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"This is it."

Graphics- 9.5
Sound/Music- 10
Control- 10
Gameplay- USED(but the original pioneered the style)
Storyline- 9.5
OVERALL- 9.5 (only one other game has ever gotten better . . .)

This is it. Probably the most anticipated game for the Playstation ever made. And, in my opinon, it is well worth the wait. Not only is it the best game ever made for the Playstation, it is probably the best game made in the past three years of it's release.The characters are simply awesome. Cloud, an ex-member of the place he's battling, Tifa, his life-long pal, Aeris, a poor flower girl, Red XIII, a super intelligent cat/dog-thing, Cid, a tough-talking pilot (a bit like Han Solo, but that's not entirely a bad thing) Cait Sith, a cat that stands on top of a mutant doll (hehe- that guy cracks me up), Yuffie, a girl that steals from everything that comes within a three mile radius of her, and Vincent, a weird, weird gun-toting man with a cactus up his butt (lr so it seems). Unfortunately, I have a problem with one of the characters- Barret. There is one like him in every game. But, the other characters make up for it.Though it's blasphemy for me to have a review and not mention the plot, it's best to start the game with no idea of what it's about (probably impossible). If I said anything about it, it would ruin the best surprise in the game.

The graphics are marvelous (though sometimes, but not often, the character sprites look out of place). While in the game, the characters are fully 3D and look fine. But the graphics really shine with the backgrounds. Beautifully designed and wuth just the right shadows and colors to create a real feeling of where you are and what dangers are behind every corner.

Though this game is not without it's flaws. The game turns its attention away from the major plot too many times, and it would be better if the main enemy (I'm not saying who for those who haven't heard) should have just been a fugitive on the run- all that materia crap and whatnot became redundant after a while (of course, if he was just a fugitive, I guess the main reason for finding him would be lost.Square creates the best RPG world since "Zelda's" Hyrule, combining middle age qualities with qualities from the future, in a "Blade Runner"ish fashion.Calling this 'just another RPG' is ridiculous. This isn't a game, it's a masterpiece.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 12/16/02

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