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    No Level Up FAQ/Walkthrough by Edman

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/29/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                  FINAL FANTASY 8
                  NO LEVEL UP GUIDE
                  version 1.1
                  Written by: EDMAN
                  29th December, 2002
    This is a No Level Up Guide. It gets you through the game without
    getting your characters to level up a single level (yes, that means
    fighting the final boss at LV7). It also includes ways of beating
    the Ultimate and Omega Weapons at LV7! Please note that this is an
    Advanced level guide. I expect you to have already finished Final 
    Fantasy 8 and be familiar with it, but if you haven't done so, you 
    can still use this guide. Just don't expect me to teach you how to 
    junction stuff and basic commands. If you are familiar with the 
    game, you can use this guide. Actually, some of the junctions 
    mentioned here (especially the ones at the end...) can be used in 
    high level games with the same success. Please see the guide intro 
    for more details (under the "What This Walkthrough is About" 
    I have gotten some emails from people who use this guide for their
    first game, so I can suggest this guide for your first game. The
    reason is that this guide was written as one would play the game,
    so it is not broken up into pieces like other walkthroughs.
    Feel free to email all questions and feedback to edman@hackermail.com
    This guide was based on the European version of the game. That means
    that some things might be different, but the differences are so small
    that most players won't even notice them.
    I am sorry, but there is no way I can write here all the site
    names that store this guide, as that list is updating faster than the
    guide updates are happening.
                          COPYRIGHT NOTICE
    This guide is copyright (c) by Edmunds Steins. You may not reproduce
    this guide or any part of it. Anyone who will claim this guide as their
    own, sell this guide or use it for any other promotional purposes 
    (even if it doesn't involve getting money) will be prosecuted to the 
    full extent of the law. Please note that you may not reproduce this faq
    electroniacally. If you wish to put this guide up on your site, you are
    encouraged to do so, but you MUST get (e-mail for it) permission from me
    to do so, otherwise you are breaking copyright. Suing other people in 
    the modern world isn't that difficult (especially if your parents are 
    lawyers, hehehe).
    Part 1 : Guide Intro
    1.1 What this walkthrough is about
    1.2 My Style of Playing FF8
    1.3 General playing Tips
     1.3.1 General ways of avoiding experience
     1.3.2 What if you can't run away?
     1.3.3 Best Magics to gain stats with & how to get them
     1.3.4 Where to get the cards you need
     1.3.5 Where to gain AP
     1.3.6 Abolishing Card Rules
    1.4 About/contacting Me
    1.5 Version History
    ===== No Level Up Walkthrough =====
    Part 2 : Disc 1 Walkthrough
    2.1 Becoming a SeeD
     2.1.1 Balamb Garden
     2.1.2 Is it Hot in Here or is it Just Me?
     2.1.3 Dollet Mission
    2.2 Your first SeeD mission
     2.2.1 Gaining AP and Card games
     2.2.2 Laguna scenario & Getting through Timber
    2.3 Assassination Mission
     2.3.1 Second Laguna Scenario
     2.3.2 Galbadia Garden
     2.3.3 Tomb of the Unknown King
     2.3.4 Assassination Mission
    Part 3 : Disc 2 Walkthrough
    3.1 Laguna Scenario #3
    3.2 Desert Prison
    3.3 Missile Base Mission
    3.4 Saving the Garden
    3.5 Fisherman's Horizon
    3.6 Side Quests
     3.6.1 Getting Odin
     3.6.2 Getting Tonberry & Making Use of His Abilities
     3.6.3 CC Group Side Quest
    3.7 Rescuing Balamb
    3.8 Visiting Trabia Garden
    3.9 Battle With the Sorceress
    Part 4 : Disc 3 Walkthrough
    4.1 Another Laguna Scenario
    4.2 Finding the SeeD ship
    4.3 Esthar, Here We Come!
     4.3.1 Getting There
     4.3.2 Last Laguna Scenario
     4.3.3 Exploring It
    4.4 A Holiday Trip to Space...Turns Bad & Lunatic Pandora
    4.5 Side Quests
     4.5.1 It's AP Gaining Time & Finishing Your GF List
     4.5.2 Setting up your Junctions
     4.5.3 Deep Sea Research Facility (How to Beat Ultimate Weapon at LV7!)
    4.6 Lunatic Pandora...Again?
    Part 5 : Disc 4 Walkthrough
    5.1 Time Compression & Ultimecia Castle
    5.2 Beating the Omega Weapon at LV7
    5.3 Let's Just End This!
                           PART 1 : Walkthrough Intro
    Please note that this is an advanced level walkthrough. I insist that 
    you have finished the game before using this walkthrough, although it 
    could be of some help if you are playing the game for the first time. 
    It is just that I am not going to go into detail about how the game 
    systems, junctions and everything else work. There are other guides for 
    that. For example, I will tell you to go and fight card games, but I'm
    not going to tell you how to do it, because, hey, this is an advanced 
    level guide - you should have played them before.
    By now you are probably saying "OH NO! Not another Final Fantasy 8 
    walkthrough!" and thinking that whoever wrote this was insane to spend
    his time doing something that has already been done before. Over and
    over and over. Well people, you are going to get a surprise when you
    read this. This is no ordinary walkthrough. What I present to you is a
    guide which will let you get through the game without going up a single
    level! By the time you finish reading this, you will know how to get to,
    and beat, the final boss of Final Fantasy 8 with a main character's 
    level being at 7. It also includes strategies on how to beat Ultimate 
    and Omega weapons at the same level. 
    When you read most of the FF8 walkthroughs floating around the net, you
    will see that they get very repetitive. Most agree on the same old RPG 
    gaming strategy. You go around the world, you talk to people, then you 
    level up and beat bosses. So most walkthroughs will often say something
    like "to beat this boss you will need to be at level 35" or the like. 
    They forget one very important thing - there is no need to level up in 
    this game. The whole point of levelling up is to rise your stats. But 
    the point is, levelling up doesn't rise your stats by all that much (OK,
    it does, but it happens so slowly that you won't really notice). What 
    can really boost your stats is the famous Junction system. If you don't 
    know how the junction system works, get a beginner's guide. This system
    allows you to do things like making your strength 5 times bigger with the
    first junction. You must also remember that the junction system allows 
    you not to just rise your strength, but also your defences. As you don't
    have any armor/accessories/relics/anything else to get your defence up
    (and now you can't rise your defence by levelling up), your junctions is
    the only thing that protects you from the enemy's Ultima's (as if many
    have that...). So basically, using the junction system, you can get 
    through the whole game without levelling up. However, there are several
    1. The magic strength, as you progress through your game, doesn't go up
    as quickly as the enemy difficulty. So basically, the first bosses will
    be very easy, because you are using very advanced magic, but the last
    bosses will be much more difficult.
    2. You can only get junctions by gaining AP for your GFs. AP is gained
    in conjunction with experience, which, in turn, levels you up.
    3. There are some abilities that your GFs will never learn, because they
    need to be at a certain level to learn them (like Shiva's Doom).
    4. You CANNOT get Squall's Lionheart weapon, and with it you don't get 
    'End of Heart', the most powerful limit break, on which most low-level
    FF8 gamerz rely on so much.
    5. You CANNOT gain proper Ammo for Irvine (who will just happen to be
    your highest level character), and he will just have to stick with Fast
    Ammo or Demolition Ammo (some people say that Fast Ammo is his best 
    Ammo. Unfortunately, you run out of Fast Ammo faster than anything
    6. GF Tonberry will be one of your best GFs, because of the Level-Down
    and Haggle abilities. However, getting Tonberry involves getting Odin,
    and getting Odin involves getting an @$$hole who kills enemies for you,
    and gains experience for you (I know this doesn't sound important, but 
    I can't even count all the times I had to push 'Reset' because Odin made
    an untimely appearance with no warning at all).
    7. Getting the best magic to junction is often very difficult, and 
    involves a very large knowledge of the ability refinement menu.
    8. Your GFs will be very very weak, as they will never level up, and you
    wouldn't want to waste AP on Summon Mag+??% abilities... (OK, so getting
    Sum Mag+??% abilities isn't all that difficult, but it still doesn't rise
    the GF's strength by enough to make it even closely as damaging as a 
    physical attack).
    This walkthrough is made so that this difficult task could be achieved in
    the best possible means. By that I mean the "BEST POSSIBLE" means. Some 
    people (addicts), after reading this walkthrough's first few chapters 
    will go on an AP-gaining spree, spend 10+ hours gaining AP, and another 
    10+ fighting card battles, and then say - "You suck. The magic you mention
    sucks. This whole walkthrough sucks. Why did I even bother reading it? 
    Loser.". Well, let's get things straight - you are the loser with no life.
    Anyone who spends endless hours to level up is pretty close to being a 
    no-life loser. The whole point of this walkthrough is so that you don't 
    need to spend time to level up. This walkthrough mentions magic that you 
    need to get through that particular part of the game (with the exception of 
    the beginning, where I simply prepare you for the rest of the disc). So yes,
    it is possible to get better magics. If I will ever want to, I will update 
    this walkthrough with the best possible magics.
    To sum things up, this walkthrough intends to rise the challenge of FF8 by
    trying to get the player through the game without levelling up. 
    The way a walkthrough is going to look like very much depends on the person
    writing it. So it is necessary for me to tell you my style of playing this
    1. I HATE GFs. They are 
    a) Boring to watch
    b) I think that only a complete loser would tap the square button (boosting 
    the GF). I mean, imagine how it would look like if you were watching someone
    going hysterical and punching the square button on the controller, then 
    falling onto the floor shouting "YES, Yes, I got it to 250!!".
    c) They are too weak.
    d) There will be no way for you to level up your GFs, so they will be even 
    e) At Disc 4 your enemy's spirit stat will be so high your GFs will be a joke.
    f) Getting Eden, the strongest GF, will be, to say the least, complicated, 
    and se will come VERY late in the game.
    I'm not saying that it is entirely impossible to beat Final Fantasy 8 by only
    using GFs.  However, there are better ways of torturing yourself...
    2. I NEVER EVER EVER use magic. I think that magic is for the sole purpose of
    making your junctions better. Also, magic is very weak and it will get weaker
    as the game progresses, because the enemies Spirit stats will go sky high (OK,
    it won't, but it will be high enough to make you switch to physical attacks. 
    So why not start practicing them from the beginning?).
    3. Brute Force is the way to go. I like slaughtering my enemies using physical
    attacks (effective enough at the beginning of the game) and limit breaks (your
    savior at the end).
    4. I detest levelling up.
    5. I hate Random map battles
    6. I am a card master. By that I am not trying to say i'm the best card player
    of the world. It is just that there in basically none in the whole game who 
    could even try to beat me. That's why I am very likely to tell you to go and 
    fight card battles to get a whole lot of cards, without really telling you how
    to fight card battles. Well, this is an advanced level walkthrough, so if you 
    don't know how to fight card battles properly, go and get a beginner's guide. 
    I will, however, mention things like how to abolish rules.
    Also, whenever you get a new GF, I usually won't tell you who to junction it on,
    as that is your own freedom. Just check the GF abilities, see which junctions 
    and abilities that particular GF has, see which character does not have those 
    abilities, or which one is most likely to benefit from them the most, and 
    junction that GF to that particular character. Low level games include spending 
    a lot of time in the menus, and that is also one of my characteristics - 
    spending half the game in the GF, abilities and junction menus.
    This could be called the most important section of this walkthrough. Some people
    will just get the idea right away after reading this and not even read the whole
    walkthrough. This is basically going to tell you how to get through some of the 
    problems involved in a low level FF8 game.
    1.3.1 General Ways of Avoiding Experience
    This can actually be pretty difficult. However, FF8 game mechanics come to rescue.
    1)Running Away. This is pretty obvious, I guess. However, you must remember that 
    the escaping system in FF8 has been changed from the previous games, so that when
    you run away, you will still get EXP for the damage you did. So if you know you 
    will have to run away, don't do any damage.
    2) You do not gain EXP from bosses. That means that while in games like FF7 you 
    thought of a boss as your greatest EXP resource (as it should be, really), here
    they give you 0 EXP, which is, of course, good news. That means that bosses are 
    a very good AP resource.
    3) You do not gain experience when you card enemies, BUT YOU GAIN AP!!! This is 
    the main way of getting AP and not getting experience. Basically, what you will 
    have to do is choose some AP rich enemies (see AP gaining places), card them, 
    and that way get your junction abilities.
    |                        HOW TO CARD ENEMIES properly                        |
    |                                   =====                                    |
    | The key to easy carding of enemies is to get them to as low HP as possible.|
    | However, you can card enemies that are at full health. It is very difficult|
    | to achieve that though, as it requires a lot of luck. The chances of       |
    | carding an enemy go up as it's HP/level goes down. So it is easier to card |
    | enemies with lower HP. So basically, you have to try to get the enemy's HP |
    | as low as possible, but be aware - if you kill him, then you will get some |
    | EXP. Therefore, your best bet is to use Scan magic. The way I do it:       |
    |                                   =====                                    |
    | Once a battle has started, I scan the enemy. That way I know it's exact HP.|
    | If I know that there's a chance that I will kill it in one hit, I run away.|
    | However, as I usually have one character without Str - J, so I attack it.  |
    | If it is a crap Enemy (I usually try to avoid those lusers), one hit is    |
    | enough to get it to low enough HP to card it. If it isn't, then I would    |
    | use attacks until it has low enough HP. If it has very low HP and it still |
    | can't be carded, I use 'Demi' magic or Quistis' Micro Missile.             |
    |                         WARNING!!!WARNING!!!WARNING!!!                     |
    |                                   ======                                   |
    | Not all enemies can be carded. If you hurt an enemy, then try to card it   |
    | and find out that it can't be carded, and have to run away you will receive|
    | EXP for the damage you did.                                                |
    |                                   ======                                   |
    | Generally, the enemies that cannot be carded are Human troops and Bosses.  |
    Another thing to remember about carding enemies is that not always you will get 
    that enemy's card when you card it. This is because boss cards can only be made
    available through normal enemies. Try going into the cards menu from the main 
    menu. If you move the cursor over any boss card you will see at the bottom the 
    name of the enemy you can get it from. So don't be surprised that when you card
    a crap enemy you can get a boss card! (Also note that the owner of all rare 
    cards is Squall...)
    4) You will not gain EXP when you petrify your enemies. This is basically using 
    'Break' magic on your enemies. However, this has a large disadvantage to Carding 
    enemies, which is that whenever all of your enemies are petrified, the game 
    thinks that you RAN AWAY, NOT WON. That means you get no AP, and if you hurt 
    your enemies just a bit, you will gain exp for the damage you did.
    5) Encounter-Half and None abilities. These two abilities probably turn GF Diablos
    into the second best GF (Quezacotl's Card command can't be beaten) you will get. 
    Basically, if you have Encounter - None equipped, you will have no random 
    encounters. These are two abilities that you should learn as quickly as possible. 
    Personally, I think Encounter-Half sucks, but it's a prerequisite for Encounter-
    None, so you will have to get it.
    6) Level - Down. This GF Tonberry's ability allows you to decrease the enemy's 
    level. What this basically means is that you can get an enemy down to level 1. 
