it. It adds Limit Breaks, when you take damage it charges a gauge. When the gauge is full, you can unleash a super powerful attack. You still have flee and item commands. This is one of the easier Final Fantasies. Your characters have a slot for a weapon, an armor, and an accessory. Weapons and armors have slots where you can put in materia. Materia can range from steal materia, to fire materia, to hp plus materia! It teach you abilities and if you use it long enough then you can get a better version of it. However, if you remove it, you can no longer use it. You'd have to reattach that materia. This is okay because you want some challenge. You can get 2 optional characters and you'll.....have to lose one a third into the game. Minigames are not fun, but not bad. Bosses are great. I don't think they're too much of a challenge, but they're really fun. Great gameplay.

Really, there's nothing wrong with this game. It's pure fun and entertainment. If you like videogames, you'll like this game. If you like RPG's you'll like this game. If you like Final Fantasy you'll like this game. Wait a second. I did that backwards. Well, anyway, have a nice day!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/20/09

Game Release: Final Fantasy VII (Greatest Hits) (US, 03/27/00)

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