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"Towers over the competition in terms of story, gameplay and playability"

The latest Final Fantasy adventure, Final Fantasy VII, finally makes it to US shores and boy does it impress, impress, impress! FF7 probably has to be one of the best RPGs ever made for the PSX. No doubt about it. SquareSoft did another classic job on making Final Fantasy VII. I think everyone will enjoy this game. The people WHO don't enjoy this game are plain jealous because of the hype this game aroused. But, if you look past the hype, you can see that this game is a TRUE classic: It's absolutely perfect in everyway possible. I will never forget the well-written plot of this game and all the surprises it delievered to me. And when I finished it, I was astonished. With all the hours I put in this game and all the memories it gave me, I was just amazed that I actually finished it! After that, I went back and got the secrets, which took another 50 hours and the game timer said that I played the whole game for 340 hours. 340!! It was THAT long. A truly impressive game that makes the RPG genre grow with more and more fans.

There's no bad points in this game at all, which I guess means it's flawless. So, I'll start with the storyline. The main plot is to chase down a villian named Sephiroth, who is after the promised land. It may seem boring, but, the plot goes beyond that. The surprises this game delivers are completely amazing. You'll find stuff that you completely won't expect. Plus, the plot is defintely not what I call STRAIGHTFORWARD. The Innovation it delivers is incredible. There are over 20 sidequests, almost 50 mini-games that are as addicting as the game and much, much more to exprience. You'll have great fun with this game watching the plot and saying "oh my god!" at the surprises that you would've never thought of.

With the graphics, I wasn't impressed. Once again, the characters looked dull and there was a whole lotta draw-in with them. They walked through each other! But on a good point with the graphics and ton of things look realistic, such as the breathtaking backgrounds and other realistic features. But, the characters - I didn't like. I mean come on Square, you have never impressed us with your characters! They never looked realistic especially not in this game. Even when Square upgraded to Polygons for this game, they still don't look good.

Another good thing I wanted to point out: The music. It was unbelieveable. I have never heard such awesome music in the game. Action-scene music is awesome and will leave you on the edge of your seat. Square did an awesome job on the music and I know you will be very, very impressed when you play the game and actually hear this masterpiece of music.

And - there are no problems with the control. There are both some new elements (i.e. Materia) and traditional. All fans of the genre will catch onto this pronto!

So, Final Fantasy fans - Square has delivered a Final Fantasy game you always dreamed of, and it's a dream come true.

Overall Ratings

Plot: 10
An awesome twisting plot! You will be totally impressed!

Graphics: 9.5
Characters don't look good but backgrounds are breathtaking!

Sound/Music: 10
The music is unbelieveable. You've got to hear it for yourself!

Control: 10
No problems with the controls. RPG fans will catch on pronto!

Innovation: 10
Loaded with secrets, mini-games, side quest I think you will find tons of innovation!

Replay Value: 10
Secrets, mini games, side quests...what more could you ask for?

Overall: 10
Final Fantasy fans, this is IT. You defintely don't wanna miss out on this one.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 12/16/02

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