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                       ---Final Fantasy VIII Trial Version FAQ---
                         (Included With Brave Fencer Musashiden)
                                          v. 1.01
                                Written by Stewart Bishop
    Copyright 1998 by Stewart Bishop
    This FAQ may be reproduced electronically, altered or unaltered as long as this
    disclaimer remains intact. If this document is altered in any way, shape, or
    form, you must give credit where credit is due, as well as state that the
    file is in actuality an altered work of the original. This FAQ may NOT be used
    for any profitable or promotional purposes _what-so-ever_ in *ANY* way unless
    I am contacted beforehand.
    All questions, comments, additions, submissions, flames, etc. should be sent to
    Stewart Bishop (Gawain@The-Pentagon.Com). If for some reason you have
    contributed to this FAQ and I have not acknowledged or given you credit, please
    correct me at the above e-mail address.
    Final Fantasy VIII is copyrighted by Squaresoft and Sony Computer
    Brave Fencer Musashiden is copyrighted by Squaresoft and Sony Computer
    I.   Introduction
    II.  Revisions
    III. How to Play
    IV.  Walkthrough
    V.   Miscellaneous Info
    VI.  Script
    Well, folks, FFVIII won't be around here in America till next year, but fear
    not, we _will_ get it (NO ONE will stop us!)! Until then, you can be like me
    and play the demo over and over and over and...need I continue? Well, this is
    a FAQ/Walkthrough for the Final Fantasy VIII Trial Version that was included
    with Brave Fencer Musashiden, another great RPG from Squaresoft (A great way
    to get away from Zelda, if you can). I will be using this as a basis for my
    FAQ for the US version of the full Final Fantasy VIII game.
    You can find the latest updates of this FAQ as well as some other FAQs I've
    written at http://www.gamefaqs.com and
    12/23/98: v.1.1. Added a table of contents, introduction, revision history,
    how to run away in a battle, and details regarding the new "Limit Break
    12/21/98: v.1.0. FF8 FAQ first created.
    Controller: Move in 8 different directions.
    Analog: Use analog controller
    Analog Button: Toggle on/off analog use
    Triangle: Cancel, Walk
    Circle: Switch command in battle
    X: Select
    Start: Pause
    L1: Toggle on/off target window in battle
    L2+R2: Run away while in battle
    How DRAW Attacks Work:
    By selecting the command DRAW, your character can select a certain opponent to
    DRAW a power from. After selecting the enemy, a menu will pop up showing the
    available magics that you can absorb from the certain enemy. After you've
    selected the spell, you must then select a target for whom to cast the spell
    on. This entire process requires no MP on the drawers part, but there is a
    chance that the draw may fail. Let's take this for an example...
    (NOTE: This is not a real enemy [At least I don't think it is, it might be in
    the complete version ^_^])
    Shinra Soldier:
    Available spells to be drawn: Fire 3, Quake 1, Bolt 2, Barrier (NOTE: These
    aren't real spells [might be in the complete version]).
    Let's say you want to draw Barrier and use it on yourself...
    First, you would select the DRAW command. After doing this, select the Shinra
    Soldier that you want to draw from. A menu will pop up with the options, "Fire
    3, Quake 1, Bolt 2, and Barrier). Select Barrier, then choose yourself. You
    will cast "Draw Barrier" which will be cast on yourself, with no expense of
    MP. Quite a unique system, no? ^_^
    What Happened to Limit Breaks?:
    Well, they are here, in one form or another. When Squall or Zell is at a low
    enough amount of HP for a certain amount of time (I think time has something
    to do with it, maybe not), you will be able to switch from ATTACK to another
    attack, which will resemble a limit break.
    First off, there'll be an FMV sequence. After a brief conversation with
    Seifer, you will be in control of Squall, Zell, and Rinoa. Follow
    Seifer to the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Seifer will be up the
    stairs in the next screen. Talk to him. After running up the stairs, you
    should encounter two enemy soldiers. Zell will give you a little tip with
    Squall, pressing the R1 button just as he connects his attack. This will
    tack some extra damage with Squall's gunblade. Follow Seifer through the
    tunnel and continue following Seifer, and you should run into some more
    With that battle over, continue following Seifer to the upper most part of the
    screen. Seifer should make a comment regarding the Galbadias, and will run on
    ahead. Follow him. In this next room, you can wait a little while, and the
    dog should start approaching Seifer, who will shoo it away. Aww, poor thing
    ^_^ Now, go to the upper right where you'll find another soldier. Beat him,
    and you'll experience the first "victory" music sequence ^_^ Now go back and
    talk to Seifer. You'll wait a few seconds, and Zell will make a comment on how
    the dog is licking Seifer's hand. Seifer will again shoo the dog
    cold-heartedly away, and he'll perform an array of karate chops ^_^ Talk to
    Zell, then Rinoa, the Seifer. Some enemy troops should run right past Squall
    and his companions. Our heroes will get into a little conversation, and you'll
    find Seifer running off again. As always, follow him.
