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    No Junction Challenge FAQ by Hyprophant

    Version: 2.11 | Updated: 11/19/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    --FFVIII No Junction Game challenge FAQ. Version 2.11 
    --By Hyprophant <Acm2aa@yahoo.com>
    --11/19/ 2002 
    Legal Disclaimer: This FAQ is for personal use only, copyrighted 2002 to me, 
    Hyprophant. DO NOT use this FAQ on your websites, magazines or any other 
    form of public media without contacting me and receiving MY permission. If 
    the permission IS granted, you will NOT be allowed to change a single word 
    in this FAQ, or you can forget about using it. REMEMBER: I, Hyprophant, am 
    the one and THE ONLY ONE could make any change in this FAQ legally. If you 
    dare to violate this disclaimer, I will pursue the legal rights and make you 
    regret it.
    NOTE TO WEBMASTERS: If you are permitted to post this FAQ on your site, it 
    is your duty to update the newest version once it comes out. You have to 
    check GameFaqs FFVIII frequently and keep updating this FAQ on your site. If 
    you cannot keep it current, then the best remedy for you is not using this 
    Translating this FAQ into any other foreign language other than English is 
    absolutely forbidden except those following language: Spanish, Japanese and 
    Chinese, since I can only read them and English. If you wish to translate 
    this FAQ into one of the three languages listed above, you have to contact 
    me first as well. And in order to receive the permission, you must translate 
    this FAQ word by word, not to add any information that is not in the 
    original FAQ, and admit that I have to right to edit your translation if it 
    does not satisfy me. If you cannot agree with those conditions above, then 
    don't bother using this FAQ, simple as that.
    Version History:
    Version 0.9. 9/6/2002: Finished the FFVIII No Junction Game Challenge FAQ
    Version 1.0. 9/11/2002: The FAQ is posted on GameFaqs FFVIII FAQ page.
    Version 2.0. 9/17/2002: Completed part of optional bosses section, and other 
    minor changes have been made also. 
    Version 2.01. 10/28/02: Changed Legal Disclaimer; added two bosses on the 
    option boss section; other minor problems were fixed as well. 
    Version 2.1. 10/29/02: Completed optional boss section; added few more 
    frequently asked questions.
    Version 2.11. 11/29/02: Added an extra Frequently Asked Question on this 
              --Table of contents--                           How Far Down
       I. Preface/Contact information                            0/50
      II. Basic Characters/limit breaks review                   3/50
       a. Squall LeonHeart                                       3/50
       b. Rinoa Heartilly                                        4/50
       c. Quistis Trepe                                          5/50
       d. Zell Dincht                                            6/50
       e. Irvine Kinneas                                         7/50
       f. Selphie Tilmitt                                        8/50
       g. Laguna Loire                                           9/50
       h. Kiros Seagill                                          9/50
       i. Ward Zabac                                             9/50 
       j. Seifer Almasy                                          9/50
       k. Edea                                                   9/50
     III. General Strategies                                     9/50
      IV. No Junction Game walkthrough                          11/50
      Disc One:                                                   
      1-1: Seed Field Exam                                      11/50
      1-2: Forest Owls                                          13/50
      1-3: The Mission of terminating Sorceress                 15/50
      Disc Two:
      2-1: D-Desert Prison                                      18/50
      2-2: Investigating Missile Base                           19/50
      2-3: Activate Garden                                      20/50
      2-4: Liberate Balamb                                      22/50
      2-5: The Forgotten Past                                   25/50
      Disc Three:
      3-1: The Country of Silence-Esthar                        27/50
      3-2: Space Cowboy                                         28/50
      3-3: The preparation of the Final Battle                  29/50
      3-4: The Young Revolutionary                              30/50
      Disc Four:
      4-1: The Return of Adel                                   32/50
      4-2: Time Compression                                     33/50
      4-3: Final Showdown                                       34/50
      4-4: The Glorious Victory!!!                              38/50
       V. Optional bosses                                       41/50
       a. Diablo                                                41/50
       b. Sacred/Minotaur                                       42/50
       c. Cerberus                                              43/50
       d. Bahamute                                              44/50
       e. Ultima Weapon                                         45/50
       f. Jumbo Cactuar                                         45/50
       g. Tonberry King                                         46/50
       h. Omega Weapon                                          47/50
      VI. Frequently asked questions                            48/50
     VII. Appendix: Zell's Duel combo                           49/50
    VIII. Credits/thanks                                        50/50
                           WARNING!!! SPOILER AHEAD
    I. Preface/Contact information
    Since FFV, Squaresoft started to give players special systems to power up 
    characters, like Job system in FFV, Espers in FFVI, or Sphere Gird in FFX. 
    Of course FFVIII has its own battle system called G.F Junction .
    Of millions of players around the world, only a few of them realize that 
    those special systems are actually OPTIONAL-you could ignore them and still 
    beat the games, it is an "official" challenge of all FFs after FFV. Based on 
    this theory, the "challenge" in FFVIII would be a No-Junction game.
    I have beaten a No Junction game twice, and in order to compose this FAQ, I 
    played my third No Junction game and tried to collect more valid game data. 
    I must say that based on my personal experience, a No Junction FFVIII is 
    really, indeed one of the ultimate challenges for all elite FF players. It 
    is harder than a No-esper FFVI, a No Sphere Grid FFX, or any other designed 
    challenge. I only recommend those who have truly mastered FFVIII and known 
    every character well attempting this challenge.
    This FAQ is not a regular walkthrough; it is an in-depth strategy guide of 
    how to complete FFVIII without any G.F. junction. I am not going to input 
    too many side quests like chocobo forests, Shumi Tribe or other side quests 
    that are not directly related to a No Junction game. I will simply discuss 
    the strategies you need to accomplish this ultimate challenge.
    If you have anything you would like to add to this FAQ, or you have 
    discovered valuable boss strategies, you may use my e-mail address above and 
    give me your information. If I accepted it, I will post it on my next update 
    and you will be credited, however, if you just have a game play question, 
    PLEASE DO NOT e-mail me in this case. I don't want to answer it, and I won't 
    have time to answer it through e-mail, either. Just post your questions on 
    GameFaqs FFVIII message board and see if I will answer your questions there. 
    If you still ignore my statement anyway, I promise that I will delete your 
    mail, and you will NOT receive any reply.
    II. Basic review of Characters/Limit breaks
    In a No Junction game, regular attack and limit breaks are the only two 
    options during combats. You will have to rely on limit breaks heavily in 
    order to defeat many bosses. This section is to help players with a review 
    of FFVIII characters' weapons and limit breaks.
    NOTE: I will only mention the sources of each kind of material you need to 
    remodel weapons ONCE. For example, if Dragon Fin is mentioned before, then I 
    will not mention where to get Dragon Fin again if this item shows up again 
    anywhere in section two.
    a. Squall LeonHeart
    --Revolver: Equipped at the beginning of the game
    --Shear Trigger: Requires a steel pipe and screw x 18 to remodel, you can 
    acquire steel pipes from Windegos, and screws from Geezards.
    --Cutting Trigger: Require a Mesmerize blade and screws x 8 to remodel, you 
    can acquire Mesmerize Blades from Mesmerizes.
    --Flame Saber: Requires a Betrayal Sword, a Turtle Shell and screw x 4. You 
    can acquire Betrayal Swords from Forbiddens with level 20 or lower, and you 
    can acquire Turtle Shells from Adamantoises with level 20 or lower, or 
    Armadodos with level 30 or above.
    --Twin Lance: Requires a Dino Bone, a Red Fang and 12 screws, you can 
    acquire Dino Bones from T-Rexaurs, and Red Fangs from Hexadragons.
    --Punishment: Requires a Chief's Knife, Star Fragment x 2, a Turtle Shell 
    and screw x 8; you can acquire a Chief's knife from Tonberry, and Star 
    Fragments from T-Rexaurs or Iron Giants.
    --Lion Heart: Not available in a No Junction game since you will need G.F. 
    ability "Ammo RF" to obtain pulse ammos.
    Limit break: Renzokuken
    Squall's Renzokuken is very useful in the early part of the No Junction 
    game, and it is pretty easy to use, too. All you have to do is to press the 
    R1 bottom when the light moves across the bar.
    At the end of Renzokuken, a finish blow will randomly occur. Basically, the 
    lower Squall's Hp is, the higher the chance the finish blow will be 
    There are four types of finish blow:
    --Rough divide: Attack a single target.
    --Fated circle: Attack all opposing targets
    --Blasting Zone: Attack all opposing targets, and a bit more powerful than 
    fated circle.
    --Lion Heart: Not available in a No Junction game, since you have to have 
    the weapon "Lion Heart" first.
    b. Rinoa Heartilly
    --Pinwheel: Equipped at the beginning of the game.
    --Valkyre: Requires a Shear Feather and a magic stone to remodel; you can 
    acquire Shear Feather from Thrustaevis, and magic stones from various types 
    of monsters.
    --Rising Sun: Requires a Cockatrice pinion, a Mesmerize Blade and a Sharp 
    Spike to remodel; you can acquire Cockatrice Pinions from Cockatrice, and 
    sharp spikes from Grand Mantis and Death Claws.
    --Shooting Star: Requires two Windmills, a Regen Ring, a Force Armlet and 
    two energy crystals. You can acquire Windmills from Thrustaevises and Abyss 
    Worms, Regen Rings from Tornamas or Mesmerizes, a force from Edea, and 
    Energy Crystals from Elnoyles, or rarely from other powerful monsters.
    Limit Break: Angelo/Angel Wing
    Rinoa's main limit break is Angelo-her beloved dog. In order to teach Angelo 
    new tricks, you need to buy Pet Pals first and read them, and then you can 
    select the abilities you want Angelo to learn. After Rinoa walks certain 
    steps, Angelo will learn a new skill.
    When Rinoa uses the limit break, Angelo will select the skill randomly, and 
    the lower Rinoa's Hp is, the higher the chance that powerful limit breaks 
    occur. Remember: You SHOULD NOT let Angelo learn EVERY trick; you only need 
    to pick useful ones.
    Here are the "Angelo" limit breaks:
    --Angelo Rush: Counter enemies' attack, Angelo starts with this skill.
    --Angelo Cannon: Attack all opposing targets. Angelo starts with this skill. 
    It is almost useless, but sadly, you cannot "unlearn" it.
    --Angelo Strike: Attack a single target. Angelo learns this skill in Pet 
    Pals Vol.1. You MUST AVOID learning this skill.
    --Angelo Recover: Sometimes restore a party member's Hp automatically when 
    his/her Hp is low, Angelo learns this skill in Pet Pal Vol.2. You MUST AVOID 
    this skill, it will hinder you in the final battle.
    --Invincible Moon: Make the entire party member invincible around three 
    turns. Angelo learns this skill in Pet Pals Vol.3. It is probably the most 
    useful limit break for Angelo in a No Junction game
    --Angelo Reverse: Sometimes revives a dead party member automatically, 
    Angelo learns this skill in Pet Pals Vol.5.
    --Wishing Star: Eight shots with HEAVY DAMAGE on all opposing targets, 
    regardless of Rinoa's low stats in a No Junction game. Angelo learns this 
    skill in Pet Pals Vol.6.
    Angel Wings is just useless in a No Junction game. It allows Rinoa to cast 
    magic in her inventory with double damage, but since you cannot draw or 
    produce any magic in a No Junction game, I doubt why you would like to use 
    it, unless you defeat Bahamute, he has the ability "Forbidden Magic RF" 
    ability at the beginning, and then you can give Rinoa some powerful magic by 
    using this ability. Even so, the benefit of Angelo is still MUCH greater 
    than Angel Wings.
    c. Quistis Trepe
    --Chain Whip: Equipped at the beginning of the game.
    --Slaying Tail: Requires magic stone x 2 and a Sharp spike to remodel.
    --Red Scorpion: Requires Ochu Tentacle x 2 and Dragoon Skin x 2 to remodel; 
    you can acquire Ochu Tentacles from Ochus, and Dragon Skins from 
    --Save The Queen: Requires Malboro's Tentacle x2, Sharp spike x 4 and Energy 
    Crystal x 4 to remodel; you can acquire Malboro's Tentacles from Malboros.
    Limit Breaks: Blue Magic
    Quistis's Blue Magic plays a vital role in a No Junction game; in many boss 
    fights you have to completely rely on Blue Magic in order to survive. 
    Missing some blue magic will lead you to the dead end of your no Junction 
    Here is the Blue Magic list:
    --Laser Eye" Quistis starts with it.
    --Ultra Wave: Minimal amount of damage on all opposing targets. Learned by 
    using a Spider Web, which dropped from Caterchipilers.
    --Electrocute: Lightning damage on all opposing targets. Learned by using a 
    Coral Fragment, which dropped from Cockatrices or Creeps.
    --Level?Death: Instant Death on all opposing targets that level can be 
    divided by ?, an useless skill learned by using a Curse Spike, which dropped 
    from Tri-Face, Malboros or Imps
    --Degenerator: Instant death on a single targets regardless of its stats. 
    Work on almost every random encountered enemies and few bosses; you MUST 
    learn this skill AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It is learned by using a black hole, 
    which dropped from Gespers.
    --White Wind: Restore all party members' Hp. The amount of Hp it could 
    recover is determined by Quistis's maximum Hp - current Hp(*). This is 
    somewhat useful in a No-Junction game. It is learned by using a Whisper, 
    which dropped from Adamantoises with level 20 or lower.
    --Micro Missile: Percentage damage on a single target, which works on almost 
    every enemy including bosses, learned by using a missile, which dropped from 
    --Gatling Gun: Non-elemental minimal damage on a single target, learned by 
    using a running fire, which dropped from SAM08G or Iron Giants.
    --Fire Breath: Fire-based, heavy damage on all opposing targets. Learned by 
    using an Inferno Fang, which is dropped by Hexdragons or Ruby Dragons.
    --Bad Breath: Various status changes on all opposing targets; you must learn 
    it as soon as possible. It is learned by using a Malboro's tentacle.
    --Acid: Minimal damage plus meltdown spell, learned by using a Mystery 
    Fluid, which dropped from Gaylas.
    --Aqua Breath: Water Based, medium to heavy amount of damage on all opposing 
    targets. Learned by using a Water Crystal, which is dropped from Chimeras or 
    --Mighty Guard: Add various positive status changes on all party members. 
    Rumor said that Mighty Guard rarely casts Aura on all party members, and it 
    rarely happened in my games. It is learned by using a Barrier, which is 
    dropped from Behemoths. 
    --Homing Laser: EXTREMELY heavy damage on a single target. Learned by using 
    a Laser Cannon, which is dropped from Mobil Type 8, or rarely dropped from 
    Belhelmel and Elastoid (level 30 or above).
    NOTE: By spending a lot of time leveling up to level 30 + in disc one and 
    fighting a lot of Belhelmels around Galbadia Garden, you may be able to get 
    a Laser Cannon from them and learn Homing Laser in Disc one. It will make a 
    major difference in your game because Homing Laser is just too powerful, 
    especially when Quistis's has a single digit Hp. This FAQ is generally based 
    on people who are willing to spend time to acquire Homing Laser in Disc one, 
    but if you have already passed this point, you can still beat your No 
    Junction game. You will need Micro Missile.
    --Ray Bomb: Non-elemental minimal damage on all opposing targets, learned by 
    using a Power Generator, obtainable in Lunatic Pandora if you loosed the 
    right hatch when you were in Laguna's past. It is a pretty weak limit break.