    At level 1 all enemies give you 1 to 3 EXP, which, I guess, is OK. However, if 
    you want to get your characters 'clean' from EXP, avoid this method.
    1.3.2 What if you can't run away?
    There are some enemies that you won't be able to run away from, like the ones in 
    the SeeD Exam. There isn't much you can do about those (apart from reading the 
    following walkthrough). The general way of avoiding those enemies is to either
    1) Card them (very unlikely, as usually those enemies are ones that you can't 
    card, because they tend to be human troops); 
    2) Level them down (this usually works, but you get Level-Down so late in the 
    game that it is not an option for most of the battles);
    3) Use 'Break' magic. This is in my opinion the best possible solution. You can 
    get break very early in the game and human troops are weak to it;
    --> First Time (beginning of the game) - Curaga (You can get it by Refining 
    tents (1 tent = 10 Curagas!) using Siren's Life Magic refinement.
    --> Second Time (desert Prison) - Regen (Get it by drawing from Biggs the 
    second time you fight them).
    --> Third time (Middle/End of Disc 3 - best junction) - Full Life (You can 
    draw it from Bahamut).
    You can also use Ultima here, but I think it is better used in Strength. 
    This means that you will be able to rise your HP by 4800 simply using 
    Junctions. As the attack which will do most damage is Shockwave Pulsar 
    (made by Griever), which will do definitely less damage, so you should 
    survive the game with this HP. If you have difficulty, there is always 
    the HP + ??% attributes you could add.
    --> First Time (very beginning) - Water (you can get it by refining water 
    crystals (won from Fastilification - Fs) into Waters using Shiva's 
    Ice/water magic Refinement ability).
    --> Second Time (Before Timber Mission) - Quake (By refining either 
    T-Rex (2 for 1) or Armadodo (1 for 1) cards using Card Mod you can get 
    Dino Bones. Using Time Magic refinement you can refine 1 Dino Bone into 
    20 Quakes.
    --> Third Time (Middle of Disc 2) - Triple (draw it from ODIN)
    --> Fourth Time (best Spell, Disc 3) - Ultima (draw it from the Shumi 
    village/Ultima Weapon. Can also be drawn from the Omega Weapon, but you 
    wouldn't want to...)
    Ultima is best placed here. I would usually equip Str+60% AND Str+40%, 
    simply to double my strength stat. Your initial Str stat is at around 18. 
    Let's say you used some Str Ups and it is 20. If you equip Ultima, it rises
    your strength by 100, so now you have 120. Then you equip the junction 
    abilities which rise your strength by another 100%, rising to 240. If you 
    want, you can equip Str + 20% to max out the strength stat at 255, but I 
    would rather use that slot for something else, like HP+80%.
    --> First and only time before the SeeD mission to Timber - Meltdown - 
    Refine Gayla Cards into Mystery Fluids and then use Diablo's Status Magic 
    refinement to Refine them into Meltdowns.
    Meltdown IS the best magic for Vitality, and is basically just as good as 
    Ultima. And the best bit - you can get it very early in the game. Simply, 
    take the pain, get those Gayla cards and get Meltdowns, and never worry 
    about Vitality ever again. I also, at the end of the game, get Adamantines
    and get the Vit+60% ability, but that's not all that necessary. Another 
    point about Meltdowns is that it will decrease the enemy's vitality to 
    0 (!), and it even works on Bosses. That combined with the Maxed out 
    strength stat is what is going to get you the 9999 damage. 
    OK, so I really don't care about using magic, BUT, this stat is essential
    for painless drawing from your enemies.
    --> First Time - errr, anything really... For most of the Disc 1 & 2 I 
    used Death. You can get it by refining Tonberry Cards into Chef's Knives 
    and then refine that into Deaths (1 Chef's Knife = 30 Deaths).
    --> Second Time - Curse is the preferred spell. However, honestly saying, 
    I never even got enough Curses. I just plain simply don't pay attention to 
    the Magic stat. If you want, you can get Curses, but if your winning Combo
    is high strength and no enemy vitality, why bother?
    Unlike Magic, this actually matters, as it is your magic defence.
    --> First Time (beginning of game) - Dispel (errr... where the heck did I 
    get this?? It doesn't really matter, as in Disc 1, your enemies will use 
    only weak magic, so you shouldn't really care about Spirit until Disc two,
    which takes us to:
    --> Second Time - Reflect (draw it from Biggs (the most convenient place) 
    the second time you fight him in the Desert Prison). 
    Reflect will be your best Spirit Stat riser. However, I usually have 
    Spirit+60% equipped to really counter those enemy magic attacks, but Spr+40%
    is enough if you don't want to bother too much with it.
    Don't worry too much about this stat until very late in the game (end of 
    disc 3). I usually start bothering with Spd-J when I have enough Ultimas 
    to junction them to Strength, which leaves me with 100 Triples (drawn from 
    Odin) per character. Triple just happens to be the BEST magic to junction 
    with Spd (better than Ultima). If you are going to bother with Spd-J, make 
    sure you do it with Triples and Spd+??% skills (learnt from Pandemonia and 
    Cerberus GFs). This way you could get the speed over 100. At this quickness,
    you will be twice as fast as the Omega Weapon...
    Some people say that this is a very important stat. I never bother with it. 
    Yes, you can equip SOMETHING on it just to keep yourself happy (and lucky).
    You really shouldn't bother too much with it before disc 3. I usually get 
    Luck-J at the end of disc 3, when you fight Seifer the last time. This is 
    because the best magic to junction to Luck is Aura, and Seifer has an 
    unlimited stock of that (Of course, he will be at a too low level to have 
    Aura, so you will have to level him up (using Tonberry's LV-Up), draw Auras
    and then kill him. If you ask me, then that's just too much fighting for a 
    peaceful person like me...)
    This is a very good stat, but the even the strongest possible magic you 
    junction to it will only rise Evade by 16. And the only 'free' magic after 
    the important skills have been junctioned will be Tornado (can be gotten by 
    refining Windmills using Quezacotl's Thunder/Wind magic refinement, which 
    can be gotten from the Abyss Worm and Pandemonia cards). It will rise the 
    stat by 13 points, which means that it will still be very low. Getting 
    Tornados is easy, as the Pandemonia cards gets you 100 Windmills, enough to 
    get 100 Tornados for everybody, so it is not too much of a bother.
    For God's sake, don't use this on Squall! He already has that stat at 255%,
    it can't go higher. Use it one someone who needs it, like Zell. However, I 
    still think it is the most worthless stat of them all. If you just happen 
    to have Hit-J or a Hit-J scroll, learn it, but otherwise, don't bother too 
    much with it. I usually just get this stat, as it is a way of making sure 
    that I'm not going to get any misses in physical attacks). The best spell 
    for this would be Triple, but that is already used on Speed (and trust me,
    speed is waaaaay more important). So the second best spell would be double. 
    Doubles are easy to get (Elvoret fight at the very beginning of the game), so
    it really shouldn't be too much of a bother to equip this stat.
    So, in general, by the end of the game, your three characters should have 100 
    of each of these magics - Full Life, Ultima, Meltdown, Reflect and Triple. 
    The optional Magics are Curse, Tornado, Aura and Double.
    1.3.4 Where to Get the Cards you need
    You should just follow the walkthrough and you will get everything you need. 
    Your card fighting adventures should start after you beat Diablos and get his 
    card. I have made a list of all the important card locations:
     ________________ _____________________________ _______________________________
    |NAME OF THE CARD|     WHERE TO GET IT         |   WHY IS IT IMPORTANT?        |
    |                |                             |                               |
    |Zells Card      | Win it from Zell's mother   |  Gets you 3 Hyper wrists,     |
    |                | before the Timber mission   | which get you three Str+60%   |
    |                |                             |                               |
    |Gayla Card      | Anywhere, really...         | Gets you Mystery Fluids which |
    |                |                             | get you Meltdowns.            |
    |                |                             |                               |
    |T-Rex Card      | Any person who uses higher  | Gets you Dino Bones, which get|
    |                | level monster cards,        | you Quakes.                   |
    |                | like Zell's mother.         |                               |
    |                |                             |                               |
    |Armadodo Card   | Same as T-Rex               | Same as T-Rex                 |
    |                |                             |                               |
    |Abyss Worm Card | Same as T-Rex               | Gets you Windmills, which gets|
    |                |                             | you Tornados.                 |
    |                |                             |                               |
    |Pandemona Card  | Hotel owner after you free  | Same as Thrustaevis           |
    |                | Balamb in Disc 2            |                               |
    |                |                             |                               |
    |Gylgamesh Card  | See the CC Group Side Quest | Gets you Holy waters, which   |
    |                |                             | make you invisible...         |
    1.3.5 WHERE TO GAIN AP
    Let me remind you that gaining AP involves Carding enemies. So when I say that
    you "need to go and fight that and that enemy" I actually mean that you "need 
    to go and CARD that and that enemy". So the best places to gain AP are:
    --> Disc 1: On any shore (except the lakes) you will meet Fastolification - Fs.
    Each one gains you 3AP, they usually come in 2s, but you can catch them in 3s.
    This means an average of 6 AP per battle. Pretty good. 
    --> Disc 2: Ummmm, difficult to say. I really try to avoid levelling up in 
    disc 2. However, as far as I can remember, I still used Fastilification - Fs.
    Also, if you so wish to level up, go to the Kashkhabald desert on the eastern 
    side of centra. Chimera's give you a decent amount of AP (although they are 
    difficult to card), but you might be lucky enough to meet some cactuars. They 
    give you 4 EXP and 20 AP. Not bad, huh?
    --> Disc 3: In disc 3 I only level up after you get the Ragnarok. Just fly to 
    the Cactuar Island (a small island near the Kashkhabald desert, you will also 
    see a green thing there). After getting the Jumbo Cactuar, just run around and 
    fight battles. Before you fight make sure you have very high speed and the 
    Initiative ability. On this island you will meet only Cactuars. You can make 
    all of your GFs learn all of their abilities here.
    Disc 4: Still Cactuar Island...
    This usually is asked about the Random Rule in Dollet and Centra. Simply play 
    in an area with simple rules, like Timber or Balamb. Then go to the region with
    the random rule. Play a game there. The other person will ask you if you want 
    to combine rules. Say Yes. Then start a card game, but don't accept the rules - 
    press 'Quit'. After the game ends the person you played with will say something
    like "the random rule has been abolished in this region" or "the Open rule has 
    spread through this region". You are praying for the first message. Please note
    that this is very random. Also note that it can take you HOURS to do this, so 
    don't try it the first time and then send me flames saying that my stuff doesn't
    work. Yeah, it works, just have patience.
    My Nick: Edman
    Real Name: Edmunds Steins
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    Feel free to send me emails asking questions. I am thinking of making a FAQ at 
    the end of this guide. However, you must remember that I can't dedicate my whole
    life to this guide. 
    Version 1.1 = Fixed the Missile Base fight info
                  Fixed the guide usage info (it is now a complete walkthrough
                     as an addition to being a No Level Up guide)
                  Fixed some spelling errors
    Version 1.0 = The first version. Contains all the info about a No Level Up
                  game that anyone could ever possible want.
                               PART 2 : Disc 1 Walkthrough
    2.1 BECOMING A SeeD
    2.1.1 Balamb Garden
    After the opening FMV you will weak up in an infirmary. Just follow the 
    dialogue. You will also be introduced to Quistis. Then you will just have
    to walk out of the infirmary and you will finish up in the classroom. 
    Once you gain control of Squall, simply go back to your desk and check the
    tutorial section to get your first two GFs.
    ****GF Quezacotl*********
    This lightning bird has replaced Ramuh as the thunder GF. What can I say?
    The best GF in the game? He has some useful abilities, like HP-J, but 
    nothing special. His attack is useful for only one battle - against XATM092.
    Where he really shines is his Card ability, which is what allows us to 
    gain AP without getting EXP, so without this GF, this guide wouldn't be 
    the same.
    Useful abilities: HP-J; Mag-J; Vit-J; Card; Card Mod; T Mag-RF
    preferred Order of learning: Card; Card Mod; HP-J; T Mag-RF
    ****GF Shiva*******
    Ohhh, it looks like Shiva got even a smaller part of the GF wardrobe in 
    this Final Fantasy than in #7. Don't you just love it? However, when it
    comes to her attacking, you would be amazed with the crapiness... Just 
    avoid using her after the first parts of disc 1. Ability wise, she has
    nothing special. Her super duper special ability is Doom, but you only 
    get it after she is at level 10. As you will never level up, you will 
    never see doom in this game...
    Useful abilities: Str-J; Vit-J; Spr-J; Vit+40%; Spr+40%; I Mag-RF
    Preferred Order of Learning: Just learn the ???-J abilities first, then 
    all of the above ones. The order really doesn't matter...
    Now that you have these two GFs you will of course...want a third one. So
    lets go and get it. Get out of the room, and walk to the front gate. You 
    will bump into Selphie on the way. Just do whatever you want. You might 
    want to check around the garden. If you want to look/feel like a pro, you
    would junction your two new GFs, go into the Training Centre, get into a 
    fight with a Grat, draw 100 sleeps and Silences and then run away. 
    REMEMBER TO RUN AWAY!!! Check the library to see Zell's next girlfriend 
    (the girl with the pony tail). Go into the Cafeteria to see Zell miss his
    Hot dog and see the members of the Disciplinary Committee (Seifer, Raijin
    and Fujin). Then just go to the front gate to meet up with Quistis.
    Once you are out of the Garden, get into a battle in the plain and you 
    will fight Bite Bugs. Just draw some scans from it (whatever you think 
    is enough - I usually take 100, that way I have enough scans for the 
    rest of the game...) and RUN AWAY. Then get into a forest and fight a 
    battle there. You will probably fight a Caterchipillar (note: you have 
    around 0.1% chance of fighting a T-Rex. If you see one, just run as 
    fast as you can!). Just draw Cures until each character has a hundred. 
    They are OK for junctioning until you become a SeeD and are always a 
    cheap healing method. Don't be afraid of using something like 10 Cures 
    just to heal one character. After you are done drawing, escape, and 
    run next to the mountains until you fight a Glacial Eye. Draw at least
    100 Blizzards from it. Now you are just well enough stocked up on magic 
    to go and get your third GF. Walk to the Fire cave and get in.
    When you are asked for a time limit, pick whichever you want, but I 
    always choose 10 min as anything longer than that is just a waste of 
    time. The Fire Cave itself is not exactly a difficult dungeon. Just 
    follow the one existing passage until you reach a fight with Ifrit.
    The God of Fire is back. However, he must be saving his strength for 
    some later duties, because, as with all of the first bosses, he is 
    not very difficult. The standard way of defeating him is to have 
    Quistis cast GF Shiva and Squall cast Blizzard. If Shiva gets to low 
    health, stop summoning her, use 'Blizzard' instead. Keep on checking 
    Ifrit's HP. Get it so low, that you are sure that you will kill him 
    in one hit. Now wait until the timer reaches 40 seconds and then hit 
    him with Squall's attack. This way you will get a higher SeeD rank. 
    After the fight you will get GF IFRIT.
    ****GF Ifrit*******
    Ahhh, the great Ifrit has a lot less work to do than in the previous 
    Final Fantasies. This is due to the fact that there are a lot less 
    monsters weak against fire in this game. However, he is still one
    of my favourite GFs, because he relies on brute force. Relying on 
    brute force gives him abilities like Str-J and HP-J and 
    (my favourites) Str+??%. 
