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"My First Real Game, and still the Best Game I ever played"

How it Began for Me

When I first got Final Fantasy VII it was a mistake, my mom had driven me and my best friend down to the movie rental place, and my friend kept telling me to get Resident Evil 2, which I really didn't want to get because I would be to afraid to play it once my friend went home. Well hey come on! I was only 9 maybe younger and had just began getting over Freddy Kueger. Anyway I picked out Resident Evil 2 and brought it up to the front desk, the guy came back and told me that he couldn't find the other disk for it, so he suggested that I got this game Final Fantasy VII, now I have heard of it since my brother's friend had played it and my brother himself watched and so it was a great game so I agreed, and got the game, I didn't play til my friend left since he decided he wanted to get the Power Ranger movie(They were very popular back then and the Pink Ranger was so hot) and so I sat down and put the first disk in, I was amazed that there were actually three by the way, and pressed play, the game came turned on and I thought it was cool so far, and then the first movie played and I was wowed from their, the strange girl, and the spiky haired dude who I was fighting the blue guys with, the rest was magic. And as you know this game is considered one of the best games ever, it brought RPGing to a new level, and revived the Final Fantasy Series, it broke record sales, and is still talked about today, in my opinion and other it’s the greatest game ever. And when I first played it I have only heard about it once! Okay now for the actual review..... Oh sorry just want to clear something up I didn't beat the game in 5 days, I brought it one day before my family went to dinner, and read the instruction book five times just to see the pictures and stuff. I couldn't wait to go home already. I know, I know, but yes this is that good. AND NOW for the actual review.


Wow...I mean..WOW! I was just taken back by all these amazing characters, and the dark story, that I needed my old brother's help with to understand(When I played it again in two years I understood it a lot better) so anyway each character had an amazing back story not one was without one, Cloud, Tifa, Aeris, Barret, Cid, Cait Sith, Cid, Yuffie, and Vincent, each of them had a great story. Even the bad guys were amazing, dark and evil, and the true meaning of bad! The bad guy in this game is the greatest bad guy ever! And for the story, it just got better and better as the game continued. It was like a roller coaster of emotion, and yes sometimes it could get confusing, but if you think hard enough, then you won't have to worry about it. Well anyways I just loved it right from the beginning after I jumped of the train and fought the Shrina soldiers. But I won't spoil anything for you buddy! This game is too great for that! I will tell you the basics though. This game is about a world(duh) and this world is pretty torn up, the center town Midgar, is pretty much a waste land covered with machines, and pollution and Mako caused by the evil cropartion Shrina, who is lead by get this Shrina! Cloud Strife, the main character of this lovely game, is an ex-soldier member, but is now part of a rebel group called AVALANCHE(YES ALL CAPTIALS) lead by Barret A.K.A. Mr. T. Here you'll find a group of people, who to want to fight for the greater good, and you start to feel a bit of emotional attachment, and get this these characters aren't even the main ones! They are just part of the story! That is how great this game is. Oh and of course this is all in the first five or ten minutes of the game, and then you just wait, cause this little story gets better and bigger and darker each turn it takes, lovely plot twist everywhere. And as the game goes on you meet even more interesiting characters as all your main characters get even more interesiting and better, so in other words this game just keeps getting better and better. And let me tell you this, if you don’t won’t one of the must surprising things about the game spoiled for you don’t go to the boards. There is no way you can avoid the ultimate spoiler there.

Score 10/10


Yup, another great thing about the game, I mean it is just so fun to play! Walking around the world map, oh using your ship, or car I loved it! Just exploring in this game feels great. It hardly ever gets boring. The mini games are good, though not amazing, or groundbreaking, I like FFX's bliztball better. The battles are awesome! I loved the materia thing. You can your fire up levels like fire 1 or fire 2, yup no Firara or whatever its called in t his one, though I do like the different names better. So that its really cool, applying the materia to your people. And then there your summons, Shiva, Ifirt, and Bahamut make their return appearance(I heard they were in the other ones so) and other great ones do too, though now that I have played the Final Fantasy 8-10 I heard a deeper respect to those three. The game isn't hard to play, its actually pretty easy, it takes maybe ten minutes to get the hang of it, probably less. The control is simple, I mean press the action button, or move the arrow down to get something, I mean its very, very simple. Now the overall diffcult of the game is probably in-between, it isn't the hardest game around, but it isn't easy, you'll need to level up and be prepared for battle a lot. Make sure to save though, you won't want to have to start over after a hard fight.

Score 10/10


First lets do Graphics, I am not much of a graphics person, I mean I love when the graphics are amazing but I don't need it. Compared to games today FFVII isn't all that wow in the graphics department, but that doesn't mean it isn't good. The graphics are pretty amazing, and really amazing if you consider the time it came out. The FMVs are beatuiful, and detailed, and each town, and place is just as detailed. The characers outside of FMVs are cool too, though they aren't amazing. But you have to consider the time it came out, and how good it was back then. Well I am giving it a 10 because like I said I am not a real graphics person.

Score for Graphics 10/10

Now lets do the sound. Let me just say once again WOW! The music is amazing, I mean amazing. Some of these songs are still in my head. Some of the songs are even heart wrenching one especcialy, when ever I remember it, or hear it I got a little sad. These songs are just amazing. I have one in my head right now, the music is something that makes the game even better, it brings it to a whole new level! Everything place has great music, ever place!

Score for Sound 10/10

Playtime/Replay Value

The game is three disc so I am guessing you know it isn't very short. It is actually long, but of course the time is worth it. It won't even feel long its so fun. You'll be wishing that the game went longer, that it wouldn't end but of course it does(once again duh!). Getting all the materia and ultimate weapons takes a while too. Materias for the summons are hard to get a very fun to use though it gets annoying after a while seeing the same summon over and over so that always adds more time to the game. Also unlocking secret scenes and getting the two secret characters add even more time, but of course its time well spent, cause even the two secret characters have an amazing back story. Next I'll just go on to replay value because I shouldn't give playtime its own rating.

And now for replay value. This game is great to play over, and over again. There is no way you'll remember everything in a year and your going to want to play again. Each time playing it is like a new experience, it is amazing. You learn things you never knew about the story, and you understand things better, it is very useful to play it again story wise, just so you can understand it fully in fact. You'll probably want to play this game about every year, I have played it three times already though not fully, and each time I played it I loved it even more. After this review I am going to play it again

Score 10/10

Closing and Recommendation

To think that at first I could have never gotten this great game, but I got lucky. This game is my favorite game of all time, and I am so glad they didn't have Resident Evil 2 in. This game, in opinion, is the greatest game ever! I loved it and its characters and story, there wasn't a character you didn't love bad or good. Everything about it is great, story, character, music, game play, control, replay value, everything! This game will set a new standard for games for you that is how great this game was so what should you do, buy or rent.


So for the big words but you really need to buy this game it is great, and if your not a RPG fan you will be, and if you are an RPG fan, then why haven't you played this game yet!?!?! Well that’s it and I hoped you like this review it was my first. Now go to your local video game store, and get Final Fantast VII it is the best game ever! So even if your not an RPG fan, and if you are, then why don't you have this game already!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/07/03

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