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    FAQ/Walkthrough (JP) by Jeremy Chen

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     By jeremy chen
    First off codes 
    :gameshark codes(gameshark needed)
    all characters infinite health
    800d873c 0125
    800d8794 0112
    800d87ec 00f3
    infinite items
    800d9930 0601
    800d9936 0006
    unlimited time to escape( at the end of demo )
    800684e0 0382
    All characters limit break bar full
    80068ab6 0454
    80068bf2 0454
    80068d2e 0454
    Squall leonhart's equiped magic
    80068c04 ##??
    ##= number of magic stock
       04-2x magic
       05-3x magic
    max attack time(please 
    refrain from using the code 
    as it takes the 
    fun out of the game)
    80068a5c 5cd0
    80068b98 5dc0
    80068cd4 5dc0
    800d8738 5dc0
    800d8790 5dc0
    800d87e8 5dc0
    Your character= Squall 
    punk hair guy= Zell 
    Women in blue dress=Lenore
    quick walkthrough 
    Gameplay basics:
      Control setup For Squall Leonhart----
                                "circle" button = selects command
                                "cross" button = cancel command
    in battle "commands"
                        1) Attack/Limit (when bar is red)  
                        2) Magic
                        3) Special command
                        4) Item
    On the commands
                        1) tap right and choose command 
                        2) magic is limited
                        3)You learn ne w skills as you progress
                        Eg.      Potion (recover 100 hp)
                                 Phoniex down (bring back dead characters
                                               with portion of life)
                        5) L2 + R2 = run from battle
                        6) "triangle" button skips attack (wait)
      Changes in gameplay from finalfantasy7
      >normal sized characters
      >no more mp
      >satergies for an easier battle(when encountering the horse like enemies  
        hit he attack command fast ,this is to whack off the blade on its head {rduces damage}
      >summons now take time to charge
      >extrems of characters take different skills eg. (magic characters get 
        summons as thier special commands)
      >Buster sword non in the demo . Now the demo has much cooler blade ( the 
       gunblade ) basically a gun with the barrel joint to a blade like a sword.
        Magic in FF8
        >Weak Fire
        >Weak Ice
        >Weak Lightning
         >Medium Fire
        >Medium Ice
        >Medium Lightning
        >Double magic (cast to use 2x of that spell(one character in that battle)
        >Triple magic   (        ''       3x          ''          all     ''    )                           
    Ps. I assume you are familiar with ff7 controls / gameplay
    On to the game.........
    Intro Movie
       The demo starts with boats crossing the sea . the sea turns into the FF8 
    logo squall comes out of
    the hatch of the boat . He looks at his map flipping a film of info down on 
    the map.You see your target.The boats pick up speed ,your boat broke through 
    the wall without damage(pretty durable boats.)and you see your men giving 
    you the "move in" signal.Boat slows down.
        Actual gameplay
    Part 1
    You come out of the boat with your companions.1 fighter guy with the whole 
    streetstyle clothing .1 magic type girl with ble elegant clothing.1 guy who is your superior in a trench coat.
    do the following steps after some speech.
    >follow the trench coat guy until a blocked off road
    >talk to him
    >fight the soilders that come out.>not too difficult.concentrate on killing 1 first. Leech magic from 
    >follow the guy
    >again fight more guys
    >stop at the fountain talk to him and choose either choice 
    >mover to the gaurd at the right side
    >kill him 
    >talk to trench coat guy and wait at left side road for a while.
    >more talk and scene started when you talk to the trenchcoat guy(notice what the wanker is doing to the poor dog , he even tries to slice at it)but talk to the fighter first
    >follow him
    Part 2
    >talk to him and kill the sub boss: a snake like character.
    --use magic gotten from the opponents often 
    --magic character>use summon spell( 3rd option on battle menu )
    --Squall  >magic from leeching
    --fighter >attack/limit ,low on life potion
    >follow the tench coat guy again
    >you arrive at the target area.
    >after ducking from gaurds view more speech.
    > make your way up via the elevator after fighting some gaurds.
    Part 3 
    Sequence of radar opened by scientist officer attracts some monster.
    >attack the guy untill a set amount of hp and than kill the monster that comes.
    >go downstairs.
    >hit machine that the guy activates untill it is down then hold L2+R2 to escape before timer
      goes to 0 and get away within that 15 second time limit.
    >He is just there to hinder you run like mad to avoid him
     At the end squall trips, barely making to the ship before themachine catches up.
    luckily the gunner shoots the thing which thankfully works.
    The ending credits roll as the ship goes off into the horizon.
    Squall leonhart and finalfantasy viii copyright of square.
    John Ong is the only guy I know not finishing FFVII!!!!!
    speacial thanks to Lo wai yin(dammit he is tooo good)for gs codes
    Written by Jeremy chen (E-mail:suesung@mbox2.singnet.com)
    Please ask before using this info for your guide.

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