    Useful abilities: Str-J; HP-J; Str+20%; Str+40%
    Preferred learning order: same as above, basically...
    After this just get out of the cave and walk back to the garden.
    Just follow the storyline until you get into a car. Take it for a spin, 
    but get to Balamb sometime soon. DO NOT TALK TO ANYBODY IN BALAMB!! 
    You can use the Thunder draw point, but otherwise, just get straight 
    in the ship. In the ship, once Seifer tells you to go outside, DO IT. 
    Once you are on the Dollet shore, equip your GFs. Spread them evenly
    through your characters, but give Seifer a GF with a Str-J ability. 
    There are 5 battles to fight in Dollet that you can't run away from. 
    Walk away from the shore and save in the save point. Soon you will get
    into the first such battle. Just kill off Zell and Squall and fight 
    with Seifer. He will gain EXP, but these 5 battles will NOT be enough
    for him to gain level. Logically, escape any random map battles for 
    now (I know it lowers your score, but what can you do?). Just get on
    with the plot and remember to fight battles with Seifer only. 
    Once you get to the communication tower, Seifer will leave your party
    and you will get Selphie in his place (she will have all Seifer's 
    So before you do anything, Heal. Also, don't jump off the cliff like 
    Selphie did it. Walk around instead. Get into the communications 
    tower, and go up. Get through the text and a boss fight will start.
    Make sure you have the draw command equipped. The fight will start 
    with Biggs only (or was it Wedge? I can't remember who is who!). 
    Just attack him with your GFs and Heal. Halfway through the fight 
    Wedge (...or was it Biggs?) will join, but he sucks even more. Soon
    they will be washed away and Elvolet will appear. First thing you 
    should draw is GF Siren. Afterwards I suggest that you draw doubles 
    from him. I know it is going to be difficult, but I usually get 300 
    doubles here. After you are done drawing, just keep your HP over 200
    and attack with your GFs. Not too difficult.
    ****GF SIREN*******
    Well, here's something new! A woman with a pair of wings, just as 
    little of the GF wardrobe as Shiva and the second most useless attack
    in the game. What can I say? Only two good abilities - Life Magic 
    refinement and Status Magic refinement. Some people say that Move-Find
    is very good, but I usually don't even bother with draw points, as I 
    only like 100 of each magic. The only useful thing you can use 
    Move-Find on is saving. Learn the refinement abilities, then Move-Find
    and afterwards, anything that you think might be useful (Status 
    defence x2 comes to mind...).
    A time limit will start, so RUN!! As you will get out of the building,
    you will be attacked by XATM082. At this state, you can hardly scratch
    him, so do the damage necessary (using Quezacotl) and RUN! Get through
    to the next screen. Here just keep your controller's down button 
    pressed down. While the next room is loading, already hold the left 
    button down. In the next room, WALK, not run. If you run, you will get
    attacked, but if you walk you won't. In the screen after that, just 
    run like hell. On the bridge, run forwards until he jumps over you, 
    stop, wait a second or two, then run BACK. He will jump over you again.
    As he jumps over you, just turn around and run to the square (Dollet's
    square, not the company who made this game!!). As you enter the next 
    room, talk to the dog and RUN. It is important that you save the dog!!.
    After that, just run to the shore, watch the FMV and then get back to
    Once you are in Balamb, you could gain some AP, but I would leave it for
    later. Just get back to Balamb Garden, talk to Seifer and get your SeeD
    report. If you followed everything like I said you should get something
    like grade 5. After that, you will see the dancing scene with Rinoa. 
    After that scene ends, you will be in a balcony, and Quistis will tell
    you to get changed and go to the training centre. After that you will 
    be in your dormitory.
    As you are in your dormitory, simply change and walk to the training 
    centre. Once you get there, you will meet up with Quistis. Before you 
    go in, move the 100 sleeps and silences that you have to another 
    character. Also, move any protects you might have to another character.
    Walk through the training centre to the secret area. When you are 
    fighting just one Grat, have both Squall and Quistis draw 100 sleeps 
    and silences from it, so now you have 300 of each magic. Run away. If 
    you get into another battle, just run. After the secret area scene 
    finishes, go back to the entrance. You will be pulled into a battle
    against Granaldo and 3 Raldos.
    Strategy: You should be at full HP. These guys are slow at attacking,
    and when they do attack, their damage is around 30 to 40. At first, 
    use both characters to draw 100 protects from the Raldos. If one of
    your characters gets to low HP, cast his/her limit breaks until you 
    kill 2 of the Raldos. Afterwards heal and just keep on drawing. Once 
    both characters have 100 protects, kill the last Raldo. Now Granaldo 
    is going to show how badly he really sucks. The strongest attack he 
    did to me did 18 damage. Pathetic. Keep on drawing Blinds and Shells 
    until you have had enough of him. Afterwards, just kill him with your 
    limit breaks (that is, if he ever gets you into the critical HP levels).
    After the battle finishes, just head for your dormitory.
    In the next morning, when you wake up, check your table for a Weapons 
    Monthly April issue. Then just go to the Garden Entrance. Once you get 
    briefed about your mission, get the magic lamp from Headmaster Cid 
    (by talking to him). Get out of the garden and save. I put my GFs 
    Squall: Ifrit and Siren
    Zell: Shiva
    Selphie: Quezacotl
    Give Selphie the Card command. Go to the beach (NO! Not you, your 
    characters...), and card Fastilification - Fs. The way you fight 
    them is simple, have Squall attack one, then have Zell attack the 
    same one, and then just keep on trying to use the card command until 
    it works. Here your GFs will be gaining 6 AP per battle. Keep on 
    carding them until Shiva learns Str - J and Ice/water magic refinement.
    Once that happens, refine all the fish fins you have into water magics. 
    Junction all of them to strength (you should have 100 per each 
    character). Save. Use the Magic Lamp to start a fight with the devil 
    Strategy: there is lots of people around who are afraid of this guy 
    (after all, he is supposed to be the devil...), but toasting him is 
    actually pretty easy. He has 6400 HP. The moment the battle starts, 
    have all three characters draw Demi from Diablo. Just draw it from 
    him 3 times and it should be good enough. Now, just attack Diablo 
    with the Demis you drew. Every time someone uses Demi on Diablo, he 
    will counter with Curaga (I don't know why, so don't ask, maybe it 
    is because you are using a cursed spell?), healing that person. Keep 
    on attacking him with Demis until the damage you do is less than 100.
    If someone's Demi stock runs out, just make him/her use Cures. Once 
    the damage you do is less than 100, start attacking him with your 
    physical attacks. In one or two turns he should become yours.
    Junction Diablo to Zell. Keep on fighting Fastilification - Fs until 
    you get Diablo's HP-J, status magic refinement and Time/Space magic 
    refinement. The other abilities you should know are:
    Quezacotl: HP-J, Mag-J, T-Mag-RF, Card Command, Card Mod
    Shiva: Str-J, Vit-J, Spr-J, I Mag-RF
    Ifrit: HP-J, Str-J, Str+20%, F Mag-RF
    Siren: Mag-J, ST-Atk-J, ST-Def-J, Move-Find, L mag-RF, ST mag-RF
    Now go to Balamb to play some cards. By some I mean at least 200 
    (of course, there can be many same cards, like you would need a 
    lot of Gayla cards). And I'm serious. First go and play Zell's mom 
    to get Zell's card. Then from time to time go and play the Card 
    Queen near the Balamb station. If you get lucky, there is a chance 
    that she will change the trade rule to All, which, of course, lets 
    you have 5 cards after you win. This can really speed up your card 
    collecting. Also don't forget to go and fight the garden student 
    who sits at the Balamb dock. He has all but PuPu's card from the 
    normal monster cards. I suggest you get as many cards as you simply 
    can and fight card battles until you get too fed up. 
    Refine all the cards you get using your Card Mod ability. The cards 
    you should especially look out for are T-rex and Armadodo. These 
    will refine into Dino Bones, and one Dino Bone refines into 20 
    Quakes, and Quake will be your strongest spell for quite a time. 
    So I suggest you get 15 Dino bones and give everyone 100 Quakes. 
    Also, don't forget to get Gayla cards and refine them into Meltdowns. 
    After you are done with card fighting, it is time to do something 
    BAD. I know it isn't good to mod unique cards, but what you get from 
    it is more important than the card itself. I am going to ask you to 
    card mod Zell's card. You will get 3 Hyper wrists, which learn the 
    Str+60% attribute. I suggest making Quezacotl, Shiva and Ifrit learn 
    that attribute.
    So before you go to Timber you should have HP-J junctions (2500+ HP 
    with Curaga junctioned) on everybody and Str-J on Zell and Squall to 
    get their Strength over 100. Those are the important ones for now. 
    Like this you could survive until disc 3. Note that this will be the 
    last time I'm going to ask you to level up until disc 3.
    After that, just buy the train ticket, get into the train and wait 
    until you get a little bit sleepy...
    As far as the Laguna scenario goes, i'm not going to go into any 
    detail with it. Run away from all battles as carding enemies is both 
    difficult and useless. Just follow the simple plot until the dream 
    sequence ends.
    As you arrive in Timber, just walk down the stairs until one of the 
    Timber Owls Guys comes and asks you a question. Just answer "But the 
    owls are still around". It is best to answer like that, as you might 
    not get promoted a SeeD level if you don't. Then just get into the 
    train. You can challenge Zone (Or was it the other guy? Can't remember 
    for the life of me...) for the Angelo card now. Go after Rinoa and get 
    down to the plan. After the plan execution sequence you will be faced 
    with the fake president. This is going to be one of the easiest 
    battles you are going to...akhem...suffer?
    This is really easy, as Squall should have strength of over 120. The 
    fake president will go down in one hit. Before you assassinate Gerogero 
    I suggest you get 300 Esunas from him. It will take a while, as he is 
    a pain in the @$$ with his Silence and other status attacks. After you 
    have finished drawing, finish him off with your physical attacks. If he 
    gets you to low HP, just use a limit break, but it will be quite of an 
    After that just walk to your right and walk into the house next to the 
    Timber Maniacs (don't forget to get the 'Girl Next door' from the Timber 
    maniacs building!). Check out the window and then get out of the house. 
    Walk right and then down the stairs. In the next screen you will be 
    pulled into a battle you can't run away from. This one got me unprepared, 
    so I had to kill those soldiers, but you could refine (Diablo's Status 
    Magic Refinement, anyone?) Softs into 'Breaks' and use 'Break' magic on 
    them to stay clean from EXP. After that just walk into the pub, get the 
    guy to move out of the way, and walk to the TV station. Nothing difficult 
    is to follow. After that just walk to the train station and leave Timber.
    Theoretically, you could go to Dollet now and cancel the random rule, 
    and win Siren's card, but it is really your call. I usually leave it 
    for middle of disc 2, when I have the mobile garden. It doesn't matter 
    as far as levelling up goes. Get out of the train at the East Academy 
    station. Equip Squall, Selphie and Quistis with junctions. Once you 
    are prepared, walk into the forest. The second Laguna dream sequence 
    will follow. This is a little bit trickier, as you can't run away from 
    some enemies here. The only thing I can suggest for those two battles 
    is to make Breaks from Softs and use them here. The other way is to 
    kill two of your characters and let the other one handle the EXP. You 
    are in danger of levelling up though... 
    To get through this place properly, from the place where the battle 
    happened, just walk straight and go down the stairs. In the next room, 
    keep at the wall and press the 'accept' button (usually X) until you 
    have found an old key. Laguna will pick up the key, but also loose it 
    immediately. That old key DOES matter as it makes more area accessible 
    in the Lunatic Pandora in Disc 3. Then just go on ahead until you see 
    door like things on the floor. As you walk over the middle one, try to 
    tamper with it. Then walk out. You will then see an Estharian soldier 
    falling into the pit. Then walk BACK and try tampering with the door 
    on your side. Laguna won't be able to do it properly, but it is 
    important that you try. After that, keep on going until you come to a 
    narrow passage with a boulder like thing on your left. Try pushing it 
    and you will squash another Etharian soldier. After that, just keep 
    on going until you come to a switch. Press the button for the furthest 
    boulder first and then for the closest boulder (What were the colors?? 
    Can't remember for the life of me...). Then just walk out. You will 
    only have to fight only two soldiers. They will be more difficult than 
    the normal ones, but shouldn't possess any problems.
    Try to avoid random battles in the Galbadia Garden area. They are very 
    tedious (because enemies possess nasty status magic), and you should 
    be very strong for this part of the game, so you can easily make one 
    hit kills, gaining EXP you don't want to gain. So just walk straight 
    into the Garden. 
    The students of this garden have in their possession all boss cards. 
    It is your choice to get them or not. It really doesn't affect your No 
    levelling Up tries, as you can easily (OK, maybe not so easy...) make 
    it to Disc 3 with the current Junctions. You can also easily get all 
    of the cards in the possession of the students later in the game, and 
    the advantage of doing it later in the game is that you get all the 
    cards form one person (Martine) as opposed to fighting lots of students 
    Just go up into the garden. Draw 'Haste' from the draw point at the 
    very center. Then just go to the waiting room. After Squall for some 
    reason runs out of the waiting room, just walk out of the Garden (this 
    would be the right time to explore it, but you don't have to if you 
    don't want to). You will receive your next mission from the headmaster 
    Martine here and Irvine will join your party. After that, just walk 
    out (when Irvine chooses parties, let him have it his way to see a 
    funny scene). Once you are out of the garden, go to the train station 
    and take the train to the Deling City. You have to take the train, as 
    the tracks will be blocked by a car.
    As you get out of the Deling city train station, take the bus to 
    Caraway's mansion. There you will see a guard, who will tell you to 
    bring back a proof that you are worthy enough to do this mission, and 
    so you have to go to the Tomb of the Unknown King. It is located at 
    the very east of the peninsula east of Deling City. I will guide you 
    through it without the need of the location displayer. Once you go in,
    save. Then get into the tomb itself. There you will see a shining thing 
    on the floor - check it and it will be an ID number (memorize it). 
    Just follow on into the tomb. On the first junction go right. Then 
    go straight, then right, straight until you meet Sacred. It is a boss 
    fight, but you should be able to take the guy down in one hit (draw 
    Life if you want). Get out of the room. On the first junction go right, 
    then straight, then right. You will come to a place where you just have 
    to touch some stuff on the wall to let the water flow out. Then get out 
    of the room. On the first junction, go right, then straight, then right. 
    Again, you just have to touch some stuff until the water levels change. 
    Then get out of the room. Walk straight until the SECOND junction where 
    you should walk right, then, at the next junction, turn left. After that 
    go straight, walk over a bridge until you get into a room where you 
    will meet Sacred and Minotaur - the two BROTHERS.
    errrr... any problems? Draw Life if you want, but it is not all that 
    useful (OK, so it is useful, it will be one of your best Elem-Defence 
    junctions). Just kill those morons with your physical attacks. You 
    should be waaay more powerful than them. So just claim your next GF, 
    and two very good cards.
