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    Character Setup Guide by THearmiton

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 12/15/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    by: Vice President Treill Hearmiton
    Version History
    Version 1.0
    	-Completed the whole fact and submitted it. Minor errors on
    info regarding myself and the people who helped me.
    Version 1.1
    	-Revised the informations and my email address.
    Version 1.2
    	-Put up some additions regarding devouring secrets
           B.2. THIRD DISC GUIDE
    You may not use anything from this faq whatsoever for your own or claim
    it as your own. If you want to use some info within my faq, then email
    me or at least give me credit on your work. I don't demand you to email
    me for the permission. This faq is for free distribution and I didn't
    make this for any other purposes aside to distribute what I know. So
    feel free to ask me permission or to get info from this but give me
    credit. Well better off to email me at least I know who got my info.
    You know what would happen to you if you ever plagarize any faq.
    Please do not make any profit with this. If any of you got this
    through any kind of payment then you have been had for this faq
    is for free. You may print this as long as it stays the same,
    meaning no alterations whatsoever. Also if I may add lastly for
    WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. Salamat (thanks in our native tongue).
    *if you have time please visit this address:
    *that is if you have time. tnx!
    These are thanks for those who helped me with this faq. Without
    them, this would never have been a success.
    marleone: (st_babyneko@yahoo.com)
    For helping me out mostly in the game. Thanks for leveling up
    my characters when I'm too drowsy to do so. ^_^
    rm2k: (rmy2k@edsamail.com.ph)
    For telling me how to defeat Malboros while watching your favorite
    TV show. For telling me about the Rosetta Stone hidden in Cheryl's
    Smoon: (Pacman010@hotmail.com)
    For the information on Obel Lake Mystery and Shumi Village Sidequest
    Scott Ong: (kangning@mbox5.singnet.com.sg)
    For the information on the organ at Ultimecia's Castle. I've been
    to know what's it for.
    Cjayc: (www.gamefaqs.com)
    For maintining a beautiful treasure trove of gaming info. Also for
    posting my faq.
    Square: (www.squaresoft.com)
    For developing a great game.
    ahiya elster:(ahiyaelster@hotmail.com)
    For telling me about the Devouring system
    Hi! I'm Vice President Treill Hearmiton (vpth for short) and this is
    my first time ever to write a faq so please...please bear with me.
    This guide is all about how to setup your favorite character in final
    fantasy 8 (or all of them) from magic to junction to weapons. Well
    for some it would seem to be out of hand  but I saw that there are
    many people out there who just played the game, leveled every
    character to 100 (which is so damn easy; I mean you could get to
    level 100 even if your still at disc one and even before your first
    ever mission as a SeeD) and junctioned magics to stats and be
    contented with it. Also there are people who just play it straight
    out. Well this guide will help players to achieve the best
    character he can create with the best stats that the game can
    offer. I hope you all find this very helpful.
    There are many reasons why I wrote this guide and these are:
    [1] To help FF8 players build up their chracters to their liking
    [2] To cover many questions on how to get CERTAIN items (not all;
    I'm not going to list them all)
    [3] Taking care of GF's (which also means powering you up)
    [4] To laugh at Ultima and Omega Weapon (well Ultima is a piece of
    cake really but if you want to laugh...)
    This is similar to powering up with pluses (i.e. Str Bonus Vit Bonus)
    but the difference is that you can do this even if your characters are
    at the maximum level. Also you can have magic junctioned at every stats
    and I mean EVERY stats including the speed, luck and even evasion! Hit
    Junction you really don't need especially with Squall as his gunblades
    always has 255% hit and it comes in three GF's namely Diablos,
    Pandemona, and Eden. Now...onwards!
    Strength junction means you junction a magic (i.e. Ultima) to your
    strength and thus increasing its value. They come with GF's:
    You can also use the Str-J scroll that can be bought in petshops.
    Vitality junction is the ability to junction magic in your vitality
    increasing your defense. The higher the vitality, the lesser the
    physical damage will be inflicted on your character. Vit-J ability
    comes with the GF's:
    Or you can use a Vit-J Scroll to learn this ability. Vit-J Scroll can
    be bought in petshops.
    Magic juction is an ability that enables you to junction a magic to you
    magic status. Increasing the value of your magic is important as they
    affect two things namely: the strength of your spells and the success
    rate of the draw command. The higher the magic the more spells that you
    can draw. For example, Squall has a magic of 80 and Zell has a magic of
    22. Squall can draw successfully from an enemy almost always getting 9
    of the spell while Zell has a slim chance of being successful and if he
    is successful, he'll only acquire a measly 1 or 2 of the said spell.
    Now Mag-J comes with GF's:
    Or you can use a Mag-J scroll available only at petshops.
    Spirit Junction is an ability that allows your character to strengthen
    his/her spirit by equipping (junctioning) a magic on the slot. Spirit
    is the Defense against the Dark Ar..errr, defense against magic. They
    come from the GF's:
    Man! It's really boring to type and type the same phrases. Well: Spr-J,
    buy, petshops...Yahoo! (makes sense?). Well if you've found Str-J scroll
    and you can't find this one, you really shouldn't be playing the game.
    Care to guess what it does? Anyway this great ability comes from the
    Or you can use the very rare Spd-J Scroll. These scrolls are rare
    (well not as rare as the Aegis Amulet). One you can get by mugging
    Cerberus when you fight him and one from the the Lunatic Pandora. It's
    in the screen where Laguna accidentally pushed a rock on an Esthar
    soldier (not the bombing incident). In Zell and Squall's scenario, it's
    in the screen below the save point (use move-find ability; before the
    mechanical boss). There's a hole on the left side
    wall. Examine it to get the scroll.
    Well, pretty easy to guess. The higher the amount, the higher the
    chance to avoid enemy attacks. I don't know if this also includes
    magical attacks. Could someone please tell me. My email is
    vhi42@yahoo.com.com. Tnx. Anyways, an evasion of 25%-30% is high
    already as it will evade most attacks though not 100% guaranteed.
    And this is the only stat that cannot be boosted up to 255% because
    there are no items that increases the value of this. The only GF's
    that has this wondrous ability are:
    You can also use the very rare, though not hard to acquire, Aegis
    Amulet. To get this material, encounter the UFO and defeat it before
    your last encounter to get the Pupu card.
    Hit junction is an ability that enables you to increase your hit rate
    by equipping magic on it. Hit-J comes with the GF's:
    There are no items that will give you this ability so I suggest that
    you never remove this from your GF's.
    Luck junction is an ability that allows magic to be juinctioned to
    your luck. Luck may seem to be useless for most players but as this
    guide's purpose is to FULLY EQUIP your characters with all the stats,
    it is compulsary in my side that I write it down here (hey! maybe I can
    convince you that luck is somehow useful). Well, for one thing, luck
    determines the ofteness that Odin and Gilgamesh would appear. The higher
    the luck, the more often Odin and Gilgamesh would appear. Also luck
    determines the items that you get after battles. Well, allover, luck
    is at a 50-50 situation in usefulness. You would really want to get a
    Power Generator from Blitz but you don't want Odin or Gilgamesh ruining
    your every battle? GF's that has this ability are:
    Or of course you can use a Luck-J scroll. Like the Spd-J scroll,
    Luck-J scroll cannot be bought from a petshop or any other shop.
    You can only get this by Mugging Odin and by doing the other
    Obel Lake Mystery.
    This info I learned from Smoon. Thanks a bunch.
    Go to the Eldbeak Peninsula north of Balamb continent. There you'll
    see a stone which reads TRETIMEASUREATMINOFFDEISLE. If you remove
    the word TIME OFF from this gibberish, you'll get Treasure at Minde
    Isle! Now fly over to Minde Island south of Esthar and wander around
    to get a Luck-J scroll.
