Is getting GF Griever possible?

  1. I began to think GF Griever was possible after reading one of the occult fan magazines (The one with the ring featured in it). If you look, it's Squall's ring and it says a powerful GF can be summoned if you have 666 items in your inventory. Now I don't have 666 items and I should imagine it would be a pain in the backside to delete and use up upto 667 and then do a battle and use the last one. But I'm wondering if anyone has attempted it. Maybe one day I'll attempt it myself. But is it possible? It'd be extremely annoying to get rid of so many items (Not to mention counting them up, etc) only to find that Griever does not appear

    User Info: mattroco

    mattroco - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. 666 refers to the item requirements for getting Doomtrain. In fact all the Occult Fan magazines are meant to be hints for getting Doomtrain.
    The 666 in this case refers to the item requirements of
    6 Malboro Tentacles
    6 Remedy+
    6 Steel Pipes
    that you need to use the Solomon Ring. The ring in question refers to the Solomon Ring which is the item you use to acquire Doomtrain.
    The other Occult Fans hint at which items in specific, things like 'I saw these huge train tracks over a dead monster when I came outside. I had been working on a steel fence at the time'.
    Griever was literally a figment of Squall's imagination. An abstract idea of what true power would look like (note that Griever is a lion and the interpretations we can make from that). In the end though he was still just a thought of Squall's, only strong because Squall believed him to be so. At least that's my interpretation. Anyways for that reason you can't get him.

    User Info: _Red___XIII_

    _Red___XIII_ (Expert) - 7 years ago 1 0

Other Answers

  1. ***SPOILERS***

    The 666 thing probably comes from the way you unlock Doomtrain, which is to get 6 Lead Pipes, 6 Remedies, and 6 Marlboro Tentacles.

    However, Griever only appears in the game on Squall's ring and as Ultimecia's own GF. It is not possible to get Griever as your own GF. :(

    User Info: lordgodalming

    lordgodalming - 7 years ago 0 0

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