    Run across the bridge, and talk to the wounded soldier. Continue up the path
    and talk to the other wounded soldier. Then run up the stairs. Seifer will be
    there to greet you, as well as another wounded Dollet Soldier. The wounded
    soldier will start talking to you, but will be dragged groggily off the screen
    by a creature, who you will now fight. Continue up the stairs and follow
    Seifer. After a little encounter with the guards, Seifer will run off to the
    right. Again, follow his butt. There'll be a big facility, which you should go
    in. Seifer will chase all the soldiers out, you can walk in. Head upwards when
    you come to next screen, then go to the lift and press X. Go up, and you'll
    switch to a viewpoint of the classic soldiers, Wedge and Biggs. Squall and his
    party will confront Biggs, and a beautiful FMV sequence will begin.
    The facility will power up and look really tyte. It will fire a beam into the
    sky, and you'll switch back to the game. Biggs will try to sneak out of the
    place, but Seifer will stop him, and you'll have to fight him in a battle.
    After a few rounds, Wedge will join in the fight. Afterwards, Biggs and Wedge
    will both be blown off the satelite by a strange monster.
    Elvoret is quite an easy boss to beat. Just cast Leviathan with Rinoa, making
    sure to Draw Cure when Zell and Squall are low on HP. You can also use the
    Thunder magic spell, it works rather nicely. It should drop like a fly.
    Now there's a time limit...Take the lift downstairs. Biggs should wake up
    again and call for reinforcements. Run outside and fight the creature. Zell
    will make the very smart remark about running away. Run away (press L2 and R2)
    and continue back the path you came. You should end up running into enough
    fights that you're characters will be pretty much dead (I only had Zell left
    in the last fight, but was lucky enough to do 232 with his Fight skill). A
    nice FMV sequence will occur, and the boat will gun down the stupid Spider
    Thing. Congrats, you just beat the Trial Version of FFVIII! Now wait till its
    release next year ^_^
    Winning Stances:
    Squall: Slashes his sword, then turns around, his back facing the camera.
    Zell: Jumps about while pulling his arms to his sides (kind of like Crono,
          only with both arms).
    Rinoa: She nods her head, lowers her left arm, then turns around, her back
           facing the camera.
    Magic Casting Stances:
    Squall: Places his sword to his side, raises his left hand to his face, and
    thrusts it outwards in an open palm.
    Zell: Pulls his arms towards his body, then thrusts them outwards with two
    Rinoa: Raises her left hand, brushes it across her face, and thrusts it
    I may have made an error or two in certain parts, or left out something
    entirely. If you have this information, feel free to send it to me at
    Squall: Seifer, what are the orders?
    Seifer: We, the B squad, are to secure the Central Square.
    Zell: How many enemies?
    Seifer: Huh? A whole lot obviously!
            With too few enemies, I'll die of boredom.
    Squall: To secure the Central Square...Is that it?
    Seifer: Enemy reinforcements are close by. That means more battles for us.
            Too bad for those who are scared.
    Zell:   Who do you mean?!
    Seifer: Who knows...
            The Central Square...
            Come on.
    Seifer: There should be enemies around here.
    Squall: Who exactly are these enemies?
    Zell: Yo, are you serious!?
          The Galbadia Army of course!
    Seifer: Don't worry about it Squall.
            Anyone who gets in our way is the enemy.
    Zell: (In Battle) Squall! Press R1 just as you strike!
    (If you talk to him) Seifer: Having fun Squall?
    In a battle: Soldiers: The special team, SeeD?
                           Young boys and girls?
                           They're from Garden!?
    Seifer: The Central Square is up ahead.
            Come on you Galbadia wimps!
            Don't bore me, show me your faces now!
    Seifer: The enemy's nearby, huh?
            Stay sharp, Squall.
            Well, why don't you check out the area for enemies.
    (If you talk to him again) Seifer: Stop being so careless and scope the area
    for any enemies.
    (If you go the wrong way) Seifer: Don't go off on your own!
    Squall: I think they're gone.
    Seifer: It seems...that way.
            Ok then, we'll wait for the enemy.
            ...'Wait'...what a boring word.
    Squall: Sounds like it's starting.
    Zell: Looks like this is for real now.
    Seifer: Bring it on.
    Zell: Squall, check it out.
          That dog's licking Seifer.
    Seifer: Get out of here!
    Seifer: Hey! Galbadia Soldiers!
            What are you waiting for!
            Come to Papa!
    Squall: Where are they...?
    (If you talk to Zell) Zell: What the hell!
                                This is REALLY boring...
                                What's going on!?
    (If you talk to Rinoa) Rinoa: ...
    (If you talk to Seifer): ...
                             Making us wait...
                             I can't take this anymore!
                             What is this, some kind of dog training!?
    Squall: Hey...the enemy.
    Zell: Where the hell are they goin'?
    Seifer: That's where we're going.
    Zell: But that's against orders!
    Seifer: Weren't you just complaining about how bored you were?
    Zell: Squall!
    Squall: I stand behind the squad leader's decision.
    Seifer: Squad leader's decision?
            You must want to create some havoc too, huh?
    Squall: Yeah, it's a perfect chance to put our training to the test.
