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Reviewed: 11/30/09


After a long awaited release, Square (How do they make such great RPGs?) delivers with a truly amazing game. From a great storyline to excellent and exciting mini games and side quests, this game has all the requirements and more for a great game.

Graphics (7.5/10)- Although Square doesn't use the greatest shapes to make the characters, the FMVs and backgrounds are absolutly stunning. Every time the game flips into an FMV, I found myself staring in awe with the great detail and excellent artwork.

Music (10/10):
I think that there’s only one game in the world, with a better soundtrack than this one, and that is Tales of Phantasia (the Snes version), anyway, Final Fantasy VII has the best music ever in a Final Fantasy game, even better than the one Final Fantasy VI had (at least for me). Some tunes will last forever in the people’s hearts: Aeri’s theme is one of the best examples, or the boss themes, the battle theme, the Cosmo Canyon theme… all of them, in fact, I can’t remember a single musical track that is wasn’t amazing, not even one. The soundtrack fits the game like never before, in general the music is very sad, like the game itself, and again, that is probably why it is so good, sad tunes are always like more beautiful and easy to like.

Nobuo Uematsu was the composer as always, he was on top form here, and he did such a great job that I would marry him without hesitation if he asked me.


This story is really excellent story but is probably a most common among storylines. You start out with the main character called CLOUD STRIFE you can name him something else but I suggest you keep the name. He is a X member of SOLDIER (Soldier is like their military) but he left SOLDIER. And he joined a group called Avalanche. And there he met Barret who is the main person of the group ( with only a few people who are in the group) that hates SHINRA (by the way Shinra is the Government) because all they want to do is pretty much take over the world. So what Barret is doing is destroying Reactors in MIDGAR (That is the city that Shinra is governing) because they are trying to take the life stream because they think they are going to find the Promised Land. So they stop at nothing to get there way to find the Promised Land that they think is a real place. And on your way you encounter Sephiroth which is Cloud's arch enemy and Cloud doesn't like him very much.

Characters (10/10)- Another strong point in FFVII was its great characters. I found that I was very satisfied with the names, appreances, and unique personalities of every character. Each character had a well defined past and played a good roll in the story. Square went out of their way by creating scences to help us understand the characters better and gain a true feeling of what they felt as the events in the game took place.

Controls (10/10)- The controls in FFVII, including the new materia system, took about 10 minutes to master. I had no problems controlling Cloud. Square even included an auto-jump system preventing frustration on far jumps. The materia system was very easy to use and offered complete step-by-step instructions.

Overall (10/10)- Overall, FFVII is the best game on any system to date. I doubt that anything can match up to the pure greatness of this game. Everyone who owns a Playstation that doesn't have this masterpiece should go out and get it now. You haven't experienced it all until you've played Final Fantasy VII.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Final Fantasy VII (US, 09/07/97)

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