    ****GF BROTHERS******
    Well, this is a very good GF, as it is the third one to have Str-J 
    ability. And it also has HP+??% with HP+80%!!!. This is one of the 
    things that can let you max out your HP at 9999.
    Best Abilities: Str-J; HP-J; HP+80%
    After this fight just walk back to the Deling City.
    Once you are back in Deling City go to Caraway's Mansion and tell the 
    guard the ID # that you found (I remember that once I went to the tomb 
    and spent so much time afterwards levelling up that I forgot the darned 
    number and had to go there again... however, that was in a game before 
    I even thought of this great challenge). He will let you through and 
    then Caraway will show you how the assassination mission will happen. 
    Afterwards you are free to explore the great Deling City. You can really 
    do whatever you want, but there really isn't all that much to do... After 
    you are finished exploring, report to the Caraway's mansion.
    The mission itself would be pretty easy if it wasn't for Quistis' idea 
    of apologizing to Rinoa. Anyway, after you get locked in, go to the 
    cupboard, and take a glass cup. Afterwards go to the statue and place 
    the cup on the statue's hands. A secret passage will appear. Just follow 
    down that passage. This will seem like a pretty difficult system, but it 
    is actually impossible to get lost, as there is only 1 way. Make sure you 
    have Encounter-None equipped, as things can get very tedious at times. 
    This is due to the fact that you will meet lots of red bats. These guys 
    have close to zero HP, so killing them will be very easy. Of course, 
    killing them means gaining EXP, which you don't want. After some awesome 
    FMVs you will have to go and save Rinoa. And that involves fighting a 
    couple of crappy bosses...
    Draw GF Carbuncle right away. Now kill one of them. Just do it - it really 
    isn't difficult. Once there is only one left you should draw 'Breaks' 
    from it (that is, if you think you haven't got enough of them in stock, 
    or if you don't have any...). It really isn't good for junctioning, but 
    it is very good to counter troops you can't run away from. definitely get 
    at least 30 of them. Afterwards, just kill the last Iguion.
    ****GF Carbuncle*****
    This is THE MOST WORTHLESS GF EVER!! (S)He has got basically no good 
    abilities (although Abilityx3 comes to mind...), and no unique commands. 
    The only thing that you should learn from this GF would be Recover Med-RF. 
    The rest is really up to you to choose, but don't take HP-J, as you 
    already have 3 of those.
    After this fight open the hatch and get into the carousel clock. Then you 
    will have to get Quistis' party through the last bits of the sewer maze. 
    After that you will have to close the gate, Irvine will shoot, but the 
    shot will bounce off a protect barrier (Of course, it isn't really protect, 
    cuz those sorceresses use cooler stuff than that!). So you will have to 
    take the sorceress head on. But first you will have to get through 
    Just one physical attack should be enough to take him down... If you have 
    mug you can get a Hero from him, but it is very difficult to do so, as it 
    is easy for you to kill him. That Hero will still be available from him 
    in the later Seifer fights.
    As far as I can remember, she did not have anything good to draw. Her 
    attacks are also pretty weak for the 'greatest sorceress in the world'. 
    They will hit you hard if you don't have HP-J, but you should have that 
    on all three characters since the very beginning of the game. If hitting 
    with regular attacks gets too boring, simply sit back and wait until she 
    gets your HP down so you get limit breaks.
    After the fight Edea will do something like a limit break and damage 
    Squall pretty badly... Prepare your FF8 box, cause you will need Disc 2.
                         PART 3 : Disc 2 Walkthrough
    The first time I played this scene, I was like "what the heck? Is this 
    really the correct disc?" I just played along, although I was still 
    pretty convinced that it was the wrong disc. Anyway, you are Laguna 
    again and this time you have to protect this small place called Winhill. 
    To your advantage, the only two enemies that you will meet here are 
    Bite Bugs and Caterichipillars. You might find that it is pretty 
    difficult to card these guys, as they will have very low HP. If you 
    really wish to card them, take away Kiros' Str-J junction to take down 
    his attack strength (beware - you can still kill them) and give the 
    card function to Laguna. Or the other way round, just remember that 
    Kiros is quicker. My suggestion is Encounter - None.
    You can get through Winhill whichever way you want, but I suggest that 
    you turn right when you get to the house with flowers all over it. 
    After that just get to the end of the town.
    |    DON'T FORGET TO RIP OFF LAGUNA!        |
    |                  =====                    |
    | In all the scenarios with Laguna, he      |
    | either has no money or there are no shops |
    | around. However, here he has 3000 gil     |
    | and at the end of the town there will be  |
    | a shop. So spend that gil on some items   |
    | and Squall will have them in his          |
    | inventory later in the game!              |
    After you have gotten your well deserved items, just walk back into 
    the town, go into the house where you met Kiros and walk upstairs. 
    After that you should just follow the dialogue, then walk to the 
    house where the scenario started, and it will end.
    You will wake up in a room with Zell, Selphie, Rinoa and Quistis. 
    There is nothing special about this part, just get through the text 
    until you are free to walk with Zell. Once you have control of him, 
    check his junction (by that I mean, rejunction him his GFs) and 
    then walk up the stairs. You will meet two guards. They can't be 
    carded and you can't run away from them. I suggest using up your 
    stock of break magic. Afterwards you will reclaim your weapons. 
    Then you will see a scene where Zell, Quistis and Selphie will show 
    off their weapon skills. Afterwards the menu will open. Do take the 
    time to junction your team (just junction them as they were before!), 
    as there is a boss battle coming up. Give 'Draw' to all three 
    characters. After you close the menu Wedge and Biggs will show up. 
    This is the #1 magic drawing time. You will never again draw so much 
    magic as here. Get 300 Reflects (best magic for Spr Junctions), 300 
    regens (VERY useful for HP junctions until you get Full-Life) and 
    some hastes, as you will always want to keep your speed higher than 
    that of your enemies... The battle itself is very easy. Their attacks 
    aren't really all that much better than the one's of the normal 
    soldiers, but they do have higher HP. Don't you think that they 
    should have something like a Wedge and Biggs combo? It would put 
    more fun into battles with these guys! Just finish them off with a 
    physical attack and limit breaks combination.
    After you finish off these two, you are free to explore the Prison. 
    The Enemies here are a complete pain in the @$$, I always use 
    encounter-none, even in games where I did level up in. Theoretically, 
    you should go up, as Squall is there, but I suggest you go down, as 
    there are more goodies there, like some magazines.
    |                 =====                     |
    | As you might see, there is quite a lot    |
    | of people in the prison cells who will    |
    | play cards with you for money and will    |
    | give you items if you win. Usually these  |
    | items are crap, like potions and eye      |
    | drops. But if you already have 100 of all |
    | of those crappy items, those guys have no |
    | choice but to give you good stuff, like   |
    | HP-ups, junction scrolls, rosetta stones, |
    | etc. So if you have the cash you can try  |
    | some card battles which do get you some   |
    | very useful stuff.                        |
    Afterwards you are finished with the card battles just go to the top 
    floor to find Squall there. After you've gotten Squall you will go 
    down using a movable 'arm'. At the bottom you will find that you are 
    buried under the ground, so you will have to go back up. When you are 
    in control of Zell, the moment the room loads, just hold the down and 
    right buttons and the guard should not be able to catch you. After 
    some more dialogue, Rinoa and Irvine will appear. You will have to 
    take Squall upwards, and afterwards you will have to take Irvine 
    downwards. The next time you get control of Squall's team you should 
    junction your guys, as there is a boss battle coming up.
    BOSS FIGHT: 2x GIM54A & Elite Soldier
    This fight will be sooo easy that the boss in 'boss fight' shouldn't 
    be there. The elite soldier can use aura, but you can't draw it, so 
    what do you have left to do? Just kill them! It is as simple as it 
    sounds. The GIM54As can use Micro Missiles to halve your HP, but 
    they should be dead before they do that attack too many times.
    After the fight the prison will 'pack up' and dive into the sand. 
    Move Squall into Rinoa's direction to escape the sand. I'm not sure 
    what happens if you go the other way, I've never tried. After all, 
    even if you move in Rinoa's direction you will still get swallowed 
    by the sand...dunno.
    Afterwards the scene will shift to the prison's 'car park'. All of 
    the girls will get into one of the cars and they guys into the other 
    (and Irvine will be very disappointed...). After that the scene will 
    shift to another place, where you will have to go through tons of 
    dialogue. The important part here is that you will have to choose 
    your party members for the next mission. I always choose them like 
    Squall's party: Squall, Zell and Rinoa
    Selphie's party: Selphie, Quistis and Irvine
    I think that this is the best balance. Rinoa is in Squall's party 
    for an FMV and Zell is the second best fighter. As Squall's party 
    will have to do waaaay more fighting than Selphie's, I put him there. 
    It is really your call, though.
    Afterwards you will see Squall escape with a train and head for Balamb.
    Then you will have control of Selphie in a car. Right now you can head 
    for Deling City and go to Caraway's mansion to get Rinoa's card. You 
    will first have to loose the Ifrit card (don't worry - you will get 
    it back just a little later in the game) and only then you can win 
    Rinoa's card. Anyway, do whatever you want (you can even go to Dollet 
    now, but i'd leave it until middle of disc 2), but you will have to 
    go to the missile base to get on with the story.
    Note: try walking into the missile base on foot to see a funny scene 
    with Selphie...
    To do it properly you have to enter the missile base with a car. After 
    you are inside, just enter the door using the ID card. Afterwards you 
    will see a pretty funny scene with Selphie thinking that you were 
    caught, but it is actually because you ran (actually, if you use the 
    analog controller function to walk, you will still get that warning. 
    Strange...). Just progress onto the next screen, and guess what? 
    then go to the next one! Afterwards, go left and the guards there 
    will tell you to tell something to the other guards. So go to the 
    guards into the missile room, feel free to use the Full-Life draw 
    point, and tell the guard there that he should go on and the others 
    will catch up later. Then go back to the first guards, and they will 
    tell you to go to the maintenance room. Now go back to the guard that 
    told you to not to run and enter the room next to him. Just mess up 
    everything there until the lights go out. Afterwards the base will 
    switch to emergency lighting and the two maintenance guards will 
    catch you. Talk your way out of it. DO NOT FIGHT ANY BATTLES. After 
    you have taken care of the maintenance guys, go back to the launcher 
    room and help to move the missile into it's place (doesn't that mean 
    that you are helping them to blow up the garden???). After you have 
    done that you can go and check up the panel outside that room. You will 
    not be able to change to coordinates, as you don't have the authority 
    (Wouldn't you just luuuve to blow up Deling City?), but you can set 
    the error ratio, so the missiles have a high chance of missing the 
    target. So do that, and afterwards check the one last place you 
    haven't been in - the control room. There you will have to fight some 
    soldiers. As far as I remember, it is not a boss battle, but you can't 
    run away, so you will have to gain EXP here. It is only something like
    180 EXP, so you really can't level up here.
    I know that some people have already gotten into trouble, because the
    previous version of my guide said that you can use 'Break' magic on
    them. However, I got some complaints about this. My version was that
    in the European version of the game, it is possible to petrify these
    guys. However, I have no way of confirming that, so I will just have
    to go with the version that you can't do it.
    After you have taken care of those soldiers check the computers to 
    cancel the missile launch (not lunch, launch!) and then set the 
    missile base to self-destruct. Set the timer to 20 minutes if you 
    want to be safe (I did it in 10 though). I'm not sure if it affects 
    anything, but it could be that the rise in your SeeD rank at the end 
    of this mission is determined by the time limit. So choose 10 min if 
    you want to be sure to get a rise by 2. If you set it to 10 or 20 
    min you can use the door next to you, so you don't have to walk 
    through the base. When you walk out the save point there would have 
    magically disappeared (Square was making sure you don't mess up your 
    game by saving 10 secs before the time limit ends...). When you walk 
    out, you will be pulled into a boss fight with an 'iron clad' - BGHZ51F2
    BOSS FIGHT: BGHZ51F2; Elite soldier & two normal soldiers
    The iron clad should be a breeze, just use Irvine's limit break to take 
    him down. Once when I fought this battle I managed to use Selphie's limit 
    break to get aura on her, and afterwards, because her HP was very low, 
    I got 'The End'. After you are done with the iron clad you will have to 
    take care of 3 soldiers. Use Irvine's Fast ammo to take them down. 
    (BTW, you can refine ammo from cards...).
    After the battle ends just run around until the dialogue begins and the 
    missile base blows up. Is Selphie & Co going to be all right?
    You will now have control of Squall and you will be in front of the garden. 
    Just walk inside to find the garden in a state of chaos. For the moment 
    being, agree to whatever the garden deputies say. Once you are near the 
    control panel you will meet Raijin and Fujin. They will run away to, 
    theoretically, warn others, so basically they won't be of any help to you. 
    Now walk around the garden CLOCKWISE, entering each area, and fighting the 
    Garden Master's monsters. However, when you get to the infirmary (first area), 
    you will have to 'let them handle it'. I know it is sad, but it is the 
    game's fault. This is due to the fact that you will have to fight Granaldo 
    (who would be at the same level as in disc 1, hahaha!), who is a boss, so you 
    can't card him (I'm not sure about 'break', but it safer not to try, as 
    bosses usually can't be petrified), but you will gain EXP. So avoid him. In 
    all the other areas, you can defeat the enemies by either carding or petrifying 
    them (I suggest petrifying on the weaker ones, like the Bomb, and carding on 
    the stronger ones, like the T-Rex). Always check the people who will be in that 
    area to receive some good items. The one in the library will give you a mega-
    phoenix. After you are done clearing out the garden you will meet Xu at the 
    stairs to the second floor. Follow her. Soon you will get through a whole lot 
    of dialogue with her and the headmaster and you will have to go to the lower 
    level to find some type of a secret. 
    The lower level has got some very annoying enemies, so (as usual) equip encounter-
    none. Head for the structure in the center to find some stairs. Squall alone 
    will have to go up and the stairs will fall and you will be in another room. 
    Try messing around with the control panel there until some stuff in the 
    background moves. Then just simply walk back down. Use the stairs down right next 
    to you. Once you are down walk into the room right across. There you will have 
    to train up your finger by pressing the square button. As far as know, you will 
    need two people to open the thing. In the previous room, another 'hole' will 
    appear. Just go down, save at the save point and pull the switch. Just go ahead 
    and a boss fight will start.
    These guy are wimpos, but if you don't have HP-J, their oil can damage you badly, 
    but that shouldn't be a problem now. Just use your physical attacks. Two Squall's 
    physical attacks should kill one of them.
    After the battle just go into the next room, go down the stairs and mess around 
    with the control panel you find there. Probably the coolest scene of the whole 
    game will happen here. Whenever you have to take over the controls, just push 
    whatever buttons and the garden will move.
    The next morning Rinoa will wake you up. You will go for a walk, but the garden 
    will have to avoid Balamb town. 
    At one point Squall will be asked to report to the Garden Mater NORG. Make sure 
    you have Draw equipped on someone!! Norg will decide to kill Squall & co, but, 
    of course, you're going to show him who's the boss.
    At first Norg will be in his 'pod'. All you have to do is attack the pod a 
    couple of times - it has around 2000 HP, but high defence. After the pod goes 
    down, Norg himself will appear. The first thing you should do is draw Leviathan 
    from him (yeey, another GF!), and then just kill him with a limit break.