    --Shockwave Pulsar: 10,000+ damage on all opposing targets, learned by using 
    a Dark matter. Basically it is impossible to acquire a dark matter in a No 
    Junction game without G.F. Siren; however, if you have pocket PS, then you 
    may be able to find one.
    d. Zell Dincht
    --Metal Kunkle: Equipped at the beginning of the game.
    --Maverick: Requires one Dragon Fin and one Spider Web to remodel, you can 
    acquire Dragon Fins from Grendels.
    --Gauntlet: Requires one Dragon Skin and one Fury Fragment to remodel, you 
    can acquire Fury Fragments from Blue Dragons, Ruby Dragons or Grendels 
    (level 30 or above).
    --Ehygeiz: Requires one Adamantine, one Fury Fragment and Dragon Skins x 4 
    to remodel; you can acquire Adamantine from Adamantoises.
    Limit break: Duel
    Every time you input Duel command, Zell will have a certain amount of time 
    to perform his Duel attack; of course the lower Zell's Hp is, the longer the 
    duel time. It does not always work this way, but it usually does. With a 
    long duel more than eight seconds, and inputting Zell's skill properly and 
    FAST, Zell could deal MUCH MORE damage than Squall and Quistis. My best 
    record was attacking 68 times in a 12 seconds long duel.
    Here is Zell's Duel attack list:
    --Punch Rush: Circle + X. learned.
    --Booya: Right + Left, learned.
    --Heel Drop: Up + down, learned.
    --Mach Kick: Left + Left + Circle, learned.
    --Dolphin Blow: L1 + R1 + L1 + R1, it can be learned by reading Combat King 
    001, but you can still perform this move without Combat King if you memorize 
    the commands and input them in order.
    --Meter Strike: Down + Circle + Up + Circle, it can be learned by reading 
    Combat King 002, but you can still perform this move without Combat King if 
    you memorize the commands and input them in order.
    --Finish Blow-Burning Wave: Down x 4  + Circle, learned.
    --Finish Blow-Meteor Barret: Up + X + Down + Triangle + Circle, it can be 
    learned by reading Combat King 002, but you can still perform this move 
    without Combat King if you memorize the commands and input them in order.
    --Finish Blow-Different Beat: Triangle + Square + X + Circle + Up, it can be 
    learned by reading Combat King 004, but you can still perform this move 
    without Combat King if you memorize the commands and input them in order.
    --Finish Blow-My Final Heaven: Up + Right + Down + Left + Triangle, it can 
    be learned by reading Combat King 005, but you can still perform this move 
    without Combat King 005 if you memorize the commands and input them in the 
    correct order.
    For more detailed information about Zell's Duel combos, please refer to 
    Appendix for more detailed information.
    e. Irvine Kinneas
    Valiant: Equipped at the beginning of the game.
    Ulyness: Requires a steel pipe, a Bomb Fragment and two screws to remodel; 
    you can acquire Bomb Fragments from Bombs.
    Bismarck: Requires steel pipes x 2 ,Dynamo stone x 4 and screws x 8 to 
    remodel, you can acquire Dynamo stones from Blitz (Level 30 or above) or 
    Cockatrices (rarely dropped).
    Exeter: Requires a Dino Bone, a Moon Stone, one Star Fragment and screw x 18 
    to remodel, you can acquire Moon Stones from Toramas.
    Limit Break: Shot
    Irvine's limit break is actually somewhat useful, although I did not use him 
    too often. Once you input "shot" command, a time bar appears on the bottom 
    right of you r screen, you can shoot enemies with your bullets before the 
    bar disappears. Of course the lower Irvine's Hp is, the longer shot time is 
    available in average. You can use direction bottom to switch the target if 
    it is needed.
    There are basically only four kinds of bullets available in a No Junction 
    game (regardless Angelo Search), so I am only going to list them below.
    --Normal Shot: Requires normal ammos. Damages a single target.
    --Scatter Shot: Requires shotgun ammos. Damages all opposing targets.
    --Dark Shot: Requires Dark ammos, damages a single target and inflicts 
    sleep, poison and blindness on a single target, probably the best limit 
    break for Irvine.
    --Flame Shot: Requires Fire ammos, fire based damage on all opposing 
    targets, slow and fairly powerful.
    f. Selphie Tilmitt
    Flail: Equipped at the beginning of the game.
    Morning Star: Requires steel orbs x 2 and Sharp Spike x 2 to remodel, you 
    can acquire steel orbs from Windego or GIM47N.
    Crescent Wish: Requires one Inferno Fang, one life Ring and Sharp Spike x 4 
    to remodel; you can acquire Inferno Fangs from Ruby dragons or Hexadragons, 
    and Life Rings from Turtapods or Mesmerizes.
    Strange Version: Requires one Adamantine, Star Fragment x 3 and Curse Spike 
    x 2 to remodel. You can acquire curse spikes from Creeps. Imps or Malboros. 
    Limit break: Slot
    The bad thing about Selphie's limit break is that you have to sit there and 
    keep inputting "Do Over" command until you get the stuff you want, 
    otherwise, Selphie's slot is pretty useful. You can find almost every kind 
    of magic in her slot limit break, and four additional special attacks:
    --Full Cure: Completely restore party member's Hp to Maximum.
    --Wall: Protected and shell on the entire party.
    --Rapture: Instant death on a single target, does not work against bosses.
    --The End: This is Selphie's ultimate attack. Except for undead enemies, The 
    End can kill ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING standing on your way, even bosses. It 
    is a very rare spell, and it occurs a bit more often when Selphie's Hp is 
    extremely low. Also, the higher Selphie's level is, the more often The End 
    is available.
    NOTE: It is possible to beat a No Junction game WITHOUT The End. This FAQ 
    does consider that The End is a cheap spell and avoids using it, but if you 
    get really stuck on the final battle, then using it once or twice would help 
    a lot. It is indeed an awesome spell.
    g. Laguna Loire
    Weapon: Machine Gun
    Limit Break: Desperado-Heavy damage on all opposing targets.
    h. Kiros Seagill
    Weapon: Katal
    Limit Break: Blood Pain-Six slashes on a single target, usually performs 
    critical hits.
    i. Ward Zabac
    Weapon: Harpoon
    Limit Break: Heavy Anchor-Medium amount damage on all opposing targets.
    j. Seifer Almasy
    Weapon: Gunblade
    Limit Break: Fire Cross--Heavy damage on a single target.
    k. Edea
    Weapon: None
    Limit Break: Ice Strike-Heavy damage on a single target. 
    III. General Strategies
    After knowing characters' limit breaks inside out and how to control them 
    well, it is still not good enough to help you complete a No-Junction game 
    with minimal effort. This section provides some common knowledge that could 
    help players in a No Junction game.
    --Basic Game Setting
    IN order to perform limit breaks, you may need to press circle bottom 
    several times before the limit break is available, and your enemies may 
    attack your party before you can launch your limit break. The best way to 
    prevent this situation from happening is to set the battle speed to the 
    lowest possible. By doing so, while your turn comes up, you will have a 
    longer time to press circle bottom constantly before your enemies move. Also 
    set ATB system to "Wait" instead of "Active".
    --Early leveling up   
    Except for VERY FEW bosses, most bosses' level will NOT go up with yours, so 
    basically the higher your level is, the more advantage you may have during 
    boss battles. You can use Quistis's Degenrator to kill randomly encountered 
    monsters quickly and gain fast EXP. Do not worry about the Ruby Dragon in 
    Laguna's past, its maximum level is twenty nine.
    --Acquiring Odin
    Acquiring Odin in Disc 2 will certainly help you and your game. Odin's 
    attack: Zantestuken cuts anything into pieces except bosses. It appears to 
    me that Odin shows up much more often when you are attempting to run away 
    from battles, so after you acquire Odin, always press R2 + L2 quickly at the 
    beginning of battles and see if Odin will cut their heads off for you.
    --General tips of using limit breaks
    It is an important part of a NO Junction game because there is almost 
    nothing you could do without limit breaks. Basically, when your Hp is 1/3 or 
    below, limit breaks will be available by pressing circle bottom constantly. 
    The lower your Hp is, the more powerful your limit breaks will be.
    Even other people (including your enemies) input commands before your limit 
    breaks, unless the action is already taken, limit breaks ALWAYS go first. 
    You should usually let people who have high Hp use their regular attack, 
    then press circle bottom constantly while other people are running toward 
    the enemies. Even your enemies input command, since their actions will not 
    be taken while you are attacking, your limit break will come out before your 
    enemies could move. This tactic definitely saved my life several times, 
    especially against randomly encountered enemies, I could usually get a 
    Degenerator before the enemies' turns.
    --Effect of status changing
    Negative status changing is annoying in a regular game, but in a No Junction 
    game, it may be your good friends. When your characters are suffering 
    negative status, their limit breaks will be much more powerful than usual, 
    and the Hp requirement of using limit breaks will be much higher. For a 
    character is blinded and silenced, he/she only needs Hp below 1/2 to perform 
    limit breaks, instead of 1/3. Try letting as many people get silenced and 
    blinded as possible, especially at the very end of the game. Of course, it 
    is not necessary, but it will help you a lot. It is just like your Aura 
    spell in a regular game.
    --Always save extra files
    Anytime you are about to enter a new quest in a NO Junction game you should 
    save two files-Suppose you made some ridiculous mistakes and get stuck in 
    the quest. You can still use your back up save to start it over instead of 
    starting the entire game over, especially the missile base part.
    --Remodel weapons as soon as possible
    Since your characters are relatively weak in a No Junction game, upgrading 
    your weapons is the fastest way to raise your strength! Especially Squall, 
    Zell and Irvine. If you are willing to spend some time in the early part of 
    the game and remodel your weapons, it will make your life a lot easier.
    --Adjusting your Hp
    It is the soul of a No Junction game. You will have to adjust Hp before the 
    battles in order to use limit breaks, sometimes you have to be concerned 
    about Bosses' attack power. For example, since a boss can deal 900 damage on 
    your party, you should enter the combat with around 1,000 Hp. It still 
    allows you to perform limit breaks and be able to survive at least one hit, 
    and after you are damaged, you will be near death and your limit break will 
    be more powerful. Here is just an example. I will have more detailed 
    information about this part in the next section.
    --Select + Start + L1 + R1 + L2 + R2= Soft Reset: You are going to use it A 
    IV. No Junction Game walkthrough
    This section starts at Fire Cavern, since there is not too much you can do 
    when Squall is in the Garden at the beginning of the game. I have to say it 
    again here: This FAQ does not describe anything that is not directly related 
    to a No Junction game.
                                   DISC ONE
    + 1-1 Field Exam +
    <Fire Cavern>
    --Before you enter the cavern, level Squall and Quistis up a bit, around 
    level 10 would be ideal.
    --Acquire Spider Webs from Caterchipillars in forests and teach Quistis 
    Ultra Waves.
    --Select 10~20 minutes as your time limit in the cavern.
    --Fight some bombs and try to acquire at least one bomb fragment (optional).
    --Challenge Ifrit when there is around seven minutes left. Enter the battle 
    with full HP.
    Boss: Ifrit      Hp: 1,068
    Ifrit is not a very hard boss, his fire spell deals around 60 points damage 
    to a single target, and his jump attack deals around 110 damage to a single 
    target. Squall and Quistis can take him down easily with their limit breaks.
    --Have Quistis (47 damage per hit) and Squall (60 damage per hit) attack 
    --If Squall's Hp is low, using Ranzokuken twice (60~65 damage per hit 
    average 300 per Ranzokuken) should be enough to take Ifrit.
    --Have Quistie use Laser Eye if it is necessary.
    --Go back to Garden and begin your final Seed exam. Zell and Seifer will 
    join your party.
    --Just use everyone's regular attack and you will be fine against those 
    Galbadia solders. Unless you are trying to get a higher score for your seed 
    report card, it is not necessary to level up like crazy here, but a good 
    thing if you do. Around average level 10 will be enough.
    Fight: Anacondaur
    --Anaconduar's squeeze attack deals around 93 damage on one character, and 
    its dark mist deals around 50 damage on a single target.
    --Keep attacking Anaconduar and wait 'till Seifer's Hp is low. Two or three 
    fire crosses will finish it for good. You can attack Seifer to bring his Hp 
    down if you want.
    --Seifer will leave your party and Selphie will join in, level Selphie up to 
    level 10.
    Boss: Biggs and Wedge
    They are not very tough opponents; they are just funny. Biggs' machine gun 
    attack deals around 40 damage on a single target, his rush attack deals 
    around 45 damage on one character, and his thunder spell deals 80 damage on 
    a single target.
    After you deal a certain amount of damage on Biggs, Wedge will show up and 
    help his boss. Wedge deals around 30 damage on a single target per attack.
    --Attack Biggs constantly, don't bother hitting Wedge.
    --Don't let anyone's Hp go below 130, if that happens, hit Selphie and have 
    her cast full-cure on the entire party.
    --Elvoret will blow them away after you deal a certain amount of damage on 
    Boss: Elvoret      Hp: 3,253
    Many people said this battle would be tough in a No Junction game, but 
    actually, I did not have any trouble fighting him. The key is not to let 
    Biggs and Wedge deal too much damage on your party, or Elvoret could finish 
    you in two or three turns.
    Elvoret's normal attack deals around 60 damage on a single target; his 
    thunder spell deals around 85 damage on one character, and his breath attack 
    deals around 120~155 damage on all party members, watch out for this attack, 
    don't let anyone's Hp so below 140~160.
    --Have Zell (60 damage), Squall (80 damage), and Selphie (48 damage) attack 
    Elevort with their weapons.
    --If anyone's Hp is around 200, attack Selphie and bring her Hp down to 200 
    as well. If Elevort uses storm breath attack, have one person use limit 
    break, and Selphie cast Full-Cure.
    After you defeat Elevort, you will have to go back to the ship within 30 
    minutes; Biggs will call a big steel spider called X-ATM092 to block your 
    Boss: X-ATM092      Hp: 5,770
    X-ATM092's normal attack deals around 50~60damage on one character, its 
    Clash attack deals 40 damage to the entire party, and its Ray Bomb attack 
    deals around 100 to all three party members. It is not really a strong boss.
    Even though X-ATM092's power is not great, it is a pain to fight him over 
    and over in a No Junction game. You may want to avoid fighting it too often, 
    and it is possible to only fight X-ATM092 once.
    --Basically, using regular attack will be good enough. If Zell's Hp is below 
    300, hit him a few times and have him abuse Duel on X-ATM092.
    --After you run away from him, when you reach the road with a downward slope 
    , press triangle bottom and walk instead of run. You will be able to avoid 
    being stunned by X-ATM092.
    --When you reach the bridge, go left when you hear X-ATM092 jumping, go 
    right again when you hear X-ATM092 jumps again.
    --Save the Dog at City Square by pressing X bottom if you want a higher 
    score for your Seed report card.
    <Balmab Garden>
    --After the party, Quistis will bring Squall to the training center. You can 
    level them up a bit if you want. DO NOT attempt to fight T-Rexaur.
    Boss: Granaldo/Raldos x 3
    This boss is extremely weak; he drops Radlos on your party, which only deals 
    around 45 damage on one character. Also Raldos will attack on their own if 
    you kill Granaldo first, their attack deals around 25 damage to a single 
    --Have Squall and Quistis attack Granaldo constantly, you won't even need 
    limit breaks.
