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"The best Final Fantasy for the PSX!"

Final Fantasy VII was my first game that I owned for my Playstation. From the time I first turned it on until the time I finished watching the ending, I was amazed by it, and it still remains my favorite RPG on the Playstation. Not the best Final Fantasy ever, (overshadowed by Final Fantasy VI and possibly IV) but the best on the PSX, although Final Fantasy IX came pretty close. It has a complicated yet enjoyable storyline, great music, awesome gameplay, and pretty much everything else was great. So enough babbling…

Story: 10/10
Best part of a role playing game in my opinion, and did I like FF7’s? YES! It had an incredible story, with lots of twists. It always left you in mystery, which urges you to keep playing to finally reveal the truth about something. Cloud’s past was a big thing, and it developed very well throughout the game until you finally learn all about it. It’s not disappointing… at least to me. Many people thought the story was very confusing and too hard to understand. Well, I would have to agree about that fact. It is a very complicated story indeed. On my first play through, I didn’t understand it too well, but the more you play it, the more understandable it is. I’m still not so sure I fully understand it, even though I’ve played through the game several times. But overall, it’s still a fantastic story that deserves a perfect score.

Graphics: 7/10
The graphics in Final Fantasy VII are actually quite good. The backgrounds were nicely done, and everything looks clear and realistic. However, the characters were a completely different story. They looked pretty bad. They were totally blocky and it is very hard to tell what they are doing half the time. Their hands are cubes! The CG sequences were very good, while not as good as FF8 or FF9, but those obviously are better because of their later release date. So bad characters plus good backgrounds and CG clips equals a 7.

Music and Sound: 10/10
The music was great! Almost every song was good, fun to listen to, and sets the mood. Every character has their own theme, which actually tells a lot about their personality. The music set the mood very nicely. Everything from the mysterious Mako Reactor to the escape music really fit in. The battle theme is excellent, as is the boss theme. And the music of the final Sephiroth battle… One Winged Angel. No song can never even come close to being as good as One Winged Angel. It is absolutely the best orchestrated song in a video game. You’ll just have to hear it.

Oh yeah, the sound. Well, the sound is good, nothing special, just good. Some sounds didn’t sound very realistic, however. But the others were good. Aeris walking through a corridor, lightning striking, fire coming out of the dragon’s mouth, and the sound of a mountain crumbling are all great.

Gameplay: 10/10
Final Fantasy VII’s battle system was based on Materia. What is this “Materia”? Well, you can put it on your weapon or armor, and it has different effects. For instance, green Materia gives you magic, yellow Materia gives you a special command (Such as Steal), and so on. You are supposed to gain points for it, which makes it level up and give you new magic, commands, etc. I loved this system! It’s slightly confusing and complicated, but you’ll get used to it in about a day or so. It’s very fun to find new Materia and master it, and makes you want to get more. Of course, there is a ton of Materia, so I doubt you’d find it all in your first time playing through.

And of course, there are a TON of other secrets, which adds to the great replay value that this game already has. There’s always something hidden at every corner, whether it’s new materia, a strong weapon, or some simple curative item. Some of them are very hard to find. Some materia is greatly hidden or requires a lot of work to get. I had to spend hours and hours breeding my gold chocobo to get a Knights of the Round materia, but it’s all worth it in the end. Just try to get them all. I dare you.

As for the challenge of Final Fantasy VII… I’d have to say it’s kind of disappointing. Most enemies and bosses were easily beaten, and you don’t even have to try beating some of them if you spend time leveling up like I do. However, there are two optional bosses, Emerald and Ruby WEAPON, which are extremely tough, and supposedly only masters of the game can defeat them, otherwise, you need a lot of strategy. But hey, I beat them. ^_^

Anyway… here’s the ratings!!!

Good Points
- Great story
- Great gameplay
- Great music
- Great everything else…

Bad Points
- Characters look totally messed up (Blocky)
- Hmm?

Hmm… Should I buy it?
Yes. Final Fantasy is getting pretty old now, but since it’s a “greatest hit”, it’s quite possible that you should be able to find it. And when you do, grab it and waste your puny little twenty bucks. It’s not expensive, such as Final Fantasy VI or something, just twenty bucks. What’re you waitin’ for???

So BrakZero Finally Says…
Like I just said, go out and buy this game. It’s one awesome role playing game. Chances are you won’t be disappointed, especially if you are a fan of Final Fantasy. Sure, it breaks away from tradition, but that doesn’t matter much! It’s still an awesome game. Go out and buy yourself a copy!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/24/01, Updated 02/22/01

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