    This is how to boost your characters' stats before getting all the
    GF's. Why before getting all the GF's? You need the later GF's
    (i.e. Doomtrain and onwards) abilities to forge the materials you
    will be needing for powering up your characters. Here's how it goes:
    =Basically, you need to stay as low leveled as possible (man! I could
    use a Degenerator trap from FF Tactics). How to be low leveled is as
    ***do not engage in battles that will give you experience. Examples are
    Random battles. To learn GF abilities without Exp, go to Cactuar Island.
    If you're still in the first disc learn only the necessary ones like
    Mug, Str Bonus, Mag Bonus, HP Bonus. Do not use the same characters as
    they will surely gain Exp and thus level up. Nothing you can do with
    the main character but don't worry, we have a plan for him later.
    ***if in disc 2 and you want to learn say, Recover or Tonberry's Shop
    Abilities, Call Shop, Haggle, Familiar, Sell-High; a measly 700 AP
    all in all (*pant*pant*), go to the training center of Balamb garden
    and encounter with a T-Rexaur [you could really tell that it's him with
    that smile on his face =)]. Equip the LVL Down ability from GF Tonberry
    and level him down to level 1 and the kill him. You get a measly exp but
    the AP is still 10. You can also do this with other enemies.
    ***the true development of your character begins when you gain control
    of Balamb Garden. But this is much better if you're in disc three and
    got a hold of Ragnarok. Just in case you want to pound off your enemies
    like hell, then do this:
    With the access to almost every part of the map (except of course the
    islands closests to heaven and hell and the Esthar Region), you can
    boost your characters'stats even before your battle with Fujin and
    Raijin, though not to the maximum. You can't max out your stats till
    disc three. Here's what you do:
    [1] Get Odin and Tonberry. Stock on Death, Triple, and Full-Life spells
    from these GF's. This is the best way to get them easily. For Odin and
    Tonberry to have these spells in their draw inventory, Squall would
    have to be at least level 30. Don't worry with his level. As I have
    said, we have a plan for him.
    [2] Now that you have these two GF's, go master the bonuses (Str Bonuses,
    Vit Bonuses, Mag Bonus, Spr Bonus, and HP Bonus using the strategy above
    in developing GF abilities)
    [3] Equip your desired stat to increase. There are five bonuses and the
    maximum ability slots that you can get here is up to three only. I
    suggest that you use Str Bonus, Vit Bonus/Mag Bonus, and Spr Bonus. HP
    Bonus will be easy later so don't bother.
    [4] At disc 2 (before the whole Balamb incident), you must have the
    GF's Shiva, Quezacoatl, Ifrit (man! if you can't get this GF, might
    as well play Mario again), Siren, Diablos, Carbuncle, Brothers,
    Leviathan, Odin and Tonberry. Now you have all the GF's that have the
    bonuses, with Stat-Atk-J and Stat-Def-J2x, Elem-Atk
    and Elem-Def-J2x.
    [5] Equip all the GF's on ONE character and let that character kill
    the remaining two.
    [6] Junction magics to your stats:
          ==Full-Life to HP
          ==Triple to Strength
          ==Meltdown to Vitality
          ==Any strong spell to Magic
          ==Any strong spell to Spirit
          ==Haste to Speed
          ==Any magic to Hit
          ==Death to Stat-Atk
          ==Any spell on Stat-Def (say, life and esuna or reflect)
          ==Elem-Def and Elem-Atk: doesn't really matter as you already
    have death but you could use Blizzaga on Elem-Atk to strengthen
    yourself against T-Rexaur
    [7] Now go to the training center and level up your character from
    the very easy opponents (Grat and T-Rexaur). With your weapon,
    dealing instant death almost a hundred percent, this will be a piece
    of cake. Your HP would not go down that easy since you've got
    Full-Life equipped (remember, from the very kind Tonberry King). You
    could also get death from Tonberries (not the king) instead from
    Odin. Focus on drawing Triple from Odin. You can also go to other
    parts of the map which you find suitable enough for your leveling
    process. You could go to Trabia Region and fight in the forests there.
    Sometimes you'll encounter a Snow Lion. You'll get large exp and 10
    AP for defeating him but I think the death junction won't work on
    him. Or you can go to the Centra and fight in forests there.
    Sometimes you'll encounter Ruby Dragon there, though at a lower level,
    he'll give a decent amount of exp and 14 AP!
    [8] Now I suggest that you level up first your other characters. Kill
    Squall first as the level of the monsters depend on his level.
    [9] If you don't want to powerup now, then go on with the story, do
    not gain levels (don't do this whole scam), and proceed till you're at
    disc three with Ragnarok. If you want to power up early on, then follow
    this guide. You'll all get to maximize your stats in the end.
    This whole is about on how to maximize your character to the fullest,
    not just powering him/her up. First things first on maximizing
    your characters:
    =Get the Solomon's ring  in Tears Point before going to Lunar Base.
    This is very important. If you don't have this, then don't read any
    =Have Raganarok. Get on with the story and when you have Ragnarok...
    it's show time!!
    =Get GF Cactuar. To get him, go to the Cactuar Island South East part
    of Esthar and East of Edea's house. You'll find it very easily. It's
    an island near the wide desert (Kashkabald Desert) south of Esthar.
    There you'll see a green thing popping out of different locations on
    the island. Go to where he comes out and an encounter starts.
    =Get Bahamut. Your main character's level should be the basis of
    Bahamut's level so no need to worry, unless Squall is at level 100
    and your other characters are still at a very low level. You'll
    really have a hard time. But anyway, if you feel like you can't take
    on Bahamut, get the Rosetta Stone from the Esthar shop (the one that
    never opens; just keep on going in there [persistent costumer eh!]
    and they'll eventually give you Rosetta Stone. note: you don't have
    to leave the store to get the stone) and use it on of your GF's to
    learn the Abilityx4. That's the purpose of getting Bahamut.
    =Get 6 Malboro Tentacles, 6 Remedy +, and 6 Steel Pipes. To get these:
      Malboro tentacles
      You need to steal it from them or win it from them. But the problem
    is you need to be sane (unBAD BREATHED) to mug him, much more kill him.
    Malboros at level 100 have high HP amounting to about 140,000 to
    160,000! So how do you kill him without calling Odin for help or
    Gilgamesh? Read on:
    Basically, almost all status ailments can be inflicted to a character
    who has been Bad Breathed. You have confuse, sleep, poison, and even
    petrification. To prevent these annoying ASSETS you need to do the
    [1] Learn Stat-Def-J4x from GF's Cerberus and Doomtrain. Learn them
    without gaining exp from Cactuars.
    [2] Get Pain spells, Confuse spells, Break spells, and Sleep spells.
    Confuse spells can be drawn from Belhemel in the regions of Galbadia.