    --After you slay Granaldo, kill Raldos one by one.
    +1-2: Forest Owls +
    --After you become a formal Seed, Cid will brief your mission and give you a 
    magic lamp. You can fight Diablo by using the magic lamp. I really don't 
    think it is a good idea to fight him as soon as you acquire the magic lamp 
    from Cid. Please refer to the "optional boss" section for detailed 
    strategies about how to defeat Diablo.
    --Take Seed writing tests and level your seed rank up. Money is very 
    important in a No Junction game.
    --After you pass the Laguna part, you will meet Rinoa and her companies. 
    Search underneath Rinoa's bed and get your Pet Pal Vol2 if you wish, but DO 
    NOT learn the skill in the book (Angelo recover)
    --Finish the mission and kidnap the President; try not to get caught and 
    your seed rank will level up one point if you do so.
    Boss: Fake President/Gerogero      Hp: 778/3,650
    Now, you are facing a REAL boss in your No Junction game. After you defeat 
    the fake president, he will show his true form-Gerogero. His status attack 
    is very annoying because sometimes it inflicts CURSE-it prevents your party 
    members from performing limit breaks. Also, Gerogero's defense is insanely 
    high. The only good thing is that Gerogero is not very agile.
    Fake President's attack deals around 70 damage on a single target, and 
    Gerogero's regular attack deals 165 damage on a character; his breath attack 
    deals around 150 damage on a single target, and it inflicts various status 
    changing, sometimes includes curse.
    --Have Zell (55 damage), Squall(80 damage) and Selphie(48 damage) attack 
    Fake President constantly. Try to bring everyone's Hp down to around 180 
    before you fight Fake President.
    --When Gerogero comes up, you have to hope that he will use his regular 
    attack on Zell and/or Squall, and then abuse their limit break(44 per 
    renzokuken + 65 damage for Rough Divide; 30 per hit for Zell's Duel).
    --If Gerogero does not kill anyone, have two guys use limit breaks again and 
    Selphie use Full Cure(or Holy, 600 damage, but since you have Selphie's Hp 
    around 180, it is very hard to find Holy in Selphie's slot).
    --Keep hitting Gerogero with all you've got and see if you can kill him 
    before he wipes your party out.
    <Timber revisited>
    --Be sure to buy Pet Pal Vol3 & 4 for Angelo, and learn Invincible moon 
    before you go to the forest (keep walking around in the town and you will 
    learn invincible moon quick, you can learn Angelo reverse right now if you 
    <Forest: The past>
    --Be sure you pick up two old keys if you want to get Combat King 005 later.
    --BE SURE YOU LEARN DEGENERATOR HERE. A monster called Gesper here sometimes 
    drops black hole, which can teach Quistis Degenerator, it will save your 
    life many times later.
    --When you see three hatches on the floor, loose the far right one.
    Fight: Esthar soldiers x 2
    --Attack them constantly and you will not have any problem. Also you can 
    bring Laguna's Hp down to the critical stage before the fight. Desperado 
    works pretty well against them.
    +1-3: Mission of terminating Sorceress +
    <Galbadia Garden>
    --Irvine will join your party. Don't do anything yet if you want to learn 
    white wind later.
    <Deling City>
    --Buy some fuel and rent a car. There are many things you have to do right 
    --Drive back to Dollet and find Admantoises on the beach. They drop whispers 
    only if their level is 20 or below. Have Quistis, Squall, and the one with 
    the LOWEST level be in your party. Run away from every battle unless you see 
    Adamntoises, use Degenerator on them and kill them instantly and hope they 
    drop some whispers. If you keep getting other stuff and finally your average 
    level is above 20, reset the game and try again. You can teach Quistis White 
    Wind by using a Whisper. However, this blue magic IS NOT REQUIRED. You can 
    still beat the game without using it.
    --Keep fighting Adamamtoises after you get whispers. Try to acquire at least 
    three Adamantine and two turtle shells from them.
    --Try to acquire at least one Water Crystal from Fastitocalons, they are 
    pretty easy to be found on the beach where you fight Adamamtoises, you can 
    teach Quistis Aqua Breath by using a Water Crystal.
    --BEFORE your party's average level is above 30, drive to Timber and fight 
    the monsters in Roshfall Forest (Forest beside Timber). Try to acquire four 
    or more steel pipes from Windegos. They also drop steel orbs very often.
    --Fight Ochus at the same place you fight Windegos and acquire two Ochu's 
    --Fight Cockatrices in Roshfall Forest and acquire one Cockatrice Pinion 
    from them. They rarely drop Dynamo stones, if you are lucky. You can also 
    get a Coral Fragment form them sometimes, it teaches Quistis Electrocute.
    --Fight Anacondaurs in Roshfall Forest and try to get as many Dragon Skins 
    as you can, it rarely drops Star Fragments if its level is above 30. 
    Consider you are lucky if this happens to you.
    --Drive to the field beside Galbadia Garden, fight tons of Belhelmel and try 
    to acquire a LASER CANNON!!! It teaches Quistis blue magic "Homing Laser", 
    which will make you life a whole lot easier. Also, they drop saw blades 
    pretty often.
    NOTE: Belhelmel RARELY drops Laser Cannons and their level should be 30 or 
    above. You may have to fight hundreds of them in order to acquire one Laser 
    Cannon, and if you are unlucky, it could take you more than twenty hours. 
    However, it is still possible to beat a No Junction game without learning 
    Homing Laser here. You can wait 'till you defeat Mobil Type 8. For those who 
    are tired of fighting Belhelmels over and over or if you have already passed 
    this point, please be sure you learn Micro Missile later.
    --The place you fight Belhelmels also has a lot of Geezards there, get as 
    many screws from them as you can.
    --Climb up to the cliff besides Galbadia Garden and fight Grendels to 
    acquire some Dragon Fins. (**)
    --Go back to the field around Deling City and fight Thurstaevis and acquire 
    some shear feathers from them, they sometimes drop Windmills.
    --If you DID miss black holes in Laguna's past, here is your last chance: 
    There are some Windegos around Deling City, they rarely drop black holes 
    with level 30 or above. It is a pain to fight them with level 30 or above 
    without Degenerator...their Dribble and Shoot attack will wipe your party out 
    in a few turns. You have to rely on Rinoa's invincible moon and Zell's Duel 
    to take care of them.
    --Fight Aramadodos in The Tomb of the Unknown King and acquire sharp spikes 
    from them. There are two optional bosses here: Sacred and Minotaur, I don't 
    recommend fighting them at this point, you may come back here later.
    --Don't forget to get the password inside the Tomb.
    If you followed the FAQ so far, here are the weapons you can remodel right 
    Squall: Shear Trigger
    Rinoa: Rising Sun
    Quistis: Red Scorpion
    Zell: Maverick
    Irvine: Ulysses only if you acquired a Bomb Fragment in Fire Cavern.
    Selphie: Morning Star
    --Level Squall up to level 50 and Zell to LV 40 or higher. Make sure 
    Squall's Hp is critical before you begin the mission of terminating Edea.
    --Angelo should learn Angelo Reverse by now.
    --If you did not buy ammos in Balamb, now is your chance before the Parade.
    --Save an extra file before the mission.
    <The Parade>
    --Rinoa is attacked by two Iguions, and Irvine and Squall will be on their 
    way to save the beauty.
    Boss: Igunion x 2      Hp: 1,747
    The only thing you have to worry about is their Magma Breath attack, which 
    will petrify Irvine and Squall. They don't use Magma breath at their first 
    turn often.
    --Have Squall use Rznzokuken, with level 50+, two Ranzokukens will kill both 
    of them. If they are not dead, then have Irvine attack them (60 per hit).
    <Underground Tunnel>
    --When you are controlling Quistis's party, try to acquire some curse spikes 
    from Creeps and teach Quistis Level? Death. You also need them to remodel 
    your weapons in the later part of the game.
    --After Quistis closes the gate and traps Edea inside, you will have to 
    challenge Edea. I don't know what BardyGames' strategy guide was talking 
    about...do not trust them at this point. You HAVE to defeat Edea at this point 
    or it is a "game over".
    Boss: Seifer      Hp: 1,150
    Well, even he has become a Sorceress' knight, it won't change the fact that 
    he is always weak, a troublemaker, and a good-for-nothing. This battle is 
    very easy. Seifer's regular attack deals up to 135 damage on Squall in case 
    he uses his gunblade properly, and his Fira spell deals around 235 damage on 
    Squall. Squall will enter the battle with full hp automatically, so there is 
    nothing you have to worry about in this battle.
    --Have Squall attack Seifer constantly (200+ per hit) and Seifer will be 
    defeated in no time.
    Boss: Edea      Hp: 7,000
    This battle could be tough if you are under leveled, however, if you have 
    Squall with level 45 or higher and two other people with Hp 1,500 or above, 
    you won't have any problem.
    Edea uses Firaga, Bizzaga and Thundga as her main attacks, each "GA" spell 
    deals around 350 damage on one character.
    --Enter the battle with full Hp for Rinoa and Irvine, or if you could 
    control their Hp around 1,400, that would be better, because with 1,400 Hp, 
    after 3~4 "GA" spell their Hp will be extremely low, but not K.Oed. They 
    could use more powerful limit breaks.
    --Attack Edea with all three characters (Squall 305, Rinoa 170 and Irvine 90 
    per hit). Use limit breaks when any of them has low Hp. If you can get 
    invincible moon working, have Irvine abuse shot (if his Hp is low, too) and 
    Edea will go down quickly. Disc one ends here.
                                     DISC TWO
    + 2-1: D-Desert Prison +
    --You are controlling Laguna and Kiros, use the money Raine gave to you to 
    buy some extra stuff.
    <D-District Prison>
    --You will have to use Zell to fight two Galbadia soldiers in order to get 
    the weapons back. Use Zell's regular attack will be good enough to handle 
    Fight: Biggs and Wedge
    Geez, these two dudes never learn. They just don't know when to quit. Their 
    attacks are still weak in this battle. The only thing you need to pay a 
    little attention to is that Biggs casts haste on himself when his Hp is low.
    --Keep attacking with everyone's regular attack and you will defeat Biggs 
    and Wedge quickly.
    Now you are out of the room you were locked in, you will have to find your 
    way out of the prison.
    --Fight GIM52As and acquire missiles from them, it teaches Quistis Micro 
    Missile. You CAN NOT miss this Blue magic, especially if you don't have 
    Homing Laser.
    --Go to the bottom floor first and acquire Zell's Combat King 001.
    --Pick up an Str up at the second floor and use it on Zell.
    --After you find Squall and Rinoa, you will have to divide your people into 
    two parties. Place Squall, Quistis and Rinoa in one party, and the other 
    three in another.
    --When you reach the 10th floor, make an extra save so if you mess up in the 
    missile base part, you can start the game over from here.
    Boss: Elite Soldier/ GIM52A x 2      Hp:????
    This fight could be hard if Quistis does not have proper Blue magic. Elite 
    Soldier's attack deals around 200 damage on a single target, and GIM52A can 
    do around 300+; GIM52A sometimes uses Micro Missile attack, and they use it 
    more often if Elite Soldier casts Aura on them.
    --Enter this battle with Quistis Hp around 400~500, so she could hold at 
    least one attack.
    --Use Degenerator to kill GIM52As first, then Elite Soldier.
    + 2-2: Investigating Missile Base +
    --After you escape from the Prison, you will have to divide your people into 
    two parties, one is going to investigate the missile base, and another one 
    is going back to Balamb Garden.
    Note: CHOOSE YOUR PARTY MEMBER WISELY or you will screw up at this point for 
    good. The party going back to Balamb Garden should be stronger than another 
    --Let Zell and Rinoa go with Selphie to the missile base.
    --In the missile base, try to act cool and avoid battles.
    --Remember to set the missile error ratios before you enter the control 
    --You have to fight three guards in the control room. Use everyone's regular 
    attack and you will be fine. Use limit breaks when your Hp is low. If you 
    can have Zell use Duel, Focus your attack on the red soldier, then use 
    burning wave as the finish blow to wipe out all three of them in one turn.
    --Use potions to recover your party after the fight, and set the time limit 
    to 20 minutes. You can use the emergency door to exit the base if you select 
    20 minutes or under.
    Boss: BGH251F2      Hp: 8,400
    This boss is extremely tough and powerful, not because of its high Hp, but 
    its attack power is quite amazing as well. Its regular attack deals around 
    600+ damage to a single target, and after you damage 3,500~4,000 on 
    BGH25IF2, it will use a powerful beam cannon attack, which deals 1,000+ 
    damage on a single target. This attack is most likely fatal against weak 
    party members.
    The only good thing is that BGH25IF2 is very slow. You may need many 
    attempts in order to defeat this elite battle machine.
    --Either enter the battle with everyone Hp full or extremely low Hp for Zell 
    and Rinoa. If you choose the second method, you can fight some enemies 
    inside the missile base and bring Rinoa and Zell to near death status.
    --For those who enter the battle with full Hp: Attack BGH251F2 constantly 
    with regular attack (Zell 105, Rinoa 130, and Selphie 65 per hit), and when 
    both Zell and Rinoa have been shot twice, hit both of them one more time and 
    bring their Hp low, then use their limit breaks, and hope BGH25IH2 uses Beam 
    Cannon on Selphie or Rinoa, so Zell can abuse Duel. Since you have already 
    done some damage on BGH25IF2, you can win this battle by using Duel three 
    more times.
    --For those who enter the battle with low Hp: Use Angelo and pray that it is 
    an invincible moon, then have Zell abuse Duel. Your invincibility will 
    expire after about three turns, so after everyone has moved twice and it's 
    Rinoa's turn again, hold Rinoa and wait 'till invincibility is expired, then 
    quickly use Angelo again and hope that is an invincible moon again; if it 
    is, then your victory is ensured.
    --After you destroy BGH251F2, have Zell Duel on the red soldier. Then use 
    Burning Wave to kill all of them. Angelo cannon won't be a bad choice, 
    + 2-3: Activate Balamb Garden +
    <Balamb Garden>
    --When Garden Facility asks you which side are you with, tell them that you 
    are with Cid so you will have the chance to fight those special monsters and 
    acquire some good items.
    --You have to go to all six areas on the first floor before you can find Xu 
    and Cid, use Degenrator all the way to finish the monsters called by Garden 
    Facilities. You will fight a Grendel and acquire some Dragon Fins (Fury 
    Fragments if you are lucky), and T-Rexaur, which will give you some Dino 
    Bones (Star Fragment x 2 for the rare drop).
    --Headmaster Cid will tell you to go down the B1 Floor. Go and find your way 
    down deeply inside the Garden. When you reach a huge gate, two monsters will 
    jump out form nowhere and attack you.
    Boss: Oilboyles x 2      Hp:????
    Without Degenerator this battle could be almost impossible to win in a No 
    Junction game. Their attack power is extremely high, and their Oil Shot 
    inflicts various status changes and heavy damage on one of your party 
    members; their sonic wave is another powerful attack, it deals around 800 
    damage on the entire party, and they have fair agility. If Quistis does not 
    take the initiative in this battle, she could be killed quickly before her 
    first turn.
    --If Quistis initiated at the beginning of the battle, using Degenerator 
    twice will finish them for good.
    <After activating Garden>
    --After some events you will be told to go down to the B1 floor and speak to 
    the Garden Master NORG.
