Where can I find laser cannon ?

  1. I need to kno so i can get the weapon lion heart

    User Info: Adrammalech93

    Adrammalech93 - 8 years ago

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  1. Yes, an Elastoid level 30+ will always give you a Laser Cannon if you mug it. But chances are you are already far later in the game from that specific dream sequence, so you missed on them. Don't worry... it happened to me too. If that's not the case though, mug as many Laser Cannons as possible. Pulse Ammo is just not to be missed, let alone not only for Squall's weapon upgrading purposes. So let's see:

    - You can get Laser Cannons as drops from 30+ level Belhelmels (Do NOT mug them, do NOT equip the Rare-Item ability for reasons I merely can't explain here). They are however too rare. In fact I have defeated once more than 20 Belhelmels around Monterosa Plateau (outside Galbadia Garden) and didn't even get one.

    - You will get a Laser Cannon for sure once in the end of Disc 3 from a fixed fight with an enemy called Mobile Type 8. Don't forget to Mug his sidekicks. I don't know how late at the game you are so I won't spoil more about that at this point. Also, you are better off using this laser cannon to teach Quistis the corresponding Blue Magic.

    - Your question is however where to get Pulse Ammo, right? So you can refine Pulse Ammo from Energy Crystals and Power Generators too. It's funny however using a plural about Power Generators just as it is for Laser Cannons.

    - Power Generators are very rare Mugs (ONLY Mugs) from Blitzes (found in the forests near Edea's House) of level 30+ (once again NO Rare-Item ability equipped). So rare that I mugged over 25 Blitzes and still looking forward to Lady Luck smiling at me.

    - You can get ONE Power Generator by tampering with something during the aforementioned Lunatic Pandora Laguna sequence, after you revisit it with your proper party. In any case, when you get a Power Generator, you will probably want to teach Quistis the Ray-Bomb Blue Magic.

    - So finally... you can get as many Energy Crystals as you want from the fixed fight with the Elnoyle in Esthar after the Galbadian invasion in the screen with the Galbadian soldier sitting alone on the side. Note that the Elnoyle should be at level 40+ to ensure Energy Crystal DROPS and apart from that, in no way under level 30. (Do NOT Mug it, it only has Moon Stones, which are however useful for other weapons). You can also get Energy Crystals if you miss the Elnoyle fight as DROPS from high level Ruby Dragons e.g. on the Island Closest to Hell (Better with Rare-Item) or from Behemoths in Esthar's plains (better without Rare-Item) but the latter tend to drop mostly Barriers and to make matters worse, are not .susceptive to Demi and gravity elemental magic (Micro Missiles, Meteor Strike etc...)

    Those Energy Crystals can then be refined to Pulse Ammo and as a source for complementary Ultima (3 Ultimas per 1 Energy Crystal through Forbidden-Mag RF).

    I hope I have been of some help. Good luck and Happy New Year!

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    Vermesser (Expert) - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. Mug a level 30 Elastoid, which you will find during 2 of the dream sequences.

    User Info: QuistisFFVIII

    QuistisFFVIII - 8 years ago 0 0

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