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    PocketStation Game FAQ by GWerner

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    Greg Werner
    Final Fantasy 8 Pocketstation FAQ
    I. Formatting your Pocketstation
    II. Getting aquatinted with Chicobo and friends
    III. Maneuvering
    IV. Menus
    V. Battle
    VI. Bringing Chicobo "Home"
    VII. Using Mog's Amulet and Misc. Items.
    A big thanks goes out to anyone who hosts this. I put a fair amount of 
    time into it, and it's my first attempt at writing a FAQ. If you would 
    like to post this FAQ, please ask for my permission first, thank you.
    Credit: Most of the following information was obtained by my personal 
    experience with the game, and in-game tutorial on playing "Chocobo's 
    World". Information concerning the usage of Gil for summoning MiniMog 
    was obtained from the Brady Games Official FF8 Guide. 
    The purpose of this is to get you off to illustrate the fine points of 
    the Final Fantasy 8 "Solo-RPG" Chocobo's World, since the main parts of 
    the game are introduced in a fairly straightforward fashion in both the 
    FF8 instruction manual, and in-game tutorial, nevertheless, I will go 
    through the typical rules and operation of the game. Keep in mind, I am 
    no expert on the game yet, and am learning simply by trial and error, 
    (not too hard considering the entire game is in English). As I learn 
    more, I will add it, but like I said, the game is pretty easy to get a 
    basic concept of.
    I. Formatting your Pocketstation.
        A. First you'll need to obtain a Japanese imported Pocket Station. 
    No doubt in a few Months Square will bring the Pocketstation to 
    America, in which case:
            1. I wasted a ton of money.
            2. Step 1 can be interpreted as, Go out to your local 
    electronic gaming retailer and buy a Pocketstation.
        B. After removing the paper tab from the lithium battery in back of 
    the Pocketstation, put it right into your Slot 2 Memory Card slot, and 
    make sure your FF8 memory card is in Slot 1. The Pocketstation will     
    show you a whole bunch of pretty options, just ignore them and don't 
    press any buttons on it.
    *Note. Getting this little sucker open can be a bit confusing. The 
    front panel with the selection buttons actually needs to flip upward in 
    order for the Pocketstation to be inserted into the Playstation. 
    Accomplish this by placing your index and middle finger on a little lip 
    beneath the screws in the back of the Pocketstation, with the front of 
    the Pocketstation facing you. Place your thumb on the side of the 
    Pocketstation with the large button. Place your ring finger on the 
    opposite side near the direction pad. Brace the top of the 
    Pocketstation with your left hand, and lift that lip up with your 
    middle and index finger. Mission complete. Majority of you may not even 
    need to read this, but for those of you out there like me, I hope this 
        C. Open a normal saved FF8 game with which you have access to 
    Chicobo. After you're in the game, return to the save menu, and select 
    the highlighted Chocobo's World box on the save screen. The game will 
    tell you that the Pocketstation isn't formatted, and that it will take 
    up a certain number of blocks on the Pocketstation. Agree to the terms 
    and have it format the Pocketstation. While it does, enjoy the little 
    background story. After it's done formatting, you're ready to go!!
    II. Getting aquatinted with Chicobo and friends.
    A. Before you actually begin, I advise that you read the ingame 
    tutorial. This can be accessed memory card into Slot 1. Enter the save 
    menu and select the highlighted "Chocobo's World" box. You will have 
    several options. Just go directly to "How to Play". Approximately six 
    pages of text will show you what does what, and how to proceed with the 
    game. It works like this.
     1. Chicobo, Cactaur and Moomba are going out on a journey to rescue 
    Mog from demons. Cactaur will be out and about searching for items, 
    Moomba will running around looking for weapons, and Chicobo gets 
    slapped with the dirty work, finding Mog. 
     2. The first goal of the game is to find Mog. Once you've found the 
    furry little Moogle, you will have access to the Mog's Amulet, (to be 
    explained later).
     3. Events- Events appear on the Area Map as black dots. When Chicobo 
    walks into an event, there are four possible outcomes.
      a. Cactaur- If you encounter Cactaur, he will greet you with a 
    "Hello" and give you an item. The items are ranked from D to A, A being 
    the best type of item. Later, you can upload the items he gives you to 
    your Final Fantasy 8 game. 
      b. Moomba- If you encounter Moomba, you will get a chance to upgrade 
    your current weapon. After he greets you, you will be brought to a 
    screen displaying your current weapon, and the new weapon he's offering 
    you. Use the up and or down key to decide whether to keep your old 
    weapon, or get the new one. Make sure you choose a suitable weapon, 
    you'll be stuck with it until you meet Moomba again.
        1. Explanation of Weapons- The "weapons" appear as a series four  
    numbers. For example, one weapon is 8100. Each number represents the 
    amount of damage Chicobo can dole out. For example, Chicobo can either 
    do 8, 1 or 0 points of damage. Since there are two zero's, that means 
    there's a 50% chance Chicobo will do no damage when he attacks. Since 
    there's one 1, there's a 25% will do 1 point of damage when he attacks. 
    And finally, since there's one 8, there's a 25% chance he will do 8 
    points of damage when he attacks.
      c. Demon- If Chicobo encounters a demon, then he will be to fight it. 
    As of level 26, I've only encountered two different types of demons. 
