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"A perfect RPG for all gamers!"

Various companies, mainly Square Soft, have produced lots of RPG games and it includes the Final Fantasy series. Some people may not even know what is RPG! RPG stands for Role-playing Game, which means you can interact with characters, usual interesting battles and fight through the game with storyline. RPG was not very well known before and even the Final Fantasy was not very well known to the whole world until one very amazing RPG was created, Final Fantasy VII.

Graphics – 9
The game itself is dramatically amazing, added with the superior graphics that depends if you have the right accessories for this Playstation version game. The pictures, characters, enemies and background through the whole game are very well lined. Yes, this game is in 3D as you may know and that adds the beautiful scenery in the game (though it’s not in full 3D, meaning you cannot see the characters or anything in the game in whole).

The lighting effects are good to make it look realistic but major changes to the character’s faces will be good. The characters look a bit weird in the game because of their eyes and sometimes, you may not even see the mouths. But, the FMV sequences in the game are the best of all. It’s better than the whole game itself as they are triple times clearer, wonderful with the cool colours and special effects that made the characters look more ‘real’.

Music – 10
Usually, music is one thing that is slightly noticeable or not at all. Some people may argue that it doesn’t even effect the game but it did to Final Fantasy VII and other games as well. The background music that is played at certain parts are quite touching while others sounds a bit rough in battles. All music fit at the right scenes and my personal favourite is Flowers Blooming in the Church. Square Soft might as well make music instead of producing games!

Gameplay – 10
No other Final Fantasy series can ever beat this incredible game. Some people say that Final Fantasy VII is the real RPG game and true Final Fantasy series that did Square proud. Why? Actually, lots of people don’t know anything about the Final Fantasy series and don’t have the faintest idea what RPGs are (and all that includes me) until they are introduced by friends and magazines or the game just look nice by the front cover.

Inside the game, the battle system is quite simple if you played RPGs before. What you need to do is just fight the enemies by using attacks, items, magic, summon Materia and special moves that all characters have called Limit Break.

Attacks are just one simple attack by using weapons that they have and you can switch to their useable weapons from time to time. Certain items contained magic or attacks therefore, they can be used to destroy enemies.

Magic in this game are called and known as ‘Materia’, orbs that can be bought or found throughout the adventure. These ‘Materia’ are divided into four types, yellow for command, blue as helper to make magic more powerful, green as magic and red as summon. It actually takes time to learn them and different Materia contained different abilities. Materia can also be upgraded by collecting more experience points and battling but the side effect is, Materia can affect character’s attack, HP and MP by decreasing or increasing them.

One unique system for battling is actually Limit Break where when your life is low, your character will gain anger and produce a special attack and special damages for it. This Limit Break can be ‘leveled up’ to make them more powerful and learn new moves through more experience points and most importantly, battles.

For those who is an RPG beginner, you will have slight problem to learn carefully what they are. Life is called HP (Hit Points) while Magic is known as MP (Magic Points). Bosses can be a bit of problem and you’ll need good strategy and good attacks. You can also explore other places and cities a lot here too.

Mini-games are here too and you can play lots of them to enjoy the whole game completely, after the hard work of tons of battles in the game. You can buy items, Materia and weapon by using the currency ‘Gil’ that can be obtained through battles and characters. Overall, if you are a good player, 50 hours are need to complete the whole game but if you’re not, you know you’re going to use 200 hours!

Story – 10
So, you’ve heard enough of breath-taking graphics, serene and wonderful music and truly cool gameplay that this game can offer, right? This story can be downright confusing if you just close one eye and play through the game without taking notice.

It all starts off with the most mysterious Cloud who works as a mercenary and with a SOLDIER ranking, together with his best and closes friends. Then, they battled against the horrifying company Shinra, the most hated company who simply loves to drain and sucked out energy called Mako from the planet, which can only mean that the planet is dying.

Then, they all got mixed up in a violent, love and tragedy story that can make people love their fictional characters, including one ultimate villain that everyone can ever known in life, the pure evil Sephiroth (yes, more emphasis on pure evil). There are tons of secrets in the game that can reveal the mysterious story more and more, after meeting more characters who became your best of friends.

Replay Value – 9
Most people will agree to me; they will play the game all over again for simple reasons, they love it, they are confused with the story or just want to play again. As for me, the absolutely admirable yellow fluffy birds called Chocobo is enough for me as they are used as pets to roam about cities and places. As I had said before, mini-games like snowboarding and motorcycle racing are all available to satisfy yourself.

Overall – 10
It’s one game that lets you enjoy every single bit of itself and one perfect RPG and game for all gamers. The intense fun and enjoyable aspects can be seen clearly once you played through the game. Three discs are more than enough to enjoy the whole game but there is only one regrettable thing that I can’t tell (because of spoiler) and I hope that Square can re-release it. Other than that, it’s one good RPG for everyone to play!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/02/00, Updated 07/02/00

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