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    Card Game Rule Manipulation (US) by Oswauld

    Updated: 10/06/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy VIII.
    Triple Triad Rule Manipulation Mini-Guide.
    Version:	A/O.
    Author:		Oswauld.
    E-mail:		Oswauld@aol.com.
    Date:		October 6th, 1999.
    This file is for personal use only.  Do not alter this mini-guide in any way, 
    shape, or form.  This may seem like common knowledge to some people, just 
    remember that most things thought common knowledge aren't discussed; and things 
    like this aren't explained in the instruction manual.
    This Mini-Guide simply explains one thing and one thing alone, how to manipulate 
    the rules of triple triad to keep disliked rules from spreading, to spread 
    wanted rules, and how to get rid of rules that have spread or you just don't 
    like in the first place.
    To keep unwanted rules from spreading:
    Whenever you leave the place (with the rule you don't want to spread) and play 
    somewhere else keep answering no when prompted to play with a combination of 
    both area's rules until they just ask to play and not combine the rules.
    To spread wanted rules:
    Play in any area that has the wanted rule.  Save near a card player in the area 
    you want the rule to spread to.  Challenge them and accept the offer to combine 
    the rules.  When given the option to play or quit a second time, do either, it's 
    up to you.
    Note: This works better in places where there are only one or two rules 
    To abolish rules:
    Area A:		Has unwanted rule.
    Area B:		Has at least 1 rule, preferably exactly 1 rule, Area A doesn't 
    have, and doesn't have the unwanted rule.
    Play a game in Area B.  Proceed to Area A and save somewhere near any card 
    player.  Challenge any person to a game of cards, when asked if you want to play 
    with a combination of both area's rules accept.  When given the option to play 
    or quit a second time, quit.  If the rule you want to abolish doesn't get 
    abolished reset and start over, if another rule spreads reset and start over, if 
    nothing happens challenge again.
    Note: It's best to abolish rules before spreading rules.

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