How do I beat Raijin and Fuujin?

  1. How do you beat Raijin and Fuujin at Lunatic Pandora on disc 3? Squall is like lv 26, Zell's about lv 22, and Rinoa is about lv. 13. I also have some magic junctioned to them to increase their HP. I always get Raijin taken out first, easily, but then I have trouble with Fuujin because she casts Regen so I can't get her health down before she ends up killing me. Plus I don't have any dispels and don't know where they are. What's a good strategy to beat them?

    User Info: Bond_of_Flame1

    Bond_of_Flame1 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. First of summon carbuncle or siren on fuujin and raijin it will give you enough time to kill both and summon GF's, and let rinoa do the summoning and let squall and zell do the kicking well if rinoa dies just cast Life or use phoenix down Well I recomend to use selphie instead of rinoa because of her Limit break slot; full-cure and full life but its your choice and sorry I don't know where the dispel is ......
    (I think they have dispel I don't know i forgot it sorry) I recommend you level up first...

    Hope this helps

    User Info: LeeBernard

    LeeBernard - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. What are the juctions you have? 'cos the game wouldn't be hard as long as you got some decent junctions. And levelling up won't help, it will only make the opponents stronger, while you get little to no benefits.
    And use Limit Breaks. They can deal some major damage.

    Some good magic for junction would be:
    STR: Ultima/Meteor (ICTH(Heaven/Hell)). Just slap in Enc-None (Diablos), and keep drawing
    HP: Full-Life (ICTH/Shumi Village)
    Vit: Meltdown (Gayla). Just card Gaylas, the Gayla cards mod into Mystery Fluids, which refine into Meltdown

    If you have 100 of each in each character, you should be able to give Raijin and Fujin some major thrashing. Just let Squall spam Renzokuken (and maybe bring Irvine for spamming his shots too).

    User Info: arahman56

    arahman56 - 8 years ago 0 0

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