    --It is an advantage to you if you have Quistis Hp 2,000 or higher for the 
    next boss battle.
    Boss: NORG Pod/NORG      Hp: 2,000/12,200
    NORG is hiding in a big battle machine and there are two blue orbs on both 
    sides of the battle machine. When the blue light turns into red, it attacks 
    your party with wind magic. You must keep attacking them in order to prevent 
    them from being activated.
    You will have to break NORG Pod first before you attack NORG. NORG's water 
    spell deals around 400+ damage on a single target, and his deadly Physic 
    Blast attack deals around 1,050 on a single target.
    --NORG Pot will not attack you, so have Squall (150 damage), Irvine (50 
    damage) and Quistis(95 damage) attack constantly. Hit the orbs when their 
    color turns into yellow.
    --Before you break the NORG Pod, be sure to bring Quistis's Hp to around 
    500~600, but don't go below.
    --After you break the Pod, have Squall and Irvine attack the orbs, and 
    Quistis use Micro Missile (6,000 damage) + Homing Laser (2,000~9,999 damage. 
    The result is vary based on Quistis's hp, the lower the better.) to finish 
    <Fishman's Horizon>
    --If you got Fury Fragments from Grendel, upgrade Zell's weapon to Gauntlet.
    --Galbadia soldiers will attack Fishman's Horizon, fight SAM08Gs and acquire 
    running fires from them; Quistis can learn Gatling Gun by using a running 
    --Level up Squall to LV60 if you still don't have such a high level, and 
    your party will be strong enough to end this Quest. You can beat the boss 
    with Squall level 40 or under, but it is not a good idea though.
    Boss: BGH251F2      Hp: 7,800
    BGH251F2 somehow made its way here, it is badly damaged and the beam cannon 
    will no longer function anymore, however, its machine gun attack is still 
    powerful (650~700 per hit)
    --Enter the battle with full Hp for Squall and Irvine, and around 1,500 Hp 
    for Quistis.
    --Attack BGH251F2 constantly with all three characters (Squall 229, Quistis 
    153, and Irvine 90 per hit). Use limit breaks when their Hp is low enough.
    --IF you are not strong enough to bring it down quickly, don't worry. After 
    Quistis is damaged twice, her Hp will be around 200 or below, have her use 
    Homing Laser to finish this battle.
    + 2-4: Liberate Balamb +
    After several events and cut senses you will be able to control the Garden, 
    your next destination is Balamb, but don't hurry. You have many things to do 
    before you enter Balamb.
    --Go to Tarbia Snowfield/Forest first. Fight some Blue Dragons and try to 
    acquire some Fury Fragments from them. With the Adamantine you received 
    earlier and Dragon Skins, you can remodel Zell's best weapon: Ehrgeiz. If 
    you are short of Dragon Skins, go back to Roshfall Forest beside Timber and 
    fight more Anacondaurs.
    --You can also fight Mesmerizes on Tarbia Snowfield, which drops Mesmerize 
    Blades, If you have followed the FAQ so far, you can remodel Rinoa's weapon: 
    --Fight Gaylas here and acquire one Mystery Fluid from them, it teaches 
    Quistis Blue magic: Acid.
    --GO to Garden's training center and have Quistis degenerate T-Rexuars. They 
    rarely drop Star Fragments. Try to acquire at least five of them. It is a 
    good idea to level up here, too. You can remodel Selphie's weapon: Strange 
    Version right now.
    --I recommend going to Odin's Tower and acquiring Odin at this point.
    <Odin's Tower>
    --You have to find Odin and defeat him in 20 minutes. Before you enter the 
    tower, make sure Squall's level is 70 or above, and other people have 
    reasonable level as well. Select Zell, Quistis and Squall as your party 
    members, and you must bring their Hp down to critical stage before you climb 
    Odin's Tower.
    --Find your way to reach Odin's room, do not waste your time to fight 
    randomly encountered monsters. Escape from battles all the way. Your target 
    is to reach Odin's room with more than eight minutes left.
    Boss: Odin      Hp: 31,000
    Odin is too cool to attack you. All you have to do is to bring his Hp down 
    to Zero before the time is up. When the clock reaches 00:00, Odin will slash 
    you party with Zentetsuken, which is always fatal, even Rinoa's invincible 
    moon won't allow you to survive this attack.
    --Have Squall use Renzokuken (170 damage per hit + Fated Circle 220)
    --Have Zell abuse Duel (50~80 per hit, if it is a long Duel with 12 seconds, 
    you can deal more than 3,500 damage in one turn, which is much more powerful 
    than Renzokuken) on Odin. Be careful because Duel may waste a lot of your 
    --Have Quistis use Homing Laser (1,900~6,500 damage)  
    You should be able to take him in around five minutes. After you defeat him, 
    he will randomly show up in battles and Zentetsuken your enemies to pieces. 
    Remember if you attempt to escape at the beginning of the battle, Odin will 
    save you more often.
    --Fight Tonberries in Odin's Tower and acquire a Chief's Knife. They are 
    tough enemies, but you can kill them by abusing Micro Missile and have Zell 
    perform Duel when Tonberry's Hp is low enough.
    --Remodel Squall's weapon: Punishment
    --Now there are two important Blue Magics: GO to the Chocobo Forest besides 
    Tarbia Garden and catch a Chocobo there, if you are not good at chocobo 
    catching, you can ask the Chocoboy to catch one for you. Ride the Chocobo to 
    the east to Grandidi Forest (North of Esthar Plain). You will encounter 
    Malboros there. Always run away from them first and see if Odin will cut 
    them to pieces for you; or if you hit a lucky preemptive strike, you can 
    have Quistis degenerate them and acquire Malboro's Tentacles. It will teach 
    Quistis Bad Breath-you need this skill to defeat many bosses later.
    --You will encounter Hexadragons there, too. Have Quistis degenerate then 
    and acquire Inferno Fangs. It teaches Quistis's Fire Breath. If you don't 
    want to get this blue magic now, you will still have a chance later.
    --To get out of Grandidi Forest, go to the deepest part of the Forest and 
    you will find Chocobo Sanctuary. You can ride the chocobo there and get out 
    of the Forest.
    --Zell is going with Squall to save the town, so you can only choose one 
    party member freely. Place Quistis with Zell and Squall.
    --After you see Raijin is chased by a dog, don't go to the Balamb Hotel 
    directly, save your game at Zell's room first.
    --You must enter the boss battle with Quistis Hp around 500~ 600, however, 
    after you stay in Zell's room your party is recovered!!! Don't worry, there 
    is a way to get out of the town. Speak with Big Bad Rascal in Zell's house, 
    after he leaves, visit Zell's neighbor and you will see the hotel owner's 
    daughter there and crying because her parents were blocked outside the town 
    and she is worried about them. In order to help Big bad Rascal to contact 
    the hotel owner outside, talk to the guard and force him to turn his head. 
    Do not press any bottom to end the conversation 'till Big Bad Rascal talks 
    to the hotel owner outside. After this event, Big Bad Rascal will help you 
    get out of the town every time you ask him. Go outside and fight some 
    monsters, then kill Quistis in battles. Revive her and heal her with two 
    potions and Quistis's Hp should be around 500~600, based on your level. Save 
    an extra file before the boss fight.
    Boss: Raijin/Galbadia Soldiers x 2      Hp:????
    Raijin is extremely powerful in his physical attack. He deals around 1,200 
    damage on a single target, and if a critical attack occurs, it is always 
    fatal unless Squall has level 100, then he might be able to survive.
    Raijin is not immune to many status attacks, so Bad Breath will be your 
    lifesaver in this battle, it almost always puts Raijin in darkness and 
    Raijin NEVER hits girls if one of the Galbadin soldiers is still alive (If 
    there is only a girl left in your party and at least one Galbadia soldier is 
    alive, Raijin will say "I don't hit girls, ya know" ^_^ and command the 
    soldier attacking). So if you keep at least one soldier alive, Quistis will 
    have enough time to use blue magic.
    --Have Squall and Zell take down one of the soldiers.
    --Have Quistis use Bad Breath and put Raijin to sleep and darkness.
    --NEVER attack Raijin with physical attack-it will wake Raijin up; and even 
    he is blind, he can still hit your characters sometimes. Have Quistis use 
    Micro Missile two times and one or two Homing Laser to finish Raijin.
    Boss: Fujin/Raijin      Hp: 8,700/16,300
    Fujin is waiting for you inside the hotel, and Raijin will help her to bring 
    you down. This battle is much harder than the Raijin battle, Fujin uses 
    magical attack (Tornado deals around 450 damage to the entire party, and 
    aero deals around 200 on a single target), and she is immune to silence. She 
    also uses special attack that will reduce a single target's Hp to 1, and 
    this attack won't be affected by darkness. Fujin also casts Esuna sometimes 
    when Raijin is in trouble.
    Raijin comes back with more strength. It is a bit hard to put him to sleep 
    in this battle, although it is still quite possible. His "Raijin Special" (a 
    bad translation, when I was playing JP version this skill is actually a 
    "Raijin Flying Dragon Attack") attack deals around 1,800 damage on one 
    character, and it will not be affected by darkness, either. Again, you will 
    need some luck to win this battle, and if you are killed, sorry, you have to 
    fight Raijin again.
    --Fujin is more likely to take the initiative in this battle. Her Tornado 
    spell deals around 450 damage and will bring Quistis VERY CLOSE to death, 
    and it will make her blue magic more effective and powerful.
    --Have Quistis use Bad Breath and see if you can put both off them to sleep. 
    At least you must put Raijin into sleep.
    --Have Quistis attack Fujin with a Micro Missile and Homing laser to finish 
    her off.
    --After you defeat Fujin, use Micro missiles and Homing Laser all the way 
    'till Raijin is defeated. If he is awake, whether you win this battle or not 
    depends on how often he uses his Raijin Special attack.
    --You will receive two Str Ups after these two tedious battles. Use them on 
    After liberate Balamb from Fujin and Raijin, Selphie will ask Squall to take 
    her to Tarbia Garden.
    + 2-5: The forgotten Past +
    <Tarbia Garden>
    --Remember that Irvine told you that the reason everyone forgot their 
    childhood is because of G.Fs??? It is funny that he still says the same 
    thing in a No Junction game.
    <Edea's House>
    --You will encounter Galbadia Garden there, and Seifer is in charge of this 
    attack. You can see his face clearly on the screen, looks like he is 
    dreaming that he is King of the world, he does not know that all he has 
    right now is from the mercy of Edea. We are going to teach him a lesson 
    --After a few events Squall will be asked to bring two people with him to 
    the second floor. It is a wise choice to let Quistis be with Squall.
    Fight: Paratrooper x 4
    --Have Quistis use Fire/Aqua Breath to wipe out Paratroopers in one or two 
    --After a mini game, Squall and his companies will sneak into Galbadia 
    garden. Choose Zell, Quistis with Squall as your party members.
    --After you find two card keys, you will enter the main lobby and Cerberus 
    is there. Refer to the optional boss part to find more detailed information 
    about how to defeat Cerberus. There is a save point behind him, so save 
    first before you fight Cerberus. He is not very tough.
    --After you get the third card key, you will be able to ride the elevator to 
    the Master Room, and you will see Edea sitting in there and Seifer is 
    guarding her!!!
    Boss: Seifer      Hp: 10,300
    I must admit that Seifer's combat skill has improved a lot, however, it is 
    still not good enough to let him become a tough opponent, even in a No 
    Junction game. 
    Seifer's regular attack deals around 470 damage on a single target, his fira 
    spell deals around 350 damage on a character, and he also uses a special 
    called Demon Slice-this attack is powerful, it deals around 1,200 + on a 
    If you have Squall level 75 or above then this battle is very easy, you 
    won't even need to use limit break. If you are under leveled (and I don't 
    think it could possibly happen to you, you have already fought tons of 
    monsters before in order to remodel your weapons), then a couple of 
    Renzokuken or duel will certainly help.
    --Attack with everyone (Zell 225, Squall 450 and Quistis 250 per hit).
    --If someone's Hp is low, abuse his/her limit break. 
    Go to the Auditorium room and you will find Edea there. Switch Zell to Rinoa 
    and be sure to bring Quistis and Rinoa's Hp to around 700~900 before the 
    next battle
    Boss: Seifer/Edea      hp: 7,400/16,000
    You have to defeat Seifer again in order to reach Edea. This battle is very 
    difficult. Again, Seifer is still weak, his regular attack deals around
    450 damage on a single target, and his fira spell does around 340. You can 
    finish him without any problem. However, the hardest part in this battle is 
    Edea's Malestorm attack-it reduces all three characters' Hp to 1/4 and it 
    ALWAYS inflicts CURSE-once you are hit by this spell, boom! You can prepare 
    to reset your game. Edea's "GA" spells deal around 640 damage to a single 
    target, she also casts death sometimes. Since you cannot junction ST-
    defense, this spell is almost always fatal.
    --Have Squall attack (380 damage) Seifer and Quistis use Micro missile.
    --When you deal around 6,000 damage on Seifer, have Rinoa use Angelo limit 
    break and hopefully she will use Invincible moon before Seifer is dead.
    --After everyone is invincible, kill Seifer with Homing Laser.
    --Edea will take the initiative and attack your party with Maelstrom and it 
    won't hurt your party since they are invincible.
    --Have Quistis use Bad Breath to put Edea to sleep, then Micro Missile + 
    Homing Laser all the way 'till she is dead.
    --If it seems like Rinoa is not going to use invincible moon and her Angelo 
    cannon is about to kill Seifer-you still have a chance to win this battle, 
    but the timing should be correct. When it is Quistis's turn, hold her and 
    don't let her do anything, and calculate Seifer's Hp carefully, when Rinoa 
    is using Angelo cannon again and if you are sure that this Angelo Cannon 
    will kill Seifer, have Quistis use Bad Breath immediately. This way, Quistis 
    will be able to use Bad breath on Edea before Edea's first turn, and pray 
    that you can put Edea to sleep.
    --Edea should drop a Force Armlet. Disc 2 ends here.
                                    DISC THREE
    + 3-1: The country of Silence-Esthar +
    <Laguna's past>
    --Make an extra save before you enter Luguna's past.
    --Select characters with the highest level as your party in Laguna's past.
    --After a mini game, Laguna and his companies will fight a Ruby Dragon.
    --Save before the fight.
    Fight: Ruby Dragon
    Many people think this fight would be impossible if your party has high 
    average level, that's just wrong. The Ruby Dragon in Laguna's dream always 
    has level 29, and his attack can only deal around 400~600 damage on a single 
    --Have everyone attack Ruby Dragon constantly and use their limit breaks 
    when their Hp are low.
    --If you did not learn Fire breath in Grandidi Forest, this is your last 
    chance before you need it. If Ruby Dragon does not drop an Inferno Fang, 
    reset the game and fight him again.
    <Great Salt Lake>
    --After finding White Seed Ship Squall will carry Rinoa to Esthar and look 
    for Ellone. 
    --You have to decide who is going to be in your party again. Place Quistis 
    and Edea with Squall.
    --Be sure to being Quistis and Edea to near death status before the boss.
    --Make an extra save.
    Boss: Abadon      Hp: 17,010
    Abadon's regular attack almost always inflicts CURSE and deals around 1,000 
    damage on a single target. When he stands up, his defense and magic defense 
    will both go insanely high, it will take you many attempts to win this 
    --Have Quistis use bad breath and blind Abadon (the chance is VERY low).
