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"This is a good game, and that's final! (PUN ALERT!)"

Final Fantasy VII was Square’s long-awaited RPG that was released in 1997. It revolutionized games with its amazing graphics and story.
Release Date-1997
Publisher-Sony CEA

Game Play-

Final Fantasy VII follows in the tradition of previous Final Fantasy games. Like Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy V before it, this game features a unique system called the Materia System, which is where you collect materia found throughout the game. Each materia possesses a certain power and skill. Some materias give you menu options, such as Steal, Morph, or Sense. Others give you spells such as Cure and Fire. Some let you summon enemies such as Ifrit, Ramuh, and Shiva. The maximum amount of materia you’re allowed to equip is 16. What is really special about this system is that each materia requires a level up in order to get new spells. Materia isn’t like the Esper system from Final Fantasy VI; the spells and abilities you learn aren’t permanent, you can only use them when you have the materia equipped. One fun addition is the Limit Break. A limit break is when an enemy attacks you enough, your meter gets full and you can unleash a powerful attack. You gain new limit breaks by either performing a limit break enough times, or by fighting enough enemies.

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The game’s story is one of a kind. This game features two antagonists, and a colorful group of characters. They are the best group of characters ever in an RPG. The story is rich, thick, and complicated. It has many twists and turns, and guaranteed to entertain anyone. This game didn’t quite hit the cult success Final Fantasy VI did. Not in terms of sales, but in terms of sites around the web devoted to these games. Of the next-generation Final Fantasy games, this one’s my favorite. What I always wanted in an RPG was to have technology keep up with technology in real life, yet still retain some fantasy. Final Fantasy VIII was too civilized, Final Fantasy IX went back to the old, but this is perfect. The game has the best RPG atmosphere ever. The game makes full use of the three CDs it was burned on. The game’s dialogue isn’t as cheesy as it has been in previous Final Fantasy games. Two things that bother me are the amount of cursing in the game and the control scheme. Barret and Cid swear up a storm in the game. And square has to change their control scheme every game.


The control is different from Final Fantasy VI. The buttons are re-arranged. It probably wasn’t an inconvenience then because Final Fantasy VI wasn’t out on Playstation yet. Other than that, the control is perfect.


The music is the second best game Soundtrack to date. This is some of Nobuo Uematsu’s best work. It can only be described in one word: “amazing”. The music fits everything perfectly. It can go from triumphant to sad to challenging in a flash. The music is some of the greatest things ever to hit your ear. The music can describe the situation in multiple ways at once. The sound effects are really good, except for one thing. The sound Aeris’ rod makes doesn’t make sense sometimes. Her rod makes a metallic sound, even when she hits a monster. The Final Fantasy games have always been known for great music, and this game is no exception to the rule.


The graphics are amazing. The FMVs are stunning. They’re smooth, fluid, and run at full speed. The overall graphics are good. They are smooth, not blocky or grainy. They are fluid, the camera angles are perfect, and the detail put into the game is amazing.


You will enjoy this game to its fullest extent. All of the options, characters, and its compelling plot will keep you entertained for ages. It comes REALLY close to being the best game ever, but Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy Anthology knock it off. The atmosphere for the game is incredible.


Percentage of Gaming Goodness-100% YEAH BABY!


The game is one of the best games ever made. I’ve seen this game used for as low as $8.00. The game is a perfect addition to any gamer’s library. The game tells an epic story that spans across 3 discs. The game inevitably rules the non-remake RPG scene. The game has bee played by almost everyone, and everyone should play it and love it.
Street Price-$7.99

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/21/01, Updated 05/20/02

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