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    Speed FAQ/Walkthrough by Edman / Meh1

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/31/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

               FINAL FANTASY 8
               BY: Meh1 and Edman
               VERSION: 1.0
    This is a guide to help you play the game in an easy, quick manner.
    It's fine for first-time players and veterans of the game. Note 
    that the focus of this guide is to make the game very easy, so you 
    won't find things like optional quests or collecting rare items. 
    It just tells you how to breeze through the game. I will also skip 
    any basic instructions that you can find in in-game tutorials or 
    the instruction manual. So if you don't understand something, check 
    those places first. If you still have trouble, e-mail me and I'll 
    help you. I'll also add those things in on my next update.
    This guide is copyright (c) Meh1 (meh271@yahoo.com) and Edman
    (edman@hackermail.com). All copying, including digital formats is
    prohibited and is a break of the copyright. If you wish to use this
    guide on your site, you must ask permission first. After you have
    been granted permission, you can post it up. Neither of us won't say
    'No', the only thing we require is a kind email from you.
    Feel free to email us with questions and feedback.
     I.   Explanation of Levels and Junctions
     II.  Doing a Speed Game
     III. Disc 1 Walkthrough
     IV.  Disc 2 Walkthrough
     V.   Disc 3 Walkthrough
     VI.  Disc 4 Walkthrough
     VII. Credits & others
    The levels in Final Fantasy 8 work completely differently from most
    RPGs that are around, and it's different than any other Final Fantasy.
    The level of your enemies depends on the average level of your party.
    So, if you have 3 party members at levels 30, 28 and 32, then your
    enemies level will be around 30 (but not always exactly). From this
    you have to remember 1 thing - the higher will be your level, the
    higher will be the enemy's level. 
    That's why it doesn't matter wether you finish the game at LV10, or 
    at LV100, the difficulty doesn't really change. In fact, one could 
    argue that the difficulty under LV100 is higher than under LV10,
    because the enemies stats on level ups rise more than yours.
    However, no matter what, your enemy's stats will always be better
    than yours. The only way top stay ahead of your enemies, is to use
    the junction system. If you don't know how the junction system works,
    check either your manual, the tutorial in the game, or another guide.
               II. DOING A SPEED GAME
    As most of this guide is just a simple "Easy Game Walkthrough", and
    all it really does is to tell you which junctions you should have
    at what time, and in which places you can save time (which is all
    Meh1's doing), I just had to write up an extra section to help people
    who really want to do what this guide is saying - finish the game as
    fast as possible. These are just some tips:
    --> Don't try this if this is your first time through the game. It
        can get a little bit frustrating. Just follow the walkthrough
        and you will finish the game with as much fun (almost - if you
        have fun doing side quests, then try another guides, like Scott
        Ong's one) as possible.
    --> Read this walkthrough!!! I'm serious, OK? It really does help.
        The usual mistake of any person playing FF8 is to overdo with
        either the junctions (that is, to equip junctions that are far
        too good for that part of the game, which involves a lot of time
        and is completely useless. Heck, some people try to get really
        good junctions before you go on the SeeD mission to Timber in
        disc 1, and then they never change their junctions until the
        end of the game. Getting very good jucntions at that point of
        the game is very time consuming) or the card game (the card game
        is usually linked with junctions, as modding cards simply
        is the best way ot get very good spells early in the game.
        However, the card game takes a lot of time).
        If you follow this walkthrough, you will only get the cards that
        you need to get to finsh the game as quickly as possible, and you
        will only get the junctions you need to finish this game as
        quickly as possible.
    --> Some things aren't necessary to do. If you have played FF8 for
        ages, it simply seems impossible that you don't have to go
        there and there. The first time I played speed game, it was really
        strange for me that I didn't have to go and get Odin. Or that you
        don't have to go to Dollet right after Timber mission. Try finding
        the parts of the game that can be left out.
    --> Restart! That's right, if you wish to finish this game with as
        little time on the clock as possible, you will have to restart
        a LOT. Simply, play through a part of the game. Save in 2
        different slots, find out the things that took you the most time,
        play again and try to do those things again. See if you have
        improved on your time. Keep on improving until you are sure that
        there is no way anyone can do better then that. Progress onto the
        next part. No need for me to say, is this only for people who just
        have to get to Ultimecia with the least time on their clock as
    --> Save in different slots! So if you find out how one thing could
        have been done faster, you don't have to restart the whole game,
        just the bit you played before.
    --> Level up as little as possible [read: run if you get into a
        random battle].
    --> Remember that to beat this game, you don't have to have 3
        characters perfectly junctioned - if you have just 1 with very
        good junctions, it will be enough. It saves time to junction
        only 1 character.
    That sums it up. With these guide lines, you should finish the game
    in less than 14 hours. However, that's 14 hours of gameplay, not
    14 hours in your life...