    Break spells can be drawn from Cockatrices on cliffs of Grandidi Forest
    (the huge forest North of Esthar). Sleep spells can be drawn from Grat
    at the Training Center of Balamb. Pain spells are rather hard to find
    but they can be Refined from Curse Spikes. 1 will yield 5 Pains. But
    if you want, you could draw them from Elnoyles (monsters that have a
    closeness to Elvoret). These monsters are hard to find in random
    encounters in Esthar region (note: must have finished the Lunar Cry
    incident) but in Esthar City, you can find him and can always encounter
    him as much as you want. To find Elnoyle in Esthar City, land Ragnarok
    on the Esthar Hangar and continue to the next screen. Here you'll meet
    some Esthar people, one who is laughing due to insanity and the others
    talking about what happened to Esthar. Go to the right. Here you'll
    see a save point and a place where you can heal.  Continue to the right
    till you reach an intersecrtion of four. It should somehow look like
    Left: passable
    Right: Going to Elnoyle
    ==: broken airway				|= =|
    						|= =|
    					left	|= =|	 right
    						|= =|
    ===================================		=============================
    -----------------------------------		-----------------------------
      	from Ragnarok					    to Shopping Mall
    -----------------------------------		-----------------------------
    heh heh! My younger sister could have done better but its the best
    that I can afford to do. Anyways, go to the right and then you'll reach
    another screen. When you reach this screen, you'll find a T formed
    intersection. Go right and you'll see a black man sitting by the
    corridor. Talk to him and he'll say "Hee hee hee!" Then you'll fight
    In your fight with this joker, draw Pains from him and Holy! At least
    you don't have to go to the Islands closest to heaven and hell and draw
    them there (hooo! *sweat* *sweat*). If you Mug him, you'll get a
    Moonstone which is necessary for creating weapons later. If you defeat
    him, he'll drop an Energy Crystal. No sweat! Unlike if you battle a
    Ruby dragon, you'll have to survive his damn attacks (especially Breath!
    Damn! **encounter, Ruby, breath, toasty!!!**) and he seldom drops an
    Energy Crystal. Well, Elnoyle maybe devastating in some aspects but at
    least an instant death attack can be used on him (remember the death
    magic junction to Stat-Atk-J?). With that you'll have no problem with
    him. He gives large exp especially at level 100 and 18 AP! (but not
    close to cactuars). Anyway, now that you have all the necessary
    spells, it's time to fight Marlboro, I mean Malboro.
    Junction Pain, Sleep, Confuse, and Break on your character with the
    Stat-Def-J4x. For the other one with only Stat-Def-J2x, junction Pain
    and Confuse. Now encounter with Malboro. He'll usually have the first
    turn as his speed is great. He'll initially cast Bad Breath first.
    When he casts Bad Breath the character not junctioned with sleep in
    status defense will fall asleep and be counted for petrification.
    The other two will only be berserked and slowed. Just let the two
    attack. Berserk increases your strength thus dealing major damage to
    Malboro. Now, equip Auto-Haste with the one who has Cerberus and he
    won't be slowed down. That character will be so fast that Malboro
    won't have another turn to attack. I equipped Squall (at level 100
    with strength of 180) with Cerberus, Auto-Haste, and the status
    defenses. I didn't even have to trigger the R1 button coz my
    gunblade's attacks deal 9999 damage! I didn't even lift a finger or
    press a button to kill Malboros. With this setup, you'll be getting
    100 Malboro Tentacles in no time, get the Blue Magic Bad Breath,
    create Quistis's ultimate weapon (Save the Queen), and get Doomtrain.
     Remedy +
    To get these, you need to learn Alexander's Med LVL up ability. Buy
    Remedies from shops and convert them to become Remedy +.
     Steel Pipes
    To get these, mug a Wendigo (headless green and flesh monsters that
    dreams of being a player in NBA) in the forests of Galbadia and in
    the District Prison. Or you can refine them from Elastoid cards.
    1:1 is the ratio.
    =Get Tonberry if you still haven't got him. You will need his shop
    skills to be able to maximize your stats.
    =Get Eden. Draw him from Ultima Weapon in the Deep Sea Deposit. You'll
    be needing his GFAbl Med RF. You can choose to get Eden later when
    you're at level 100 or you may want him early on. But if you want a
    good fight with Ultima Weapon, then, level up to 100.
    Now that you have all that you need for maximizing you characters, let us
    begin the set-up.
    First thing that you need to do is junction Bahamut to the character
    you want to powerup. Let's take Squall for our sample.
    Junctioned GF's	Junctioned Magic
    =Shiva            HP=Full-Life          	Spd=Triple
    =Carbuncle        Str=Ultima              Eva=Haste
    =Cerberus		Vit=Meltdown		Hit=None (already 255%)
    =Cactuar		Mag=Holy			Luck=whatever (Aura)
    =Tonberry		Spr=Reflect
    Commands:		Abilities:
    Attack		Str Bonus
    Item			Vit Bonus
    Draw			Mag Bonus
    			Spr Bonus
    Junctioned Magic to Elements		Junctioned Magic to Status
    Elem-Atk=Blizzaga 			Status-Atk=Death
    Elem-Def=Thundaga				Status-Def=Pain
    	   Firaga				  	     Sleep
    With this setup you can easily grind almost every enemy in the Island
    closest to hell. Why Island closest to Hell only? Well, the enemies
    here are far better than the enemies in Island closest to Heaven.
    They give better exp, better AP, and you can get some of the materials
    youll be needing for learning Blue Magic and remodeling weapons.
    The idea of this setup is to powerup your character (in this case it's
    Squall) with the help of the bonuses. The spells junctioned are quite
    hard to find unless you want to roam around the two islands (heaven
    and hell) drawing pitiful 3 or 5 spells each. I will explain later
    where to get them without having the trouble of drawing from the
    draw points. And you don't have to waste 5,000 gil to draw Ultima!
    (well, it's not a waste really but the time that you use to go back
    and forth to Shumi Village...). The purpose of Ultima in the Str
    junction is for your character to have the best strength stat that
    he can have at this point of the game. You cannot add Bahamut's
    Str+60% to his abilities since you need every slot for the Bonuses.
    Full-Life has the same purpose as Ultima but obviously, its for
    boosting up your HP. Same for Meltdown since it is the second best
    vitality junction spell next to Ultima. Holy is not the best bet for
    your Magic Stat but you need the other spells for stats that are
    imperative to boost as high as possible. Do not junction Pain here
    though its value would increase at least by 30 points. You need it
    for Status Defense Junction. Reflect is the best for Spirit
    (meaning next best to Ultima; since Ultima is the best for all the
    Stats, except HP). Triple is for boosting up your speed. You can use
    it on Evasion or Speed. Speed is needed to get a higher chance of
    getting the first turn. Your ATB will be so fast you'll feel that
    you're the only one who has a turn. You can interchange Speed from
    Evasion depending on your needs and wants. If you want
    to avoid most attacks, then boost up your evasion with Triple. If
    you want to gain speed, then junction Triple on your speed.
    Blizzaga's purpose is for the dragon type enemies (well, not all
    of them are dragon types and not all of them are weak with cold;
    actually it's just the T-Rexaur that's the aim of Blizzaga). Since
    dragon type enemies such as Hexadragon and Ruby dragon absorb fire,
    and Grendels are strong against thunder. So Blizzaga or other
    Elements can junctioned here but I found Blizzaga to be the most
    suitable because enemies here are either weak or damaged normally
    with this spell. As for the other elements, I have still not tested
    them yet. Firaga and Thundaga for Elemental defense is necessary for
    those attacks based on these elements. Most of the enemies here attack
    with these elements (i.e. Grendel's Breath are thunder based so Thundaga
    will nullify them; Hexadragon attacks with Firaga so Firaga on Elem-Def
    will nullify it). These are for precautionary measures so that you'll
    only have to deal with physical attacks and non-elemental spells and
    attacks, such as Meteor, Ruby's Breath and Hexa's Breath. The status
    attack Death deals almost a hundred percent. Junction 100 Deaths on
    your Status Atk to get a higher chance of sending your enemies to
    oblivion. There are 6 types of enemies found in the Island closest to
    Hell and these are:
    Ruby Dragon=cute red dragons that likes to toast your party first then
    teaches you astronomy by raining you with meteors.
    Malboro=again, cute green plant like monster with a big mouth
    (and I do mean BIG!) that never brushes its teeth. I think even a
    drum of mouthwash won't even get rid of that Bad Breath.