    --If Abadon is blinded, have Quistis use Fire breath (2,200~7,600), Edea use 
    Ice strike (3,761) and Squall attack (141 damage), you will be able to kill 
    Abadon before he can stand up.
    --This is the last time you play as Luguna, don't let this part mess your 
    game up!!! Choose the WEAKEST two party members with Squall.
    --In the first battle, Laguna is facing an Estahr Soldier. Have Laguna hit 
    himself and bring his Hp to 800 or below.
    --Use Desperado all the way in the next three battles. Because of your low 
    average level, Laguna's Desperado will kill them quickly. If you have 
    average level 100, then the two Esthar soldiers in Odine's Lab will be a 
    pain to defeat.
    -- After you talk to Dr.Odine, purchase Combat King 003, Pet Pal Vol5 & 6, 
    100 dark ammos and 100 fire ammos in shops.
    --Before you go to Lunar Gate, talk to the soldier on a high catwalk in the 
    center of the city of you want to acquire Combat King 004 later on.
    --Level Squall up to level 90+, 100 would be ideal.
    + 3-2: Space Cowboy +
    <Lunar Gate>
    --Choose Selphie with Squall.
    <Esthar, revisited>
    --Talk to the soldier again and you will acquire Combat King 004.
    --Follow Dr.Odine's instruction and catch up with Lunatic Pandora.
    --After you enter Lunatic Pandora, go to the place Laguna picked up the old 
    key and you will find Zell's Combat King 005.
    --If you did loose the far right hatch in Laguna's past, you can pick up a 
    power generator at the same place and teach Quistis Ray-bomb.
    --You will see Mobil Type 8 in Lunatic Pandora, but it will blow you out of 
    the building.
    <Lunar Base>
    --After Rinoa releases Adel, Squall will go to space and save his daring.
    --You will find Airship-Ragnarok in space. Save your game.
    --You have to defeat eight Propagators in order to activate the Airship.
    Boss: Propagators      Hp: 5,200
    This creature is very violent and has very high strength. Its regular attack 
    deals around 980~1,150 on a single target; its Thundaga spell deals around 
    250 damage; and its special attack "bitebite" deals 1,570 damage on a 
    character, and is often a critical hit.
    They are not really tough because of their low Hp, Renzokuken will be good 
    enough to handle them. Also they are not immune to Zentetsuken attack.
    There are four "pairs" of Propagators, and you have to knock down each 
    "pair" one by one. If you attack the one with incorrect color, then the dead 
    ones will revive.
    You will start with the purple one. After you finish it, head through the 
    cargo doors and quickly turn left to defeat another purple one. Then return 
    to the previous room you were hurry turning left and defeat the red one, go 
    through the door in the south, climb upstairs and you can fight another red 
    Propagator. GO down stairs again and enter the small door on the right side 
    of the room, you will fight a green Propagator. After you defeat him, there 
    is a save point. Save your game and fight the rest other two Propagators.
    --In the first battle, enter the combat with everyone full Hp.
    --Try to run away first and see if Odin will cut them into two pieces for 
    --If not, attack with both characters (Squall 591 damage, and Rinoa 298 
    damage). After Squall is attacked three times, use Renzokuken to finish 
    --Adjust Squall's Hp to around 1,100~1,300 before every battle, and have him 
    abuse Renzukoken. Propagators' regular attack deals 980 damage on Squall, so 
    he can survive one hit.
    --After clearing the airship, enjoy the song "Eyes On Me" and relax a bit.
    + 3-3: Preparation of the Final Battle +
    --Go to Sorceress Memorial first and rescue Rinoa.
    --YOU can find Toramas around Esthar City, fight them 'till they drop moon 
    stones. Now you can remodel Irvine's weapon: Exeter. If you are short on 
    Star Fragments, you can also find some Iron Giants here, and you can acquire 
    Star Fragments from them.
    --Find Behemoths around Esthar and defeat them wit Quistis' degenerator. 
    They drop Barriers, which teaches Quistis Blue magic: Mighty Guard.
    --There is man in a black suit in the middle of Esthar city, talk to him and 
    he will summon Elnoyle. It is a tough monster, have Quistis use Degenerator 
    to finish him quickly and he will drop two Energy Crystals. Talk to him 
    three times and you will have six Energy Crystals. After that, remodel 
    Quistis's weapon: Save the Queen and Rinoa's weapon: Shooting Star.
    --Have Rinoa learn Angelo Search and Wishing Star (you don't have to learn 
    Wishing Star, but I highly recommend learning this skill because you will 
    know how powerful it is once you learn it.)
    --Go to the Island Closest to Hell and level everyone up to Lv100. The 
    enemies there are extremely strong, so you have to rely on Quistis' 
    Degenerator to kill them, also, keep Squall Hp full will prevent you from 
    being wiped out in one shot usually. And remember this: SAVE OFTEN.
    --After leveling up, use all your money to stock potions, Hi-potions, 
    Phoenix downs and Irvine's ammos.
    --Spend some time to practice Zell's Duel. Your goal is AT LEAST being able 
    to attack 45 times in a 12 seconds long Duel. Usually, I could do 55~65 
    times in a 12 second Duel. Refer to Appendix for more valid information 
    about Zell's Duel.
    --After everything is prepared, go to Edea's House then meet Laguna in 
    Esthar's President Palace and begin your final mission!!!
    + 3-4: The Young Revolutionary +
    <Lunatic Pandora>
    Boss: Fujin/Raijin      Hp: 18,200/22,600
    In essence, this battle is a bit similar to the previous battle against 
    them, but they are back with more strength and powerful attacks.
    Fujin will cast haste on Raijin and blind on your party, and when you deal a 
    certain amount of damage on her, she will cast a Meteor spell, which deals 
    around 550~610 damage every single hit. Her special attack "Zen" reduces a 
    single target's Hp to 1.
    Raijin still uses physical attacks. His regular attack deals around 820 
    damage on a single target at level 100; and his "Raijin Special" attack 
    deals around 1,200 on a character. If he is hasted by Fujin's haste spell, 
    he can process a major threat in conjunction with Fujin's "Zen" attack or 
    meteor spell.
    --Enter the battle with Squall, Irvine and Quistis. YOU must bring Irvine 
    and Quistis's Hp to around 1,000 or below before the fight.
    --Have Irvine use Dark shot on both of them, it will put them into darkness 
    and sleep. It is MUCH BETTER than Bad breath, because Bad breath only hits 
    enemies once, but Dark shot can hit each of them around 3~6 times, there is 
    no way they could avoid being put into sleep and darkness, Irvine rocks!
    --Have Quistis use Micro missiles and Homing Laser on Fujin and finish her 
    while she is asleep.
    --Use the same tactic to finish Raijin.
    After this battle, ride Airship back to Esthar City and stock Irvine's dark 
    ammos again.
    --Find your way to the deepest part of Lunatic Pandora and Fijin will call 
    their special weapon.
    Boss: Mobil Type 8      Hp: 46,400
    The most annoying thing in this battle is that Mobil Type 8 counters your 
    attacks with Twin Homing Laser when his side weapons are off, it deals 
    around 1,000 damage on a single target. Mobil Type 8 also uses physical 
    attack, it deals around 550 damage on a single target.
    After you deal around 25,000 damage on Mobil Type 8, it will turn both its 
    probes on. Mobil Type 8 will not counterattack your attacks anymore, but it 
    will now use an attack called Corona, which reduces the entire party's Hp 
    down to 1 and gives you a chance to use limit breaks.
    --Enter the battle with Zell, Squall and Rinoa.
    --Attack Mobil Type 8 with everyone (Squall 675, Zell 550 and Rinoa 780).
    --After every one attacks him three times all your characters will have Hp 
    around 800~1,000 left, have everyone abuse limit breaks, if Rinoa uses 
    Wishing Star, Mobil Type 8 will be dead.
    --If Rinoa uses invincible moon, then keep abusing limit breaks to bring 
    Mobil Type 8 to death.
    --If Rinoa uses Angelo Cannon, she will be dead or very close to death, 
    however, with the other two characters limit breaks, Mobil Type 8 should 
    turn his Probes on by now. It will use Corona attack and bring everyone's Hp 
    down to 1. Have everyone use limit break again then Mobil Type 8 will be 
    Boss: Seifer      Hp: 34,500
    Regardless of Fujin and Raijin's advice, Seifer is going to keep his 
    ridiculous dream going. Seifer is back again with Ultimecia's power, now he 
    is stronger than ever.
    His regular attack deals around 1,000 damage on a single target, and his 
    Firaga deals around 860 damage on one character. He also rarely uses flare 
    I did not have too much trouble defeating him before, but based on my 
    experience, this battle does require much luck to win. Seifer is strong and 
    agile in this battle, I thought maybe I was just lucky every time I fought 
    him, he should be a tough opponent and worth the boss of the ending of Disc 
    --Enter the battle with Zell, Rinoa and Squall with full Hp.
    --Seifer will cut Odin into two pieces.
    --Attack with everyone (Squall 380, Zell 340 and Rinoa 465)
    --When anyone's Hp is around 1,300, attack him/her one more time and use 
    limit breaks. Hope that person is Zell or Rinoa, and also pray that Seifer 
    focuses his attack on other two people.
    --If Rinoa uses Wishing Star or Zell has a 12 seconds long Duel, this battle 
    will be over. Gilgamesh will blow him away.
    --Seifer will Kidnap Rinoa and bring her to Sorceress Adel. Disc 3 ends 
                                  DISC Four
    + 4-1: The Return of Adel +
    Boss: Rinoa/Adel      Hp: 9,036/51,000
    This battle is the most difficult battle you have encountered so far, Adel 
    junctions Rinoa and will drain Hp from her. If you let Rinoa's Hp go down to 
    zero, it is game over. Each time Adel attacks, she draws Hp from Rinoa.
    This is not the biggest problem, the problem is that Adel's Magic is VERY 
    powerful, her Meteor spell deals 340~400 damage every single hit, and after 
    this spell, she will use single target attack twice-these two attacks are 
    randomly chosen from Energy Bomber (1,550~1,700 damage), Holy (1,100 damage) 
    or Flare (1,100 damage).
    After two single target attacks, she will usually uses Quake spell 
    (2,000~2,200 damage to the entire party), rarely she will skip this step. 
    Consider yourself lucky if this occurs. Then Adel will focus her magic power 
    on herself and fire Ultima spell (3,000~3,400 damage on the entire party). 
    It takes her a long time to charge, but once she uses it, the game is over 
    since you have already received some damage before. Unless you have Quistis 
    use Mighty Guard, then you MAY BARELY survive.
    --Enter the battle with Quistis, Squall and Zell.
    --Adjust Quistis and Zell's Hp to around 1,300~1,500 before the battle, you 
    can kill them first, and then use phoenix downs to revive and potions to 
    bring them to the amount of Hp you want.
    --Attack Adel (Squall 420, Zell 335 and Quistis 276 damage per hit)
    --Adel will cast Meteor, and hopefully this spell will bring Quistis and 
    Zell 's Hp to near death stage.
    --Have Quistis use Acid on Adel, there is a very little chance you can 
    meltdown Adel, then have Zell Duel. If Quistis did Meltdown Adel and you 
    mastered Zell's Duel, you will be able to finish Adel in two or three turns. 
    --If Acid does not work, then have Quistis use Homing Laser, don't bother 
    trying to meltdown Adel again, and have Zell Duel and Squall attack.
    NOTE: It appears to me that Adel is "resistant" against Homing Laser. Most 
    of the time I did 1,767 damage or somewhere around there. It is still 
    possible to deal 9,999 damage on Adel with Homing Laser; however it is not 
    going to happen too often. Pray deeply inside your heart when you are 
    fighting Adel.
    --Adel will use single target attack twice before her Quake/Ultima spell.
    --If you are not able to finish Adel quickly, when she casts Quake, you are 
    in trouble.
    --If she skips the Quake spell and focuses her magic power, use this chance 
    to abuse your limit breaks with every survivor and hopefully you can kill 
    Adel before she casts Ultima. Do not worry that using Renzokuken will hurt 
    Rinoa, she has 9,036 Hp in this battle, and a Blasting Zone only does 1,100 
    on her. You are not good enough to kill Rinoa.
    --If you think you are not going to finish Adel before she casts Ultima, 
    have Quistis use Mighty Guard (if she is available) and see if you can 
    --Another method to defeat Adel is by using Mighty Guard/White Wind. Quistis 
    should enter the battle with Hp around 700 while the other two with Hp 
    around 2,000~3,000. When the battle starts, have Quistis cast Mighty Guard 
    on the party and pray that Mighty Guard casts Aura on your characters, if 
    not, reset the game. All three party members should be able to survive 
    Adel's Meteor spell because they are shelled/protected. Have Zell and Squall 
    abuse limit breaks while Qusitis cast White Wind to bring everyone's Hp to 
    full, and she can use Homing Laser on Adel if she has some extra turns. With 
    Mighty Guard spell, your characters should be able to survive Adel's Energy 
    Bomber and Quake spell and everyone should be near death after the Quake 
    spell. Abuse limit breaks and you could kill Adel before she casts Ultima. 
    + 4-2: Time-compression  +
    <Time-Compressed World>
    Boss: Sorceress A x 6      Hp: 3,390
          Sorceress B x 4      Hp: 4,496
          Sorceress C          Hp: 32,550
    Before you reach Ultimecia's Castle, you have to defeat a lot of sorceresses 
    from "beyond time who appeared due to Time Compression" first. This battle 
    is another tough battle, and it is long as well.
    You will fight Sorceress As first. There are six of them and you will battle 
    up to two of them every time. And if you kill one of them, another one will 
    appear. They are not very tough. Their magic spells deal around 600~660 on a 
    single target. 
    --Enter the battle with Squall, Zell and Rinoa.
    --Attack them (Squall 750, Rinoa 830, and Zell 610 per hit) 'till they are 
    You will fight Sorceress Bs after you defeat all six Sorceresses before 
    them. They are more powerful than Sorceresses A. Their normal attacks deal 
    around 780 damage on a single target; their "GA" magical spell deals around 
    900 damage on a character, they also use Quake (980~1,100 damage on the 
    entire party) and Meteor(450 every single hit).
    --Attack them (Squall 740, Rinoa 780, and Zell 620 damage per hit) 'till 
    they are dead.
    --Beware of the one in D-Desert Prison!!! She usually uses Quake in her 
    first turn. If there is anyone in your party who has Hp below 1,000, don't 
    save your limit breaks, hit her hard and kill her in one shot.
    --The one in Fire Cavern uses Meteor, you need to be careful, too.
    --After you finish the ones in Winhill, Sorceress C will appear. Be sure to 
    bring everyone's Hp as low as you can before you kill them.
    Now you are facing the last Sorceress. She is very powerful in both magic 
    and physical attack. And the worst thing is that she will counter every one 
    of your attacks, it deals around 1,950 damage. None of your party member 
    could possibly survive this attack because your party has already been 
    heavily damaged after the long fight.
    --Have Rinoa use her limit break first.
    --If that is a Wishing Star (5,900 x 8), you win this battle.
    --If it is an Invincible Moon, have everyone abuse his or her limit breaks 
    and you won't a have problem here, either.
    --If that is an Angelo Cannon, you are in trouble. 
    + 4-3: Final Showdown +
    <Ultimecia's Castle>
    Finally, you reach Ultimecia's Castle. There are eight servants in her 
    Castle, and while they are alive, your ability will be sealed when you are 
    in the castle.