    ****GF LEVIATHAN******
    The Great Sea serpent and the God of Water is back. This time he comes in a 
    more useless form - his attack will be useless and his abilities aren't the 
    best either. The recover command is quite good, as it recovers your full HP 
    for free and he has 2 good menu abilities (which you should learn first) - 
    GF Med-RF and Supt Mag-RF. Not all that useful, but learn them.
    After the fight some more useless scenes will start. They are easy to get 
    through. You will have to find Ellone once the SeeD ship arrives - she's in 
    the library. The fun starts when the garden runs into FH.
    After the scene with Master Fisherman (which could be voted as the funniest 
    scene in the whole of Final Fantasy 8...), you will have to go to FH and 
    apologize to the mayor. In the third screen of FH, there will be hard to 
    see stairs leading down to Master Fisherman (you will have to take some other 
    stairs once you are down). Talking to him gets you Occult Fan Volume III, one 
    of the rarest items in the game, as it can't be won in battles and it also 
    can't be bought in a shop (volumes I and II can, IV can't). Then go back up 
    and go into FH. Once you come to a place where paths cross, take the right 
    one, save, and then go left. Once you come down to the center of the town, 
    go right even more. There you will find Martine with all the cards of the 
    Galbadia Garden students and the Ifrit card, if you went after the Rinoa 
    card. After you are finished with him, go into the house. I suggest you save. 
    Go up and talk to the mayor. Once you are finished talking, challenge him for 
    a card game - he holds the Quezacotl card. There is also a hidden Ultima draw 
    point. Unfortunately, it is non-renewable, so you get only one draw...
    Once you are done here, save and walk back into the town. You will be 
    notified that Galbadian soldiers are here (encounter-none, anyone?) and Mayor 
    Dobe will want to go and talk to them. Mayor's wife will accuse you of having 
    gotten FH into trouble. Just run through the town until you see Mayor Dobe 
    again, this time being bullied by a galbadian soldier. You will have to go 
    and help him. Note that the first battle you fight is NOT a boss fight, so 
    you will have to petrify the soldiers to not to gain EXP. After that fight 
    ends you will be drawn into a fight with someone you have already seen 
    before - the iron clad!
    This time he is even easier. If you have mug (although I doubt it), you can 
    get an Adamantine from him. He has less HP than the first time you fought it, 
    so two hits by Squall should kill him.
    After this you will see a pretty funny scene with Rinoa and Squall. Afterwards, 
    try talking some sense into mayor Dobe. Once you are done, explore FH. Try 
    talking to the boy fishing in a boat to see a funny scene where he almost 
    kills the shopkeeper. Just explore the town and talk to everyone. You should 
    also see another scene involving Master Fisherman. After you are done with FH, 
    just head back to the garden, where Irvine will join you and you will have to 
    go to the quad to cheer up Selphie (I guess motivating staff is one part of a 
    leader's job...)
    Afterwards headmaster Cid will appoint Squall as the leader of the garden. 
    Then you will have to make up some music. It is really your choice, my 
    favourite is when you use Sax, Piano, Electric Guitar and Base Guitar. 
    Afterwards it is just a whole lot of dialogue. Pretty soon you will be in 
    control of the garden, and then it is Side Quests Time!!
    Please note that you won't be able to use Selphie right now. If you really want 
    to use her, wait until you finish off the rescuing Balamb Scenario. Also note 
    that you don't have to do the Side Quests in this order... (but it is preferred 
    that you get Tonberry after Odin, as you won't have the time limit). Also note 
    that I expect you to go to the Shumi village and use the Ultima draw point 
    periodically. Another point is that this Side Quest section only covers Side 
    Quests relevant to your No-Level-Up tries. The other Side Quest you could do now
    1. Re-explore Timber
    2. Dollet Side Quest
    3. Stone Hunting in Shumi Village
    4. Vase Side Quest in Winhill
    5. General Card Fighting (to get more unique and normal cards)
    3.6.1 GETTING ODIN
    Odin's Layer (Centra Ruins) can be found at the center of the main Centra 
    continent. You will have a 20 min time limit. The maze itself is pretty easy, 
    just make sure that you do have encounter-none equipped, otherwise it is hell. 
    I will leave the fun of solving it to you... The main point is that at the end 
    of this maze you will meet the easiest boss in the game: ODIN
    I had around 13 min left on the clock when I entered the battle. This must be 
    the easiest boss fight ever - Odin does NOT attack you. He just stands there 
    hoping that the time limit will run out. Isn't that just pathetic? Well, the good 
    point is that he has lots of good spells to draw, the best one being Triple, which
    is the second best junction for Strength (after Ultima). So just get 300 triples 
    (you can't afford to get less), and the rest of the spells if you so wish. I had 
    full stock of all his drawable spells on all characters (meaning I could not draw 
    any magic from him anymore...), and there were still over 3 min left on the clock. 
    Anyway, he will be at level 9 and have 3700 HP, so one physical attack/limit break 
    should take him down...
    ****GF ODIN******
    Well, this is no ordinary GF. He can't be junctioned and you can't learn any 
    abilities. And the last thing you want to do is to make him appear in battles, 
    cause he will slaughter the enemies for you (I'm serious, I've never (Seifer is an 
    exception) seen him miss!) and leave you with a whole lot of EXP! So just pray he 
    does not appear...
    Try equipping Triple - it should seriously boost your Strength. My Squall's 
    strength at this point was 193...
    After the battle ends, walk out of the dungeon and save. but don't even think 
    that this is the last time you will visit this place...
    Yup, this GF can be found in Odin layer. It is pretty simple to get him, but VERY 
    VERY annoying. Basically, in the second and third screen of the Centra Ruins you 
    will meet green little enemies, called tonberries. They will give you 0 EXP and 
    1 AP when you beat them. As an addition to that, they have one of the highest 
    monster HP stats (at LV9, he has 16800 HP! That's more than the Final Boss!!! 
    However, Squall should be doing around 4200 to 4500 damage with one hit, so even 
    a four hit Renzokuken should take him out...), so they are very difficult to kill. 
    To get GF Tonberry, you will have to kill AROUND 20 Tonberries. It all depends 
    on your luck - Once I got GF Tonberry to appear in battle after 18 killed 
    Tonberries. The other time, it was 26... Anyway, be prepared for some long 
    fighting. After you have killed that particular number of Tonberries, GF Tonberry 
    will appear in battle. He is larger and has superior strength, so I will detail it 
    as a Boss Fight.
    This guy appears to take revenge for all the killed Tonberries... At higher levels 
    he has Full-Life to draw, but at LV9...nope. He will have 22500 HP, so he is not 
    that difficult. I guess 2 Renzokukens is the answer, but one might be enough. I 
    really thought that this guy should have been more difficult...(he is way more 
    difficult at higher levels).
    ****GF TONBERRY******
    This is a very good GF. He has some very good unique abilities, like LV Down, 
    LV Up, Haggle, Sell High (the latter two allow you to make money at shops...) 
    and Familiar. I think the latter three should be learnt above all of his 
    abilities. They are very expensive, so I usually wait until middle of Disc 3 
    to level him up.
    Get out of the ruins, but before you start the next quest, I want you to go to 
    the snowy plains near Shumi village and fight some Mesmerizes there. If you use 
    Level Up (from your new GF!) and get them to a high enough level, you can draw 
    Dispels from them (Don't Forget to run away!). Also, if you did not get the 
    Meltdowns, go to the Trabia region, get into a fight with Gaylas, level them up 
    and draw Meltdowns! If you want to get your hands on Tornados, go to the Deling 
    City grass area and fight Thrustaevis. Level them up above LV40 and you can draw 
    Tornados! Tornados are also good for HP junction, but a very small bit better 
    than Regen. After you are done, let's get onto the next quest!
    This is a card quest which will take place in Balamb garden. The main objective 
    is to get Gilgamesh's Card, so that you can get 10 Holy Wars, a life saver when 
    fighting difficult battles.
    Get inside the Balamb Garden. First you will have to fight and win around 20 card 
    battles within the garden. I know it sounds boring, but I'm a card fanatic, so I 
    just can't wait for this bit... Once you are done you can challenge the CC Group 
    members in this order:
    1. Jack - you can find him in the first floor directory
    2. Club - appears randomly at the Northern Part of the first floor of the Garden
    3. Diamond - Two Girls Standing at the directory panel
    4. Spade - Near the 2nd floor lift. Appears randomly and rarely, so you will have 
    to re-enter the area to meet him
    5. Heart - Xu, on the bridge. She has Carbuncle Card (just as useless as the GF!)
    6. King - to meet the king, you will have to talk to Nida after you beat Xu, 
    then you should go to the infirmary and talk to Dr. Kadowaki. Afterwards go to 
    your dormitory, choose the option for the others to leave you alone, save and 
    rest. The king will appear randomly during the night, so you might have to rest 
    several times... The King has the Gilgamesh Card.
    7. Joker - man in the training center. Once you enter the training centre, go 
    right. He will appear there randomly. Joker holds the Leviathan card.
    I was kind of dissapointed when I first won the CC King. After all, aren't you 
    supposed to become the King? And what about the Joker? Without the Leviathan card 
    he is probably the weakest member of the whole gang! I think Square should've 
    increased depth on this quest...
    I think that by now you are totally fed up with card gaming, so lets take a 
    small break from that...
    When you go into the town of Balamb you will be notified that the town is under 
    the control of Sorceress Edea. So what do you have left? Liberate it!
    Talk to the guard again and he will let you in. Go to the hotel and talk to the 
    guards there. Then go to the docks (furthest screen) and talk to the guard there. 
    Then go to the train station and talk there. Afterwards go to Zell's house, 
    talk to Ma, rest, save and then go to the train station again. Lastly, go to the 
    docks, talk to the dog and follow him to the train station. Afterwards the dog 
    will wake up the captain, who actually is Raijin. Go to the Hotel and two 
    consecutive boss fights will begin:
    Raijin has 3000 HP. Mug him if you have the ability. Otherwise just kill him 
    using physical attacks. He should be a piece of cake...
    Fujin has GF Pandemona to draw. She has 3000 HP and Raijin has 4000 HP, so not 
    much more difficult. These guys will have trouble to even touch you, the only 
    way they will defeat you is if you went to eat dinner at this time. Easy, but 
    don't forget Pandemona.
    ****GF PANDEMONA****
    Well, what can I say? errrr... wasn't it supposed to be Pandemonium? This is 
    an all speed GF. Learn her Spd-J first, and afterwards the Spd+??% abilities. 
    However, if you are like me, you would wait until disc 3s Cactuar Island to 
    level up, and anyway, as the last two fights prove it, Boss Fights are already 
    way to easy, so what's the point to level up?
    This is not really a quest. All you have to do is go to the garden, get inside, 
    explore it (don't worry, there will be no battles...) and read a whole lot of 
    dialogue. I'm not going to go over this quest, as there is really nothing here 
    that concerns your No levelling Up tries.
    Go to the southern Centra continent, where Edea's House is. To the east there 
    will be the Galbadia Garden. As you go close to it, Nida will warn you about 
    the enemy. Choose whichever options you like. Afterwards, go down. Pick your 
    team members, then get in the elevator. Clear (give out orders to everyone) 
    the second floor, then go down to the first one and go to the quad. Afterwards 
    you will be called to the bridge and the Galbadian invasion will start. Once 
    you have control of Zell just run (Encounter-None, anyone?) into the Quad and 
    another cut scene will start. After that one head for the front gate. Once you
    gain control head for the second floor classroom. Make sure you have GFs and 
    Encounter-None equipped. A small battle will happen there - make sure you use 
    break magic, as it seems that those guys are like normal soldiers. Afterwards 
    talk to the SeeD in the room and say "Good work. Take them somewhere safe". 
    Afterwards you will have to go to the bridge. A long dialogue and a speech by 
    Squall will follow. Once you regain control you will have to go to the second 
    floor. There a girl will ask you to help her find Mark. So do just that - go 
    to the corridor and get to the very end of it (past the classroom). After you 
    save Mark you will be attacked. There are two very good methods of winning: 
    keep on kicking the guy until he falls off, or block his hits and wait for the 
    deathblow command to appear. You can retry this as many times as you want so 
    nothing can go really wrong. Afterwards Squall will save Rinoa and the scene 
    will shift to the Galbadia Garden.
    Note: Don't miss the Aura draw point by the entrance! You can see it with 
    Get inside the garden, pick your team (I prefer Squall, Zell and Irvine, simply 
    because they have the best limit breaks...), equip your GFs, equip Encounter-
    None, save, and let's go and kill that Sorceress! Go Right, Right, Up the 
    stairs, Left, Right, Get the Card Key, Get out of the Room, Go Down, Down the 
    stairs, Down the stairs, Down, Left, Left, Up, Right, Get the Card Key, Out of 
    the Room, Go Down, Right, Right, Up the stairs, Up the stairs, go on, jump off, 
    go on, go on, go down, go on, at the center you will find Cerberus.
    He has 8000 HP, so he is better off than some others, but still nothing good 
    enough to be a challenge... Just use physical attacks or some limit break to 
    take him down. If you didn't get all the Quakes as I told you, you can draw 
    them from him now.
    ****GF CERBERUS****
    I remember how important this GF was to me back in the days when I thought that 
    magic was the center of this game. Things have changed since then, I don't use 
    magic anymore, and with that the importance of this GF has gone down. The main 
    things about Cerberus are Spd-J ability and its follow-ups, the Abilityx3 
    ability, and the rest isn't all that important. You won't need alert, as you 
    won't get attacked at all...All the other junction abilities (except Hit-J) 
    you should already have for all three characters.
    Afterwards go left, left, get the card key, get out of the room, go up, then up, 
    up, right up the stairs, left and enter the door. Save at the save point and go 
    further into the room until a battle against Seifer starts.
    He has 4000 HP, so, again, just a piece of cake. You can draw haste if you 
    really want to, but I just prefer to slaughter him...
    After you are done use the elevator to get out of the room, go down, right, 
    down, and enter the auditorium where another boss battle awaits you.
    You will fight Seifer first. He has 2600 HP, so it should be a one hit kill. 
    Afterwards you will face Edea. Don't forget to draw Alexander from her! She 
    has 5000 HP, and can barely scratch you. Nothing good to draw either... 
    Pretty crap for a 'Sorceress Bent on Conquering the World'... Just kill her.
    ****GF ALEXANDER****
    Well, this guy has got some very good abilities. The ones you are really 
    aiming for are Med Data and Medicine Level up, because those will let you 
    get GF Doomtrain. The other good abilities this guy has are Elm-Defx4 and 
    Revive. A good GF overall, with some of the most expensive abilities yet, 
    so I suggest you wait until Cactuar Island to gain AP.
    After the fight some dialogue will follow and you will have to get ready to 
    change the discs!
                         PART 4 : Disc 3 Walkthrough
    Afterwards you will wake up and Squall will wonder in his thoughts. He can't 
    stop thinking about Rinoa. The scene will shift to the Infirmary and Squall 
    will be called to go to Edea's Orphanage. So get out of the infirmary, go to 
    the 3rd floor and go to Edea's house. A whole lot of dialogue and explanation 
    will follow. Once you regain control of Squall, go to the infirmary. Another 
    Laguna scenario will follow.
