Review by Zydicore

Reviewed: 06/05/04

FINAL FANTASY VII: The greatest RPG of all time.

Welcome to my review. Let me start out by saying that this was the first RPG I've ever played, and because of this game, I am an Role Playing Game lover all the way to today. This game could not have been a greater game. Nowadays, however, a lot of people are sceptacle of FINAL FANTASY VII. Let me be the first to say that just by playing this game for a simple hour, you will be as convinced as I am that this game is incredible, and is worth every single bit of recognition that it has thus far recieved. I assume that nearly every game fan on EARTH has heard of this great title, and for good reason, too. Whether you are new to the RPG Genre or a long time fan, you should still check out FINAL FANTASY VII for it's incredible unique style and very amazing visuals. Every fan of the RPG Genre should check this out at any cost, it will not dissappoint you. Check it out!

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics of this game are incredible. For the time period that this game was created, the graphics are near perfect... even to this day, these graphics are still considered great. I can barely sum into words how well designed this games graphics engine was. The graphics were pre-rendered, and then there are FMV sequences that execute while normal play time, but all put together, this game is a very good combination of all elements. The standard of graphics for that time period was crushed when it saw FINAL FANTASY VII. No game even came close to comparing to how well designed the graphics engine was for FFVII. The game starts off in a smokey factory, and the visuals and realism of that alone are a marvel. The game ties FMV Sequences into the normal game very well. No other game of that time period had achieved what FINAL FANTASY VII had. Squaresoft did an amazing job when it comes to the graphics engine of this game, and at that time period, no one could have done it better. Hats off to Squaresoft. Every city has such an incredible unique feel to it that gets you into the game, and no other game since has given me such a rush when I discovered that new city or seen the breathetaking visuals of a sunset in FINAL FANTASY VII.

Sound: 10/10
The sound of this game is incredible. Some of the songs were performed by a very talented orchestra, and the result of it was an incredible sounding game. The sound was very well executed. Some of the games songs, however, are MIDI sequences, but even they excell at the catagory of music. Just play through FINAL FANTASY VII one single time and you will realize how truly amazing the games Sound is. Even to today, the songs of FINAL FANTASY VII are still considered to be out standing, however, at the time period, this quality of sound was not only extraordinary, but un-paralleled. Battle scenes and normal scenes have their own tunes, but each their own respectful melody. The battle music is high paced, very well designed music that gets you ready for a battle. Then there is the extremely peaceful music of the cities, which calms you down and gets you ready for adventure. Altogether, the sounds of this game are very well designed as I stated above, and I can't even stress how great it all comes together.

Battle System: 10/10
Right off the bat, you are introduced to the excellent battle system. You jump right into a fight and you get a taste at how well put together this system is. Throughout the game, you gain more abilities and weapons and skills that further the experience of the battles. There is one particular system that excells when it comes to FINAL FANTASY VII; Materia. Materia is a material used to execute spells and abilities. They resemble small gems and they are excellent resources of magic. The battles in FINAL FANTASY VII are very, very well put together and it deserves much praise. Your main character, Cloud, uses a very large sword to execute his offensives. He does a very extraordinary job at showing off FINAL FANTASY VII's well designed battle system.

Story: 10/10
This is where FINAL FANTASY VII truly shines. There is no amount of words that I can express that will give justice to how well this games story was put together. From the very first few parts of the game that draw you in, all the way to the very last moment of the game, FINAL FANTASY VII delivers a storyline so incredible that even to this day, no other game has even come CLOSE to matching it. The story revolves around a young mercenary, Cloud Strife, who is trying to figure out his purpose. Throughout the game, he meets the very well known and very loved Villian, Sephiroth. I'm sure you've all heard of Cloud and Sephiroth. Cloud soon finds out many things about his past, and from there truly makes bonds with his friends. However, I cannot truly describe how awesome the storyline really is. Cloud meets many friends along the way of his journey, and each one is incredibly unique and adds a new depth of adventure to the FINAL FANTASY VII experience. If you are into good stories, don't get FINAL FANTASY VII. If you are into INCREDIBLE, AMAZING stories, then get FINAL FANTASY VII. You won't regret it.

Experience Points System: 9/10
A trademark of all RPG's if that of the EXP system. Every RPG has some sort of way to gain experience points, whether it be quests or killing monsters, that gets you a few level gains. FINAL FANTASY VII's is as unique as can be, but still is like other RPG's, you kill monsters and you gain EXP. However, in FINAL FANTASY VII, it's not boring. Ofcourse at times you get frustrated at running into those random monsters as you're traveling before you've got a vehicle, but overall, the game executes its Experience Points System quite marvelously. FINAL FANTASY VII's Experience Points System is just another of the many great features of this RPG. In FINAL FANTASY VII, you gain your experience points at the end of successful battles. Normal battles give you average EXP, but winning boss battles give you a very large amount of EXP.

Gameplay: 10/10
The gameplay of this game is nothing short of amazing, either. Whether it comes to the camera angles, or the battles, this game has the gameplay that any RPG'er could ever want. I don't think the gameplay could've been executed better than it was. There were plenty of options throughout the entire game, from the moment you named your characters in the beginning all the way to the FINAL FANTASY VII final boss battle. There was so much variety and options throughout the game that you will not only never get bored of FINAL FANTASY VII, but you will also get addicted very very fast. The controls of FINAL FANTASY VII are advanced, but at the same time very easy to master, and that combination makes for an awesome experience that no other game to date has matched.

Replay Value: 9/10
This games replay value is extremely, extremely high. Throughout the game, you are addicted. Everytime you put down the controller, you're already missing it. The only thing to put a dent in the replay value is beating the game, but then again, its such a good game that it draws you back in. I recall times where I quit FINAL FANTASY VII for months at a time, but despite my attempts at quitting, I always came back to playing it. The game is just too well designed. I never wonder why I keep coming back to it, because its just so obvious. The game is perfect.

Overall: 10/10
In conclusion, I feel that this game is easily the greatest RPG, if not the greatest game in existance. I find all these elements add up to be the greatest RPG of all time, if not the greatest GAME of all time. Even if you hate RPG's, this game will interest you and help you realize how truly great the RPG experience is. I often wonder, as great as Squaresoft is, how they pulled off such a great game. As I've stated before, though, no amount of words can truly describe this game. I am just trying my hardest to scratch the surface of this games greatness. This game is more than worth buying a Playstation for, and I think that you should check it out at all costs. You won't regret it. All the aspects of this game are outstanding, and when they are all combined into this one, incredible game, they excell to a point that is perfection. If you have never played FINAL FANTASY VII, I urge you to go out right now and buy a copy, and even a PLAYSTATION if necessary. The game is that good, from beginning to end. FINAL FANTASY VII will remain an example of how good hard work turns out, and it will never be forgotten. Check this game out right now and you will be thanking me later, I promise you of that!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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