    I am not going to tell you where to find the eight servants. There is an 
    Ultimecia Castle FAQ on the FAQ page, you may want to use it if you really 
    don't know their locations. I think if you are good enough to make this far, 
    eight servants' locations should be common knowledge for you.
    Every time you defeat a servant, you MUST leave the castle and save before 
    the next boss battle.
    Boss: Sphinxaur/Sphinxara       Hp: 10,000
    Whether you like it or not, this is the first servant you have to fight 
    because with your abilities sealed, this servant is the only one you could 
    defeat right now.
    This boss is very weak. His Thundaga spell deals around 340 on a single 
    target. After you deal more than 5,000 damage on Sphinxaur, he will show his 
    true form-Sphinxara. He will use doom and summon creatures to attack you 
    (Firaga-950 damage), still very weak, though.
    --Enter the battle with Squall, Rinoa and Zell with full Hp.
    --Smash X bottom and attack (Squall 775, Rinoa 860 and Zell 580 per 
    hit)'till he is dead. Ignore the creatures he summoned.  
    --You should unseal the "Limit Break" ability.
    Boss: Catoblepas      Hp: 60,000
    This boss uses a powerful physical attack called Deadly Horn (4,200 damage 
    on a single target) and Thundaga Spell (860 damage). He also uses Meteor 
    when his Hp is reduced to zero (600 every single hit).
    --Enter the battle with Rinoa, Irvine and Quistis. Rinoa with full Hp and 
    Irvine/Quistis with Hp around 900.
    --Have Irvine use Dark shot to blind Catoblepas (270 damage per shot)
    --Have Rinoa attack (690 damage) and Quistis use Homing Laser/Aqua Breath 
    (2,200~7,900 damage) 'till he is dead.
    --Catoblepas will cast Meteor and Rinoa should be able to survive. If you 
    want to play it safe, when you are about to kill Catoblepas, have Quistis 
    cast Mighty Guard.
    --You should unseal the "Resurrection" ability.
    Boss: Red Giant      Hp: 30,000
    Red Giant has insanely high defense and magic defense, and it is very hard 
    to deal a massive amount of damage on him in few turns.
    His Giant Sword deals around 1,700 damage on the entire party, and his 
    regular sword attack deals around 2,400 damage on a single character. He 
    also uses punch attack, which deals around 1,600 damage on a single target. 
    He only uses this attack after he drops his sword, and it has 255% hit rate. 
    --Bring Quistis, Irvine and Rinoa in this battle. Irvine and Quistis should 
    have low hp.
    --Have Irvine use Dark shots and blind Red Giant.
    --Have Quistis Use Acid constantly 'till she meltdowns Red Giant.
    --Have Quistis use Micro missiles constantly and reduce Red Giant's Hp 
    --After Red Giant drops his sword, have Rinoa and Irvine attack and bring 
    him down. Of course you still have to have Quistis use Micro Missile. 
    You should unseal the "Item" ability.
    Boss: Tri-Point      Hp: 22,400
    Here comes another boss that can counterattack your attacks. Every time you 
    attack Tri-Point, it will counter attack with Mega Spark (4,090~ 4,200 
    damage on the entire party). It is good enough to wipe out your party in one 
    The key of winning this battle is luck (As well as some other servants). Due 
    to its low Hp, Rinoa will be able to finish Tri point in one turn.
    --Enter the battle with Zell, Squall, Rinoa with Hp as low as possible.
    --Have Rinoa use Angelo and if it is a Wishing star (6,200 x 8), Tri-Point 
    will be dead.
    --If that is an invincible moon, then have everyone abuse limit breaks. 
    Normally, three Duels and Renzokuken will be more than enough to bring it 
    --If it is an Angelo Cannon, you are in trouble.
    --You should unseal the "Save" ability.
    With those four abilities above unsealed, you can go to the Master Room and 
    challenge Ultimecia now, but I am still going to list other four servants' 
    strategy in order to serve players who have the ambition to defeat all eight 
    servants before completing the game.
    Boss: Trauma      Hp: 34,114
    This boss has higher vitality than Tri-Point and it is hard to deal heavy 
    damage on him (Zell's Duel only damages around 150~240 per hit). He is very 
    slow; however, he does have an attack called Mega Pulse Cannon that could 
    wipe out your entire party in one shot. It is only used when its Dorma is 
    --Bring Zell, Quistis and Rinoa into this battle with low Hp.
    --Have Quistis use Acid on Trauma, then Zell Duel. Rinoa should be able to 
    use Invincible Moon before Trauma's turn, if her Hp is low enough. This boss 
    is slow and Rinoa may have three turns before him if she is lucky.
    --Rinoa can finish Trauma with a Wishing Star, too (6,000 damage x 8).
    Boss: Krysta      Hp: 16,000
    Like Red Giant, Krysta has very high Vitality and magic defense, it is very 
    hard to damage him. 
    Krysta counterattacks any attack and deals around 5,000 on a single target. 
    He will cast Ultima when his Hp is reduced to Zero. (2,900 damage to the 
    entire party)
    Because of its powerful counter and high defense, after fighting him many 
    times, I truly felt that Wishing Star is the best way to defeat him quickly, 
    but Krysta is not immune to Demi, so Micro Missile works well in this 
    battle, too.
    --Bring Rinoa, Squall and Quistis in this battle. Squall should have Full Hp 
    and the girls should have Hp lowest possible.
    --Have Rinoa use Angelo limit break first. If it is a Wishing Star (6,500 x 
    8 damage, Wishing Star ignores enemies' defense), this battle will be ended.
    --If Rinoa used an Invincible Moon, have Quistis abuse Micro Missile to 
    bring Krysta's Hp down quickly. After your invincibility expired, having 
    Rinoa use Angelo Cannon and Quistis use Homing Laser should be able to kill 
    --Krysta's Ultima spell will destroy Quistis and Rinoa, but Squall will 
    --If Rinoa used an Angelo Cannon at the beginning, you are in trouble.
    Boss: Vysage/Gargantuan      Hp: 21,000/15,400
    Before you can fight Gargantua, you have to fight Vysage and its lefty/ 
    righty first. Their attack power is somewhat high (1,300 damage for their 
    normal attacks), and they also cast many deadly spells like Quake.
    After you defeat Vysage and both its hands, Gargantuan will show up. He 
    always uses Evil Eye as his first attack, it deals 600~700 damage on the 
    entire party and inflicts CURSE on them. He also counterattacks your attacks 
    with Counter Twist, which deals 2,670+ damage on a single target. He is a 
    tough opponent.
    --Have Rinoa, Irvine and Zell in the party with Hp lowest possible.
    --Have Irvine use dark shots on all of them and put them into Darkness, 
    Poison and silence.
    --There is nothing Vysage and its hands can do right now. DO NOT let guys 
    attack but have Rinoa use Angelo limit break constantly and you should be 
    able to do an Invincible before Vysage is killed by poison. If Rinoa used a 
    Wishing Star, then consider yourself unlucky. You do need invincibility to 
    defeat Gargantuan.
    --After you defeat Vysage, Gargantuan will show up and use Evil-Eye on your 
    party, but it won't harm you because of your invincibility. Have Zell Duel 
    (150~200 damage per hit), Irvine use Flame Shot (500+ damage per hit) and 
    Rinoa's Angelo cannon to finish Gargantuan quickly.
    --If Rinoa used a Wishing Star on Gargantuan (5,600 x 8 damage), Gargantuan 
    will be dead in one turn.
    Boss: Tiamat/Dark Bahamute      Hp: 89,600
    Tiamat looks like Bahamute, and acts like Bahamute as well. He only uses an 
    attack called "Dark Flare", that is much more powerful than Bahamute's Mega 
    Flare (8,800 damage on the entire party). However, it takes Tiamat a long 
    time to charge before he can fire Dark Flare.
    This battle could be very easy since Tiamat will not do any other attack 
    besides Dark Flare. You could destroy him before he could have a chance to 
    --Have Zell, Rinoa and Quistis in the party with Hp lowest possible.
    --Have Quistis use Acid to meltdown Tiamat, and Zell Duel (500~700 per hit)
    --Rinoa should be able to launch at least one Wishing Star while Tiamat is 
    charging his attack (6,200 x 8 damage), in conjunction with Zell's Duel and 
    Quistis's Homing Laser, Tiamat will go down quickly.
    Now you have defeated all eight Servants, there is only one thing left 
    before you complete your No Junction game: Defeat Ultimecia!!!
    + 4-4: The Glorious Victory!!! +
    <Ultimecia Castle-Master Room>
    --Save outside the Master room before you face Ultimecia.
    Boss: Ultimecia         Hp: 43,000
          Griever           Hp: 120,000
          Ultimecia-Griever Hp: 160,000
          Aka Ultimecia     Hp: 250,000
    This battle is insanely hard and almost impossible to win. Ultimecia casts 
    very powerful magic like Tornado (1,200 damage on the entire party), Holy 
    (1,100 damage on a single target), all three "GA" spells (900+ to a single 
    target), stop, slow, dispel and other magic.
    The worst thing is like you fought Edea before, Ultimecia knows Maelstrom 
    attack as well, it reduces your entire party's Hp to 1/4, and it also inflicts 
    CURSE on the entire party.
    After you defeat Ultimecia, she will summon her G.F.-Griever to destroy you, 
    see, how cheap she is. She knows you don't have G.F equipped and she still 
    summons her G.F, what an unfair fight! Griever's regular attack deals around 
    1,800 damage on a single target; He knows how to cast Flare in conjunction 
    with Triple spell, but he is not very hard to defeat. Griever is very slow 
    and he will waste turns to do Gravija attack (Reduces the entire party's Hp 
    to 1/4, but does not inflict curse like Maelstrom), and Doom. Constantly using 
    Wishing Star and Duel will bring him down quickly.
    Although Griever is not hard to defeat, he is hard to pass. Before he is 
    dead, he will use an attack called Shock Wave Pulsar-it deals 8,500~9,000 
    damage on the entire party, even if you have full Hp with Mighty Guard's 
    protection, you are still going to die. Also, he will Start to charge Shock 
    Wave Pulsar after you deal more than 50,000 damage on him or survive certain 
    amount of time, and after the charging, he will fire his Shock Wave Pulsar 
    whether he is dead or not.
    The only way to survive this attack is using Invincible Moon. Don't' count 
    on Angelo reverse, because Ultimecia-Griever will take the initiative in the 
    next form and kill Rinoa in one shot. Ultimecia-Griever will NEVER waste her 
    turn to bring any dead people away in her first turn, at least it never 
    happened to me.
    Ultimecia-Griever casts Ultima, Holy, Tornado and Quake, but she is not very 
    agile, either, so you may have many turns between her turns. After you deal 
    a certain amount of damage on her, she will start to bring two little 
    devices out, and once all the devices are ready, she will use her most 
    powerful attack in this form-Greater Attractor. It looks like Sephiroth's 
    Super Nova spell in FF VII and deals 8,500+ damage on your entire party.
    After you deal 100,000+ damage on Ultimecia-Griever, her lower body will 
    fall apart and that's the hardest part of the entire battle!!! Her agility 
    will be MUCH INCREASED in this form. She will use claw attack and Quake 
    spell to wipe out your party in few turns. 
    If you could defeat Ultimecia-Griever, you will face Aka Ultimecia with 
    massive amount of 250,000 Hp. She constantly abuses Hell's Judgments, which 
    reduces your entire party's Hp to 1; she also uses regular attack (1,900 
    damage on a single target), Holy(1,600 damage on a single target) and other 
    magic. She rarely casts Ultima spell.
    After you deal around 150,000+ (????, the exact calculation is not confirmed 
    yet) damage on Aka Ultimecia, her lower part will appear underneath her 
    skirt. She will draw and cast a extremely powerful spell called Apocalypse, 
    which deals 8,000+ damage on the entire party.
    I have fought Ultimecia over 300 times, and I have only defeated her Twice 
    with The End and once without The End. I clearly remembered that it took me 
    178 attempts to defeat her in my first No Junction game, and I still had to 
    use The End once. She is definitely strong, mighty and worth the final boss 
    in your No Junction game!!! Be prepared!!!
    --Enter the battle with everyone Hp 1. In order to do it, kill characters 
    and touch the save point outside the Master Room then your Hp will be 1.
    --If you could find a Blood Soul and have it cast Blind/Silence on Rinoa, it 
    will be a great help in this battle. It is a pain. Most of the time blood 
    soul will just kill Rinoa since her Hp is 1. This part is not required, but 
    it is worth a try. Also, note that the status change will be nullified once 
    Rinoa uses an invincible moon. 
    --Ultimecia will choose three people from your party randomly. If you are 
    not going to use The End, then Selphie is almost useless in this battle. 
    Kill her if she is in the party, and only do it right after Ultimecia's 
    turn. If you kill Splphie before Ultimecia's turn, Ultimecia will not absorb 
    Selphie immediately and will cast another spell to kill another party member 
    --If You have Zell and Quistis in your party, have them use Duel and Micro 
    Missile. You can have Zell abuse Meteor Strike to bring Ultimecia's Ho down 
    quickly, in conjunction with other people's limit breaks, you will defeat 
    Ultimecia's first form in no time.
    --Kill anyone who is cursed by Maelstrom until Rinoa comes up. Invincible 
    Moon will cure all negative status changes. 
    --Once Griever comes up, your goal is to have Zell, Quistis, Rinoa in the 
    party, so if there is anyone other than these three people, kill him/her and 
    let Griever absorb them. Hopefully Griever's low agility will prevent him 
    from interrupting your party member switching. If not, then you are just in 
    trouble. (Also, Irvine's Flame Shot is quite effective, but Zell is still 
    much better).
    --Have Quistis use Acid on Griever, Zell Duel (600 per hit if Acid did 
    meltdown Griever) and Rinoa use Angelo limit break, and hope that Rinoa will 
    hit an Invincible Moon before Griever kill any of them.
    --Try to bring Griever down before your invincibility expires. With one or 
    two Wishing Stars, it is not that hard. Griever will cast Shock Wave Pulsar 
    on your party before his death, and it won't hurt you. If your Invincibility 
    expired before you kill Griever, simply have Rinoa use Angelo again and try 
    to get another Invincible Moon before Griever's Shock Wave Pulsar.
    --After you defeat Griever, Ultimecia will junction herself unto Griever. 
    You have to be Invincible all the way in order to win this battle because 
    Ultimecia-Griever will never waste her turn to cast useless spells like 
    Gravija or Doom like Griever.
    --Remember your invincibility will expires after around three turns, once 
    Rinoa hits an invincible moon, feel free to have Zell Duel (500~650 damage 
    if Ultimecia-Griever is meltdowned; 270~380 if not), Rinoa use Wishing Star 
    (5,600 x 8), and Quistis use Acid to meltdown Ultimecia-Griever then abuse 
    Homing Laser. After everyone moves three times and Rinoa's turn is up again, 
    hold her 'till your invincibility expired, and then have Rinoa use Angelo 
    immediately and hope that's an Invincible Moon again. You will have to deal 
    certain amount of damage on Ultimecia-Griever before you need the second 
    Invincible Moon, and Ultimecia-Griever will start to charge her Greater 
    Attractor attack-it reduces her agility, so even if Rinoa did not hit an 
    Invincible moon right after your invincibility expired, she may still have 
    one or two extra turns before Ultimecia-Griever. Keep using Angelo and try 
    your luck, don't give up, it is possible!!!
