Review by Dr.Zan

"Can an RPG get any better?"

I'll review the most important aspects of an RPG:

Storyline: Extremly interesting! I played on and on to see the developpementof the story. My social life took a stop once I started playing. I was so sadwhen I finished it, I was like , already(It didn't feel like 50 hours). Some of the characters are kind of cold and don't have much personality. But Cloud and Barret are my two all-time videogame favourite characters. The plot was the first one to be that serious on the Playstation. I see no possibility of an RPGgetting better than this (except maybe FFVIII).

Total: 9/10

Graphics:Whoa!!, its safe to say no RPG has come close to the quality of FFVII'spre-rendered cinemas. The battle spells are mostly breathtaking. This is a gamefor people who like RPG's with a technical flair. The only flaw is that, likemost RPG's, the characters are super-deformed when not in battle.

Total: 9/10

Sound: Outstanding!!! The tunes always go well with the area you are travelling in. The music against the final boss(dear old sephiroth) is probably the bestever for a videogame.

Total: 9/10

Battle system: It is fast paced but the spells(especially the summons) can takea little too much time. This is the best you can get from a turned base RPG.

Total: 9/10

Outside story/dungeon stuff: There is so much sub-quests in this game that there is actually too much too do. The mini-game section of this game is the best ever, ranging from motorcycling to chocobo racing plus much more. Anyway,FFVII is now in greatest hits and costs like 25$ U.S. So if you haven't got it,get off from your computer and go buy it NOW!!!!!!

Total: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 12/16/02

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