    Please remember that unlike some games, like Final Fantasy 9, there
    is no prize, apart from bragging rights, for finishing the game as
    quickly as you can.
    Just for the record, Meh1 in his "Speed playthrough" finished the
    game in 14 1/2 hours.
               III. DISC 1 WALKTHROUGH
    A. Fire Cavern
    The start of the game is pretty slow. Just get through the text, any
    of the choices you make here won't really affect the game.
    After you gain control of Squall in the classroom, check his computer 
    terminal. You'll get the first two GFs in the game, Quezacotl and 
    Shiva. Junction one of them to Squall. It doesn't matter which. Make 
    sure you choose 'Draw', 'Magic', and 'Item' for his commands. Now go 
    to the GF section and change the abilities you want your GFs to learn. 
    Here is the order you need to learn them in.
    --> Card
    --> Card Mod
    --> HP-J
    --> T Mag-RF
    --> Vit-J
    --> Mag+20%
    --> and Mag+40%.
    The rest doesn't matter. 
    --> Str-J
    --> I Mag-RF
    --> Vit-J
    --> Vit+20%
    --> Vit+40%
    --> Spr+20%
    --> Spr+40%
    Again, the rest doesn't really matter.
    NOTE: Some of the abilities do not appear unless you have learned a 
    pre-requisite. For example, you must learn 'Card' before you can learn 
    'Card Mod'. The same with Mag+20%, which if you learn, opens up Mag+40%.
    So let Quezacotl learn Card and Shiva learn Str-J. Now talk to Quistis
    and then leave the classroom. You'll bump into a girl. If this is your
    first game, you should show her (Actually, you'll be showing yourself the
    Garden) around. Otherwise, it's up to you. Make sure you talk to the 
    guy by the elevator, who'll give you 7 cards. Take the elevator 
    downstairs and go to the library. Here, check the bookshelf for an 
    'Occult Fan I'. If you go to the upper corner, there's another screen 
    with a draw point. Draw Esuna and leave the library. Exit the Garden 
    through the front. You'll pass by a Cure draw point on your way out. 
    Draw it.
    Once you get to the exit, Quistis will give you a tutorial. Pay 
    atention if it's your first game. Otherwise, use the cancel button to 
    exit the tutorial. Now junction the other GF to Quistis. Give her the 
    same commands you gave Squall. If you want, you can go to Balamb first,
    but you might find it as a waste of time. Just follow the road. There 
    is a Thunder draw point in Balamb, and you get some nice conversations
    with NPCs. When you're ready, go to the Fire Cavern, which is to the 
    east of the garden.
    Upon entering, Quistis will have an optional tutorial about your 
    gunblade trigger. The trigger allows you to deal an extra 50% damage 
    if you press the R1 button at the right time. The timing is roughly 
    when Squall cuts down in his attack motion. If you have Vibration on, 
    you'll know when you succeed due to the shock. Otherwise, look for an 
    Choose the 10 minute time limit when given a choice. The Fire Cavern is 
    extremely linear. Draw some Fire from the draw point if you wish. You
    can kill all the enemies in one or two hits except for the Bombs. So run 
    away from them if you want to save time. Actually, you can run away from 
    all of them if you want. It won't make much of a difference. Just don't 
    take too much time because the timer's running.
    Eventually, you'll get to the end and fight the boss, Ifrit. He's
    ridiculously easy. Draw some Cure spells at the beginning. Then use 
    normal attacks. If you need healing, cast Cure from your magic stock. 
    Why? Because if you Draw/Cast Cure, the amount you can heal for varies 
    greatly. So it's more reliable to cast from your stock. Oh, and if you 
    can't kill him before the timer expires, it's Game Over. Remember that
    the timer still runs while he keeps on talking, so you will have to do
    the final hit when the timer shows 40 secs. So don't mess around too
    After you defeat Ifrit, he'll join you. Now make sure one person has
    Quezacotl and Shiva, while the other character has Ifrit. Ifrit should
    learn in the following order.
    --> HP-J
    --> Ammo-RF*
    --> F Mag-RF
    --> Str+20%
    --> Str+40%.
    *Ammo-RF will only appear when Ifrit reaches level 10. This won't be
    for quite a while, unless you really like to level up. But once he does
    reach level 10, learn it immediately.
    From now on, I suggest Ifrit be always junctioned ALONE to someone
    until he reaches level 10. This is because GFs share EXP when 
    junctioned on to the same character. So having Ifrit alone gives him 
    the most EXP. Ifrit is the only GF that you need to worry about levels 
    for, so don't bother doing this with other GFs. Ammo-RF is quite an 
    useful ability, but hardly necessary. So don't bother if you're lazy.
    Exit the Fire Cavern, fight battles if you want. Go back to Balamb
    Garden and Quistis will leave you.
    B. SeeD Test
    Go to your dorm and change up. Go back to the front of the garden for
    a very long scene. Eventually, you'll get a car. Drive it into Balamb.
