How do I beat Sorceress Adel?

  1. I am in a desperate situation so I'll get this straight to the point: How did you defeat Sorceress Adel?

    I'm using an Emulator and is playing in the computer.

    Here is my party stats:

    Quistis= lvl 25; HP=about 1176; Junctions= GF: Shiva=lvl 30; Magic: None; Elemental Attack/Defense: None; Status Attack/Defense: None; Abilty: (Command) GF, Magic, Item (Ability) Vit20%

    Magic: Sleep 3, Shell 3

    Squall= lvl 35; HP= 6666; Junctions= GF: Ifrit=lvl 30+, Alexander=lvl 30+, Brothers=lvl 22, Cerberus=lvl 20+, Carbuncle=lvl 20+; Magic: HP=Blizzaga 100, STR=Water 100; Elemental Attack/Defense: Aero 35/Fire 60&Life 27; Status Attack/Defense: None; Ability: (Command) GF, Draw, Magic (Ability) HP80%, HP40%, Counter

    Magic: (Important ones): Aero, Protect, Shell, Life, Quake, Blizzaga, Thundara,

    Fire, Flare, Sleep, Blind, Float, Death, Meteor
    Zell= lvl 30; HP=about 1776; Junctions= GF: Quezacotl=lvl 30+; Magic: None; Elemental Attack/Defense: None; Status Attacl/Defense: None; Ability: (Command) GF, Magic, Item (Ability) None

    Magic: Float, Shell, Protect, Aero

    Please help...tell me how to defeat Adel!!!


    PS: Quezacotl, Ifrit, and Shiva all have Boost, SumMagic 20-40%, and their ability to refine magic, and also GFHP=10% (or something like that)

    Please tell me if I'm missing something or anything like that, thanks!!!!!

    User Info: FaiD_Flowright

    FaiD_Flowright - 6 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Umm......I do have actually Diablos, but I still don't have the "mug" ability. Diablos has been forever on Rinoa, and I didn't have time to junction it on my most used party, so no time to level up and learn that ability.

    User Info: FaiD_Flowright

    FaiD_Flowright - 6 years ago

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  1. okay, the first thing i would do is spread out your GF's more. I recommend this:
    Squall - Ifrit, Carbuncle
    Zell - Alexander, Cerberus, Shiva
    Quistis - Quezacotl, Brothers

    Then, as far as your commands:
    Squall - Magic, Draw, Item
    Zell - Magic, GF, Draw
    Quistis - Magic, Draw, Item

    When you are junctioning magic to your stats for this fight, make HP, STR, and SPR your priorities. Adel uses alot of Non-Elemental spells like, Flare, Meteor, and Ultima, so if you have anything to boost your Non-Elemental Defense, that'll help.

    At the start of the fight, I would summon Cerberus with Zell, to give everyone Double and Triple. Then start casting Shell and Float on everyone. Float will make Adel's Quake useless, and Shell will reduce the other magical damage. Whoever has the highest MAG stat on your team should also Draw some Firaga, Blizzaga,or Thundaga from Adel, then Triple Cast them back at her. Try to heal yourself primarily with items if at all possible, since healing with magic won't be as effective because of Shell.

    Adel is not weak or strong against any element, so feel free to use whatever element you wish. The same goes for Elem-Atk-J.

    If you have any of the following cards, I would recommend that you use Card-Mod on them.
    Angelo - 100 Elixirs
    Rinoa - 3 Magic Armlets (teaches GF SPR+60%)
    Zell - 3 Power Wrists (teaches GF STR+40%)
    Laguna - 100 Heroes (makes one party member invincible)
    Alexander - 3 Moon Curtains (teaches GF Auto-Shell)
    Cerberus - 100 Lightweights (refines into 1 Accelerator, which teaches GF Auto Haste) **You may not have the right Refine Ability for this**
    Pandemona - 100 Windmills (With T-MAG Refine, 5 Windmills will get you 100 Tornado's, which is excellent for STR-J.

