How do I beat Diablos (Magic Lamp)?

  1. I tried but I can't get him!

    User Info: Shorty24o

    Shorty24o - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. It shouldn't be as much difficult at such levels as time consuming. My piece of advice would be to get him at as lower a level as possible. Some pieces of advice:

    - Draw-casting Diablos Demi doesn't get 1/4th of his HP but quite less.

    - He indeed uses a funny cure when cast with demi or I don't remember what. Maybe living in another dimension has brought him on your side before you even beat him...^_^

    - He only uses HP-Quotient diminishing magic (a.k.a. gravity "elemental") and a physical attack. If I remember correctly it's Demi and Gravija. Gravija eats up 3/4ths of your current HP but doesn't kill you in ANY case. Demi gets 1/4th of your current HP but still doesn't kill you. So you should only watch out for his physical attack which is also rather strong at that point of the game.

    - If you have spent some time drawing blind from Granaldo while saving Ellone (you can't really get Blind at this point through ST-Mag RF for a reason you will understand rather quickly while progressing with the scenario), you can use it on Diablos. Fortunately enough he is not immune to Blind and if you manage to blind him, he cannot actually kill you in any way so you can pound him hard with a nice Renzokuken.

    - Don't worry about not doing much damage with physical attacks. You'll get him soon. He is hard to draw demi from because of your very low magic status at such an early stage of the game (I can infer that because if you had tried him on, say, Disc 2 or 3 you wouldn't have any problem wiping him off. The enjoyable fight is however at the early stages plus the fact that he carries lots of useful abilities that will come in handy very early.

    I hope I have helped with the issue. Good luck and a Happy New Year!

    P.S.: Don't feel weird attacking your own guys to reduce their HP so that you can get their Limit Breaks activated. At these early stages limit breaks prove to be quite the life-savers and I assure you it's a common practice to attack your own people to gain access to those critical conditions' advantages! There is no other way at this fight either, since you have Diablos blinded.

    User Info: Vermesser

    Vermesser (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Its best to at least be at level 12. If you have a chance draw demi and cast and he will use a powerful cure on the caster. Selfie is a great help if you can get a good roulette and squall obviously shouldnt be counted out

    User Info: broken_angel_13

    broken_angel_13 - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. -this is a bit hard for most players but its raly easy if you look my way..
    try a low level advantage on diablos ( low level characters = low level monsters)

    -u should have a lot of blind magic on stock and try blinding him. 95% of the time diablos wont hit your characters. the only way for him to do any damgae on you would be if he was casting gravija or demi (which in turn both magic spells wont kill any character) demi causes 1/4 damage of your character's remaining hp and gravija does 3/4 damage.
    having this idea, a low hp character has a very high percentage of gaining his/her limit break on his/her turn. pound the GF with your most powerfullimit breaks till you bring him down for good.

    User Info: arkiheos

    arkiheos - 7 years ago 0 0
  3. Also a quick suggestion is fighting diablos with laguna and crew, when health gets low, all 3 limit breaks combined deal out a fair 3000-4000 damage per round, i found using laguna's team much easier than squalls team

    User Info: white_devil65

    white_devil65 - 7 years ago 0 0

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