    Hexadragon=uncute, gray, six-legged dragons that likes to stare at
    your party (not much a threat unless you stare back at him and let
    him squash your party)
    Grendels=much like a cross-breed between a frog and dragon. Comes in
    one or two. Two can deal major damage to your party especially if your
    Vitality is not that high but not much of a threat.
    Blue Dragon=green deformed dragons that is very gentle to your party
    (believe me! He's the easisest).
    T-Rexaur=dinosaurs ready for a Kodak moment. Strong especially that
    damn tail of his. Can be easily killed with
    DEATHpunch/blade/whip/bullet/nunchaku/projectile. Strong but not much
    of an opponent. Start praying if you don't have a healer and your
    DEATHpunch/blade/whip/bullet/nunchaku/projectile doesn't take effect
    in about five to seven turns, as he can kill a whole party with two
    swipes of that monstrous tail of his.
    Of the six monsters given, three of which are affected by Status
    attack junction:Death. These are T-Rexaur, Blue Dragon, and Grendels.
    The purpose of this junction is to eliminate enemies in an instant,
    granting instant victory and an easy way to gain levels. Though, the
    other three are not affeceted by this instant death method, it is not
    necessary (though you wish you could just kill them all in one blow ^_^).
    Hexadragon are not that hard to beat. You'll only have a hard time
    mincing a 60,000 HP dragon. But all in all, he's not lethal. Unlike Ruby
    and Malboro. Ruby Dragon, you'll have to kill him normally or use limits
    (*cough...cough...de...cough...gen...tor...cough*).Malboros are not that
    hard. Being protected from that annoying Bad Breath is the key to win a
    battle with Malboro. That is the purpose of the Status Defense setup
    above. Once you have this, just wait how Malboro will wish for his
    death.With all that said and done, level up your characters like
    there's no tomorrow!
    The Key to maximizing your stats lies on four main GF's: Carbuncle,
    Doomtrain, Tonberry, and Eden. That's why it is very important to
    get the Solomon's Ring from Tear's Point before going to the
    Lunar Base. You cannot get it after Lunatic Pandora lies on top of
    Tear's Point. Now what you have to do:
    =Learn Tonberry's Haggle, Sell-High, Call Shop, and Familiar. Haggle
    is for discount at shops, Sell-High is pretty obvious, Call Shop
    is for your convenience and Familiar is for buying rare items at shops.
    =Learn Carbuncle's Recover Med-Ref
    =Learn Doomtrain's Forbid Med-RF. You'll see why.
    =Learn Eden's GFAbl Med-RF. Later I'll explain.
     This method I'm going to write is only for HP stat up to Spirit stat.
    Speed and Luck has a different and tedious method (I think tedious is
    an understatement). Anyway here's how it goes:
    [1] Buy Tents from shops and use the Recover Med-RF ability to convert
    them to Mega-Potions.
    [2] Sell the Mega-Potions at shops (7500 gil a piece)
    [3] Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have gotten the desired amount of
    money that you need.
    [4] With the new found business of buy and sell and after being
    rich in no time, buy from Esthar Petshop any of these:
    Giant's Ring
    Power Wrist
    Force Armlet
    Magic Crown
    Vit-J Scroll
    (note: Orichalcon, Vit+40%, cannot be bought and can only be acquired
    through refinement of Vit-J Scroll)
    [5] Buy your choice of stat booster (stat booster corresponds to the
    stat that you want to maximize; i.e. if you want to maximize strength
    first, buy Power Wrists, for HP, buy Giant's Ring etc). Get 100 of
    this (YES! You got it! 100. And it doesn't stop there).
    [6] Refine them into their higher versions using Eden's GFAbl Med-RF
    10 Giant's Ring=1 Gaea's Ring
    10 Power Wrist=1 Hyper Wrist
    10 Force Armlet=1 Magic Armlet
    10 Magic Crown= 1 Hypno Crown
    10 Vit-J Scroll=1 Orichalcon
    10 Orichalcon=1 Adamantine
    [7] Now that you've done this, refine these new items into permanent
    stat booster using Doomtrain's ForbidMed Ref:
    10 Gaea's Rings=1 HP up
    10 Hyper Wrists=1 Str up
    10 Magic Armlets=1 Spr up
    10 Hypno Crowns=1 Mag up
    10 Adamantines=1 Vit up
    [8] Repeat this process until you've reached the maximum or your
    desired statistics for your characters.
    Obviously, you'll be needing a lot of money for this powering up. Just
    to give you a hint on how much money you're going to spend here: Each
    item that you need to refine (Giant's Ring, Power Wrist etc.) costs
    15000 gil a piece except Vit-J Scroll which costs around 5000 gil.
    To get a single stat booster, you'll be needing 15000000 gil. To
    get to maximum you'll be needing more than a hundred of these.
    If you want your base stat to be at 255, meaning 255 Strength,
    255 Magic etc you'll be needing over 500 of one stat booster for
    all characters. I haven't done this for all my characters but I
    have done this for my best three characters namely Squall, Irvine
    and Zell. If you find this not necessary (boosting up your
    character's stat to maximum) then just boost them up till you can
    achieve 255 of the stats with a junctioned magic (i.e. boost your
    character's to a point where you'll only have to equip a magic to
    adjust it to 255. No more [stat name here]+20/40/60/80% on your
    ability). With this you can have all the slots on your ability for
    other necessary abilities such as Mug, Auto-Haste, and the lot.
    Note: the purpose of powering up your characters from the start or
    upon getting Cactuar GF and using the bonuses is to save time and
    money for this tedious work. Imagine boosting up your character with
    a base stat below 100! I mean, you'll really going to have to sit a
    long time raising your money.
    /Speed and Luck boostings/
    To Boost up your Speed and Luck, you'll be needing a lot of patience,
    hardwork, and time to achieve this. Alright, if you don't want to be
    stuck up on this game for a long time, I don't recommend that you do
    this as these are not that imporant unlike the offensive and defensive
    stats. But if you want to brag about having these at high values, well
    it's much of a crowning achievement. I have only done this for three
    of my characters (again they are Irvine, Squall, and Zell). They are
    not maxed to 255 (I still have sanity) but my speed is at 207 for Squall,
    187 for Irvine and 190 for Zell. Now my Luck I didn't bother to increase
    but there is a method of increasing. This is one of the most tiring, time
    consuming and well, insane (but not as insane as to creating a Holy War).
    Now for the insanity process:
    #Speed ups#
    These can be refined using Doomtrain's Forbid Med-RF. There are several
    materials that can be refined to Spd ups:
    2 Aegis Amulet
    1 Hundred Needle's
    50 Jet Engines
    5 Rocket Engines
    Note: these are all equal to one Spd up
    Where to get these items:
    -=Aegis Amulets=-
    To get these you must battle with Behemoth roaming around the Esthar
    continent or at the Deep Sea Deposit. I suggest that you battle them
    at the Deep Sea Deposit as there is a place there (the third screen
    after the big machine where you have the option of lettinfg Zell handle
    the situation) where you can battle it at certain points of the room.
    There would be three battles each time you re-enter the room. Here you
    can stock up on Barriers which when you refine with Eden's GFAbil Med-RF
    will yield an Aegis Amulet. Too bad you can only stock 100 of these in
    your inventory since you cannot refine them into Aegis Amulets right
    away. You'll have to kill Ultima Weapon and draw Eden. When Ultima
    Weapon is dead, the fixed encounters stops for each level beyond the
    Steam Pressure Machine. Anyway, if you really want to stock up on
    Barriers here without defeating Ultima Weapon, continue playing on to
    disc 4 and draw Eden from Tiamat. Then go to the Deep Sea Deposit
    and encounter Behemoths there.
    -=Jet Engine=-
    This is even more unpractical. The fact that you can't get a Jet Engine
    almost always proves that this method of refining is really a no-go.
