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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 12/16/02

Put an evil company that is sucking the Earth dry out of business and defeat an evil madman

-As I said before "Final Fantasy VII is great but Final Fantasy VI will remain my favorite forever!". Yeah. I said that. Not long ago on Christmas I received a Playstation and Final Fantasy VII as a gift. I was not expecting such a good game like Final Fantasy III. I was right and wrong. Final Fantasy VII was terrific! One of the best Final Fantasies but still not better than Final Fantasy III (Or Final Fantasy VI in Japan). I was one of those surprised Nintendo 64 fans and beat the game and got everything in it without cheating. I love this game!

-Final Fantasy VII can be a little difficult but I find it one of the easiest games I played. But if you want a challenge try it. I think it is easy becuase I am very experienced with RPGs and played many hard games. Plus games aren't all about difficulty. Just PLAY this game! If you don't like a puzzle and only like pointless action games this game is not for you. I will also be making a Walkthrough/FAQ for this game, too. The difficulty is perfect! The fights I think are easy while other games like Final Fantasy II are pathetically difficult. I leveled all my characters to 100, mastered all my materia, and did everything there is to do in the game without getting really mad or agarvated. This game is one of the most fun games I have played! But still I can't stop loving Final Fantasy III more than anything. To wrap things up I will tell you this, exploring areas and puzzles are the only difficult things in this game.

-Of course like any Square game except Final Fantasy Tactics Final Fantasy VII has lots of humor! You will find lots of jokes everywhere so don't be lazy and read and even look for jokes. It will brighten your day!

-Final Fantasy is VERY fun! One of the most fun games! There are tons of mini games, little jokes everywhere to keep you entertained, a great story, beautiful CG graphics this will all make you feel like you are in a movie that you can play!

-The story is also one of the games best qualities. Like any Square games besides Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy VII has an award winning story! By the way as you can tell I do not like Final Fantasy Tactics.

The story:

An evil man named sephiroth is the last of his kind. He is planning on destroying Earth with a devastating spell called "Meteor" a spell that calls upon a huge flaming meteor to its caster. The caster is on Earth, therefore Earth...gets it. But that is the least of problems at first, but only because Sephiroth is the only one who knows about this. Anyway while Sephiroth is planning to destroy the Earth a small resistance group is planning on destroying every mako Reactor which are huge machines that consume the Earth's energy for energy on earth such as for TVs, lights, all that electric stuff. Wouldn't you suck the Earth dry for a few episodes of Donnie and Marie? I wouldn't. I don't like Donnie and Marie. Anyway this small group is planning on blowing these reactors up so they can stop the earth from dying. One of these members is a lost soul. He does not know the truth and cares about nothing. Can you help Cloud find the truth, care once more, stop Shinra the evil company making all of those Mako Reactors, and defeat Sephiroth and stop the Meteor?

-Final Fantasy VII is designed very well! Leveling up is easier than any RPG I have ever played, there are many mini games, a huge world to explore and little, tiny marshmallows stuck in betw....oh.

-The graphics can be kinda Donkey Kong backround and funky looking people at one time and really good CG scene at the next. The bad thing is the CG scene still sometimes has funky looking people.

-Finally something to say about sounds! They are very, very good.

-The music is one of the best things from a Square game as long as Nobuo Uematsu composed it. If they got rid of Nobuo Uematsu I will personally rip the limbs off the General Titsuwaka guy or something and beat everyone at Square with them! I enjoy beating people with limbs....

Sounds - 8
Fun - 10
Humor - 8
Difficulty - 9
Game Control - 9
Music - 10
Story - 10
Graphics - 9
Game Design - 10
Spectaciular music from Nobuo Uematsu!
Their hands look take a guess. I'm stumped.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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