    Then hop onto the ship. Don't talk to anyone if you want a high score
    on the test. But it really doesn't really matter much.
    After a long scene and yet another fabulous FMV, you'll arrive at the
    Dollet beach. Spread your GFs so everybody has one. Now follow Seifer.
    You'll get into some forced battles, all of which are easy. Note that
    Seifer can use the trigger too. If you want to level up Ifrit but not
    your party members, kill off Squall and Zell. Then just have Seifer(a
    temporary party member) take all the exp. Do note that this strategy 
    is a little risky, because if Seifer dies, the game is over. Make sure 
    you draw some thunder and cure spells from the soldiers if you don't 
    have many. 20 of each is more than sufficient. When Seifer asks you 
    to check for enemies, go to the right side of the screen for a battle.
    Then you'll get a mundane scene. After a while, you'll see some 
    Galbadian soldiers sneaking around. Seifer wants to follow them and 
    Squall will agree. 
    If you use Seifer only, you must remember that your
    GFs will still gain EXP on dead characters. What this means, is that
    you should leave your junctions as they were - 1 GF per person,
    otherwise your GFs will share EXP.
    In the next part, there's a chance you'll meet two anacondours in a
    battle. They can be pretty hard, so run away if you want, but then
    again, this would be nice EXP for Ifrit and no EXP for your party.
    Eventually, Seifer will go on ahead by himself and you meet Selphie.
    After she jumps down, you have a choice to follow her or walk down.
    Jump after her will get you penalized on the exam [read: your SeeD
    grade will be lower]. But saves some time. Oh, and make sure you 
    heal Zell and Squall if you killed them earlier. Once Selphie joins,
    junction Seifer's GF to her (she will have all Seifer's magic
    transferred to her).
    Save at the Save Point and take the elevator up. You'll get into a
    boss fight.
    BOSS: Biggs & Wedge, Elvoret
    First you'll face Biggs. If you want, draw some Esunas from him. But
    it's hard to draw it right now. Just hit him with regular attacks 
    and Wedge will show up. Now concentrate on hitting one of them. 
    Eventually, Elvoret will blow them away.
    Elvoret is pretty intimidating, but not difficult. He has a fixed
    attack pattern. He'll use either a physical attack or a simple 
    attack spell for two turns, then a powerful Storm Breath(~160 
    damage) on the 3rd turn. Elvoret will repeat this cycle for the 
    whole fight. 
    First draw Siren from him. Then just attack or draw Cure from him 
    if you need some. Make sure you remember when Storm Breath is 
    coming up, and heal if necessary. Note that if your HP drops to 
    yellow (usually after Storm Breath), you can use limit breaks
    (Squall and Zell unleash attacks, Selphie use Full Cure). Doing 
    so will speed up the fight dramatically. Due to his high HP, 
    this will be a long fight. Don't worry, bosses will be 
    significantly easier later in the game when you've powered 
    yourself up. 
    After some more scenes, take the elevator down, junction Siren to
    someone, and change the abilities for her to learn.
    GF Siren: 
    --> L Mag-RF (VERY, VERY important ability)
    --> Move-Find
    --> Mag+20%
    --> Mag+40%
    The rest aren't important, so choose whatever you want.
    Now you will have to fight the only fight in the game where you are
    not supposed to win: XATM082 or the "Black Widow". Simply use
    Quezacotl to beat him down on his foot, and that will give you the
    chance to run away.
    After this, the chase will start. You will have 30 minutes to run
    to the beach. Once you have managed to get over XATM082 the first
    time, you don't have to fight it again, if you walk correctly.
    In the second screen, keep the the pad pushed "down" and he won't
    catch you. Before the third screen loads, keep the pad pushed left,
    and XATM082 will just miss you. In the fourth screen, walk instead of
    running. In next screen, simply run as fast as you can. The sixth
    screen will be the bridge. You should run forwards, until you hear
    XATM082 jump over you. Then run backwards and he will jump back.
    Once you hear him jumping back, run forwards again and you will
    just escape it. Once you are in the next screen, remember to save
    the dog (talk to it to make it run away). Then simply run.
    Once you are back in Balamb, simply walk back to the garden, talk to
    Seifer, and wait for your test results in the Garden's 2nd floor.
    Once you have gotten your SeeD results, I advise you to take the
    SeeD tests. However, this isn't really necessary, as you will gain
    enough money by selling the 'Occult Fan I' and 'Girl Next Door'
    You will have to go on a walk with Quistis. This will mostly be
    some dialogue (where Quistis is told to talk to a wall...), but
    there will be one boss - Granaldo and 3 Raldos. These guys really
    are a joke, but you should draw some Blind spells from it. Also,
    some Protects and Shells wouldn't hurt, but you don't have to get
    them. Once you are done with the fight, you should go back to your
    C. Timber Mission
    You will be woken up by Selphie. Get the magazine that is on your
    desk (not that you would want to remodel weapons... but you can
    sell it for more cash).
