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"Squaresoft is a god!!!"

Yes, yet another masterpiece from our friends at Square. I have loved this series since the release of Final Fantasy IV (II in US) in 1991. Now the next great installment to this legendary series is nothing short of spectacular. While Square has moved away from the hand drawn sprites, thee are many familiar things in the game. Bahamut, the king of summons, Cid always has something to do with the airship, and the always present airship. While this game is by far the most diverse of the first seven it doesn't make it worse. The game still has great gameplay, story, and music along with all those side quests which made Final Fantasy excell. Overall, this is the most prommising game for the playstation thus far ( can't wait to see FF8 ).

GRAPHICS 10/10- The graphics are dynomite! Eye candy galore, you'll love what you'll see, but yet I will miss the classic sprites from FF1-6. The pre-rendered backgrounds and the cinemas show just how much effort when into this game; and the summons are awesome (They actually move this time)

CONTROL 10/10- The smoothest controls, while not having force feedback, respond really well. The battle menu is easy to operate as well and the moves are easily operable to allow for the optimum battle experience.

SOUND 10/10- By far the best in the series as far as music is conserned. The music amplifies the mood better than in any other game I've played except FF6. The sound effects like booms and slashes are clear. As far as audio is conserned, FF7 has it down.

GAMEPLAY 10/10- The great RPG gameplay, with all the magic, weapons, items ect. is back! Squaresoft Practically invented this great gameplay and has taken it to a new level. Plus aquare has added two extra REALLY TOUGH battles just for the american version: Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon.

STORY 10/10- As with all the legendary games in this series, the story excells and touches readers like no other game has. This time, square goes a little more sci-fi with Cloud, a young mercenary who fights along side against a small band of rebels against the evil empire of Midgar. Midgar is a giant city who is sucking the Earth dry of its life source and its up to our heros to stop them. But as you go along you find out frightening things about Clouds past and about great warriors who come back to haunt you.

REPLAY 10/10- It's Final Fantasy! Famous for optional quest and side bosses. With many optional bosses to fight plus cool hidden materia (Knights of Round)not to mention the gold saucer there is tons of stuff to do especially Chocobo Breeding and racing, this is the most original idea in any game ive played. Plus my favorite boss of all time is in this game Emerald Weapon (Maybe the hardest guy in the game).

Overall 10/10- Quite a bit easier than other Final Fantasy games but still, it offers solid gameplay, melodic music and a gripping story. Ive beaten this game multiple times and the first time in only 2 1/2 days. While not as good as V or VI in the series it is still one of the greatest games of all time and a Deffinite buy for anyone who has a playstation.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/15/00, Updated 03/15/00

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