            Thanks to you,
            I feel like I can
            kick anyone's ass.
    Seifer: You just thank me when that time comes.
    Zell: Give me a break...
          You guys get along.
          You guys are buddies, man.
          Listen, this isn't just a battle.
          It's also a test, an important one.
          Let's not go off tryin'
          to do our own thing.
    Seifer: Then you stay here.
            I don't need anyone who lacks interest.
    (After dog barks) Seifer: Huh? You want to go?
                              Probably a lot more useful than a certain someone...
    Zell: What did you say!?
    Squall: Don't take it seriously, Zell.
            So Seifer,
            if we're gonna go, let's hurry.
    Seifer: The enemy is heading for the facility up in the mountains. We, the B
            squad, are to secure the summit.
            Let's move!
    Squall: Alright.
    Zell: @#...Ok.
    Dollet Soldier: ...What business do they have with the atenna now...?
    Dollet Soldier: I...as a child...used to play at that antenna facility...
                    ...At that time,
                    it was already closed
                    down, and...
                    I was careless...
    Dollet Soldier: Ahhh! Y-You're...!?
    Squall: We've been dispatched by Garden. We're SeeD trainees.
    Seifer: Any news on the summit?
    Dollet Soldier: The Galbadia Soldiers
                    have entered the antenna facility.
                    On top of that...that place has always been a nesting ground
                    for monsters.
                    If you guys are going up there, be careful.
    (After being dragged off screen by monster) Dollet Soldier: Ahh!
    (After battle) Squall: Monsters, huh?
    Zell: That sucks.
    Seifer: All the more fun for us. Come on, let's go.
    Zell: ...Fun, pu-lease...
    (Talk to soldier after battle): Uh...ugh...
    Soldier: The generator is up and running!
    Soldier: Cable disconnection confirmed! Beginning the exchange process!
             No problem with the boosters!
    Seifer: What the heck are they doing?
    Squall: Repairs...?
    Seifer: Well, whatever.
            This is your first battle, right?
            You scared?
    Squall: ...I don't have time to be thinking about fear.
    Seifer: I love battles.
            I fear nothing.
            After each battle, you move one step closer to the goal.
    Squall: ...Goal?
    Seifer: It's when your dream comes true.
    Squall: Huh!? Dream?
            Sorry, but I'm gonna
            have to pass on that subject.
    Zell: What are you saying!?
          Let me in on the battle plan!
    Seifer: ...You were here...
            One of these days,
            I'm going to tell you
            about my romantic dream!
    Zell: So, what the hell
          were you guys talking about!?
    Squall: ...A subject I don't like talking about.
            Ok, let's go.
    Seifer (yelling to soldiers): You cowards!
    Squall: ...up there?
    Squall: I think we can take this lift up...
    Wedge: Lieutenant Biggs!
           There has been a report of a monster-like shadow on the top of the
           Lieutenant Biggs!
    Biggs: Be quiet!
           I'm busy!
           This goes like this...
           Uh..., why are these parts so old and crummy...
           And why am I doing all the repairs!!!
    Wedge: Sir, I'll check around while the repairs are being done.
    Biggs: Let's see...Hmmm...
           Put this here...and...
           ...Do this, and...
           There, it's complete.
    Squall: What are you doing!?
    Biggs: HUH???
           What do YOU
           think you're doing here!
           Hey, HEY!
           What's going on with the soldiers down below!?
           Do somethin' about this mess.
           no more business with this antenna so...
    Seifer: No way!
    Biggs: Ah......Ah, ah......AAAAAAAAAHHH---------!
           What are you doing------!
    Seifer: Shut up!
    (In battle) Biggs: You little BRATS!
    (In battle) Wedge: Lieutenant...
                       Finished, sir?
                       The enemy! Here!?
    (In battle) Biggs: Where have you been!!!
                       You're getting no pay!
    (In battle) Wedge: Hee...Why'd I come...?
    (In battle) Biggs: What's going on?
    (In battle) Wedge: AHHHHHHHHH!
    (In battle) Zell: What the hell is that!?
    (After battle) Dollet Soldier: Are you from the B squad?
    Squall: I'm...Squall from B squad.
    Dollet Soldier: Who's the squad leader?
    Dollet Soldier: SeeD and SeeD trainees
                    are to withdraw at 1900 hours.
                    You are to assemble
                    by the shore!
    Seifer:         Withdraw?
    Dollet Soldier: I only came here to deliver this message...
                    And I'm sure you can appreciate that this withdraw is a direct
    Seifer: @#$%....
            What time do we meet?
    Dollet Soldier: As I said,
                    SeeD and SeeD trainees are to withdraw at 1900 hours.
                    You are to assemble by the shore!
    Seifer: 1900 hours...
            that's in only 15 minutes!
            15 minutes...Come on!
    Zell: Off on his own again!
          He's selfish...
          I don't like him!
    Biggs (sprawled on ground): Get those stupid kids!
                                Go, go!
                                Move it, MOVE IT!
    (In battle) Zell: Let's get outta here!
    (???): L2, R2 buttons to escape.
    Copyright 1998 by Stewart Bishop

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