    This is a relatively simple scenario. I had the whole trio, but you might 
    have only Laguna and Kiros. Once you have to fight the Dragon with the 
    gunblade, simply attack all the time and defend once the dragon moves back 
    to attack you (hehe, I managed to do it without losing a single HP to him). 
    Afterwards, when you have the choice, choose "H-Hold on a sec" and you can 
    check your junctions. Mine were like this:
    Laguna (Squall): 
    GF: Ifrit, Siren, Carbuncle, Leviathan
    Abilities: Mag+40%, HP+40%, Str+40%
    All magic Junctioned favouring Magic stat
    Kiros (Irvine):
    GF: Shiva, Diablos, Pandemona, Alexander
    Abilities: Str+60%, HP+40%, Vit+40%
    All magic Junctioned favouring Magic stat
    Ward (Zell):
    GF: Quezacotl, Brothers, Cerberus, Tonberry
    Abilities: HP+40%, Str+60%, Mag+60%
    All of them have 'Draw', and Ward has LV Up and LV Down. All HP is restored 
    to full health. Once you are done, save and let's go and beat up some 
    dragon @$$!!
    This is not a boss fight, so you will have to end it with either 'Break' or 
    LV Down him to LV1, where you gain 1 to 3 EXP. But that's not the point of 
    this fight - the point is to get the best possible magics from this guy. So 
    level him up to LV40 or above (that is dangerous, that's why I told you to 
    junction yourself properly...), then draw Flare and Meteor from him. You can 
    also get Reflect if you didn't get it before. However, beware his Breath 
    attack. Be sure to use Shell and Protect. Cast Double or Triple if necessary. 
    Note that you don't have to do this if you don't want to, its just that you 
    can get some very good magics very early in the game. However, you can skip 
    this part and just defeat the dragon by getting him down to LV1 and then 
    killing him.
    After this fight the Laguna scenario will shortly end. 
    There will be some dialogue afterwards, but pretty soon you will regain 
    control of Squall. Just go to the Bridge and get the garden moving and 
    go to Edea's house. Talk to Edea and she will give you directions to find 
    the SeeD ship and also give you a letter for the SeeD. So now you have to 
    find the SeeD Ship! And that is a little bit more tricky... Even after 
    playing this game 4 times, I still have difficulty doing it. 
    From Edea's house head straight North, and in the first possible place turn 
    right (East). An keep on turning. You would have to turn upto 250 degrees 
    to see the ship. Just make sure you turn a lot.
    The SeeDs inside the ship will tell you to simply get out, but allow you 
    to do so, which means you can still move around. There is no danger 
    what-so-ever, so just explore the ship at your covinience. Just talk to 
    the 'Boss' of this ship and he will tell you what happened to Ellone. 
    Then the scene will shift to the Balamb Garden. Tell Nida to get going 
    and head for FH.
    After you run into FH, long scenes, with a lot of dialogue and minimal control 
    over Squall, will follow. At one point you will have to choose the party 
    members. Do NOT choose Edea. You might notice that she is at LV 26. As the 
    enemy's level is proportional to the average party's level, she will rise the 
    level of enemies by quite a number if you have her. Not by enough to defeat you, 
    of course, but why bother?
    Walking through the ice field is easy. At one point you will fight Abadon.
    He has nothing good to draw. Just cast 1 Curaga on him and he should be dead. 
    And what if he isn't? Guess what? Cast another one! Oh, are these boss fights 
    ever going to get difficult??
    Once you have finished off that undead just walk into the next screen. In the 
    center of that screen, you will find the entrance to Esthar. From here on it 
    is just one-way really, so you can't do anything wrong. Just keep on going 
    until you get sleepy...
    Just follow the dialogue and the simple storyline. You will have to fight one 
    battle with Laguna alone handle that with a 'Break'. Afterwards Kiros and Ward 
    will join the scene and a battle will start. You can use 'Break', but the main 
    soldier cannot be petrified so you will have to LV Down him and then kill him. 
    It will gain you 1 or 2 EXP. Afterwards the rest is easy. Just don't forget to 
    get Weapons Monthly First Issue when you return to the lab! Then another battle 
    will start. The only difference from the previous one is that you will also 
    have to LV Down the Elastoid (it was an Elastoid in my game) to LV1 as it 
    doesn't look like you can petrify him. Afterwards just follow Odine out of the 
    laboratory and get into the car.
    The scene will shift to Odine's Lab and you will have to fight another battle. 
    Just take those guys out with Break. Then just sit down on the platform and go 
    up. There you will have to fight another battle. Those guys can't be hurt with 
    'Break', so you will have to LV Down them. After the battle run into the screen, 
    then back, push some buttons on the control panel until the message [Unlocked] 
    appears on the screen. Once that happens go down and then run into the screen. 
    Shortly the scenario will end.
    4.3.3 EXPLORING IT
    All you have to do is head for the Lunar Gate, but I suggest you explore this 
    place a little bit before you do. Your main attraction here is the shopping 
    arcade, so get out of the presidential palace and then walk right. Get on to 
    the lift here and get out in the Shopping Mall. At this point I suggest you 
    purchase anything you want, but the real shopping will be done once we are 
    half way through the Cactuar Island AP gaining. You can try entering some 
    shops for some good presents.
    Once you are done in the shopping mall I suggest you go to the airport. So 
    head for the presidential palace, go two screens left and get on the lift 
    there, which will take you to the airport. Talk to the Presidential Aide 
    there. Now go back to the Presidential Palace and talk to whoever is standing 
    at the door. As he leaves, he will leave something behind - it is Occult 
    Fan Volume IV, one of the rarest items in the world!
    You can explore the rest of the city, but there isn't much to it, so just go 
    to the city entrance. You can rent a car if you wish, but as you have 
    Encounter-None, you don't have to (cars aren't really all that much more 
    faster...) I suggest you visit Tear's Point and get the Solomon's Ring. 
    Afterwards just go to the Lunar Gate. I suggest taking someone useless with 
    you, like Selphie. Afterwards you will be loaded into a cell and shot into 
    Watch the awesome FMV where the team are shot into space. Once you regain 
    control over Zell, save at the first save point and head back for Esthar 
    City. Once you are back, go to Odine's Laboratory. He will give you a mission 
    briefing. Afterwards get out of the laboratory.
    Please note that you might want to miss the Lunatic Pandora completely, as it 
    isn't really a place where to get good items, and it will cause you to fight 
    some battles. However, the storyline includes Lunatic Pandora, so I will go 
    along with it.
    A timer will start ticking. Press the square button. Walk left, then straight 
    until you come to a junction where there is a road clearly going to the right 
    and another road going to straight. Take the right one. Keep on running 
    straight (there isn't much choice) until you come to the place drawn on the 
    picture. The timer should be before 18:00. Talk to the guards, who will say 
    that it was predicted that the Lunatic Pandora will fly by here. Otherwise, 
    just stand there and wait. At 15:00 the Lunatic Pandora will appear. You will 
    have to fight a battle, which is easily handled with 'Break'. Afterwards you 
    can take your time to explore the Pandora, just don't take the door #1 first. 
    That's where you go if you want to get kicked out... No boss fights and no 
    danger here.
    Afterwards the scene will shift to Space. Once you have control of Squall talk 
    to the guy in white. Then go and pick up Rinoa. Afterwards just follow Piet. 
    Put Rinoa into the medical lab, get out of the room, and SAVE! Then just walk 
    out of the room, then into the screen, and afterwards up the stairs, then just 
    down the screen. In the next Room, you will meet Ellone. Now, she holds the 
    famous Laguna card, which refines into 100 Heros. Try winning it from her, 
    but the Lunar Base rules are a pain in the @$$! They have random, so you will 
    have to abolish that rule (or modify all of the worthless cards...) Once you 
    have gained the Laguna card, do NOT talk to her. Instead, return to the save 
    point, save, and then go to the command center. There you can witness the 
    gathering of monsters and challenge Piet for the Alexander's card.
    Once you are done, go and talk to Ellone. Rinoa will turn into a zombie like 
    creature (ummm...a sorceress, actually). Go check her out. Squall will be 
    repelled from her, as if she emits some type of an energy field. She will 
    deactivate the seal to Adel. Then she will try to go into space. You have 
    to try to stop her, so get out of the control room, run up the stairs and 
    get into the room to your right (you will see the Lunar Cry on the way). 
    Get into one of the lockers and change and then walk out. You will have to 
    try to stop Rinoa, but you will be unsuccessful. Afterwards just walk to the 
    control room and watch how Rinoa unlocks Adel's seal. Afterwards you will 
    have to evacuate. On the way Ellone will send you to some of the scenes in 
    Rinoa's past and you will finish up trying to save her.
    What you will basically have to do is try to keep her in the middle of the 
    screen. And by that I mean the exact middle, so that when your timer runs 
    out, she will run into you.
    After some moments, Ragnarok will just happen to appear. Soon after you will 
    get in. Basically, you will have to try to take control of this ship by 
    taking out some monsters called Propagators. You will have to kill them in 
    pairs by their colour (hey! Let's not be racist here, OK?). Just walk down 
    the stairs and fight the first one. They have 1800 HP and it counts as a 
    boss fight, so you won't get any EXP. After you are done with the first one, 
    go through the main door, but don't fight the one that's there - quickly sneak 
    through the door to your left. Fight the one there (notice that this one is 
    the same colour as the last one you fought...). Then run into the next room 
    (you will see a green one standing, but don't fight it just yet...) and then 
    run into the screen. You will fight a red one. Then walk beck to the first 
    Propagator that you ran away from - that one is also red. Then walk back into 
    the room where you fought the first one and walk to the room right next to the 
    main one. You will fight a green propagator. Once you are done return back to 
    the standing one, which is green. Then walk to the place where you entered 
    Ragnarok and you will fight a yellow one there. Now go back where there used 
    to be the standing Propagator, and walk to your left into the screen. You 
    will be in a room with the last of the monsters. Kill it and return on the 
    platform where the green, standing Propagator was.
    LONG scenes will follow, so you will simply have to read a whole lot of text. 
    The next time you regain control of Squall you will be on the Earth (is it 
    Earth??). All you have to do is to go into the Ragnarok and sit in one of the 
    seats in the crew's cabin. The rest of the team will come to you and you will 
    have to go to Esthar's Sorceress Memorial and get her back. There will be no 
    military conflict.
    Afterwards you will have to go to Edea's House. There Rinoa and Squall will 
    have a long talk, and you might recognize some of the words they say from the 
    beginning of the game. Afterwards Zell will rush in and say that the President 
    of Esthar is trying to hire SeeD to kill sorceress Ultimecia. So head for 
    Esthar's presidential palace and you will have a long talk there with someone 
    you might know... Afterwards you will be back in Ragnarok and you are free to 
    go anywhere. This is the right time to do all those Sub Quests that you wanted 
    to do.
    Remember - I will only detail Side Quests which involve either heavy fighting 
    or are needed to finish the game. There is tons of other things to do, like 
    increasing/finishing your card collection, Obel lake side quest and lots of 
    At first I suggest you gain some AP (by some I am actually thinking of a 
    number into the 4-digits), then get the rest of the GFs (except Eden, as 
    that will be detailed in the Deep Sea Research Center Side Quest), and then 
    gain more AP, then get Eden, finish off the rest of the Side Quests, then get 
    the last of the AP you need to get.
    First, I suggest you go to the Cactuar Island. It is south of the Kashkabald 
    desert (where the Ragnarok was in the first place). You will see a small, 
    green thing there it is a Jumbo Cactuar. Run into it and you will fight it.
    This is your next GF. He has 57000 HP (and yes, he is at LV9!) and an attack 
    which does 10000 HP damage, killing you instantly. The best method is to cast 
    Meltdown on him first and then just use all of your limit breaks. I usually 
    have Squall, Irvine and Zell in my team at this point, because they have the
    best limit breaks. It isn't all that difficult to take him down. I remember 
    that the last time I fought him he died before he had attacked me even once! 
    Of course, for that to happen, you need to go into the battle with very low 
    Now is the levelling up time. You will have to get the GF Alexander's 
    Medicine Level Up ability, as that is needed for the Doomtrain GF. First you 
    will need to learn the 200 AP Med Data, and then that ability. Make sure as 
    many of the GFs as possible are learning the Initiative ability. This will 
    always get you the first turn.
    The enemies you are going to use to gain AP are going to be Cactuars - they 
    give you 4 EXP and 20 AP (and in some battles you might fight 4 of them!). 
    They have around 300 HP. However, during a battle, a cactuar will always try 
    to run away, that's why it is important that you have a high speed rating 
    when you fight them (or Initiative). Irvine's Scatter shot limit break is 
    especially good when it comes to killing 4 cactuars... On the Cactuar Island 
    you will meet only cactuars. So when I say 'go gain some AP now', you just 
    have to go to the cactuar island and fight Cactuars there. Happy AP gaining.
    Once you are done (you think you have enough abilities), you should go and 
    get the Bahamut GF. He is located at the Deep Sea Research Centre, which 
    is in the Southwest Corner of the map (in the sea...). You will sea a 
    structure there. Land on it with the Ragnarok. Get in and you will have 
    to reach the core of the shining thing. Simply don't walk when it lights 
    up, and walk like hell when it goes out. Pretty soon you will get to the 
    core and will be drawn into 2 battles with a Ruby Dragon. I think that they 
    are best handled with LV Down and a kill. At first you will have to pick the 
    first and only option. Then you pick the second option. Afterwards you pick 
    the hidden third option. After you pick the third option you will be put 
    into a fight against Bahamut.
    This guy is another major drawing point. Get 300 Full-Lifes and 300 Flares. 
    He has only 17200 HP, so after the Cactuar fight this should be a breathe. 
    His strongest attacks do only 450+ damage, so nothing to worry about. 
    HOWEVER, occasionally, he will cast his Mega Flare, which will do around 
    3000 HP damage, so don't let your HP get too low...
    Next I will ask you to go for a very dangerous adventure. First junction 
    your newly gained Full-Life to your HP and drop in another HP+??% to rise 
    it very high. Now I suggest that you Card Mod the Gilgamesh's Card and 
    Bahamut's Card. (This is just to make sure that you don't run out of 
    defences...and last second chances to save your game). Make sure everyone 
    has the Item command. Also, equip Triples on speed stat for everyone 
    (although you probably have speed for only 2 people, so I guess it is OK to 
    leave Squall out). That should make you around 3 times quicker. Make the 
    battle speed the slowest possible. Also, equip either Irvine or Zell with 
    Mug and de-equip their Hit-J junctions, if they have any. Go to the Island 
    Closest to Heaven (the East most Island on the world map) and get into a 
    fight (make sure that it is not a Marlboro) and cast Blind on the person 
    that you have equipped Mug on. Basically, what you are trying to achieve 
    is a some type of a "Hit-n-Run" battle tactic. But in this case, it is 
    "Steal-n-Run" attack. 'Huh?', you are asking, 'There is no Steal in FF8!'. 
