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"Best Game I ever played."

A quick little review about my thoughts on what I believe to be the finest game ever made((Or at least the best I have played so far)). I know for a fact many don't believe this game to be special but us FF7 fans know in our gaming hearts of hearts that we are right and they are just Metal Gear Solid fanboys/fangirls.

Story - 10/10
I hear a lot of complaints about consistency and bad translation. Those that would dare dishonor such a classic can just keep their opinions on the Random Insanity board. While the story itself is simplistic enough((No need to try and confuse the gamer when they are already going to have to play through three discs)) there are things to be read in between the lines. These hidden messages pose profound questions that are very relevant to the times we live in. What if there was corporations that controlled the Earth((America much?)) or genetic science had led us to the point of truly playing God and creating super beings? Its questions like these written into the story that really get one thinking while a more casual gamer can just enjoy whats on the surface.

Graphics - 10/10
Alright, I know this one is a big deal breaker for some high definition graphics people. I know those people simply cant stand that fact that mostly everyone in the game looks like something straight from a Lego game most of the time. I however find this greatly amusing and for me it only adds to the experience and makes the special cut scenes all the more impressive and appreciable. I found the art for cities like Midgar to be particularly enjoyable though I can understand where it may not appeal to all.

Sounds - 10/10
Well, I think it goes without saying that Final Fantasy VII has the best soundtrack of any game ever released. The simplicity of some of the tunes may at first make one wary of saying this game has the finest music when so many more modern games like Halo for example have entire orchestras working to satiate your need for atmosphere but let me assure you that the music within this game doesn't possess "just" the ability to awe you. No, it can also intimidate, soothe, invigorate, or even just pique your curiosity with a subtle tune.

Controls - 10/10
Brilliant. While at times they can make my eyes bleed out Ovaltine I find the control system for this game to be a big plus. While your characters actions can get glitchy at moments, overall it allows you to do everything in the most simplistic of ways. Not much more to say since its really just that easy. Even a cave man could do it.

Replay - 10/10
This game has the greatest replay value of any game I ever played except perhaps Space Invaders((First game I ever owned)). There always seems like there is something you forgot to do and the best way to do it is to play again! Or you can just go to the Gold Saucer and play the freakin awesome mini games contained within.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/17/09

Game Release: Final Fantasy VII (US, 09/07/97)

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