    Cid will give you the mission instructions. Don't forget to talk
    to him after he does so to receive the Magic Lamp. Now go to Balamb,
    to be safe, buy some 5 Phoenix Downs, save and use it. You'll get
    into a fight with Diablos.
    For the Diablos fight, make sure you blind him ASAP(may take a few
    tries). Then it's an easy fight, as his rush attack will likely 
    miss once blinded. His spells can't kill you, so don't worry about
    them. If you run out of blinds before he's blinded, reset and try
    again. Or try to fight him the hard way if you want. Note that 
    he'll heal you with Curaga if you cast Demi on him from your 
    magic stock. However, your magic stat should be pathetic right now
    so this is not a viable strategy.
    After you get GF Diablos, let it learn Time Mag-RF first. Then
    Enc-Half, Enc-None, Sta Mag-RF, and Mug. Now buy some (the numer 30
    comes to mind - remember to sell the Occult Fan I and any other
    useless items you might have. If you still don't have enough money,
    wait until you will get the 'Girl Next Door' magazine that you can
    sell for some cash) tents, which you can convert into Curagas using
    L Mag-RF. If you haven't learned this ability yet, you're not 
    following the guide. But don't worry, go to the beaches by Balamb.
    Now kill or card the enemies there until you learn it. All active
    characters should have 100 curagas each as soon as you can afford
    the tents. For now, buy as many as you can afford, but keep 3000
    gil for the train ticket you need soon.
    Take some time off to play card games. You have Ifrit and Diablos
    card now. Go to the Fire cavern and Card 2 Bombs. Now start playing
    cards in Balamb Garden. Save first. If you're not familiar with the
    game, check the tutorial. Also, the card FAQ by Sister is very 
    helpful, although nobody can teach you how to play the game - you
    learn it by practicing. When you're ready, play the following people:
    a) Cid: He's on the 3rd floor. Play until you get the Seifer card. 
    b) Any of the Trepies: One is in the cafeteria and 2 are in the 2nd
       floor classroom. You want the Quistis card.
    c) Zell's Mom: She's in a house in Balamb. Play for Zell's card.
    When they're not playing with the above cards, you should try to get
    Gayla, Tonberry/Tonberry King, or Grand Mantis/Death Claw cards.
    Priority in the order I gave you. Gayla cards can be modded into 
    mystery fluids and then Meltdowns using Sta Mag-RF. The other cards 
    give you items which can be refined into AP Ammos using Ammo-RF.
    If you have either T Mag-RF, I Mag-RF, or F Mag-RF learnt, refine the 
    16 wizard stones from the Granaldo fight into 80 Thundagas or Blizzagas
    or Firagas. Junction them to someone's Strength, preferably Squall or
    Zell because of their limit breaks. Now Card Mod your Gesper card (from
    the guy at the beginning of the game) for a black hole. Give it to 
    Quistis to learn Degenerator. Degenerator instantly kills just about 
    all non-boss enemies.
    Once you have done that, get on the train to Timber. The first Laguna
    scenario will start, but this one is mostly dialogue, so there isn't
    anything difficult.
    Afterwards you will have to do a little train mission for the Timber
    resistance group. It's not difficult at all, and you should get your
    SeeD rank raised by 1. Once you are done, you will have to fight
    another boss - Gerogero. To take out the fake president, simply use
    physical attacks. Gerogero can be killed using 2 Curaga spells.
    Afterwards you will have time to explore Timber. As you can meet
    random enemies in this place, I suggest you leave the exploring and
    do what you have to do - head to the Timber TV Station. On the way is
    the Timber Maniacs building, which has the 'Girl Next Door' magazine. 
    Remember that you don't have to go into the house to see what the alley
    looks like (I just did it! I'm so used to doing it, that I did it
    although there was no need for it...). You will have to fight 2 
    soldiers that you can't run from, but they go down easily.
    The whole TV Station scene is very easy, just get through the text
    and you are done. Once your are on the train, don't bother going to
    Dollet and simply get out on the first station.
    In Laguna's dream in the woods, make sure you push the rock that
    opens up a cure draw point. This is important later in the game.
    When you've learnt Time Mag-RF(I did so around this point in the
    game), Card Mod your Quistis card into 3 Samantha Souls. Then 
    turn them into 180 Triples using Time Mag-RF. Squall should now 
    have the following junctions:
    HP: 100 Curaga
    Str: 100 Triple
    If you don't like Squall, use Zell (and later Irvine) for similar
    effects. Other party members' limit breaks aren't as powerful 
    damage-wise, so they're not good candidates. Do note that for 
    convenience sake, the rest of this guide will assume that you 
    used Squall. If you used someone else, just subsitute his name 
    where I wrote Squall. ^_^
    Other junctions aren't important. You should now keep Squall's 
    HP in 'yellow', or critical. This way he can use limit breaks 
    easily. However, don't kill non-boss enemies if you can help it.