    Well, there might not be a command like it, but we definitely created the 
    effect. We have a fighter with low Hit% Blinded. He will have a very small 
    chance of hitting his target. But he will still be able to steal. So use 
    this new found method! Get into fights until you fight a Marlboro. Unless 
    it is a 'Struck First' or a 'Back Attack' battle, there will be a small 
    time gap between thebeginning of the battle and Marlboro's Bad Breath. You 
    have to exploit that time gap. You will have to mug him and run away before 
    he has even moved. That way you might not get all 6 tentacles as quickly, 
    but you will get them without gaining any EXP.
    Afterwards you should go to the rocky area near Deling City and fight 
    Wendigos. Mug them with the same "Steal-n-Run" method as you used with the 
    Marlboros. But this time you don't have to be afraid of any deadly attack...
    Lastly, go to a shop and buy 60 Remedies. Use Alexander's Medicine Level 
    up Skill to refine them into 6 Remedy+. Now use the Solomon's Ring and you 
    will get GF Doomtrain.
    Now go to the Cactuar Island and gain some AP.
    At this point I would normally get the character's strongest weapons, but, 
    as you really can't get the strongest weapons, because they require either 
    killing of monsters that you can't afford or refining items that you can't 
    do (Squall's Lionheart comes to mind - you can't get the pulse ammo for 
    Before you do this, make sure that you have the GF Tonberry's Haggle, 
    Sell-High, Familiar and Call Shop abilities. Also make sure that you have 
    Carbuncle's Recov Med-RF.
    First you will need a lot of money (by a lot I mean anything around 
    1,000,000), and it is very likely that you have pretty much none right now. 
    This trick teaches you how to make money.
    1. Use Tonberry's Call Shop and get into a normal store.
    2. Buy 100 Tents and 100 Cottages
    3. Refine the tents and cottages using Recov Med-RF into Mega-Potions
    4. Sell the Mega-Potions for a much higher price.
    Pretty soon, if you keep on repeating this trick, you can make millions.
    Please note that you can use the millions you make to make ???-Ups, which 
    increase your basic stats.
    You don't necessarily need to have all that much money. You just need 
    enough to get your GFs to good shape. Afterwards, go to a shop and buy some 
    Amnesia greens, some ??-J scrolls, lots of healing items (100 Hi-Potions 
    and X-Potions come to mind) and anything else you think will be useful. 
    Afterwards, lets go and tweak your GFs.
    Please note that I am preparing the GFs for 3 people. That means, that if 
    your party has got to be split, you will just have to exchange junctions. 
    Or prepare the GFs for 6 people.
    First I suggest you start by unlearning some abilities. Some hints to which 
    abilities should be unlearnt:
    1. SumMag+??%. If you never use a GF for an attack, and your GFs just happen 
    to suck, you don't need to enhance his strength. What's the point?
    2. GFHP+??%. The same reason as above.
    3. Abilities that overlap, like Magic, GF, Item, Draw Commands and lots of 
    Junction commands.
    4. Out of date stat enhancers, like Mag+20%. You wouldn't exactly use that 
    now, as you have Mag+60%, right?
    Abilities that one should NEVER unlearn are refinement abilities and unique 
    abilities, like Card command. To successfully unlearn all the usless 
    abilities, you will have to sort out your GFs:
    Squall: Ifrit, Siren, Carbuncle, Leviathan, Bahamut (Eden after you get it).
    Irvine: Shiva, Diablos, Pandemona, Alexander, Tonberry
    Zell: Quezacotl, Brothers, Cerberus, Doomtrain, Cactuar
    I am sure that this isn't even close to being the best combination, but 
    that's just me :)
    After cutting down the number of skills each GF has I was left with this:
    Quezacotl: HP-J, Vit-J, Mag-J, Magic, GF, Draw, Item, Card, Str+60%, 
    T Mag-RF, Mid Mag-RF, Card Mod;
    Shiva: Str-J, Vit-J, Spr-J, Elem-Atk-J, Str+60%, Vit+40%, Spr+40%, 
    I Mag-RF
    Ifrit: HP-J, Str-J, Elem-Atk-J, Elem-Defx2, Magic, GF, Draw, Item, 
    F Mag-RF
    Siren: Move-Find, L Mag-RF, ST Med-RF, Tool-RF
    Brothers: Str-J, Spr-J, HP+80%, Mag+60%
    Diablos: HP-J, Mag-J, Hit-J, Abilityx3, Magic, GF, Draw, Item, HP+80%, 
    Mug, Enc-None, Time Mag-RF, ST Mag-RF
    Carbuncle: Vit-J, Mag-J, St-Atk-J, ST-Def-Jx2, HP+40%, Vit+40%, 
    Recov Med-RF
    Leviathan: Mag-J, Spr-J, Recover, Spr+40%, Supt Mag-RF, GFRecov Med-RF
    Pandemona: Spd-J, Absorb, Spd+40%, Initiative
    Cerberus: Spd-J, Hit-J, Abilityx3, Spd+20%, Spd+40%, Auto-Hast, Alert
    Alexander: Elem-Defx4, Revive, Med Data, High Mag-RF, Med LV Up
    Doomtrain: Elem-Atk-J, St-Atk-J, Elem-Defx4, St-Def-Jx4, Darkside, 
    Absorb, Auto-Shell, Junk Shop, Forbid Med-RF
    Bahamut: Abilityx4, Str+60%, Mag+60%, Mug, Move-HP UP, Auto-Protect, 
    Rare Item, Forbid Mag-RF
    Cactuar: Eva-J, Luck-J, Defend, Kamikaze, Eva+30%, Luck+50%, initiative, 
    Tonberry: LV Down, LV Up, Eva+30%, Luck+50%, initiative, Auto-Potion, 
    Haggle, Sell-High, Familiar, Call Shop.
    Eden: I will detail this later as you haven't got her yet. Once you 
    get her, I will tell you which of her abilities are the most important.
    And yes, the above list is all the abilities I had at this point of the 
    game. However, you don't have to be that radical - You can leave some 
    useless abilities as well. Actually I could unlearn even more of the abilities 
    there. BTW, did you notice that you can actually unlearn ALL of GF Brothers 
    abilities, as all other GFs have what that GF has! 
    At this point, split up all the Ultimas you have between the three 
    characters (even if you have only three!)
    Now let's take a look at each character's magic junctions:
     ______________ ___________________ ___________________ ________________
    |     HP       |    Full-Life      |      HP+80%       |     9514 HP    |
    |   Strength   |     Ultima        |      Str+60%      |       n/a      |
    |   Vitality   |    Meltdown       |      Vit+40%      |       117      |
    |    Magic     |     Triple        |      NONE         |        75      |
    |   Spirit     |     Reflect       |      Spr+40%      |       107      |
    |   Speed      |     NONE          |      NONE         |       21       |
    |   Evade      |     NONE          |      NONE         |       1%       |
    |   Hit%       |     NONE          |      NONE         |       255%     |
    |   Luck       |     NONE          |      NONE         |       16       |
    Elemential Attack: NONE (can be adjusted when fighting a specific Boss, 
    but best left as None)
    Elemential Defence: Life, Tornado
    Status Attack: Blind
    Status Defence: Esuna, Death
     ______________ ___________________ ___________________ ________________
    |   HP         |    Full-Life      |      HP+80%       |     9619 HP    |
    |   Strength   |    Ultima         |      Str+60%      |     n/a        |
    |   Vitality   |    Meltdown       |      NONE         |     85         |
    |   Magic      |    Meteor         |      NONE         |     58         |
    |   Spirit     |    Curaga         |      NONE         |     69         |
    |   Speed      |    Triple         |      Spd+40%      |     127        |
    |   Evade      |    Tornado        |      NONE         |     24%        |
    |   Hit%       |    Double         |      NONE         |     139%       |
    |   Luck       |    Death          |      NONE         |     53         |
    Elemential Attack: NONE (can be adjusted when fighting a specific Boss, 
    but best left as None)
    Elemential Defence: Life, Quake, Shell, Flare
    Status Attack: Sleep
    Status Defence: Esuna, Beserk, Zombie, Stop
     ______________ ___________________ ___________________ ________________
    |   HP         |    Full-Life      |      HP+80%       |     9898 HP    |
    |   Strength   |    Ultima         |      Str+60%      |     n/a        |
    |   Vitality   |    Meltdown       |      NONE         |     87         |
    |   Magic      |    Flare          |      NONE         |     54         |
    |   Spirit     |    Curaga         |      NONE         |     72         |
    |   Speed      |    Triple         |      Spd+40%      |     128        |
    |   Evade      |    NONE           |      NONE         |     12%        |
    |   Hit%       |    Double         |      NONE         |     148%       |
    |   Luck       |    NONE           |      NONE         |     14         |
    Elemential Attack: NONE (can be adjusted when fighting a specific Boss, 
    but best left as None)
    Elemential Defence: Life, Tornado, Shell, Meteor
    Status Attack: NONE?!
    Status Defence: NONE?!
    All three characters have the same command abilities: Draw, Magic and Item 
    (GFs are useless). I know that these guys don't have the best possible magic 
    junctions and that you can get better. Some people might say that Squall is 
    the weakest character of this trio. Well, I'm not too sure about it - he is 
    too well balanced (look at those Vitality and Spirit stats!), plus I am going 
    to junction GF Eden on him after I get her. Some people might say that Irvine 
    is the weakest of the trio, because he doesn't have any status defence. Well, 
    the only argument against that is that with enemies at a LV this low, their 
    AI is pretty bad, so status attacks aren't the #1 thing to be afraid of... 
    However, no doubt, the strongest character is Zell - he has ALL junctions 
    possible, and there is a reason for that. Zell has the best limit breaks. As 
    Squall doesn't have his Lionheart, Zell's several hits is the most deadly attack.
    About the strength stat - I junctioned Ultima with a purpose: you are going to 
    get 100 of the per character. Just junction them to your strength, and don't 
    worry about the stat itself, as you won't need to attack until you have a good 
    strength. At the beginning of Disc 4 I will post any changes I made to the 
    Another point - while you are running around, replace Irvine's Spd+40% with 
    Encounter-None. As a battle is coming up, swap them back. Now that you are fully 
    (OK, so it's not exactly fully...) junctioned, it's time to kick some major butt!!
    Now, this place surely has changed since Bahamut... If you can't get inside, just 
    talk to everyone in the Raganarok and try again. Go down the tree/whatever. Talk 
    to Zell, and afterwards just go down. Take a look at the monitor. When you are 
    asked how much RSP you want to use, say 2. Go down. Check out the monitor to the 
    LEFT, below the stairs. It will open the way to a steam room. Get inside the room 
    and check out the bright, yellow thing. It will replenish your supply of RPS. Get 
    out. Check out the monitor to the right. Use 1 RPS. Go down. Keep on going down 
    using 1 RPS. At one point you will use a lift to get down. Check out the thing 
    down of the lift, and it will ask you to spend 4 RPS. Do so and the door to the 
    Excavation site will open.
    BTW, I know some people have had problems here, and they can only get past this bit 
    using Zell. Well, the above walkthrough should solve just that.
    Get inside the excavation site. Normally you would be fighting battles on every 
    second step (every eighth with Encounter-None), but now that shouldn't be the case. 
    The path is simple, so just keep on heading down until a place where the music changes 
    (stops) and you see a machine thing on the background. Exchange Squall's Spr+40% for 
    Siren's Move-Find ability and you will see a save point. Walk into the save point, 
    open the menu, exchange back the abilities, and SAVE!!! And prepare (actually, you 
    already prepared...) for a fight against the ULTIMATE WEAPON. AT LV7!! Check out 
    the machine thing when ready.
    He is at LV9, and has 59900 HP. His most famous attack is Light Pillar (it's not all 
    that damaging...WHAT?!?! 9999 Damage? You have to be joking!), and he is very likely 
    to start the fight with that. You should start with a Life (if someone is killed), a 
    triple, three hastes to follow that up and a Holy War to make you invisible. After 
    you have managed this setup, draw GF Eden from him and then just draw one Ultima 
    after another. You only need 200 Ultimas, as at the end of the fight you will get 
    100 Ultima stones, which can then be refined into Ultimas. At one point your Holy War 
    will wear off. I suggest that you simply use another one, until your drawing of 
    Ultimas is done. If you didn't cast Haste before, now was your chance. Just keep on 
    drawing Ultimas until you think you have 200. You should be done around the time your 
    second Holy War wears off - it all depends on how fast you are. Once it has worn off, 
    cast 3 Auras on yourself. You can cast another Holy War if you want to be safe, but 
    you don't have to. Just unleash your Limit Breaks, and as he has only around 60,000 HP, 
    he should go down quickly. 
    CONGRATUALTIONS!!! You just managed to kill Ultimate Weapon at LV7!!! Now there is 
    only one monster more difficult than this - the Omega Weapon.
    ****GF EDEN****
    Ahhh, at last - a full GF list. Eden is your most powerful GF, and combined with the 
    boost ability can put in quite a punch - even over 30,000 damage. That makes her a 
    pretty damaging GF, so I will ask you to not to unlearn her Sum Mag+??% abilities (she 
    has four of them!) and maybe even use some items to speed up the research. She can 
    come in handy at some time... you never know If you junction her to Squall, he will 
    have an almost full junction list. Nice! Pretty much all of her abilities are good, 
    so just learn them all.
    Note: Once you junction GF Eden, you should take away the Triple from Magic and add it 
    to Speed, put Flare in Magic slot, and add Tornado to Evade. Hit-J can even stay 
    empty, as his Hit% is already 255.
    Once you are done, go back up and head back to the Cactuar Island. It's time to 
    prepare your last GF and learn all of the last of your abilities. So keep on gaining 
    AP until you don't have any more abilities to learn. Afterwards save somewhere (in 
    another slot, so you can come back to this save file), and head for the Lunatic 
    Get into the Ragnarok and head for the Tear's Point. Run into the building like thing. 
    A couple of FMVs and cut scenes will follow. Once you regain control of Squall just 
    run out of the Ragnarok and you will meet up with some old friends.
    They seem to be as crap as they were the last time you fought them. I wonder why? 
    Anyway, before I got into the battle I junctioned Irvine's junction on someone 
    else and then junctioned him back. That lowered his HP down to low levels, which 
    you should keep until, really, middle of Disc 4. Just unleash any ammo (I took 
    Demolition) and the duo should be goners.
    Encounter-None is a must, although you might see that the enemies here are all at 
    LV1, so you really can't gain any EXP. Just head for the next screen, then go up 
    and left at the very end. In the next screen you will meet your 'pals' Wedge and 
    Biggs. They won't fight you, instead they will just talk about retirement. Follow 
    them into the next screen. If you want to explore the place, take the path up. 
    If you just want to continue on with the story, take the path down. In any way, 
    you will come to the place with the lifts, and take lift #1 if you want to get on 
    with the story. Follow into the next screen, and you will see a save point. Save 
    and head straight. You will meet up with Fuijin and Raijin, but the won't fight. 
    Instead, they will make a mechanical monster attack you.
    It has 32400 HP, so making it an immobile type isn't going to be all that difficult. 
    First I suggest you cast meltdown, but if you don't want to waste it, then you 
    don't have to. The main point is - Irvine's Demolition Ammo Limit Break: 4 shots 
    and it will go down. 
    Once you are done, head back and save again, and then head forwards. You will meet 
    up with Seifer.
