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"How can a game get better than this?"

After a long awaited release, Square (How do they make such great RPGs?) delivers with a truly amazing game. From a great storyline to excellent and exciting mini games and side quests, this game has all the requirements and more for a great game.

Graphics (10)- Although Square doesn't use the greatest shapes to make the characters, the FMVs and backgrounds are absolutly stunning. Every time the game flips into an FMV, I found myself staring in awe with the great detail and excellent artwork.

Sound (10)- The sound in FFVII was incredible. Every piece of music sounded crystal clear. The tunes were also very catchy. The music fitted the appropriate scene perfectly with soft, sad music on tragic scenes and fast-paced, exciting music on action scenes. FFVII had the best display of music I have ever seen in a game.

Plot (10)- The storyline was brilliant. Absolutly flawless. This was defienatly the highest aspect of this great game. The plot in FFVII was the best by far that I have ever seen in an RPG. You start out as Cloud who takes on a job to blow up one of the Shinra reactors. It is so action packed that you will be anxiously awaiting for more of the plot to be revealed.

Characters (10)- Another strong point in FFVII was its great characters. I found that I was very satisfied with the names, appreances, and unique personalities of every character. Each character had a well defined past and played a good roll in the story. Square went out of their way by creating scences to help us understand the characters better and gain a true feeling of what they felt as the events in the game took place.

Controls (10)- The controls in FFVII, including the new materia system, took about 10 minutes to master. I had no problems controlling Cloud. Square even included an auto-jump system preventing frustration on far jumps. The materia system was very easy to use and offered complete step-by-step instructions.

Replay (10)- FFVII has tons of secrets, side quests, and mini games to keep you coming back for more and more. It is almost impossible to complete and find everything in this game in under 100 hours. The storyline will have you playing the game again and again to pick up the slighest details that you may have missed the first few times you complete the game.

Overall (10)- Overall, FFVII is the best game on any system to date. I doubt that anything can match up to the pure greatness of this game. Everyone who owns a Playstation that doesn't have this masterpiece should go out and get it now. You haven't experienced it all until you've played Final Fantasy VII.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 12/16/02

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