    Also, if you have Diablos' Time-Mag-RF, you can refine Dino Bone's into Quake spells, which is also another excellent junction for either STR or MAG. You can get 100 Dino Bones from the Sacred card if you use Card Mod on it. You can also get them from Armadodo cards and T-Rexaur cards.

    So keep on Shell and Float, keep yourself healed, with Elixirs if possible... and either smack her with physical attacks, or Triple Cast spells at her. And keep Rinoa healed as well. Adel will Drain her HP from time to time. It might be a good idea to cast Shell on Rinoa, or Reflect, if you have it.

    All this should improve your chances a good bit. I hope you succeed.

    User Info: M_Infernum

    M_Infernum - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. I would only use single target spells, since if Rinoa dies, it's game over. Draw and cast Regen from Rinoa on her so she can regenerate some health.

    As for Adel, cast Meltdown on her and then just wail on Adel with physical attacks.

    I perfer Irvine in this fight, since his limit can decimate Adel with AP ammo.

    Lastly, don't forget to steal from Adel, she carries a rare Samantha Soul

    User Info: blitzace65

    blitzace65 - 6 years ago 0 1
  2. "Please tell me if I'm missing something or anything like that, thanks!!!!!"

    You're missing over half the GF in the game and magic. GF allow you to junction magic to Stats - the more of a particular magic you have on a stat, the better. So 50 Fire is better than 25 Fire ... although 100 Firaga is better. Of course, Firaga is a pretty bad magic to junction, especially Disc 4. Frankly, it seems to me that your best bet for beating Adel is to boost Squall's (or Zell's, if you're good with Duel) STR as high as you can get it (if you have 100 Flare or Meteor, that would work), then put them in Critical HP (Yellow) and use a Limit every time you can. Your other two characters can just chill and pop a Phoenix Down if your damage dealer gets dropped.

    Counter is a useless ability; Ifrit should have STR +20% (at least ...) learned by now, so switch it in for Counter.

    "As for Adel, cast Meltdown on her and then just wail on Adel with physical attacks.
    I perfer Irvine in this fight, since his limit can decimate Adel with AP ammo.
    Lastly, don't forget to steal from Adel, she carries a rare Samantha Soul"

    He doesn't have Meltdown (and doesn't have Diablos, so he can't refine it), and similarly he has neither GF (Diablos and Bahamut) with Mug, so the SS is unavailable (and not all that rare, to boot). Also, AP Ammo is only really viable if you don't have Meltdown, as other Ammos are just as, if not more, effective.

    User Info: ChaosArbiter

    ChaosArbiter - 6 years ago 0 1
  3. What I recomend is for u 2 leave and go level up. When at about level 63 go to the Island closest to heaven and hell with Enc-none. Have every one equip draw.Go arond the Islands pressing (X) the whole time. You should find Ulitima,Triple,Quake,Full-life,and Meteor. DOES THAT HELP ;)

    User Info: Friendly_Smurf

    Friendly_Smurf - 6 years ago 0 0
  4. Also get the Bahamut,tonberry,and can look for the question by looking up gfs after pandemona.

    User Info: Friendly_Smurf

    Friendly_Smurf - 6 years ago 0 0
  5. fight adel with squall's strength reaching 220+ and at lvl 75
    this will give you a very easy win. make sure that ur gunblade
    is upgraded to lionheart. Just keep attacking
    adel with physical attacks. Don't mind rinoa.
    Let adel lower squall's life where he can perform
    his limit break. Squall will surely use lionheart after
    his slashes. adel will surely die after this IF you follow
    all my requirements above cause lion heart will
    then cause 9999 damage for each hit and he will
    perform luke 20hits or something. adel's doomed

    User Info: griever56

    griever56 - 6 years ago 0 0
  6. Use kamikaze. Battle over.

    User Info: load

    load - 6 years ago 0 0

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