    This battle will start with Odin appearing, but Seifer will kick his @$$. The 
    battle will go on as normal from here on. Unfortunately, he has no Aura to draw 
    at this level. If you want, you can use LV Up to get it, but I just couldn't be 
    bothered. If you want the best spell for Luck, then do it, but it doesn't matter 
    all that much. Just kill him with a limit break. Before the end of the battle, 
    Gilgamesh (an Odin replacement) will appear and kick the guy's @$$ so badly that 
    it's basically game over for him.
    But before that happens he will take Rinoa and bring her to Adel. But before you 
    can get to save her, it's disc changing time!
                         PART 5 : Disc 4 Walkthrough
    Disc 4 is the shortest disc. If you do things quickly enough, you can get through 
    it in 2 hours. Please note that once you reach the Ultimecia Castle you can get 
    back on the world map and get Ragnarok, but I won't detail that. I will just get 
    you through this disc (And trust me, I am somewhat eager to finish this guide!).
    So just get out of that screen, go left, up the stairs, don't go up again but go 
    into the screen upwards, then turn right and into the next screen. Walk to the 
    doorway (whatever you call it...), and you will be in the next screen. Equip 
    Move-Find and you will see a save point. Run into it, open the menu, exchange 
    Move-Find back for another ability and then save. Once you are done, run forwards. 
    Some FMVs and cut scenes will follow and you will have to fight Adel.
    Ahhh, the great Adel. This is the fight most newbies fear so much, and there is 
    so many questions asked on how to beat her at low levels. I remember that once 
    someone asked a question on how to beat Adel at LV20. ALL of the answers were 
    simple: Level up. Well, now you are fighting her at LV7, and you are about to 
    take her down...in one turn. She holds Rinoa, and if Rinoa dies, it's game over. 
    So use attacks that hit only one person, like most Irvine's shot Limit Breaks. 
    Fast ammo is good, and so is Demolition ammo. Just use those limit breaks and 
    she will go down easily. As your speed is so superior, you can actually do 
    several limit breaks with the same character before she even moves. I killed her 
    with one round of Demolition ammo. Piece of cake.
    Once she is dead Time compression will happen. Once you regain control of Squall 
    walk into the save point, but you won't be able to save. Just walk through the 
    door and a fight with a crapload sorceresses will follow. All of them are very 
    easy and will go down with just one physical hit. The exception is the last one, 
    which you could kill with a limit break, but I still used physical attacks.
    Once you are done you will be in Edea's house, but in the future. Run forwards, 
    then right through the door, then forwards through the door, then down the path 
    to the beach (the world will appear the way it really looks like on the way, 
    and Ultimecia's castle will be shown on the way). Simply run up the huge chain. 
    You can use the portals to get to the outside world, but all towns are blocked 
    so there really isn't a point. Just run up until you get to the castle door. Save 
    at the save point and enter.
    As you enter your abilities will be blocked by the Ultimecia's servants, so you 
    will have to try and get them back. When you are asked to divide into two parties 
    I think you should put Irvine, Zell and Quistis in one party and put Rinoa and 
    Selphie with Squall. Just don't forget to change the junctions accordingly. Heal 
    everyone, make sure you have Encounter-None on at all times in this castle. Once 
    you are done head back in and go up the stairs. You will fight the first of the 
    As you only have the 'Attack' command available you don't have much choice. So 
    simply attack until s/he/it is dead. You will have to pick an ability to unseal.
    I would take Limit Break.
    Head up the stairs and through the door. Go on top of the lamp and it will fall 
    down. Check the hatch right next to you. When you open it head down the stairs 
    and you will have to fight another one of Ultimecia's servants.
    There was a reason why you took Limit Break last time. Just cast one Renzokuken 
    (unjunction Squall and junction back to get his HP low) and you are home free! 
    I picked Magic next.
    Head back up the stairs and go into the green circle. Switch to the other team. 
    When I say switch to the other team, I also mean to switch the junctions as well. 
    Head back to that lamp, but this time it won't fall down. Go straight across and 
    you will find another one of Ultimecia's servants.
    S/he/it has 7400 HP, so it isn't all that difficult (less HP than you!). 
    Attacking with physical attacks will make him counter with an attack that does 
    around 900 damage. Even though there is this counter-attack, you are better off 
    by killing it with physical attacks, as you have to be high HP once you kill him 
    - once he dies he will cast Ultima on you (which should do around 1200 damage...)
    Pick Resurrection next.
    Once you are finished walk back two rooms until you can take the stairs to your 
    left. go there, then go down the stairs and to your left. Then walk down the 
    stairs. At the SW corner of the room you will see a thread. Try going next to 
    it and you will ring a bell. This is the bell that calls up on Omega Weapon. 
    Remember where it is, as you will need it later. Just walk through the door right 
    You will be in a gallery. Check all the pictures on the walls, except for the one 
    to your right (large one). The ones you are looking for are 'Vividarium', 
    'Intervigilium' and 'Viator'. Once you have found those three check the large 
    picture and choose those three in that order. Another Servant will appear.
    He has 11146 HP, so, and I know this is getting boring, but things are far from 
    over, just use a limit break. You will kill him before he even does a thing. 
    After the battle I suggest that you pick Item.
    Afterwards just head forwards through the door. Keep on heading straight. Then 
    go left, but before you do, split all the Demis you have between the three 
    characters. Then head into the room. Get the shining key and another boss will 
    This is the most defensive boss of the game. All damage that you do will only do 
    1/10 of the damage. On top of that he has 30,000 HP. The only way of defeating 
    him would be to use Demi, which is why I asked you to put it in all three 
    characters. Another way is to cast Meltdown on him and then send him back to 
    the future with a limit break. I would pick Save.
    Afterwards just head back and stop at the green spot. Change the parties 
    (and junctions).
    Head straight through the door. Keep on heading straight and you will come to a 
    church like place. At the end there is an organ, which you can play. Remember 
    this place - you will encounter Omega Weapon here. Otherwise, just go up the 
    stairs. Go over the bridge until you see a white thing fall off it. Head back 
    to the green spot you saw before and change parties. Using Irvine's party head 
    down again and then right. You will see a glowing thing there. Pick it up and 
    you will see that it is a key. Head through the door to your right.
    BOSS FIGHT: Vysage & Lefty & Righty; Gargantula
    The Vysage & co suck badly - one shot limit break (aim different shots at 
    different enemies) and they are out. Afterwards Gargantula will appear. He 
    will cast his Evil Eye. Simply use a Remedy on Irvine and cast another limit 
    break. He has 11200 HP, so one limit should be enough. At the end I would 
    pick Command Ability.
    Head out of the room, where you saw the green circle. Swap parties.
    Head back, then left through the door. Go down through the door. Then head 
    up the stairs, but turn left. Go left through the door. Head down the stairs 
    and through the door. Go straight down the long hallway. Get on the green 
    spot and swap parties.
    Head up the stairs and to your left. You will see a save point on the way, 
    so save there. Keep on heading to your left and you will come to the same 
    room as your second party. Get on the green spot and change your parties, 
    but before you can, your second party will be elevated up. Use your second 
    party to get inside the door that is there and pick up the shining key 
    (floodgate key). Go back on the green circle and switch party members. Put 
    back your winning trio - Squall, Zell and Irvine.
    Head back to the place where you fought Red Giant and Gargantula. I know 
    it's a long walk, but that's the game. At the entrance to the room with the 
    Red Giant you will see a red lever. Use the floodgate key (touch the lever 
    twice). Now, do you remember where the church was (where Omega is supposed 
    to appear)? Go to one room before that. In the fountain you will see a shining 
    thing. Pick it up (It's the treasure vault key), head into the green circle 
    and swap parties.
    Head out of the room and on the midway of the long hallway head left into the 
    Treasure Vault. You will have to try to open all 4 boxes. There really isn't 
    a pattern there, just keep on trying and you should get them. Another boss 
    will appear.
    He has 14,000 HP, and although you don't have anyone in your party to do high 
    damage attacks, he shouldn't be too difficult. If you have spent your time to 
    learn Quistis' limit breaks (very much not like me... BTW, does she have limit 
    breaks???), then she could be pretty powerful. Otherwise, Rinoa is the second 
    best. Don't use her Angel Wing though, as she might use a useful spell (one 
    that you don't want to be using). Selphie is quite good...if you get her slots 
    to pop up the best magic... Catoblepas will use Meteor as he dies. Pick GF 
    once you are done.
    Remember the room with the bell that calls Omega? Well, head there. There is 
    a Green circle there, so swap parties.
    OK, it is time to release the last of the seals. And, believe it or not, 
    this is the easiest boss to deal with. Head into the church, up the stairs, 
    over the bridge, equip Move-Find to see a save point, save and head up. Keep 
    on heading up until you see a swinging lamp. Once the lamp swings to you, jump 
    (press the 'accept' button) and the team will jump to the other side. Get in 
    and you will see Tiamat, the last and the greatest of the Ultimecia's Servants. 
    But before you run into him I will ask you to open your menu and put Ultima and 
    Life at the elemental defence. Put anything you want at the strength stat. Now 
    get into the battle.
    Ahhh, the Fiend of Wind is an 'old school' enemy and comes from FF1. He has 
    29600 HP and his only attack is Dark Flare. I don't know which elemental property 
    Dark Flare has, but as you absorb all of them, you should absorb Dark Flare 
    totally (OK, so most likely not toatally, but a percentage). So his only attack 
    will heal you for around 3000 HP. I will let you decide how to knock out his 
    29,600 HP. Once you kill him you will get to unseal your last ability. After 
    the battle ends, swap back your Ultima Junction.
    From here you could just go and kill Ultimecia, but you wouldn't want to miss 
    the chance to kill the strongest enemy in the game, the Omega Weapon, with a 
    main character being at LV7, would you?
    From where you are now head back down to the last save point. Save and run to 
    the green square near the fountain and swap parties. With the other party ring 
    the bell. A 1:00 time limit will appear. Quickly get into the green spot and 
    swap back the parties. Run to the Organ and Omega should be there waiting for 
    Wow, you are taking on the strongest monster in the game at LV7! Isn't that 
    incredible? Unlike the Ultimate Weapon, the Omega is ALWAYS at LV100 - try 
    scanning him. So it really doesn't matter if you are at LV100 or LV7, he 
    will have the same stats. The way to beat him is to simply be faster than him. 
    That means a very good speed stat. If you have everything junctioned as I told 
    you, that shouldn't be a problem. As the battle starts have one person cast 
    Triple on a person that has at least 3 Auras. Have that person cast the three 
    Auras. The third character should use a Holy War. Omega WILL use LV5 Death, 
    and it is likely to happen before you cast the holy war, but don't worry, none 
    in your party should have a level multiple of 5, so it will miss. After this 
    cast a meltdown to get his Vitality to 0. From here on it is just limit breaks. 
    And it will seem endless. At one point your Holy War will wear off. If you are 
    unlucky to have one character killed while there is a gap between the Holy War 
    that wore off and the new one you are casting, the only thing I can suggest is 
    to try to go on with the flow - cast Life (NOT Full-Life!) and then a Holy War. 
    As your speed is greater than Omega's you should get all those things done 
    before you finish up dead. After that just keep on casting Limit Breaks. Just 
    to give an idea of the number of limit breaks you will need - I used over 40 
    Demolition Ammo in this battle, and most of the times my fire rate was 3/limit 
    (I had no aura the time I fought him, but you should, as it increases the fire 
    rate). He isn't very difficult, as I didn't die a single time while fighting him. 
    So you shouldn't either. Now go to the Tutorial Menu, check under Information 
    and you will see a new entry - 'The Proof of Omega'.
    5.3 LET'S JUST END THIS!!!
    Well, right now there is just one boss in this world that you haven't sent 
    straight to hell - and that is Ultimecia herself. The Final Boss of Final 
    Fantasy 8. 
    Go back up where you fought Tiamat, but don't jump onto the lamp. Instead 
    keep on heading up. In the clock itself walk downwards. Then walk down until 
    the stairs and keep on walking down. Then just walk down the next stairs. You 
    will be on a long passage. Just walk into the screen. You will reach a save 
    point. Make your last save. Then knock on Ultimecia's door. Say 'Get it over 
    with. Fight her now' to fight her. Please note that the following boss battles 
    are actually one battle - it is just that she keeps on changing form or summons 
    someone else.
    HAHAHAHAHA!!! What's this supposed to be, some type of a warm up lesson? OK, so 
    it is a warm up lesson. She is at LV9 and has 9,400 HP. Well, I guess there were 
    easier bosses than this. However, use her weaknesses to make up your team. She 
    will choose to fight three people randomly, and the chances that she will choose 
    your favourite trio are very slim. So if other members happen to be in your party 
    at this moment, kill them and wait until they are absorbed and replaced by the 
    members that you want. If you have 3 auras, cast Triple on the person with Auras, 
    then cast Aura on everyone. Use the same person with Triple to cast 'Shell' on 
    everyone, as it will protect you from Griever's Shockwave Pulsar. When you are 
    ready, attack her with a limit break and you will progress onto the next stage of 
    the battle.
    Griever is supposed to be the strongest GF ever. Well, if you ask me, Eden would 
    whip his @$$ without any problem. Anyway, I can't exactly tell you how much HP he 
    has, I just know it is simply not enough to survive the power of your Junctions. I 
    suggest you cast a Meltdown on him to get his Vitality to zero and then attack 
    with Limit Breaks. As you kill him he will cast Shockwave Pulsar, an attack that a 
    lot of people fear and because of it they have gotten a game over screen. Well, 
    your junctions are close to perfect so it should be no problem. On top of that I 
    told you to put up shield, so the attack's power will be halved. Bye Bye Griever!
    What type of a sick combination is this??? Well, this is supposed to be Ultimecia's 
    power together with Griever's power. Well, they aren't all that good together. Cast 
    a Meltdown on him/her/him&her/it and then just cast a limit break. That's right - 
    just one should be enough.
    Well, this is supposed to be the ultimate challenge. Errr...even she isn't any good 
    at fighting. However, she will start the fight with 'Hell's Judgement', which will 
    make your HP go down to 1. Use this moment to unleash 2 limit breaks and use the 
    third character to cast a megalixer - there might be a chance of her casting an 
    Ultima, but she probably won't do that. Anyway, two limit breaks is enough to 
    basically finish her off. After those two limit breaks she will start talking. From 
    here on simply hit her with a physical attack to knock out another line. When she 
    says "And..." hit her once more and you have beaten her. Now just sit back and watch 
    the ending FMV until the words "The End" appear on the screen.
    Now go and brag...
    Well, when I started this guide and the No Level Up game, I thought I set out for 
    a great challenge. It turned out to be the easiest Final Fantasy 8 game I have 
    played so far. The junctioning system of Final Fantasy 8 makes it so simple to get 
    through the game, that you sometimes have to laugh at the worthlessness of the Bosses. 
    Well, the great challenge turned out to be an easy game. I am still happy that I have 
    written this guide and played this game, as this proves that RPGs are not all about 
    boring levelling up, because in this game, I (and hopefully you joined me :) didn't 
    level up at all...
    ============================== THANK YOU FOR READING =================================
                                      FINAL FANTASY 8
                                     NO LEVEL UP GUIDE
                                WRITTEN AND COPYRIGHT BY EDMAN
                         THE BOSSES I HAVE BEATEN WHILE WRITING IT!!!

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