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"Hype, or Horp? What is Horp? I don’t know, but it is better than Hype. This game is Horp."

Wow, this is truly considered to be the king of all RPGs, and for good reasons. This game is bliss. It is by far the most famous RPG around. Some people have very weird opinions on the game, and it’s story. Some find this to be the greatest game made (Mostly Playstation fanboys). However, some find it horribly horrible (Mostly Nintendo fanboys). We all remember the epic Great Character Battle of 2002. One of the closest and most controversial match was between Cloud (the main character of this game) and Mario (he doesn’t need a parenthesis). But hey, we aren’t here to talk about this. Oh, sorry to keep you in suspense, Mario won the battle. Anyways, this is an excellent RPG with a story that will keep you talking 5 years after you beat the game.

Gameplay [10] – This is one amazing game to play. My first game had 40 plus hours on it. For some people, it is hard to get into, and the controls are a little weird. But after a few minutes of play, it gets a lot easier. It is very hard to get through this game without any help (that includes the… secret characters!!!!), and you might have trouble with a few things that need to be done later in the game. Giving them away would only be spoilers, so I can’t tell you them. If you have played RPGs before, you won’t have a lot of trouble fighting the bosses. Unfortunately, the only RPG I had played before this was Super Mario RPG. Even though it wasn’t a bad game, it was just a little too easy. I must admit, I bought the player’s guide. Even though I felt bad about it, it helped a lot. You might want to go through the game once, and then play it again, with some help. That way, you can do all the stuff you missed. The action starts at the beginning of the game, with some character introduction, and some horrifyingly easy fights. Like I said, if you don’t know what you are doing with an RPG, then this is a good place to learn. You can take all the time that you want to mess around, and you won’t die. Un-like some games, the characters will give you hints on how to control things, such as running, or climbing down a ladder. I found this VERY helpful, especially since I didn’t read the instruction book.

This game (depending on how fast you are) can last up to 40 hours. 50 if you do the side quests. Speaking of which, there are several side quests. You could play the game the lame way and fight the boss right at the beginning of the 3rd disk, or you can do the other quests. There are some ultimate summons to be gotten, some extremely hard monsters to fight, and some other really great materia (materia is what you equip to use magic, summons, and other things). But I know there are some people who hate this game and the story so much, that they just want to finish it. I hope you aren’t like that.

This game is definitely not for all ages. There is a lot of swearing in this game, and they don’t use the #@$! ways of blocking it very often. A lot of they say are banned on GameFAQs. Some parents are extremely paranoid (You know, the ones on TV bad-mouthing GTA3), and there are parents (like mine) who don’t care what you play. I think I first played this game when I was 11. It might also be hard to go as fast as some of the battles. But like I said, with practice, you will do fine.

As for the controls, it is pretty simple. When you need to do a mini-game, they usually tell you the controls, so you don’t have to worry. Sometimes it hurts your fingers to hold done the run button so often (If only the analog worked for this game), but it isn’t that bad. I gained a callus on my thumb, and was fine for the rest of the game. The controls for equipping and un-equipping items and materia are pretty easy. Your life would be even easier if you read the instruction book, but that isn’t for everyone.

There are several mini-games in this game, along with a few hidden characters. The mini-games can be very fun and rewarding, but sometimes, they can be VERY hard. There is still one that I cannot beat. At least it gives you a funny comment if you lose. There are two hidden characters to unlock in this game. One of them is sort of important, and will help a lot during your quest. There is also a moment where you will hate her more than anyone on your team. Once again, I can’t give spoilers. The other character is very powerful, but isn’t that important. He is a cool character, but if you are already sick of leveling up all the characters already, then he is not a necessity.

Another great thing is that the characters aren’t un-balanced. You can mold them into whatever you want. Some characters have more powerful weapons than others, but it isn’t that different. Unlike the newer FF games, anyone can use summons and magic. But there is a negative side to loading up with summons and magic spells. These will lower your max HP, so you don’t want to have too many summons or magic on you at once. Some materias will change stats that I don’t even know what they do, such as vitality.

One part of fighting is the limit breaks. These are more powerful attacks than normal ones, and can serve different purposes. Some raise your speed, power, and other stats momentarily. One character specializes in healing. One character has a few gambling games, and one character can turn into several different monsters. The final limit breaks are items that you get, but you can only use them after you have learned all limit breaks from the other levels. I didn’t know how to switch levels, so I never got to the second limit in the second level on my first game. Now that I think about it, I really should have read the instruction book.

You also have the fun job of raising chocobos. In this game, you breed them to get new colors of chocobo. The new colors can do different things. Blue can go into water, green can climb mountains, black can go in the oceans, and gold can fly. It will take a long time to get a gold chocobo, but it is worth it. Trust me.

Story [11] – Can you say, confusing? That’s basically what this story is, but that also is what makes this game so great. I still have “debates” with my friends about the story line. I wish I could give you some of the story line, but that is strictly forbidden! You are just going to have to see it for yourself. There are so many things that you and your friends can disagree on, and you know what? There is practically no way to find out! They let you make your own story, since they didn’t settle on anything. You have to try to figure it out. All I have to say is good luck; you are going to need it!

The characters have great development in this game. The main character has a deep past that he has gotten confused with another persons. Like I said, I can’t give spoilers, so I won’t. A few of the other characters help him discover his past, and along those people is Sephiroth, the main villain. But Cloud isn’t the only character with a harsh past. Barret and Red XIII also have had a rough life, with problems that are solved through out the game. There are also some issues with the hidden characters, but nothing too important.

Some of the things in the story make no sense at all. Some things have complete gaps, and some things do fit anywhere. It is hard to piece all of the clues to the story together, but it is definitely worth it to try. The story is the reason that people play this game over again. They need another go around of this game to pick up on stuff they forgot before. I did this a grand total of 5 times. This game is always great to pick up anytime.

Graphic/sound [9] – The graphics are a little old school, but I personally like the polygon shapes. The FMVs (scenes with better animation) are amazing, and have awesome graphics. The looks of the costumes and airships and summons and monsters are amazing in the battles and the towns are very detailed. This is a very good game graphic wise considering it’s age and the system it is on.

The battle music is very famous. One of the most recognizable themes is the victory music. Everyone who has played this game knows the theme. A lot of the music in this game is re-used in Final Fantasy 9. If they made a soundtrack, it would be an instant classic. I know I would buy a copy. I’m sure you fanatics will tell me that there is already a soundtrack, but I don’t know how to get it, so quit screaming at me.

Replay Value [10] – Like I said, people will replay this game for the awesome story, and also because it is a great RPG. I liked doing some of the one-time mini-games that can only be played once over again. I like to play this game every summer, along with starting a new game in all my other FFs. For some reason, I have always done this one first. It is one of my all time favorite games. There is no comparison to this instant classic. I see no reason why some one would be able to put this down after one go around. I can’t see how people can ever not pick this game up. In this day and age, it is getting harder to find copies of this game, but if you look hard enough, you can find it somewhere.

Buy, or Rent? [BUY] – Buy this game. Period. The total playtime can reach 40 hours and beyond, and I doubt you will be able to do that in the rental period. Then after sitting on your shelf for half a year, you will want to play it again. Then again, and again, and again. Get this game.

- Awesome Gameplay
- Incredible story
- Great music
- Pretty good graphics
- Great battles
- Spectacular character development
- Amazing replay value

Um… None.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/19/02, Updated 10/19/02

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