UFO abducting a cow!?

  1. I had just arrived outside Winhill on disc 2 after i had gotten Balamb Garden moving. I was almost in town, when a enemy encounter occurred, and when the battle started their was not enemy. After a few seconds a UFO abducting a cow flew by where the enemies should have been, and all the while i couldn't attack it. It left shortly after it appeared. Could someoen explain what the heck happened?

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    KingDoopliss - 8 years ago

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  1. The previous answer is almost correct, but has a few mistakes.

    Wait until Disc 3 to complete this quest (it is much easier, and can't be completed on disc 2 anyway). You will need to meet the UFO in three more locations - turn Enc-None on for this quest to make this easier. The locations are Timber-Mandy Beach, Esthar-Kashkablad Desert and Trabia - Heath Peninsula.

    After the four encounters, you will need to land on top of the cliffs between the Island Closest to Heaven and the Chocobo Holy Forest, where you will battle a UFO (it will not attack). Finally, go to the spot where Balamb Garden used to be and meet the alien there. You will need to give it 5 elixirs if you want the rarest card in the game (the only way to get this card). Make sure you have 5 elixirs in your inventory along with having the item command junctioned if you want this card.

    Check the PuPu FAQ for more details on where these locations are if you can't find any location. It goes into a lot more detail than I have. One of the more interesting quests in the game.

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  1. Ok,, you will meet the UFO abducting more things in different areas but then once you find all of them (i think you have 4 more encounters) then i think you go back to where the cow was abducted and then Pupu should pop out of nowhere but do NOT kill him.......her... whatever anyways then it will ask you for like 3 exliers and then it will give you the Pupu card and then leave. Now if you do kill it your chances of finding that card again are 0. so i repeat do NOT kill it... 1 b/c it has the pupu card and 2 b/c its adorable!!

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    _Cat_Bert_ - 8 years ago 0 1
  2. The "encounter" that you speak of is part of the UFO side quest. Part of the side quest requires that you encounter the spaceship that you saw on a few different occasions.

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