    The more exp you get, the less powerful this junction setup 
    becomes. But if you like fighting, go ahead. 
    The whole scene in Galbadia Garden is really text-only, so nothing
    difficult there. Once you are done, just head for Deling City.
    D. Assassination Mission
    Go inside the Deling city. Walk left to get to Caraway's mansion.
    The guard will tell you to go to the Tomb of the Unknown King.
    You can also pay up 5000 Gil to get the location displayer, but
    if I were you, I would just read on and save some of your cash.
    The Tomb of the Unknow King is to the East of Deling City, on a 
    small strip of land. There is a save point at the entrance, so
    Go inside the tomb. Check the student's ID and memorize it. Now,
    keep on going straight until you reach the first crossroads. Then
    go right. Then go straight, then right, straight until you meet 
    Sacred. It is a boss fight, but you should be able to take the guy
    down in one hit. Get out of the room. On the first junction go right, 
    then straight, then right. You will come to a place where you just 
    have to touch some stuff on the wall to let the water flow out. Then
    get out of the room. On the first junction, go right, then straight,
    then right. Again, you just have to touch some stuff until the water
    levels change. Then get out of the room. Walk straight until the SECOND
    junction where you should walk right, then, at the next junction, turn
    left. After that go straight, walk over a bridge until you get into a
    room where you will meet Sacred and Minotaur - the two BROTHERS.
    Against Brothers, use Squall's limit to kill Sacred and Minotaur in one 
    hit each. Then Mod Sacred card into 100 Dino Bones. Refine them into 
    Quakes (Time Mag-RF) for everyone in your party. Squall's junction should
    look kind of like this:
    HP: 100 Quake
    Vit: 100 Curaga
    Str: 100 Triple
    Mag: Not important
    Spr: Not important
    With the above junctions, the rest of the bosses on disk 1 should be a 
    Irvine's Limit requires Ammo. If Ifrit hasn't learned Ammo-RF yet, just
    buy Normal and Shotgun ammo from stores. Otherwise, you can refine AP 
    and Demolition ammos, which are better. AP ammo is VERY good, as it
    ignores defense. Quite useful throughout the game. 
    Now go back into the Deling City, and do all the stuff General Caraway
    tells you to. It is not a difficult misison, and with these junctions,
    the bosses (Iguions (Make sure you draw GF Carbuncle from the Igunions.
    I didn't find Carbuncle that useful in terms of abilities, though. 
    Learn it's Mag-J and HP-J first. And then it's your choice), Seifer and
    Edea (now, she's real crap for the 'sorceress bent on ruling the 
    world')) will seem very easy.
               IV. DISC 2 WALKTHROUGH
    A. Getting out of Prison
    Although the disc will start with yet another Laguna scenario, it is
    so easy I won't go into any detail. I suggest you run from all the 
    You will wake up in the prison. Remember to junction Zell before you
    go to beat the crap out of the poor soldiers.
    After Zell gets everyone's weapons, you get a chance to junction your
    characters. Take the time to give everyone the best Magic junction
    possible. The best magics you have right now are Quake and Triple. 
    Try boosting magic with abilites like Mag+20% and Mag+40% if you 
    have them.
    You then fight Biggs/Wedge. Have everyone draw 100 Reflects apiece
    from Wedge, for a total of 300.
    After the fight, you should have the following spells on each stat:
    HP: Quake or Curaga
    Vit: Curaga or Reflect
    Str: Triple or Quake
    Mag: Not important, but Quake would work.
    Spr: Reflect or nothing
    I know your all characters don't have a complete set of junctions
    yet. But don't worry about that. Just junction what you can.
    I usually get Enc-None at this time in the game. Put it on if you
    you want for less hassles. 
    The prison is also straight forward. Once you get out, simply go up,
    find Squall, then you will go down with the arm, but somehow will
    finish up in the middle floors with Irvine and Rinoa. Then you will
    have to climb up, and Irvine's party will have to go down. Simple,
    right? You will have to fight a boss at the end, but it's a joke.
    When you choose your party after getting out of prison, make sure
    Irvine(or Zell if you can use his limit break) is in Selphie's 
    party. If you have AP Ammo, definitely choose Irvine.
    B. Saving the Garden
    Before heading to the Missile Base, take a detour to Caraway's
    mansion in Deling city. Play cardz with Caraway. First make sure
    you have 4 crappy cards and Ifrit. Now purposely lose. He'll take
    your Ifrit card. Play him again with your best hand until you get
    his Rinoa Card. Note that Caraway will not play with Rinoa card 
    until you've forked over the Ifrit card.
    The Missile Base is straight forward, just make sure that every time
    you have the choice, always try to get through without fighting. You
    don't want unneeded EXP.