    Anyways, I will explain just in case a player with guts would feel the
    challenge and go with the whole ordeal.
    There are only three ways to get a Jet Engine and believe me,
    they are not easy:
    =Fight and defeat Tri-Point in Ultimecia's Castle
    =Fight and kill Cactuars. If you are lucky (Luck boosting anyone?)
    you'll eventually receive a Jet Engine.
    =Refine 40 Tri-Point cards (as if they're not rare;don't you just
    hate Square for making things so hard in most of their RPG's?)
    Unfortunately these are the only known methods to refine a Jet Engine.
    -=Rocket Engine=-
    Whew! It's so hard typing and I've only one idea to promote. I'm bored
    typing so here goes: Cactuar...yields Jet...48 years...beard 10 feet
    long...10 Jet...1 Rocket. Makes sense?
    -=Hundred Needles=-
    Well, you could say that this is the most practical way of getting
    a Spd up. The ratio is 1:1. Well sounds good enough. Far better
    than Aegis Amulets, and far, far, far, far, far better than
    Accelerators/Jet Engine/Rocket Engine (wonder why Square made such
    a method so near impossible to achieve. Square is evil!! Well how
    much more if there were no alternative methods aside from Jet Engine?)
    Well, you won't have to sit on your couch all day long to get a single
    Spd up with this method. Actually it would take you about 15 minutes or
    lesser only! Wow! What a relief. Well all you need to do is to go to
    Cactuar Isle located southeast of Esthar, fight Cactuars there, stock
    up on Cactus Thorns up to 100, refine them into one Hundred Needles
    using Eden's GFAbL Med-RF then finally refine the Hundred Needle to a
    Spd up using Doomtrain's Forbid Med-RF. YAY!
    #Luck ups#
    Sheesh! I'm tired of warning you people out there that this is a
    tedious blah blah....
    To get a Luck up, you'll only have to follow one sole method. One but
    very much the same with the Hundred Needle method. I guess this is a
    little bit harder than the Hundred Needle method. Why do I say that
    it's a little bit tiring than Hundred Needle? Read on.
    (I'll give it step by step)
    Luck up acquiring method:
    [1] Win or Mug Curse Spikes from Tri-Faces. You can also win them from
    Malboros. Forbidden also drops them by twos.
    [2] Refine 100 of them using Siren's Tool-RF ability into Dark Matter
    (Siren must be at level 100 to be able to do this).
    [3] Refine a Dark Matter into a Luck-J Scroll using Eden's GFAbl Med-RF.
    [4] Refine a Luck-J Scroll into one Luck up using Doomtrain's
    Forbid Med-RF.
    Note: This is much more difficult than Hundred Needles because you will
    have to steal from Tri-Faces in order to get a Curse Spike at a higher
    rate. If you just kill a Tri-Face without mugging it, the chances of
    getting a Curse Spike is very low. You'll get Poison Powders instead.
    Note 2: You can fight Tri-Faces in the first screen beyond the Steam
    Pressure Machine (where a save point lies). Like the Behemoth, they
    are encountered at fixed points in the room.
    So that's it! That's all there is that is needed to know of creating
    stat boosters which will max up your characters statistics.
    There are statistics that only a few GF's cover. These are Speed,
    Evasion, Hit and Luck. Among these, Evasion is the rarest as it is
    only given by Cactuar. Luck is comes with the GF's Cactuar and Eden.
    Speed comes from Pandemona, Cerberus and Eden while Hit is given by
    three GF's: Eden, Pandemona and Diablos.
    It would be a shame to your characters if they can't have all these.
    So here's how you can get them:
    Spd-J Scroll
    No problem with this since you can easily mug this from Cerberus and
    get it from Lunatic Pandora. But let's say that you forgot to mug
    Cerberus and didn't get a Spd-J Scroll at Lunatic Pandora and you're
    already in Disc 4. Here's what you'll do. Encounter with Cactuars in
    Cactuar Island and stock up on Cactus Thorns. Get 100 and refine it to
    a Hundred Needles using GFAbl Med-RF. Then refine it to Spd up using
    Forbid Med-RF. Then convert it to Spd-J Scroll using GFAbl Med-RF.
    You need 2 Spd ups to get 1 Spd-J Scroll.
    Again no problem with this since you can get two of this. The first,
    you can Mug from Odin. The other one is the clue to Minde Island
    (see above for details). Even if you forgot to Mug Odin, you can still
    get one with the side quest. If you want it the hardway then refine a
    Dark Matter with GFAbl Med-RF and you'll get a Luck-J Scroll.
    This cannot be acquired through any items so don't let your GF's forget
    this or else it will be lost forever.
    The sole stat that can only be acquired from only one GF: Cactuar.
    Anyway, this allows your caharacter to dodge enemy attacks more
    efficiently. I'm telling you, an evasion of 25%-30% is high already
    as most enemies will have a slim chance of hitting you. Don't dream
    of raising it to 255%. It is impossible. Anyway, the item to get and
    use in order for your other GF's to learn this is the Aegis Amulet
    which is dropped by the UFO? (NOT PUPU!; he drops Pupu card if you
    give 5 Elixirs or an Acclerator if you kill him). You have one so
    that's two GF's each with Evasion junction. To get another Aegis
    Amulet, stock 50 Barriers dropped by Behemoths. Refine these into
    1 Aegis Amulet using GFAbl Med-RF.
    So that's it you have all your statistics maxed or raised to your
    will, every one have junctioned magics to each of the statistics.
    What's missing?
    This may not be that useful but if you just want your characters to
    have every single slot for magic to be junctioned (like me!) then
    you can do this.
    Elemental defense is quite important especially when dealing with
    strong enemies like Ruby Dragon, Hexadragon, or other Bosses. This
    can minimize the amount of damage incurred to you by elemental
    attacks. Also with this, you will only have to focus on defending
    against some unblockable spells (such as Ultima or Meteor), strong
    attacks (such as Ruby's Breath or Tiamat's Dark Flare) and Physical
    attacks. Sometimes, if you're really in trouble, elemental defense
    saves you by letting you absorb the element you are junctioned with.
    I remember when I was battling Ruby Dragon and he Breathed on me.
    Squall was way low on HP (about 900)and my other characters were KO'd.
    Then Ruby cast Firaga on Squall. I was relieved that it healed me
    around 4000+ HP because his next attack after that was Meteor. Well,
    I didn't manage to kill Ruby coz I was afraid he would breath on me
    again and I remembered that I haven't saved for quite a while before
    that battle. Lucky me! =)
    Status Defense
    Status defense is your sole ally against those annoying confuse, break,
    blind, poison ailments. These can be very serious especially if you're
    not that ready. You could end up killing your own characters. Or you
    could end up helpless against an enemy ("Hahahahaha!", says Malboro).
    Actually the only things that you should worry about these ailments
    are poison, confuse, break, sleep, sudden death and stop. These can
    be a major problem. They can cause you to kill your other party
    memebers, forbid you to act, kill you instantly, or kill you slowly.
    You'll be needing this especially when fighting Malboros. You'll be
    needing his tentacles and to get his tentacles, you'll need to cream
    him (unless Odin showed pity on you).
    Actually they come from several GF's. But what you really need is
    the StatDefx4 and ElemDefx4. They come from three GF's only. Cerberus
    carries St-Def-Jx4, Alexander carries Elem-Def-Jx4 and Doomtrain
    carries both. Upon acquiring all the GF's, you will have two of
    each equipped for your characters. Where will you get another one
    of those?
    This can be acquired by using an item called Elem-Guard. Elem-Guard
    can be acquired by defeating  Krysta, the boss from Ultimecia Castle.
