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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 12/16/02

Better than Final Fantasy VIII!!!

This is the first game that helped established Square as an independent company and even with the release of Final Fantasy VIII, this will still be the game that started the Square Independence from Nintendo.

Final Fantasy VII is an epic 3-CD adventure set in a high-tech world where swords, guns, armlets, and accessories come together through a theme of Energy Conservation and Honor. You first try to warn a megaconglomerate energy corporation that planet resources does not last forever but find out that something more evil than the depletion of resources has evolved eventually. You then embark on a mission to find out the evil far worse than resource depletion and then attempt to redeem your honor from the false truths implanted on yourself. The "Crystals" system allows you to customize your characters with whatever magics, monsters, and other commands that you want to use and it can also effect your character's stats. Also, you can switch character's rows in order to variate the amount of damage you want to take.

The Power-Up system isn't as boring as Final Fantasy VIII's but you need to pay special attention to the crystals you channel onto a weapon or armor as it may change your character's stats. Some crystals require a time-consuming amount of gameplay just to have the crystals evolve to maximum level.

There are a lot of mini-games in Final Fantasy VII (as opposed to FFVIII) which determines if you can get a special ride, extra items, or just to see how well you can endure on some imaginative video games which may sometimes contribute to actual events in the game. Later on, you may want to use the Mini-Games for your own Power-Up Advantage.

Even though you can't equip your character with any weapon other than the individual weapon or with any more than one type of armlet or accessory, the amount of equipment is still plentiful enough. Each equipment has a set amount of slots which permits you to "channel" crystals at.

Now here's a suspected theme synopsis of all Final Fantasies:

FF1: Unknown
FF2: Unknown
FF3: Unknown
FF4: Honesty
FF5: Unknown
FF6: Unknown
FF7: Energy Conservation and Honor
FF8: Compassion

Although Final Fantasy VI remains a favorite to all FF loyalists, I would say this game have enough beef to compete with FFVI because of the interesting characters and the theme of Energy Conservation has always been a rising issue in our everyday lives.

Graphics: 8 (Graphics may be kiddish, but the polygons are much cleaner than in FFVIII)
Sound: 9 (The sound is a lot better than in Final Fantasy VIII)
Gameplay: 9 (The Power-Up system isn't as boring as FFVIII's)
Story: 8 (I liked the Energy Conservation theme later becoming a matter of redeeming your honor)

If you are pretty much into Final Fantasy, then Final Fantasy Anthology would be better, but otherwise, this Final Fantasy even places Final Fantasy VIII into shame.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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