    Once you have set up the missile base self-destruct system, choose
    10 or 20 minutes for the timer, so you can use the door in the
    control room. You will also get a higher SeeD rank if you choose a
    lower time limit. Give Irvine (or Zell) Squall's junction and have 
    him in critical condition before the boss fight. Now pummel the 
    boss with limits quickly so you won't run out of time(assuming you 
    chose 10 minutes). Keep the two other characters at full health, 
    because this boss can deal some pretty hefty damage. However, if you
    are quick enough, you can kill it even before it does it's first
    The scene will switch to the Balamb Garden. You will have to free all
    the garden sections before you can progress on with the storyline.
    I suggest you free them in a clockwise direction so that you can get
    a Mega - Phoenix at the library. Then you will meet Xu, talk to her
    and you will get on with the storyline.
    You will have to go and save the Garden. You will have to go to the
    bottom of the Garden (MD level). If you have encounter none, this
    place is straight forward.
    Against the Oilboyle bosses, Quistis' Degenerator works(the
    only time Degerator works against a boss). Otherwise, it's the same
    old limit breaks with Squall. Afterwards, the graden will just
    escape missiles.
    C. More Adventures...
    Next morning, you will have to take Rinoa for a walk (did that
    sound like taking a dog for a walk? Whooops!). At one point a
    Garden Faculty will come to you and ask you to go to the B1
    level. There you will have to fight Norg.
    Make sure you draw Leviathan from Norg. Leviathan will alow
    everyone in your party to have Spr-J. Have it learn Supt Mag-RF.
    Everything else is up to you. Oh wait! I forgot the boss strategy!
    Well, guess what? Just use one limit break! This game really is
    With your first 8 GFs, you should be able to let everyone have
    junctions to HP, Str, Vit, Mag, and Spr. Go ahead and adjust your
    junctions so this is the case. If you haven't learned enough 
    junction abilities yet, start doing so now. Note that it doesn't
    matter if one person has 2 GFs while another has 4, or something 
    like that. You don't have to worry about GF levels, except
    make sure Ifrit reaches level 10.
    After that scene, your dear garden will run into the Fisherman's
    Horizon, with the funniest scene of the game, featuring the Master
    Fisherman. This part of the game is, again, easy. Just run to the
    center of the town, talk to the Mayor, and then try to leave. The
    town will be attacked by Galbadians. Run to the right of the centre
    of the town, just keep on running, and you will run into a boss you
    have met before. The only real differnece is the fact that he
    has less HP... afterwards the party will be united again and
    you can get on with the story.
    After some more text-only scenes, you will be free to go and
    check out the world with the garden under your control. First, you
    should go to Balamb. You will see that the town is occupied. Talk 
    to the guard again and he will let you in. Go to the hotel and talk 
    to the guards there. Then go to the docks (furthest screen) and talk
    to the guard there (lots of talking to guards...). Then go to the 
    train station and talk there. Afterwards go to Zell's house, talk 
    to Ma, rest, save and then go to the train station again. Lastly, go 
    to the docks, talk to the dog and follow him to the train station.
    Afterwards the dog will wake up the captain, who actually is Raijin.
    Go to the Hotel and two consecutive boss fights will begin, one with
    Raijin and two guards, and another one with a stronger Raijin and
    The battles themselves are really easy. Make sure you draw Pandamona
    from Fujin. This is VERY important. Pandamona should learn Spd-J 
    first. Then it's up to you. Spd+20%/40% and Initiative are helpful 
    but hardly necessary.
    After this scene, go back to balamb and play cards with the guy in 
    front of Balamb Hotel. Get Pandamona card. Mod it. Now use T Mag-RF
    to turn the Windmills into Tornados for everyone. Your junctions
    will look something like this:
    HP: Quake
    Str: Triple/Tornado
    Vit: Curaga
    Mag: Tornado or best available
    Spr: Reflect
    After this, you should head for the Trabia Garden. This another text-
    only scene in the game, so no help necessary. Make sure you draw Aura
    from the hidden draw point in Trabia Garden. Use Siren's Move-Find to
    see it. 
    After you are done with the Trabia Garden, it's time to show those
    Galbadian's who's the boss. So go to Edea's house and run into the
    Gabaldian Garden. Make sure you equip encounter none, so you don't
    have to fight those random battles. There will be just one fight
    that you will have to fight, it will be with 4 soldiers and is really
    easy. Afterwards, you will have to save Rinoa.
    Later in the game, make sure you draw Aura from the hidden draw point
    outside Galbadia Garden(the screen where you named Griever).
    Make sure you beat up Cerberus in G Garden main hallway. If you
    have the Mug ability, steal a Spd-J scroll from it. Now mod your newly
    acquired Cerberus card. The lightweights you get can be refined into 
    hastes. Make sure everyone has 100 of them. Have Cerberus learn 
    Spd-J first. The rest doesn't really matter, but Auto-Haste, which 
    you need Spd+20% and Spd+40% to unlock (so you really won't get it...),
    is quite nice.