    You only get one without refining. If you are the type of player
    that wants to complete all (and I mean all!) and don't want to waste
    your one and only Elem Guard because you keep it as a collection then
    do not fear. You can still get one but I'll tell you, it's damn hard!
    First, battle with Snow Lion in the regions of Trabia. Do not mug him
    as he will only give you Healing Mails. You must acquire from him an
    item called Silver Armor. This item is it's rarest dropped. The most
    frequent is the North Wind, the next is Healing Mail and then
    Silver Mail. Equip Rare-Item to increase you chances of getting this.
    Once you have acquired 10 Silver Armors, refine them into a Gold Armor
    using GFAbl Med-RF. Well, after that, this going to be bloody
    *sweat sweat*, acquire 10 Gold Armors and refine it to 1 Diamond Armor.
    Get 5 of these pain in the @$$ and refine it to one Elem Guard. YAY!
    Well, would you sacrifice your sole Elem Guard or stick to your pride?
    This is quite easy than Elem Guard. I think Square did this because
    you can't refine practically anything in the game into a Status Guard.
    The only way to get this is to have a PocketStation, play it, get a
    Ribbon, then refine it to 1 Status Guard. Well, there are two easy
    ways of getting this one. First defeat Tiamat at Ultimecia's Castle
    or do the second Shumi Village Sidequest. This is quite harder than
    the first one. You'll have to go in and out of the village.
    Also this info I learned again from Smoon. Again, super thanks!
    When you go back to the village (after receiving a lousy Phoenix Pinion)
    you'll find the attendant of the Elder working on the Laguna's Statue.
    He'll be asking for some other assistance. So go to the Elder. He will
    suggest for the Moomba outside. Go and talk to the Moomba. Then go to
    the Elder and he will say that they will need another hand. Go to the
    artisan whose house is next to the pond beside the workshop. He will
    stubbornly refuse so you'll have no choice but to leave. Now you need
    to convince the artisan to work. Remember Grease Monkey at FH? He used
    to work with the artisan. So go to FH and go to the extreme right of
    the town. There you'll find Grease Monkey. The moomba doll there will
    respond to you since you came from Shumi Village. Grease Monkey will
    then be amazed and starts to ask you about what's happening in Shumi
    Village. You'll then relate about the artisan not working on the
    statue. Grease Monkey will then hand you the Moomba doll. Go back to
    Shumi Village and go to the artisan's house. The Moomba doll will start
    to speak with Grease Monkey's voice scolding the artisan about his
    attitude. After that talk to the artisan and he will be convinced to
    work on the statue. See them at the workshop if you want then go to
    the Elder and he will then hand you a Status Guard.
    There are many spells that can be junctioned to your statistics.
    Examples are the elements: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder. Some are of higher
    versions of these simple spells. Other powerful spells that you ought
    to get are Ultima, Meteor, Triple, Holy, Flare, Tornado etc. Simple
    spells can be easily acquired by drawing form enemies or by refining
    them from items. However, powerful spells such as mentioned above are
    very hard to acquire especially stocking up to 100 for your characters.
    There are free spells roaming arouind the Islands Closest to Heaven and
    Hell but you wouldn't want to get 3 or 4 of the spells. Well unless your
    up to drawing spells from draw points on the isalnds then go for it.
    This is just an alternative method for stocking up spells more easily and
    efficiently. Start! ^_^
    What Spells would you want to have?
    Among the magics that you would want to get are those that are truly
    devastating and a real stat booster. Here is a list of advanced spells:
    Flare=non-Elemental damage damage against one enemy
    Holy=the only holy magic in the game (aside from GF Alexander).
    Deals holy to one enemy (obvious isn't it)
    Tornado=wind damage against all enemies. Stronger than Aero.
    Quake=earth damage against all enemies
    Meteor=non-elemental damage against all enemies. Hits multiple times.
    Ultima=big non-elemental damage against all enemies. Strongest spell
    in the game.
    Aura=enables you to use Limit Breaks more often even outside the
    critical condition.
    Full-Life=revives a fallen character and restores him/her to full HP.
    Pain=inflicts Darkness, Poison, and Silence status.
    Triple=enables you to cast 3 spells in one turn.
    These spells are found in the Islands closest to Heaven and Hell except
    Pain. The other spells that are available in the game are not as strong
    as these here in the list. Ultima is the best bet for every statistics
    except for Speed and Evasion. Triple is best for these. While for the rest,
    it is Ultima, you may want to have more plans for it to strengthen
    yourself more. One purpose of this guide is to allow you to junction
    Ultima to other stats aside to your strength stat (or you choice but
    occassionally, players place Ultima to their strength). With the
    method of maximizing your stats, you can control your magic junctioning
    not always inclining on using your powerful spells to your stats. Of
    course you'll be needing this, but wouldn't you want to junction Ultima
    to your Elemental defense? It is a great help really. You can nullify
    all elemental attacks and with your high vitality (because of Vit ups)
    and high Spirit (because of Spr ups), enemy attacks are a joke
    (well, don't expect Gravija; it's evil!). It may seem pointless to some
    like drawing your magic, stocking them up to 100 then not using them for
    junction. Again, these spells may lead you to your desired maximum stats.
    If you don't want to tire yourself on maximizing your characters base
    statistics (meaning even w/o a spell junctioned, your stats are still
    at 255), then you can junction them to get 255. As I have suggested
    above, you can power up your characters up to a point that when you
    junction one of your spells, you can reach 255. Let me give an example.
    I have Rinoa with a base strength of 180. Normally, without the aid of
    the Str Bonus and the Str ups, my base strength would be around 70-90
    (I didn't check but it is around this value). With a base of 180, if I
    junction a Meteor here, I will have an exact 255 strength. See. Your
    spells are of great use to you especially to those who doesn't want to
    go to the whole ordeal of maximizing every single stat of a character
    (even with a single character, it's tiresome. But not as tiresome as
    that of FF7 getting sources).
    Anyway, here are the ways of acquiring your spells (easier methods
    than drawing them from draw points on Islands Closest to Heaven and
    This may seem difficult to you but you'll have to bear this. Actually
    it's not that hard. There are many ways of acquiring them:
    [1] Refine them from Flare stones. 1:1 using Ifrit's F Mag-RF
    [2] Refine them from Inferno Fangs usually dropped by Ruby Dragons
    or seldom dropped by Hexadragons. Ratio is 1:20 through F Mag-RF
    [3] This is quite risky but it is the easiest way. Your Magic stat
    must be at least 90 here to be faster and easier. First engage an
    encounter with Ruby Dragon. With regards with the dragon's first
    attack will be the cue whether you should run or stay. If he breaths
    on you, then you're history. But if he uses Firaga or Meteor, then
    stay. Oh! And junction 100 Firagas on your elemental junction to
    avoid Firaga. After his first attack (or whoever comes first; you or
    him) immediately summon Doomtrain. This will inflict several statuses
    on the dragon making him asleep, confused, darkened, Vit 0 and viloa!
    You can draw from him without him knowing ^_^.
    Wow! This even easier than flare. And you don't have to worry about
    pesky breaths. Any way here're are how:
    [1] Refine them from Holy Stones using Siren's L Mag-RF
    [2] Refine them from Moonstone again with Siren's L Mag-RF. Ratio
    is 1:20
    [3] Holy can be drawn from Elnoyle. Elnoyle is one of the monsters
    that have extreme amounts of HP (I think they have over 90,000 if
    at level 100). Also Elnoyles are very rare to encounter from random
    battles. You may think that it is difficult. Think again! Remember
    where you got Pain magics? Go back there and encounter him
    (in Esthar. see the diagram above). Elnoyles are a piece of cake.
    Aside that you can draw from him Holy, you can also Mug from him
    Moonstone. Get the idea? Draw, mug and you'll have Holy magics
    faster than you can say Quid...