    --After you deal 100,000 damage on Ultimecia-Griever, her lower body will 
    fall apart-It increases her agility dramatically. However, if your party is 
    still in invincible status and Ultimecia-Griever is meltdowned, you will be 
    able to finish her with a long Duel and a Homing Laser. If you get Wishing 
    Star worked, that would be even greater.
    --Finally, Ultimecia shows her true form-Aka Ultimecia. She looks just like 
    what she should be-evil and ugly. Aka Ultimecia has 250,000+ Hp, but 
    actually, she is easier than Ultimecia-Griever because she uses Hell's 
    Judgment attack constantly-it reduces your entire party's Hp to 1. And 
    surprisingly, I found that if you use limit breaks right after Hell's 
    Judgment, they will be insanely powerful-especially Rinoa, she almost always 
    uses Wishing Star or Invincible moon. Aka Ultimecia uses holy, flare and 
    Ultima, but she always uses Hell's Judgment during her first turn, so I 
    assume that it is not that hard to get Invincible Moon work before Aka 
    Ultimecia starts to use her magic. Plus before her lower part shows up, she 
    will use Hell's Judgment as her main attack, but she really can't do much 
    harm on your party.
    --After you deal around 150,000 damage on Aka Ultimecia, she will start to 
    draw and cast Apocalypse on your party, launch an all-out attack with every 
    character!!! If you can have Zell use a long Duel with more than nine 
    seconds, Quistis' Homing Laser and Rinoa's Wishing Star at once, you will 
    force Ultimecia to talk-again, it delays her turn. Keep attacking and you 
    should be able to defeat Aka Ultimecia before she can use Apocalypse on your 
    party, if you could defeat her successfully, congratulations!!! You just 
    completed a No Junction FFVIII!!! Now no one will doubt that you are an 
    elite FFVIII player!!!
    --Enjoy the ending CG movies and honor the achievement you have accomplished 
    this far in FFVIII. Feel free to shed some tears of joy like I did. Happy 
    game playing and best of luck on your No Junction game!!! 
    V. Optional Bosses
    This part is for players who desire more challenges in their no Junction 
    game and are willing to test their skill and knowledge of this game. You don 
    not have to defeat any of optional bosses in order to complete your No 
    Junction game.
    < Magic Lamp Quest>
    a. Boss: Diablo     Hp:????
    Diablo has very high strength and his physical attack can always kill you in 
    one shot. I have tried it from level 10~ level 100, his strength increases 
    with his level much more than your defense increases.   
    However, Diablo rarely uses physical attacks, most of his attacks are 
    percentage based attacks, such as Demi and Gravija. They reduce your Hp but 
    will never kill you, and they will give you plenty of chances to use limit 
    I only recommend fighting Diablo after Quistis masters Bad Breath and Micro 
    Missile. Also, if you have taught Angelo Wishing Star, it will be a great 
    help in this battle.
    --Bring Squall, Quistis and Zell in your party with Hp lowest possible. If 
    Rinoa has Wishing Star, place Rinoa in the party instead of Zell.
    --Have Quistis use Bad breath and inflict Blind/Slow status on Diablo (50% 
    chance). If Diablo kills Quistis before you can blind him, reset the game.
    --Have Squall use Renzokuken, Zell use Duel and Quistis abuse Micro missile.
    --If you have Rinoa in the party then two Wishing Stars in conjunction with 
    Micro missile will finish this battle quickly. (3,400 damage x 8)
    --You will acquire G.F. Diablo after this battle. Since you cannot junction 
    him, he is pretty useless in your game. However, it is just fun to have 
    another boss battle, right?
    <Tomb of The Unknown King>
    b. Boss: Sacred/Minotaur      Hp: 27,218/36,375
    Here is another G.F. battle. This battle is harder than Diablo because you 
    have to fight two bosses at the same time.
    Sacred and Minotaur are located in the Tomb of the Unknown King. You can 
    fight them in Disc one, however, unless you use Selphie's The End attack, 
    the chance to defeat them in disc one is close to zero.
    I only recommend fighting them after Quistis masters Micro Missile and Rinoa 
    learns Invincible moon. Squall cannot do much damage on them (340 per hit 
    for his Renzokuken with level 70+ and Punishment). If everyone's level is 
    above 80, it will be a great help in this battle.
    You will fight Sacred alone first in the Tomb of the Unknowing King. After 
    you defeat Sacred, he will escape. You can find Sacred in the middle of the 
    Tomb again, but you will have to fight Sacred and Minotaur together in one 
    battle. It will take you several attempts before you can take them. Sacred 
    alone is not strong enough to process any threat to you, so you can fight 
    him in Disc 1 if you wish. But you should not attempt the battle against 
    both two Brothers before you are able to control the Garden. You can come 
    back the Tomb whenever you are ready, they will always be there.
    Battle #1: Sacred 
    This battle is easy. Sacred only uses weak physical attacks and deals around 
    350 damage to a single target. You can take him easily if everyone in your 
    party has Hp 1,000~1,500.
    --Bring Squall, Rinoa and Zell into this battle with Hp 1,000 +
    --Have everyone attack Sacred. Although Sacred is constantly in regen status 
    when he is not floating, it will not be good enough to save him.
    --When any of your characters has low Hp, abuse his/her limit break.
    --Then you may try to challenge Sacred and Minotaur. After they beat you in 
    three turns you will know that you should give up now and come back later.
    <Tomb of Unknown King revisited>
    Battle #2: Sacred/Minotaur
    Minotaur has much more Hp and strength than Sacred. You have to take him 
    first before you take Sacred down. Sacred has about the same strength as he 
    fought you in the first battle; Minotaur's regular attack deals 900~1,200 on 
    a single character at level 80; his Mower attack deals around 800~1,000 
    damage on all opposing targets. Brothers have an all-out attack called 
    "Brother Special", which deals 1,500+ damage on all opposing targets, and 
    they can only use this attack if both brothers are participating in the 
    The most annoying thing is Minotaur has extremely fast recovery rate. Your 
    regular attack will not do much harm on him, you have to rely on some 
    powerful limit breaks to kill him quickly.
    --Bring Squall, Rinoa and Quistis in this battle with level 80+. Squall 
    should have full Hp, Quistis should have Hp around 900~1,000, and Rinoa with 
    Ho lowest possible.
    --If Rinoa is initiative in the battle, have her use Angelo and hope that is 
    an Invincible Moon, if it is, then Have Quistis abuse Micro missile on 
    Minotaur and Squall attack. Use the same tactic to defeat Sacred after you 
    defeated Minotaur.
    --If Rinoa uses an Angelo strike, pray that Brothers will attack Quistis and 
    Squall and let Rinoa have another chance to use her limit break.
    <Galbadia Garden>
    c. Boss: Cerberus     Hp: 10,000 
    This is probably the easiest optional boss in your No Junction game. 
    Cerberus may pose a major threat to your party if he casts Triple spell on 
    himself and abuse Tornado, however, Cerberus's defense is quite laughable, 
    with everyone level 70 or above, you can defeat him easily.
    The only thing you might want to notice is you have only one chance to fight 
    him- When you are in Galbadia Garden at the very end of Disc 2. If you 
    choose not to fight him, then you will never have another chance to see him 
    --Place Squall, Quistis and Zell in your party with Hp as low as possible.
    --Have Quistis use Micro Missile first, and have Squall use Renzokuken (600+ 
    damage per hit) and Zell abuse Duel (400~500 per hit). If it is a long duel 
    with nine seconds or longer, you will defeat Cerberus in one round. 
    Sometimes Cerberus uses Tornado in his first turn, in this case, consider 
    yourself unlucky and try it again.
    <Deep Sea Research Center>
    d. Boss: Bahamute      Hp: 90,000
    This battle can be classified as an extremely difficult battle in your No 
    Junction game. You have to battle two Ruby Dragons before you can battle 
    Bahamute. Bamanute's regular deals around 4,500+ damage to a single target 
    at level 100, so unless he misses the target, his physical attack is always 
    fatal. He casts Thundaga, which deals around 900 damage on a single target; 
    the worst is his Mega Flare attack, it deals 5,800 damage on all opposing 
    target. I am not sure what's the condition that triggers Bahamute's Mega 
    Flare attack, but it appears to me that if you cannot defeat him in a 
    certain amount of time, Behamute will cast Mega Flare on your party.
    You have to have Squall, Quistis and Rinoa in your party with Quistis Hp 
    around 1,000, Rinoa as low as possible, and Squall with full Hp. You have to 
    rely on girls in this battle, Squall's Renzokuken can not inflict much 
    damage on Bahamute. The use of Squall is as a decoy in the battles that 
    could reduce the chance that your enemies attack the other two girls. 
    Everyone in your party should be at level 100; Quistis must know Homing 
    Laser and Micro Missile; Rinoa must know Invincible Moon and Wishing Star.
    After you enter the facility, you will see a blue core in the center of the 
    room, you have to touch the core in order to talk to Bahhamute. Every time 
    you walk while the blue core is glowing, you will have encounters. The best 
    way to avoid those random encounters is only walking when the blue core is 
    not glowing. Try not to have any random encounters before you reach the blue 
    After you reach the blue core, select the only option Bahamute gives to you.
    Fight #1: Ruby Dragon
    --Have Quistis use degenerator to finish him off.
    Now select "Never" to enter the second combat.
    Fight #2: Ruby Dragon
    You are almost always back attacked in this battle, and Ruby Dragon is 
    likely to have a turn before you can move. 
    --Press R2+L2 bottom and see if Odin will save you.
    --If not, then pray that Ruby Dragon uses Firaga in his first turn. For some 
    unknown reasons, he almost always hits Squall if he uses Firaga. Have 
    Quistis use a degenerator to finish Ruby Dragon off again when she has a 
    Now select the third option "it is our nature" which is hidden below "none 
    of your business".
    Boss: Bahamute      Hp: 90,000
    As I stated above, Bahamute's strength is extremely high, and he could kill 
    anyone in your party with one attack, so the best way is not to let him lay 
    any of his fingers on your people.
    --Have Quistis use Bad breath on Bahamute, it usually inflicts slowness, 
    sometimes inflicts darkness, and rarely inflicts meltdown.
    --If Bamamute is blinded, have Rinoa abuse limit break (Wishing Star 3,800 
    damage x 8), Quistis use Homing Laser (1,800~9,999 damage) and Squall attack 
    (270 damage). Bahamute can still use Thundaga, so pray that he will cast 
    this spell on Squall first. 
    --Hopefully you could defeat Bahamute or hit an Invincible Moon before he 
    uses Mega Flare. If not, you are in trouble.
    e. Boss: Ultima Weapon      Hp: 160,000
    After you defeat Bahamute, go back to the Airship and chat with people, then 
    go back to the Deep Sea Research Center, you will find a path that leads to 
    the heart of the research center. I am not going to tell you how to reach 
    the bottom level, there are already enough walkthrough that tells you how. 
    Find your way to the bottom level and Ultima Weapon will be there.
    This battle is tedious in a No Junction game. Ultima weapon is extremely 
    tough, even Bahamute is no match for him. Ultima weapon casts Meteor that 
    deals around 400 damage each single hit at a character with level 100; 
    Ultima weapon uses Quake that deals around 3,000 damage on all the opposing 
    targets; he has a special attack called Light Pillar that deals 9,999 damage 
    on a single target, which is always fatal; his regular attack deals around 
    2,000+ damage on a single target. The only attack from Ultima weapon cannot 
    really harm your party is Gravija, which reduce your party's Hp to 1/4. The 
    biggest problem in this battle is that Ultima weapon is VERY AGILE. He has 
    about as three times fast as your party at level 100.
    I do think that Invincible Moon + The End is the best way to finish him, 
    although it is cheap. However, after countless attempts, I still defeated 
    him without The End. Luck is a vital factor of the victory.
    The best time to fight Ultima weapon is when you are in disc four. You can 
    still go back to the virtual world by going through the light doors beside 
    the huge chain. After you defeat Ultimecia's servants and bring everyone's 
    Hp down to one, go back to the virtual world and find Ragenarok and head to 
    the Deep Sea Research Center again. Try not to get anyone killed and let 
    them reach Ultima Weapon with Hp one.
    --Have Squall, Rinoa and Zell be in your party.
    --If Ultima weapon takes the initiative, unless he uses Gravija, you are in 
    trouble. Based on my experience, I did not recall that he ever used Gravija 
    in his first turn.
    --If Rinoa takes the initiative, have her use Angelo limit break and hope 
    that is an invincible moon.
    --Have Squall use rensukoken (200 damage per hit), Zell use Duel (180 damage 
    per hit. Some of his Duel attack could deal up to 400 damage if a critical 
    hit occurs. You really need to master Zell's Duel in order to deal high 
    damage on Ultima Weapon) and Rinoa use Angelo and pray that she abuses 
    Wishing Star (2,600 x 8 = 20,800 damage).
    --After everyone passed three turns, don't let Rinoa do any attack 'till 
    your invincibility expires, then have Rinoa use another Angelo immediately 
    and pray that it is an invincible moon. You will need at least three 
    Invincible Moons to win this battle without The End, TOUGH FIGHT!!!
    f. Boss: Jumbo Cactuar      Hp: 600,000
    Jumbo Cactuar has massive amount of Hp, this is the main reason that makes 
    him become a tough opponent; otherwise he is extremely slow. He has an 
    attack called 10,000 needles that deals 10,000 damage on a single target, it 
    is always fatal. His physical attacks can either deal around 2,000+ damage 
    on a single target or 1,500 damage on all opposing targets.
    This battle is very tough as well, however, I found that Jumbo cactuar is a 
    bit easier than Ultima Weapon due to his pathetic low agility. Sometimes he 
    could barely move once after all your characters have already moved four or 
    five times. Based on the complex possibility calculation, this battle is the 
    only battle that you will have more advantage if you DON'T HAVE Wishing 
    Star, but it does not mean that you cannot defeat him if Rinoa has Wishing 
    Star already, you can still beat him, you just have to be luckier. You need 
    five to eight Invincible Moons to win this battle. 
    You must fight him in disc four and with everyone with one Hp. The location 
    of Jumbo Cactuar is on the Cactuar Island, which is located south of Estahr 
    --Have Squall, Rinoa and Zell be in your party.
    --Have Squall use renzokuken, Zell abuse Duel and Rinoa uses invincible 
    moon. Jumbo Cactuar is very slow and Rinoa should be able to hit invincible 
    moon every time before Jumbo cactuar's turn, if she does not have Wishing 
    star, since she could have four turns between Jumbo Cactuar's. If she has 
    wishing star, it deals 3,500 x 8 = 28,000 damage. You need luck to win this 
    fight, too.  
    NOTE: The two optional bosses listed below are still not defeated in my No 
    Junction Games without The End. The only thing I could do is to provide the 
    possible theory to help players as much as I can. If you have better 
    strategies against those two bosses below, please contact me as soon as 
    g. Boss: Tonberry King      Hp: 250,000
    You may want to attempt this optional quest during Disc III or IV, at 
    earliest after you acquire the airship. Tonberry King is located in Odin's 
    Tower, and in order to fight Tonberry King, you have to defeat twenty 
    tonberries first, which is a pain.
