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Reviewed: 05/26/04 | Updated: 05/27/04

One of the best but not the best

The abdominal escapade RPG game Final Fantasy VII. Quite possibly the most excellent Final Fantasy ever in a lot of people’s minds. I will agree that this game is extremely great and Square deserves every bit of credit. It has its ups and downs just like every other game out there. I really do like everything about this game but I do like the other Final Fantasy’s out there. So if you have only played this game I suggest you try the other Final Fantasy’s that have been released.

If the intro made you mad then I’m sure that the rest of the review will make you happy. Starting out as a former member of “Soldier” you take the main role of Cloud. You start out with a rebellion group by the name of AVALANCHE and don’t forget it. Your inaugural mission is to blow up the reactor to get the attention of “Shinra Inc.” to let them know they are ruining the planet by having these mako reactors. So make your point, grab your huge sword and let the adventure begin.

Story 10
Every body who has played this game knows that the story line is what makes FFVII live up to its title. You are an ex SOLDIER member and joined a group called AVALANCE to stop Shinra (the bad guys) from using all the energy from the planet. WHY?! Because stealing stuff from the planet is not good, that’s why. On your way from destroying a mako reactor (steals energy), you run into a pretty flower girl. That whose name I will not say, it’s a secret. One of your beginning characters is Barret who is the leader of Avalanche, and with him is Tifa who runs the bar they all hide at, and she also watches his daughter Marlene. Cloud use to live with Tifa in their town called Nibelheim, surprised to see Cloud she runs up to him and asks him how he has been over the past 5 years since they have seen each other.

Starting out kind of fast you will notice the game makes a more pace able progress in the story line. The story isn’t as long as “Xenogears”, but at least you will understand what is going on if you might happen to miss something earlier. Even on my 10th or so time going through the game I still just go through for the story and the game play, but for the most part the story. You have a main villain of course and he goes by the name of Sephiroth. You will meet all kinds of exciting characters and go to new towns that are perfectly designed. Like any other story there are sad times and the good times, but we all want to remember the good times. As we all know the story is one of the best and it keeps you coming back for more. If they just made this game a book, it would definitely be on the top 10 list in no time. That is how good the story is, it’s hard to put into words how much you should like it. So just enjoy and move on with the game.

Game Play 10
The battling system is as normal as any other Final Fantasy. You attack the enemy they attack you, heal, and use magic, all of those good things. At least they don’t have the same boss music over and over. Some of the bosses even have dialog in your battles, nothing too major just a grunt or two about how they don’t like you and they think that they are going to win the battle. The magic is the basic elements plus your non elementals. There are summons to use which have extraordinary graphics, and a lot of them are just cool looking. The bosses have certain types of skills that you can use by getting a certain “Materia” called enemy skill, all you have to do is wait for them to use the move and your character absorbs the move into there little Materia for later use. The Materia is what contains your magic and special techniques. It can have magic all the way to your little friends called the summons. Each of the first couple of summons they are elemental too, such as Ifrit, he is a fire based monster. Along with Shiva whom is an Ice based monster. They all have their own special “move” that will help you in each of your battles.

There is also a little feature called Limit Breaks. So if you ever get tired of using summoning’s or using magic use one of these. When that little red bar fills up you use that limit skill and blow those enemies away. Each character has 4 levels limit breaks except for one of them. And when you do a certain amount of using one limit you can get the next extravagant limit. With the first 3 levels of limit breaks there are two in each one. But the forth level of limits is the ultimate which you might have to work you’re butt off to get that special item. So there is a lot to keep up with in the game play, make sure you don’t forget to check for items hidden in secret places, when it comes to fighting every item you find will help.

Graphics 9
Being the best graphics of this time of gaming, FFVII tops it all. To start off the characters have no mouths which is ok at least its better than having no faces at all like “The Grand Stream Saga”. But we will continue on with this game. The magic has ok graphics at the beginning but as you get stronger magic the graphics glint every where all over the screen. Each element of magic (Fire, Thunder, Earth, Ice are the major ones) has 3 levels, and each graphic is bigger each time and can grow even larger when you’re fighting multiple enemies and use it on all of them. The summoning’s probably are the better detailed of graphics when it comes to battles. There are sixteen bundles of joy waiting for you in the wonderful world out there. Each one you summon has there own special element or non-element attack when you summon them.

The graphics can be very beautiful the first hundred times that you summon them but after a while they can get exasperating of seeing them do the same thing over and over again. Now on to the videos, each video is really greatly detailed. The characters and the surroundings are spectacular, they have mouths in the videos, they actually move to the words but you don’t hear them unfortunately. You can tell they tried not to get too detailed with the characters so they wouldn’t look nothing like they do in the game, but they basically paint the picture for what they would look like if the game had better graphics. The Limit breaks as I mentioned earlier have really sole graphics for each one of them. The limits seem to actually fit the characters look, such as cloud he will use his sword and completely ruin everything around him. Barret will use his “handgun”, to blow away the enemies with ammunition. Each character has graphics to go with them and fit their attitude, and Square really did a good job emphasizing on their details. With ever bit of effort they put into the graphics they really deserve all of the love from everyone.

Sound 10
One of Nobuo Uematsu’s best works in music ever. This is definitely a buy worthy soundtrack. If you do not own the game or the soundtrack, I suggest you save up some money and get both of them right after you get through reading my review. Each song fits with the surroundings perfectly, the best part is when you listen to the song by itself then it will remind you of when you were in that specific area or a certain video in the game. I believe if music can do that than it is how the title “music” is deserved. While talking about the music the sounds that characters and monsters make are special in their own way too. Unfortunately as I mentioned earlier the characters talk in videos but there is no sound. So pft to them! But I am sure that you can tell from the dialog when the character may be excited or very angry.

The magic and summons have sounds to them also. When you have a larger leveled magic the sound lasts longer. Because the bigger the magic the longer it takes to finish its use. Each of the summons makes a noise when they perform their duties. Such as when Ifrit sets out his meteor fire ball I am sure you can imagine the big explosion noise that gargantuan rock lets out. When you use items they make noises too, nothing special though just a nice little ring to let you know that you have used it I guess. When you fill up your limit break bar it makes a noise to let you know you’re ready to use it, but if the sound doesn’t let you know I’m sure the bright flash of fire around your character should get your attention. Every little noise you should notice and remember the rest of your measly life. If you don’t then I guess you’re not as big of a loser you thought you were now huh. So to Nobuo I thank you for giving us this wonderful piece of art you call the FFVII soundtrack. I am sure that everyone would agree with me.

Story 10
Game play 10
Graphics 9
Sound 10
Overall rating 10!!!!!!

If you haven’t figured it out by now, you need to go out and play this game. Do what you have to, and make sure you go through the whole thing and enjoy yourself. A lot of people will tell you this game is over rated. Even if it is so what, it’s a good game and that is all that matters. While mentioning this great FF title I suggest that you try some of the older titles that are great too, such as FFIII or FF the original. This is one of the best series of games out there and if you haven’t heard of it yet then you need to have a better source of information for games. So go out and play this you will love it! I bet when you find a penny on the ground you will be thankful it helped you buy this game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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