    Well, not much of a strong spell but it raises your stats pretty well
    at the beginning of the game. Here are the methods on how you can get it:
    [1] Refine from Windmill using Quezacoatl's T Mag-RF. Ratio is 1:20
    [2] Refine from Aeros using Alexander's High Mag-RF. Ratio is 10:1
    [3] Draw them from Thrustaevis found on the continent of Galbadia
    near Deling City.
    Strong earth based magic that affects all enemies. Doesn't work against
    flying critters. Like Tornado, it is a great stat booster early in the
    game. Here are the ways of acquiring it:
    [1] Refined from Dino Bones dropped occassionally by T-Rexaur.
    Ratio is 1:20
    [2] Draw them from T-Rexaur. Put him to sleep first by junctioning
    sleep on your status attack then draw from him.
    This can only be gotten from refining by Bahamut's Forbid Mag-RF or by
    drawing. Not very easy to acquire. Here's how:
    [1] Refine Star Fragments seldom dropped by T-Rexaurs and Iron Giants.
    Ratio is 1:5.
    [2] Well, pretty much the same with Flare. I don't want to repeat it
    again so just refer to the strategy above on how to acquire Flare from
    Ruby Dragons.
    The only enemy that you'll encounter who has this spell is Seifer in
    your last battle with him in Lunatic Pandora (Fujin talked normally
    there! I found it cute). Anyway, to obtain this spell:
    [1] Refine them from Aura stone using Leviathan's Supt Mag-RF.
    Ratio is 1:1.
    [2] Refine them from Fury Fragments dropped seldom by Blue Dragons
    and Grendels. Ratio is 1:5
    [3] To acquire Aura stones easier, buy Power Wrists, Hypno Crowns,
    Force Armlets from the Esthar petshop and convert them to Aura Stones.
    Ratio is 1:10. Then refine them into Auras.
    [4] Steel Pipes refine into 1 Aura Stone. Refine it to Aura.
    The best raising spell and the second best to Ultima on HP junctioning.
    This one is quite hard to get from refinement but easier from drawing.
    Read on:
    [1] Refine Regen Rings dropped by Toramas on the regions of Esthar, by
    Mesmerize on Trabia region and by Chimeras on Island Closest to Heaven
    using Siren's L Mag-RF. Ratio is 1:20.
    [2] Refine Phoenix Spirit using L Mag-RF. To get a Phoenix Spirit,
    refine 20 Phoenix Pinions using GFAbl Med-RF. To create a Phoenix Pinion
    refine 3 Mega-Phoenix with Tool-RF. Mega-Phoenix can be bought at
    Johnny's Shop in Esthar.
    [3] Draw from the Tonberry King. Squall must be at level 30 and above
    when you battle him because the spell won't be availabe unless Tonberry
    King's level is at 30 and above. Enemies consider Squall's level as the
    basis of their level. If Squall is at level 100 then the enemies would
    be at level 100 also.This is the easiest method of acquiring Full-Life
    spells early in the game since you can acquire him once you get Balamb
    Garden to be mobile and thus battle with him. Regen ring is hard to
    acquire from Mesmerizes as they drop Mesmerize Blades more often.
    Not much of a devastating spell but it is a good magic to junction
    especially on Magic as it even surpasses Meteor. It inflicts Darkness,
    Silence, and Poison on a target. It is better off to be at your status
    defense. Here's how you can acquire it:
    [1] Refine a Curse Spike using Diablos's ST Mag-RF.
    [2] Draw from Elnoyles. Refer to method on how to defeat Malboros above.
    [3] Draw from high level Granaldos. It was the boss at the training
    system after the SeeD ball. You'll see him again when the faction
    incident occurs in Balamb Garden. There are instances that you can draw
    from him Pain but I think it considers your level. You can also meet
    him in Ultimecia's Castle.
    A real speed and hit booster. It is the only spell in the game which
    surpasses Ultima in a certain statistic. Triple can be acquired from:
    [1] Refine Rocket Engines (hell yeah! Like I'm going to do it!) using
    Diablos' Time Mag-RF. Ratio is 1:50.
    [2] Refine Three Stars (again, hell yeah!). Ratio is 1:100.
    [3] Draw from Cerberus. This is not a really good option. He can be
    pretty annoying since he casts three spells all at once when he has
    triple status. Also he casts berserk leading you to attack him than
    draw from him. Also you would want to focus on mugging the very useful
    Spd-J from him than drawing Triple. Just follow method no. 4 below.
    [4] Draw from Odin. Well this is the, what can I call it--most
    practical way to get Triple as you won't have to sacrifice your good
    items for the spell. Anyway, the reward for refining Three Stars are
    good but, you would't want your hard earned precious non-refinable
    item just be transformed to a spell that can be acquired through
    another easier and lesser hassle method?
    Practically the most powerful spell and the best magic to junction to
    any of your stat that you want to raise. Ultima is very hard to earn
    and quite expensive (5,000 gil per draw at the Shumi Village). The
    only ways to acquire Ultima (aside from drawpoints allover the world) are:
    [1] Refine from Ultima Stones using Forbid Mag-RF. Ratio is 1:1.
    [2] Refine from Energy Crystals dropped often by Elnoyles or seldom
    dropped by Ruby Dragons. Ratio is 1:3.
    [3] Refine Dark Matters. Ratio is 1:100.
    [4] Draw from Ultima and Omega Weapons. (really, would you be doing
    this? I mean the whole point of being strong is to defeat these monsters
    and you're going to get from them what will make you strong?
    Pointless if you get what I mean)
    Note: I prefer method number two since Elnoyles are very easy to defeat
    and you're guaranteed to get at least 2 to 3 Energy Crystal after every
    battle. Unlike Dark Matter which you'll have to refine from 100 Curse
    Spikes, you'll have to find Tri-Faces (as they are main sources of this),
    mug them and if not the first try, the second or the third. Usually they
    will give you 6 of these but that amounts only to 1 Ultima per Curse Spike.
    Also Tri-Faces are hard to locate at the Island closest to Heaven.
    If you want, you can find Forbiddens in Grandidi Forest but I doubt
    you'll get it easily as they seldom drop it. Also try Malboros. But they
    often drop Malboro Tentacles. So your best bet is the Energy Crystal
    refinement method. You'll get large exp with defeating the Elnoyle,
    huge AP (18) plus the other spells that you can get from him
    (Holy and Pain).
    Aside from these junctionings and powering up, you may want to get a
    couple of abilities that are very helpful in your battles. Some of
    these occur only on one or two GF's. Or some, none at all. You may
    wonder what are these for. Some of these abilities are not that good
    since you won't be needing them after powering up your characters.
    What you'll be needing are those that can really help you with your
    battles. Some of the examples of these are Auto-Haste, Recover, Revive,
    Devour etc.
    Where to get these:
    It is one of the most useful ability that can be equipped in your
    ability slot. Haste will double your speed up thus making your ATB
    fill faster. With this speed, plus your strength (tnx to your powering up),
    you don't have to select any other option again but attack and just
    press X button hold it down and see how enemies fall to their doom
    (hehe ^_^). Also the good thing about Auto-Haste is that it cannot be
    prevented by its counterpart spells, such as slow and stop. The only
    thing that can make Auto-Haste disappear is Dispel. Auto-Haste last so
    long as your battle lasts. Not like an ordinary haste spell that wears
    off within a few minutes. This will enable you to attck at least 3 times
    in a row with Omega Weapon and 9 attack turns for all your characters.