    The recommended party of killing tonberries is with those three chatacters: 
    Squall, Zell and Rinoa. You must enter Odin's Tower with everyone has 
    critical Hp. When you find a tonberry, have Squall use Renzukoken, Zell use 
    Duel and Rinoa use Angelo, and hope Angelo does a Wishing Star that will 
    kill a tonberry instantly in conjunction with Zell's Duel (2,500 x 8 = 
    20,000 damage); or an invincible moon, which will prevent your party members 
    being damaged from tonberry's random counterattack: Everyone's Gauge. Or you 
    can switch Zell to Quistis and have Quistis use Micro Missile on tonberries. 
    It works dramatically as Zell's Duel.
    After you defeat nineteen tonberries, go to the world map and save your 
    game, then come back to Odin's tower and kill the twentieth tonberry. Once 
    you kill it, the Tonberry King will appear.
    Tonberry King is mush faster than Jumbo Cactuar, his stab attack deals 
    almost 3,000 damage to a single character; and his "Junk" attack deals 
    around 2,000 damage to the entire party. I have attempted to fight him many 
    times, but I was tired and I ended up killing him with Selphie's The End. He 
    is really a very tough opponent. I believe that Tonberry King is possible to 
    defeat in Theory, however, if you want to defeat him in practice without The 
    End, you will need much luck to win.
    --Bring Squall, Zell and Rinoa in your party when you are ready to fight the 
    twentieth tonberry. The lower the Hp the better. If you are doing this quest 
    in disc four, use the same old trick to bring everyone's Hp down to one. 
    --When you fight tonberry, try not to kill him to fast and have Rinoa use an 
    invincible moon first before you take Tonberry down.
    --Once Tonberry King appears, have Zell Duel (300 damage per hit), Squall 
    use Renzokuken ( 500 damage per hit) and Rinoa use Angelo, hopefully it is a 
    Wishing Star (3,500 x 8 = 28,000 damage). After everyone passes three turns, 
    don't let Rinoa do anything and wait 'till your invincibility expires, then 
    have Rinoa use another Angelo and pray that it is an Invincible Moon, If it 
    is not, Tonberry King will wipe out your party in around thirty seconds.
    h. Boss: Omega Weapon      Hp: 1,210,000
    Here comes the most infamous and powerful boss in the world of Final Fantasy 
    VIII. Even in a regular game, his power is supreme and mighty. In a No 
    junction game, he is close to invincible. The major problem is that you must 
    keep your invincibility in the entire fight in order to defeat him in a No 
    Junction game, and Angelo's Invincible Moon occurs randomly. You will need 
    to get Invincible moon work constantly before you wear down Omega Weapon's 
    massive amount of 1,210,000 Hp. My best result was to damage him around 
    300,000 Hp, and I gave it up.
    If this FAQ is about a regular game, I would go very in-depth about this 
    ultimate boss, include his attack pattern. But since almost any of his 
    attacks could wipe out your party in a No Junction game, besides the correct 
    party members and the selection of your attacks, there is nothing left 
    besides luck. I will just list some brief methods of defeating Omega Weapon 
    in a No Junction game, and hopefully someone will follow my tactics and 
    defeat Omega Weapon in a No Junction game in the future, who knows? 
    If you are willing to attempt this battle, you should not level everyone to 
    level 100 except Squall before you enter Lunatic Pandora, because Omega 
    Weapon casts Level V Death at the beginning of the battle, which will kill 
    all opposing targets with level multiplied by five instantly. However it 
    does not mean that you have no chance to win if you have everyone level 100. 
    Omega weapon rarely uses claw attack before Level V Death spell, plus there 
    is always a chance that Rinoa take the initiative in this battle and use an 
    invincible moon before Omega's Level V Death.
    --Bring Quistis, Zell and Rinoa in the party with Hp one. The ideal level of 
    those three people is 96~99.
    --Omega will use Level V Death at the beginning of the battle and it should 
    miss everyone. Have Rinoa use Angelo and pray for a lucky invincible moon, 
    if it is not, Omega will probably wipe out your party with Magido Flame. 
    There is a small chance that Rinoa still has a turn before Omega's Magido 
    Flame, but it happens rarely.
    --Have Quistis use Acid to bring Omega Weapon's defense to zero, and Zell 
    use Duel (500 per hit) and Rinoa use Angelo (2,800 x 8 = 22,400 for per 
    Wishing Star, and 1,800~4,000 for Angelo Cannon). Quistis can use Homing 
    Laser after Omega Weapon's defense is reduced to zero. Remember that your 
    invincibility will expire around every three turns. After everyone passes 
    three turns, don't let Rinoa do anything and wait 'till your invincibility 
    expires. Then have Rinoa use another Angelo and pray that it is an 
    Invincible Moon. Based on an optimistic calculation, suppose you can have 
    Zell use LONG DUEL ( nine seconds or longer) every time, Quistis's Homing 
    Laser deal 5,000+ damage every time, and Rinoa use Wishing Star constantly 
    and also use Invincible Moon every three turns, you will defeat Omega Weapon 
    after around twenty five rounds.  
    --Also, you can use Invincible Moon + The End trick to finish Omega Weapon 
    instantly, this is how I defeated him. Quite cheap, but effective as well.
    VI. Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Is it really possible to complete a No Junction Game?
    A: YES IT IS AND THAT'S WHAT THIS FAQ ABOUT!!! Stop asking this silly newbie 
    question. I didn't write 120+ Kb for a joke. 
    Q: Is there any reward for completing a No Junction game?
    A: Not in the game, but it is a proof that you are a skillful FFVIII player.
    Q: I did not learn Homing Laser in Disc 1. Can I still beat my No Junction 
    A: Yes. But it will make Disc 2 much harder. You must learn Micro Missile in 
    D-Desert prison in order to deal heavy damage on some bosses. Also, if you 
    did not learn Degenerator in Disc 1, then you will be in trouble when you 
    fight Oilboyles in Garden.
    Q: How come you rarely mention Selphie in your FAQ?
    A: If you consider The End is a cheap trick and avoid using it, then Selphie 
    is almost useless in a No Junction game. You have to sit there and keep  
    "Doing over" and it wasted a lot of time.
    Q: Am I allowed to use Pocket Play Station to find Pulse Ammos for Squall's 
    Best weapon "Leon Heart"????
    A: I don't have Pocket PS so this FAQ is basically based on a no-pocket PS 
    game, but if you have it, I don't see why not. I have heard that you can 
    find Pulse ammos in the mini game in Pocket Play Station; and if you can 
    remodel Leon Heart, it may somehow help you in your No Junction game. But I 
    can guarantee that Lion Heart won't be more powerful than Wishing Star in 
    your No Junction game.
    Q: I want to learn Shock Wave Pulsar!!! Homing Laser is still too weak 
    A: The latest news I have heard is that you may not be able to find any dark 
    matter if you don't have a pocket PS.
    Q: Edea did not drop a Force Armlet after I defeated her in disc 2. What 
    should I do in order to remodel Rinoa's Shooting Star?
    A: Forbidden and Ochus VERY RARELY drop Force Armlets with level 30 or 
    above. Fight them in Odin's tower and Island closest to Heaven over and over 
    and see if they drop one. 
    Q: Do I have to learn Wishing Star?
    A: It is very hard to answer this question, but in my opinion, I would say 
    learn it.
    I used to have two No Junction game save before, one with Wishing Star and 
    one without. After testing both of them 100 times in battle, here is the 
    When Rinoa is level100 with Hp 1:
    Without Wishing Star: Rinoa did 39 Invincible moon over 100 Angelo limit 
    With Wishing Star: Rinoa did 22 Invincible Moon, 26 Wishing Star over 100 
    Angelo limit breaks.
    It is just my personal testing and an error ratio may occur. However, based 
    on this report, learning Wishing Star is better than not learning it, seeing 
    every Wishing Star deals around 52,000 damage on Ultimecia (25,600 damage on 
    her first form). If you don't learn Wishing Star, you may have a bit more 
    invincible moon, but the possible damage from Rinoa will be reduced much, 
    plus it is pointless if you use Invincible Moon constantly, if you hit an 
    Invincible Moon while everyone is invincible, you waste Rinoa one turn.
    Q: I can't beat Ultimecia!!! I am sick and tired of that &@#%$. Will The End 
    give me a direct victory?
    A: Every time you have Selphie use The End, it will kill Ultimecia's current 
    form and force her transforming to the next form. If you use The End on 
    Ultimecia-Griever, it will force her lower body to fall apart, and leave her 
    Hp 1; if you use The End on Aka Ultimecia, it will force her to talk, and 
    AFTER HER FINISH TALKING, her Hp will be reduced to 1.
    The End occurs more often when Selphie has high level and low Hp. With Hp 1 
    and level 100, you may be able to hit a The End with average of around 30 
    "Do Over" (sometimes it only took me 4 or five "Do Over"). However, it is 
    very dangerous letting Selphie sit there and doing over her slot, I highly 
    recommend using The End in conjunction with Rinoa's Invincible Moon, it will 
    work better. 
    Q: Will this challenge be easier if I keep characters' level low so the 
    enemies will have relatively low level/HP as well, and I could finish them 
    with Homing Laser easily?
    A: I have already received tons of e-mail about whether to level up or avoid 
    leveling up. True, keep staying at low level and have Quistis abuse Homing 
    Laser will make the first two Disc somewhat easier, however, remember that 
    the high level you have, the more powerful your limit break will be, not 
    only Selphie's The End makes essential difference. For example, having Hp 
    500 won't allow you to perform limit breaks at level 15, however, if you 
    have level 100 and Hp 500, it is considered as critical HP and you could 
    perform powerful limit break. This concept is especially vital in disc IV. 
    Having Hp one at level 50 and level 100 will lead you to entirely different 
    result, if you at least have some common number sense, you should know the 
    difference between 1:2,000 and 1:4,000. That's why leveling everyone up to 
    level 100 to fight Ultimecia is so important, plus if you have level lower 
    than 40, I don't see how you could defeat Sphinxaur easily since you can 
    only attack, and Sphinxaur always has Hp 10,000 no matter how low your level 
    is. Also, if you fight Utimecia with level 70 or below, you will find that 
    the chance of Rinoa using Invincible Moon/Wishing Star is much less compare 
    to level 100.
    Q: When will be the next update?
    A: Basically, this FAQ is already good enough to help you to complete your 
    No Junction game. I will have some minor changes on this FAQ in the next 
    update in one week, it will be version 2.2, and the next one after version 
    2.2 will be the final version. 
    Q: Why won't you answer my questions through e-mail?
    A: Because I am too busy to answer them, simple as that.  
    Q: What's my gender?
    A: I couldn't remember who brought this question up on GameFaqs FFX massage 
    board. Actually, there is no need for you to know. The only thing you may 
    have to remember is that Hyprophant is the author of FFVIII No Junction FAQ 
    and many other "Challenge" FAQs. Also, never underestimate female players, 
    few of them are much better than most of the male players around here.
    VII. Appendix: Zell's Duel Combo
    Zell's Duel is the most controllable limit breaks in the entire No Junction 
    game. And with Level 100 and Hp 1, 80% of Zell's Duel will be over nine 
    seconds. It is VERY IMPORTANT to master Zell's Duel in a No Junction game.
    The key of using Duel to deal heavy damage on opponents is to repeat certain 
    skills over and over and launch the finish blow in the last moment. You have 
    to know what you are doing and what are you going to do next, you cannot 
    have time to think your next move.
    There are two types of Duels: Short Duel and Long Duel. A "Short Duel" is 
    classified as Duel with four or six seconds; a "Long Duel" is Duel with nine 
    seconds or twelve seconds. Short Duel starts with Booya, and Long Duel 
    starts with Punch Rush. 
    Let's review Zell's Duel Combo first:
    --Burning Wave Combos 
    Booya + Punch Rush + Mach Kick + Punch Rush + Heel Drop--> Burning Wave 
    (Short Duel)
    Punch Rush + Booya + Mach Kick + Punch Rush + Heel Drop --> Burning Wave 
    (Long Duel)
    --Meteor Barret Combos
    Booya + Heel Drop + Mach Kick + Heel Drop + Booya + Punch Rush + Mach Kick 
    --> Meteor Barret (Short Duel)
    Long Duel is just like the short Duel; all you have to do is to add a Punch 
    Rush before Booya at the beginning.
    --Different Beat Combos
    Booya + Heel Drop + Mach Kick + Heel Drop + Boyya--> Different Beat (Short 
    If you hit a long Duel, simply add a Punch Rush before Booya at the 
    --My Final Heaven Combos
    Booya + Heel Drop + Mach Kick + Punch Rush --> My Final Heaven (Short Duel)
    In order to do a My Final Heaven Combo in a long Duel, simply add Punch Rush 
    before Booya.
    I highly recommend mastering Burning Wave and My Final Heaven combos, since 
    they are easier to learn and effective as well. The other two might be too 
    complex for players to memorize.
    In order to deal maximum damage with Burning Wave combos, follow the combo 
    list above, and after you input Heel Drop command, DO NOT use burning wave 
    directly, return to Mach Kick and use Mach Kick + Punch Rush + Heel Drop + 
    again, then return to Mach Kick again...keep doing these three skills over and 
    over and input Burning Wave command in the last moment.
    In order to deal maximum damage with My Final Heaven combos, follow the 
    combo list above. After you input punch rush command, DO NOT use My Final 
    Heaven directly. Return to Heel Drop and use Heel Drop + Mach Kick + Punch 
    Rush, then return to Heel Drop again and keep doing these three skills over 
    and over and input My Final Heaven command in the last moment.
    Now it is time for you to practice. First, you have to know how to place 
    your fingers on your controller. Your left Thumb will control your T-pod, 
    and place your right middle finger on the circle bottom, and right finger on 
    the X bottom. 
    Find some weak monsters and practice Zell's Duel over and over until you can 
    reach the goals below:
    --Booya: Right + left bottom. 
    Maximum inputting time: .25 seconds
    Target inputting time: .15 seconds
    --Punch Rush: Circle + X bottom
    Maximum inputting time: .15 seconds
    Target inputting time: .10 seconds
    --Heel Drop: Up + Down bottom
    Maximum inputting time: .20 seconds
    Target inputting time: .15 seconds
    --Mach Kick: Left + Left + circle bottom.
    Maximum inputting time: .30 seconds
    Target inputting time: .15 seconds
    --Burning Wave: down x 4 + circle bottom.
    Maximum inputting time: .60 seconds
    Target inputting time: .35 seconds
    --My Final heaven: Up + Right + Down + Left + triangle bottom. Use your 
    middle finger to press the triangle bottom.
    Maximum inputting time: .60 seconds
    Target inputting time: .25 seconds-it is not impossible. Use your left thumb  
    circle around your T-Pod clockwise and press triangle bottom immediately. 
    Actually, I can input most skills above in less than .15 seconds, however, 
    if you are not used to use Zell before, at least try to reduce your 
    inputting time to between the maximum time and the target time. Practice 
    them a lot, and best of luck on your No Junction game! 
    --Thanks to CJayC first. For establishing this site and posting this FAQ so 
    I am able to share my knowledge with FF players around the world.
    --Thanks to my Parents for their support.
    --Thanks to Hyprophant, for testing No Junction games over and over and 
    composing this FAQ, it was too much coffee for this young person.
    --The(*)part is credited to Xtreem and Sister, for confirming the exact 
    effect of White Wind.
    --The (**) part is credited to Vilurum, for telling me how to remodel Zell's 
    weapon in disc one.
    --Special thanks to Professor Otwall for taking her time reviewing this FAQ.

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