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"7 is a lucky number."

Final Fantasy VII is the absolute peak of the previous decade's Final Fantasies. After being released on an early system, the NES, Squaresoft started making "sequels" (not really, not even related to each other). The continued on these ancient systems - the NES and SNES. Eventually, they came to the PlayStation that had somewhat frightened Nintendo. One of those games was Final Fantasy VII. Afterwards, Squaresoft continued with Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy IX. Then, Squaresoft became Square Enix. Square Enix made another major hit, but now they went for the PlayStation 2. Final Fantasy X was that game. They went on to make its true sequel then a few more PlayStation 2 Final Fantasies. Now recently, VERY recently, Final Fantasy XIII was released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. I would predict that to be a major hit.

Squaresoft or Square Enix (whichever you prefer) has also made a few handheld Final Fantasies. Some of those for the Game Boy Advance include Final Fantasy V Advance and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. There is only one that I know of for the Nintendo DS - Final Fantasy IV, the remake of Final Fantasy IV Advance. All of these are great games, but we are talking about Final Fantasy VII, right?

All Final Fantasies are RPGs (role-playing games) in some way or form. Any RPG has two major requirements to potentially be a major hit. The first quality is a story in which you save something. In Mario, it is Peach; for Legend of Zelda, probably the world. The other requirement is a system that allows you to gain strength to allow you to beat stronger enemies and bosses. Final Fantasy VII also has a turn-based battled system. I will go in-depth on these things in the following paragraphs.

Any RPG that is a hit has a system in which you level up, gain strength, etc. This system is known as a level up system. All Final Fantasies have one in some way. Most, as well as this one, use the EXP. (experience points) system. The basic rule of this is no pain, no gain. As you defeat stronger enemies and bosses, you'll realize that you get a lot more EXP. from stronger enemies, and less from weaker ones. Another incorporated system is the AP system, which powers up Materia, the components that can gives you magic and extra commands, as well as other stuff. These systems give a lot of flexibility, as you can decide to stay at extremely low levels, Lv. 100, have no Materia, or have it all mastered. It is your choice, your fights.

Final Fantasy VII is a game with a turn-based battle system seen in most previous games. Based on your stats and option choice, you can have it fully go, turn by turn, wait while selecting an item or magic, or have it full-blown all at once fighting. This last mentioned choice is also the only way Final Fantasy X-2 works. Your own level up choices influence this portion greatly. Of course it does, low level = no speed. Anyways...

What? You think I forgot about the story? How could you doubt me? Anyways, you are an ex-SOLDIER, a fighting force of the Shinra Corporation. After some incidents happened, you quit. You meet up with some people who wish to destroy Shinra, and join their quest. You blow up reactors, not knowing what a "friend" of yours is causing. Once you find out, it is too late. He has an item that will destroy the planet. You go after him and then, when all seems lost... [rest of story here]. That is right, I won't spoil it for you, just give some somewhat vague details.

The graphics in the field aren't very good compared to today's technology. However, they are fairly decent for a PlayStation game. The graphics are rather blocky looking in the field. However, in battle, they are better. They have become more like today's stuff, if somewhat unrealistic. Still, even if a little blocky, they do have nice flow. Could be better, though. Could be worse, too!

The sound effects are somewhat decent. Every scenario and situation has definite music. Regular battles really never have varying music, as do most bosses. The final boss is the difference, obviously. Most in the field music is rather boring for some places. Nevertheless, it is okay.

To complete Final Fantasy VII, it takes a while. Maybe 20 ~ 50 hours, depending on how good you are. With side quests, like Level 4 Limit Breaks, it will take an additional 20 or so hours, as it can get rather lengthy. Replaying this game is great. It is never the same as the previous time. You can add additional challenges for yourself, too! Truly great.

Final Fantasy VII is almost the best game of all time. Even now, it remains as the number one hit on the original PlayStation, and is still in GameFAQs's Top 100, around the 20's or 30's, maybe even better. Although you cannot find it in any game store, or any PlayStation game, for that matter, you might find it on eBay. Seriously, this is Squaresoft's / Square Enix's best game ever. Buy it. Now!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/17/10

Game Release: Final Fantasy VII (US, 09/07/97)

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