    I remember when I was battling him, he only had the turn to cast a Meteor,
    a Medigo Flame and a Terra Break with this speed. I was lucky I had
    one last person standing up on Terra Break. Well, Omega didn't shoot
    him enough to get killed. HEHEHE!Auto-Haste comes only from Cerberus
    by learning all his speed junction abilities. The other way of getting
    an Accelerator is through refinement. Refine 100 Lightweights with the
    use of GFAbl Med-RF. Lightweights can be acquired from Vysages
    (enemies who comes with Lefty and Righty. They can be found in the
    Great Salt Lake before your first time of going to Esthar. But I don't
    know if that place is accessible after getting Ragnarok or if at Disc 4.
    Anyway, there's an alternate place where you can encounter this trio.
    Fly your Ragnarok in Timber or Winhill. If you're near Winhill fly
    over there, if at Timber then go to Timber. When at Winhill, just fly
    over the cliff going towards Timber. You'll see a terrain that is
    between the cliffs forming a V shape. Wander there and you'll fight the
    trio 100% (stay on the non-grassy land). From Timber, go a little ways
    southwest and you'll find this spot. Anyway, you'll have to mug Vysage
    to get Lightweights 100%. Of course it drops it but scarcely. Not to
    worry, he gives 6 of these.
    Another useful ability especially if fighting against tough bosses
    such as Ultima and Omega, or other tough opponents such as Ruby and
    others that can almost kill one or two character in one or two
    consecutive attacks. Revive from the name itself revives a fallen
    character and gives back his/her full health. Much like Full-Life
    but the goodness is no magic wasted! YAY! Anyway, Revive comes from
    Alexander for 200 AP. This can also be acquired through refining and
    for the first time, it's not hard! You don't have to fight enemies.
    You don't have to mug enemies. You don't have to spend 15000000 gil
    for one. You don't have to sit there, hours and hours trying to get
    one by luck. All you need to do is buy, refine and refine. That's it!
    You'll be needing Tonberry's Familiar for this, Call Shop for
    convinience and a little bit of patience. Patience is for waiting for
    Johnny's shop in Esthar to open for you. Call Shop is for easy access
    for the shop. Johnny's shop, even though opened for you once, will no
    be opened forever if your at the Shopping Mall. But with Call Shop,
    Johnny can't do a thing but sell you his goodies. Anyway Familiar is
    there so that you can buy his rare products one of which is the
    Mega-Phoenix. Buy 3 of these and refine them to get 1 Phoenix Pinion
    using Tool-RF. Then refine 20 of the Phoenix Pinion to get a
    Phoenix Spirit which will enable you to learn Revive.
    After sitting comfortably on your chair while creating a Phoenix
    Spirit, another major pain comes along. But though, this is quite
    hard, you'll want it badly because the reward is something very
    very useful. Recover is an ability that enables your character to
    regain full health again without any expense. This comes only from
    the GF Leviathan. Again, I am warning you that this is quite a task.
    You can choose not to worry about this if you will. You have been
    warned for about 3 times now. What you'll be needing to learn this
    fantastic ability is an item called Healing Ring. The item sounds
    very familiar and too common but it's not. You can't get this
    anywhere free. Unlike Status Guard or Elem Guard that can be won in
    the boss fights in Ultimecia's Castle. This little tyke can only be
    acquired from refinement. Okay, what you need to get a Healing ring is
    just one type of item: Whisper. Now, it would seem to be okay still.
    Whisper can be acquired from Adamantoises (those cute tortoises along
    the beaches of Long Horn Isle). Well, the problem is they rarely appear
    there and when they do appear, there are chaces that you'll get another
    item instead of Whisper. You can mug him if you want but he'll likely to
    give you an Orichalcon. If he gives you a Whisper, he'll drop two of it.
    The best way to get this is to level down these heck of a tortoise using
    LVL Down then Mug or defeat them. Remember, encounter with this is very
    rare and I advice you not to engage with it if you don't feel that it's
    not worth your time.
    An instant Esuna for everyone. Treatment comes from the GF Siren. Not
    really handy but in times, it can help as much. To get this ability,
    collect 100 Dragon Fangs from one of your consistent fans in the Island
    Closest to Hell: Grendel. He drops this mostly so you won't have trouble.
    Just leveling up your characters to 100 and you'll have the same time
    100 of these. Anyway, refine these to get Med Kit using GFAbl Med-RF.
    Well, a pretty handy ability if you don't want to go through all those
    buying and refining for power ups (but I would still recommend you to
    just refine for power ups. Why? read on). Devour enables you to have
    a bonus point on a certain stat if you have devoured the right enemy.
    I don't know which enemy to devour or not to devour. So if any of
    you knows, please tell me *^_^* I will give you credit for it.
    Devour comes with the GF Eden.
    NOTE: The enemies that you have to eat are the following:
    1) T-Rexaur for Strength
    2) Ruby Dragon for HP
    3) Adamantoise for Vitality
    4) Malboro for Spirit
    5) Behemoth for Magic
    Not much of a useful ability. By the time you have this, you'll be
    laughing at spells that can be reflected. It cannot reflect those other
    powerful spells such as Ultima an Meteor (since when did Ultima became
    reflectable?). Not much of a use and a waste of slot for your GF
    abilities. anyway to get this trough refinement, collect
    100 Dragon Skin and refine it to 1 Glow Curtain. Or get 20 Magic Armlets
    and refine them to get one. This comes with GF Carbuncle.
    Again, not much of a use especially if your vitality is high already.
    A waste of slot for your GF's and on your abilities. To get this you
    need a Steel Curtain. To get one, refine 20 Adamantines. This comes
    with the GF Bahamut.
    Not much of use. Comes from GF Doomtrain and can be refined by
    collecting 100 Malboro Tentacles and convert them to 1 Moon Curtain.
    Moon Curtain allows you to learn Auto-Shell and is quite useful for
    magic based enemies. But all in all, not really useful.
    An ability that enables your character to cover another one being
    attacked and sustain the damage. Not much of a use except for Omega's
    Terra Break. Well I like better cover in FF VII as it covers
    automatically. You don't have to command them. To get this, well this
    is insane I'm telling you. To get this refine 5 Holy Wars!!!!!!!
    I don't know why Square would do something like this. I'd rather go
    for the 5 Holy Wars than a lousy Knight's Code. Anyway you can get
    this from Brothers.
    Comes with Carbuncle and as for the description, the name says it all.
    To get this through refinement, Get 2 Glow Curatains and refine them
    to 1 Monk's Code. But I like Counter-Attack from FF7 better
    (I think I'm beginning to be very biased).
    A very useful ability and doesn't need to be equipped to function.
    Ability4x comes only with the GF Bahamut. He's the only GF that has
    this and it's a shame that not all your characters can have this
    wonderful bonus; not if you know what you're going to get. One of
    the hardest things to acquire in this game through refining but if you
    know where to find a free one (2 actually) then you won't have to
    sit your butt again refining. One you can get from Cheryl's shop
    (again, the one that never opens). Just talk and talk and talk to the
    shop and you'll eventually be given a gift. Note that the only gift
    you'll be given is the Rosetta Stone. If somehow you got another kind
    of item then maybe your at Johnny's or there is another gift that Cheryl
    gives. But as far as I know, that's the only thing you can get. The
    other one can be gotten from Ultimecia's Castle after solving the
    floodgate mystery and the purpose of the Organ. To see the details,
    see Scott Ong's FF8 faq. Tnx to him I learned about this.
    So check out his faq.
    Well, that's about it! Now that you've maximized almost all of your
    characters statistics, got every slot of junctionable magic
    junctioned already with the most powerful spells, got the best
    abilities in the game, then maybe you'll be quite proud of your
    achievement (I know. I am too). Anyway here ends my faq and hopefully,
    it was of great help to you all people out there. Thanks for
    taking time to read my faq.
    Copyright2002 vpth
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