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"Not the worst rpg ever, but a bad one nonetheless."

Why? Why Final Fantasy? Why did Square take this once proud series and turn it into a heap of crap.

Graphics- 8 out of 10
The graphics in this game are good....I guess. Personally I don't like 'em, I prefer the hand drown look of the previous FFs. Anyways the backgrounds and the in game battles are good looking. But the characters are a different story, they look terrible. They're blocky and look like a complete mess when they try (and I do mean try) to show emotion and do bodily gestures. The CG scenes look good too but I wouldn't call them spectacular.

Music and Sound 6
100 soundtracks on this game and only a few are good. The ones that really got me were the remixes of the classic Final Fantasy tunes. The opening and closing theme don't sound as good as the previous FFs and it makes you wonder why Square didn't use the cool remix that was featured in the FF7 Demo. Other musical problems are scattered throughout the game, many of the tracks simply do not sound well and honestly don't seem like they belong in the game.The last boss' theme song was excellent as well as Aeris' song but otherwise everything else was mediocre or awful.

Honestly, the only reason why I wouldn't give it a 1 or a 0 is because they're are a few things that are the games only saving grace. The arcade was fun even though it had very simple games; I found it to be easily the best part of the game. I spent hours here and enjoyed it more than anything else in the game. But the rest of the gameplay is poor indeed. Battles are nowhere near the quality of Final Fantasy 6. In FF7 you use materia to give your characters even the simplest of abilities, and there lies its problem. Without the materia the characters can't even have any move other than attack and item. Also the battles are way too easy and only serve as distractions so it can take at least 30 hours to go through the game. Also gone are helmets, genji gloves, moogle charms, tintibars, tools, morph, runic, osmoses, vanish, rasp...I can go on all day.

Story 5 out of 10
A mess. There will be many times where you'll play this game and get confused. This is NOT a good thing since the game has pitiful writing. I don't want to give away the (bad) story so all I'm going to say is that there will be a few points in the game where Square should have had a re-write because the story is terrible. The ending is absolutely horrible, guaranteed to upset any except those who are suckers to CG cut-scenes.

Control 7 out of 10
Basic and the only the problems come from navigation really. Expect to have more of a challenge FINDING your party on certain screens than beating this game.

Overall fun 4 out of 10
Square pretty much blew it here. Thinking the FF series should focus more on story and graphics than gameplay. Square foolishly ruined what was once a great series. Now instead of a well-written story, we have a bad story that has lots of unnecessary swearing and "stunning" fmv. Thanks for destroying the series Square! Get FF 1-6, specifically FF6 one of the best games ever. That will show you great graphics, great gameplay, music, and story. Something FF7 doesn't have.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 12/16/02

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