    Note: If Pandamona has learnt Spd-J now, put 100 haste as the junction.
    If you have the Spd-J scroll from Cerberus, give it to a GF for the 
    character that doesn't have Cerberus or Pandamona. This way, everyone
    in your party can have Spd-J.
    In the fight against Edea, her Maelstrom can curse your characters, 
    preventing them from using limits. Make sure you cure them with Esuna.
    Just whack her with limits or regular attacks. Edea has really low 
    vitality, so normal attacks work well. Draw Alexander if you want. 
    It's not very important so I won't bother with the abilities. Revive
    is kind of nice, though.
               V. DISC 3 WALKTHROUGH
    Make sure you prepare before fighting the dragon in Laguna's senerio. 
    If you have Meltdowns, use one first before attacking. It's a bit long
    if you don't use a meltdown first, as Ruby Dragon has pretty high 
    defense. Not a hard battle, though.
    The whole getting to Esthar is really easy. All you have to do is get
    the letter from Edea, find the White SeeD ship, talk to evryone in the
    ship, go to FH, and then go to Esthar crossing the Ice Desert. For the
    boss there - it is undead, so use Curaga magic or some limit breaks.
    Play Odine for the Ward card when you meet him in Esthar as Squall (not 
    as Laguna).
    Visit Cheryl's shop repeatedly for a rossetta stone.
    If you did not mug the Spd-J scroll from Cerberus, there's one available 
    in Lunatic Pandora. Remember the rock I told you to push in Laguna's
    dream? The hole that opens up now has a Spd-J scroll. When you visit 
    Lunatic Pandora as Zell, get it. Give it to the person without this 
    junction yet. If everyone does, then it's kind of useless.
    The whole scene in Space is really easy. The propagator enemies will die
    from just 1 hit from Squall (although it depends on your level - the
    lower your level, the easier).
    Play cards with Laguna when you can. Get the Squall's card. Mod it for 3 
    3-Stars. Refine them into 300 triples. Also mod your Rinoa, Zell, 
    Minotaur, and Ward card. This way, you can teach Str+60%, Vit+60%, 
    HP+80%, and Spr+60% to everyone's GFs. Your junctions should now look 
    like this for everyone:
    HP: Tornado
    Str: Triple
    Vit: Curaga
    Mag: Quake
    Spr: Reflect
    Spd: Haste
    Your Abilities should be: Str+60%, HP+80%, and Spr+60%.
    If you used your Rossetta stone on someone, that person can have another 
    ability. I suggest either Auto-Haste, Spd+40%, or Vit+60%.
    In addition, everyone should have some aura, meltdowns, life, and
    shells. To get more Auras, go to the Western-most island on the map. Make
    sure someone has Enc-none equiped. Run around the island and press X 
    repeatedly. You'll find draw points with some of the best spells in the 
    game. If this weren't a speed game, I'd tell you how to get those juicy 
    spells like Meteor and Ultima by the bundle. But too bad. :( Anyway, one 
    of the spells available is Aura. Draw some. You'll probably want 20-30 
    for the rest of the game, just to be safe. To get more meltdowns, walk 
    in the snow by Trabia garden and meet Gaylas. If your levels are high, 
    just draw meltdowns from them. If your levels are low, card them and mod 
    the cards. You'll want maybe 20+ meltdowns for the rest of the game. Just
    to be safe. 
    Note: If you have high levels, go ahead and draw 300 meltdowns from
    Gaylas. Now junction your meltdowns in place of Curagas for Vit-J.
    In your 2nd Fujin/Raijin fight, take out Fujin as soon as you can
    with a powerful limit. She can be quite annoying if left alive.
    If your levels are high (like around lv40+), Seifer has Aura for drawing. 
    If he has them, draw 300 (100 per person). Seifer's easy. So you should 
    have no problem staying alive. 
    If you drew Auras from him, switch your junctions a bit. Put Aura on
    Strength and Triple on Speed.
               VI. DISC 4 WALKTHROUGH
    Adel can cast some nasty spells. So you should keep every character
    at high HP. Use meltdown first. Then aura on your fighters to use limit
    breaks, rather than keeping your characters in critical condition. This
    is the first battle where you should make full use of Aura to trigger 
    limits. In earlier fights you can pretty much get away with keeping 
    Squall in critical the whole time.
    In this fight, don't use any attack that can hurt Rinoa. This
    includes Squall's finishing move Fated Circle and Blasting Zone. Switch
    to Irvine and Zell's limit breaks just to be safe. Of course, don't use
    Zell's finishers that damage all enemies.
    If you're in the mood, draw 300 Flares and 300 Holys from the final 
    sorceress during time compression. Make sure you do it after she
    starts the countdown, or she'll counterattack. When she finishes the 
    countdown, she'll use Ultima. This did about 1100 to my party with 
    Reflect junctioned to spirit and Spr+60%. Absolutely pathetic. So draw 
    at your leisure. However, it's not necessary for finishing the game. If
    you're lazy, don't bother. 
