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    Translation Guide (JP) by JChang

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    TRANSLATED AND TRANSCRIBED by Jon Chang, Hodaka Tsyuchida and Mark Gilson.
    This isn't an exact translation but it's dead on intonation(we hope!).
    Where straight translations didn't make a lot of sense I improvised
    what they were trying to get at.
    Please do not take excerpts from this without our permission^-^
    email: grind@interactive8.com
    (after the intro all members standing on the beach)
    Squall: What are your orders?
    Cypha: We're flanking the enemy forces on this op. Call sign is B Group.
    Zell: How many enemies?
    Cypha: Uh... Lots! If there aren't many this will just be boring!
    Squall: ...Move through the central park? Is that it?
    Cypha: Reinforcements are en route so we'll get as much killing as we want!
           ...so much for the element of surprise....
    Zell: What are you talking about?
    Cypha: I don't know...move out!
    (near the burning car)
    Cypha: The enemy must be around here.
    Squall: So where are they from?
    Zell: Are you fucking serious? They have to be from Galvadia! Squall don't
          worry about it. Anyone who attacks us is an enemy(^-^)
    Cypha: Having fun Squall?
    (street 2)
    Cypha: The central park is right ahead! Are you listening Galvadia soldiers?!
           I'll kill you all myself!!!
    Squall: Is he insane?
    (central park--has a fountain in the center and the cool dog)
    Cypha:Do you have any empathy for our enemies?
    	top choice: yes
    	bottom choice: no
    (i answered no of course hehe)
    Cypha: Don't disappoint me. Sweep the area and kill any hostiles you find.
           They could be anywhere
    (kill guy in upper right corner)
    Squall: We showed no mercy.
    Cypha: Certainly looks that way. We're holding up here until their forces
    	   move through this area...(to self)waiting is such boring work.
    (wind blows, fighting noise in bkg begins)
    Squall: Looks like it's starting.
    Zell: Yeah this is it.
    Cypha: We're gonna take care of these bastards...
    Zell: Hey dude take a look at Cypha!
    Cypha: (to dog)Keep your nose outta my business! Beat it!
    Are you listening Galvadia soldiers?! Why are you fucking with me?
    Come on already you cowards!
    (B team stands around waiting)
    Squall: Doesn't look like they're coming...
    	(you must talk to characters to elicit responses from them)
    Zell: What the fuck is up with this? It's soooo boring. It's not right sitting
    	  around like this...
    LeNore: ...
    Cypha: ...! .....!!!!! We'll continue to wait here.
    	  I can't stand it! Is this a job for a fucking watch dog!
    (Galvadia soldiers move through central park and characters hide)
    Squall: Enemy sighted...
    Zell: Where are they going?
    Cypha: Let's follow them!
    Zell: Hey, that's against orders!
    Cypha: A few minutes ago you were bitching how bored you were...all talk eh?
    Zell: Squall?
    Squall: I'm gonna follow the commander's orders.
    Cypha: What orders?(grabs Squall) Don't you want to kill Galvadians?(Squall 
    pushes him off)
    Squall: Sure, it's a good opportunity to show you what I'm made of. Thanks to
    	    you I've got no fear of those cowards.
    Cypha: Thank me later when we've killed them all.
    Zell: What's up? You guys are 2 of a kind! This isn't just another battle!
    	  It's an important test! If you disobey orders it's blow all of our end 
    Cypha: We're leaving you behind! We've got no room for people without guts.
    	  (dog barks)What? You want to come? He's better than you Zell!
    Zell: You bastard!
    Squall: Get a grip Zell. We better hurry. There's more important things to do 
    Cypha: The enemy's objective must be the outpost at the top of this mountain.
    	   We'll secure the outpost. Let's do it.
    Squall: Roger.
    Zell: ...ok...
    (on brick path)
    Soldier of Darva: What the hell happened to us...what could they want in the 
    				  Satellite tower?
    Soldier of Darva 2: Ever since I was a kid I've been playing in this 
    					then the sat tower was closed...I've been 
    Crawling Soldier: Wah!!! Who are you people?
    Squall: We're from GARDEN. SeeD trainees.
    Cypha: What's at the top of this mountain?
    Crawling Soldier: Galvadian troops occupied the tower. Be careful if you're 
    				  up there tower was a monster's lair! 
    Raaarrrggghhh!!!!!(dragged away)
    (After battle)
    Squall: So there's monster's here too.
    Zell: What the hell is up with that?
    Cypha: We have a lot more fun ahead! Come on!
    Zell: Did he say fun?
    Wounded Soldier: (only if you talk with him) It hurts...
    Galvadian soliders: We're ready to activate the dish!
    Galvadian Sliders:I found a weakspot in the cable so I'm gonna fix it!
    Galvadian Sliders:Boosters are set!
    Cypha: What the hell are those guys up to?
    Squall: Repairing the satellite dish!
    (all rise as soldiers leave)
    Cypha: At this point anything goes. So is this your first time for live combat?
    Squall: I don't have time to worry about it.
    Cypha: I love killing. Nothing gives the same rush! After we finish this mission 
    	   be closer to our goal!
    Squall: Gaol?
    Cypha: It's a time when dreams come true!
    Squall: Dreams? I don't care about your dreams. Don't bother rattling that crap
    		off, I don't want to hear it.
    Zell: Wait I want to listen if you're gonna talk tactics!
    Cypha: What're you talking about? Someday I'll tell you. It's my ideal dream!
    Zell: What the hell is he talking about?
    Squall: I really hate it when he get's going on that crap. Let's go.
    (At front gate of outpost)
    Cypha: Cowards! Come back and fight!
    (exit Cypha. enter the base)
    Squall: I Wonder if he went up yet?
    (elevator up)
    (Tower roof)
    Wedge: Sergeant Biggs! I heard there is a monster on top of this thing! It 
    	   caused that damage! Sergeant Biggs!
    Biggs: Shut up! I'm busy with this!
    	   OK now this goes...ok and this...do this...ahhh...but I don't know why 
    	   want me to repair this old thing! I don't deserve this crap.
    Wedge: Looks like it'll be a while. I'm gonna look around.
    Biggs: So this goes and ahahaaaa...
    (party arrives)
    Biggs: Almost done...
    (roll fmv)
    Squall: What're you doing?
    Biggs: What? Who are you asking me what I'm doing here! What're you doing here?
    	   Where's all the guards from downstairs. Wedge! Take care of these 
    	   uhhhh...Wedge? Well I already did my job here so I'll be going now.
    (enter Cypha)
    Biggs: Whoooahh!
    Cypha: Sorry but you can't leave here alive.
    (after battles--enter soldier)
    Soldier of Darva: Are you with B team?
    Squall: I'm Squall from B Team.
    Soldier of Darva: Where's your commander? (salutes Cypha after Squall gestures 
    to him)
    				  SeeD forces are rallying at 1900 on the beachhead. 
    They'll be departing
    				  then promptly!
    Cypha: Leaving? Why?
    Soldier of Darva: I don't know the details, I'm just a messenger...You didn't 
    				  they were moving out?
    Cypha: Goddamn it! What time is the rezendevous?
    Soldier of Darva: You call yourselves members of SeeD?!!!I told you! 1900 hours 
    				  the SeeD beachhead!
    Cypha: We've got 15 minutes. Move out.
    Zell: Once again he leaves us. I hate that guy. What a selfish fuck!
    (exit cast)
    Biggs: I'll set this monster on them! Those punks! This'll kill them! hahaha
    outro: Escape from Dollet. Final Fantasy 8 trial version.

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