    If you did draw those spells, put Holy at HP in place of Tornado.
    Flare belongs in the Elemental Defense Junction.
    In the Ultimecia's Castle, you only need to unlock 4 of your abilities:
    Magic, Limit Break, Resurrection and Save. The 4 bosses I suggest
    you should fight are Sphinxaur, Tri-Point, Krysta and Tiamat. Those
    are the 4 easiest to find. You should unlock the abilities in the 
    order I gave you.
    Sphinxaur is really easy, he's just standing there once you enter the
    castle. Just kill it with you attacks. 
    The next is Tri-Point - from the
    place where you fought Sphinxaur, just keep on walking up, walk on the
    lamp and you will fall down. Check the hatch on the floor and you will
    find the next boss - Tri-Point. He is really easy, just beware of his
    Counter Attack. Cast Meltdown and then just wack away with your attacks.
    Afterwards, go up the stairs (back to where you were before), and walk
    on the Green Spot. Swap the parties, and go into the menu and swap the
    junctions. Now walk on the same lamp, but this time it won't fall down.
    Go to the other side, and you will fight Krysta. This guy should (but 
    it depends on your level...) have less than 10000 HP, so use 1 limit 
    break and he will go down. At the end of the fight, he will cast a Final
    Attack - Ultima. Should do no more than 1200 damage.
    Once you are done with with those three, it's time to kill Tiamat.
    Note: If your levels are high, instead pick Trauma as your next
    boss. To find Trauma, go to the room with all the paintings (it's
    to the left of the room where you fought Sphinxaur), look at all the 
    paintings, then chack the big painting on the wall and choose 
    'Vividarium', 'Intervigilium' and 'Viator'. A boss will appear, it's
    very easy.
    The only reason I picked Tiamat, is because he is much easier to find.
    Simply go to the Ultmecia's room (head straight from where your party
    that fought Tri-Point was), until you come to a spiral path. There
    you will see a swinging lamp. Jump on the lamp and you will come to
    a new room with Tiamat in it. He has 1 attack, called the Dark Flare,
    but he is pretty slow at casting it. Use a metldown and then some
    Limit Breaks.
    If you wish to unlock another ability, like Item, simply kill Trauma
    as I explained. All the other abilities are hardly necessary.
    I'll go ahead and give you a guide to beating her, not that you
    really need one. She starts off by choosing 3 random party members. 
    If one of them is dead, Ultimecia will replace him/her with another 
    party member after a while. So if the characters you've junctioned 
    don't all show up at first, kill the characters you don't want. 
    Once your favorite party shows up, cast haste, shell, and triple on
    everyone. Give someone (Squall, Irvine, or Zell) Aura and have him use 
    limit. After some damage, Ultimecia will summon Griever (or whatever 
    you named him in disk 2). Now cast meltdown on Griever and continue
    whacking him with limit breaks. You don't even need meltdown if you
    use Irvine's AP Ammo. When he dies, Griever will use Shockwave Pulsar.
    With Shell and the good Spirit Junction I recommended, it shouldn't 
    be harmful. Otherwise, you'll die. 
    Now Ultimecia will junction to Griever. Again, Meltdown/Aura/Limit.
    Incerdiably enough, you can kill her with just 1 limit...
    Now we have True Ultimeica. Meltdown/Aura/Limit works again. After
    she uses Hell's Judgement, one person should triple cast Curaga on 
    everyone, or use a mega-elixer. When she starts talking, switch to 
    normal attacks. After a few whacks, Ultimecia will blow up.
    Congrats!! You've just beaten FF8. Now enjoy the ending, which is my
    favorite out of ALL RPGs. Make sure you keep the Playstation on until
    you see 'The End' on the screen. 
    For reference, Meh1 beat the game in 14 1/2 hours in his 'Speed'
    playthrough. His final party was Irvine(lv16), Squall(lv15), and 
               VII. CREDITS & CONTACTS
    I think 2 guides on Gamefaqs deserves to be listed on this
    section. First is SOng's walkthrough, which is incredibly detailed and
    helped me greatly in side quests and many things in general. The other
    guide is ABrea's Power Up guide. I learned a lot about junctioning 
    from it. Also, a few of the boss strategies might be mutated from 
    reading his guide. It's been so long since I first played this game. 
    So my memory regarding where I learned certain tricks is certainly 
    quite hazy. 
    Edit by Edman: How could anyone forget my No Level Up guide? Of course,
    it's not as though you really need a guide for a No Level Up game,
    but it's as good as a walkthrough as anything. Some of the stuff I
    typed out on this guide can be found in that guide too...
    Meh1: meh271@yahoo.com
    Edman: edman@hackermail.com
    Feel free to mail us questions and feedback.
                          END OF GUIDE
                     THANK YOU FOR READING
    Guide copyright (c) Meh1 & Edman.

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