    The most common demon resembles the Shade enemy in FF8. He is easy to 
    defeat. The other type of demon I've encountered so far is a flying 
    monster. He is pretty fast, but does not pose any major threat. 
      d. Mog- If you encounter Mog, you've "won" the main part of the game. 
    Mog will join you and help you in times of need during battle, and you 
    will gain access to the Mog's Amulet item that can be used in FF8. Just 
    because you found Mog doesn't mean the game's over though. You should 
    keep going to level up Chicobo and Mog so that you can find better 
    items from Cactaur.
    III. Maneuvering
     A. Now that you know what each character can do for you, it might help 
    if you knew how to get to them. The object is to go from event to event 
    so that Chicobo can level up, items, and gain new weapons.
      1. Movement in the world.
       a. You can change the direction Chicobo moves in the world by 
    pressing the Up, Down, Left and Right buttons located on the left side 
    of the Pocketstation. All you need to do is set Chicobo in a direction 
    you want him to, and sit back and relax. He will automatically move 
    towards the nearest Event. If you want to control his every movement, 
    do feel free to watch the screen and move him around as you please, but 
    Chicobo is a slow walker, and it takes him a long time to get around.
       b. Now that you know HOW to move him, you need to find out how you 
    know where to move him. By pressing the large selection button located 
    on the right side of the Pocketstation, you will bring up the area map. 
    Chicobo appears as the flashing dot on the map, while Events appear as 
    solid black dots. Find out which event you want Chicobo to travel to, 
    then exit the area map, (press the selection button again), and move 
    him around as you wish. You can also change the direction Chicobo is 
    moving from the area map screen by using the up and down buttons. Keep 
    in mind, every time Chicobo gains a level, the area map changes.
      2. Goofing Off.
       a. Chicobo has a pretty short attention span. From time to time he 
    will 	either start some sort of time consuming activity, watching TV, 
    looking at the sky, or fishing, and forget about the quest at hand. It 
    is also possible for him to fall asleep, (this occurs often). To wake 
    him up, just scold him with the selection button and he will snap out 
    of it and continue from where he left off. However, sometimes you may 
    need to let him rest as this is his form of regaining life. If he is 
    injured in battle, during his "recreation" time he will slowly regain 
    all of his energy.
      3. Energy Save.
       a. If you leave the Pocketstation alone for too long, a little 
    feather will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen signifying 
    that the game is in "energy save mode". Energy Save is a low power mode 
    that prevents the Pocketstation's battery from working too hard. This 
    can happen during any time, except during battle, (I think). DO NOT 
    leave your game like this for more than a couple hours at a time. The 
    first night I acquired the Pocketstation I got Chicobo to level 26, 
    then left the game in energy save mode. The next morning I woke up to 
    find that my powerful Chicobo had reverted back to level 1. If you're 
    going to leave Pocketstation alone for a long time, make sure Chicobo 
    is "in" the FF8 world, AKA "Home", (explained in a later section).
    IV. Menus
     A. Explanation. The menus are a series of screens by which the player 
    can check out Chicobo's stats, his location, what items he has, and 
    various other house keeping details. To access the Menu screen. Simply 
    hit the large selection button located on the right side of the 
    Pocketstation. You can scroll through the different menu screens by 
    using the left and right buttons, and select options within the menu 
    screen by using the up and down arrows. Once you have made a choice, or 
    are ready to leave the menus, just hit the selection button.
      1. Area Map- Displays the area map as well as Chicobo's current 
    position. Chicobo's direction can be changed from this screen by using 
    the up and down arrows.
      2. Status Screen- This screen displays Chicobo's HP, his weapon and 
    his rank. If you play via Chocobo's World against a friend and beat 
    their Chicobo, you will gain their rank as a weapon. 
      3. Item Screen- Shows you how many of each ranked item you have.
      4. Multiplayer- Select the top option to send your Chicobo to a 
    friend's Pocketstation, have your friend select the bottom option to 
    receive your Chicobo. Then your and your friend can battle it out. The 
    victor gains the loser's Rank as a weapon.
      5. Event Wait- Select "ON" so that you can control Chicobo during 
    Events. Select "OFF" and he will automatically be controlled.
      6.* Mog- Only after you find MiniMog will this screen become 
    available. To make MiniMog available to help you during a fight, select 
    "Standby". To let him rest, select "Sleep".
      7. Movement- Chicobo's movement can be changed from 1 to 6. At one, 
    Chicobo will not be able to cover a large amount of ground, but should 
    be pretty quick. At 6 Chicobo will cover lots of ground, but should be 
    pretty slow.
    V. Battle
     A. Now that you know the basics, it's time to learn how to fight so 
    you can get the items 	and weapons you need. The goal is to peck your 
    opponent into submission.
      1. Layout- When you encounter a demon event, you will be brought to a 
    battle screen. On the left will be your enemy, their HP, (listed near 
    the lower left corner), and their ATB near the bottom of the screen in 
    a box. On the right will be Chicobo, his HP, (listed near the lower 
    right corner), and his ATB located near the bottom of the screen. 
      2. How to fight- Fighting is simple. Simply press the left and right 
    directional buttons on your Pocketstation alternately as fast as you 
    can. If you get your ATB down to zero before your opponent, you will 
    attack with your weapon. When your opponent's HP reaches zero, it dies. 
    If you have Mog set on "Standby" he will help you if you start to lose 
    in a fight. I have yet to see this occur in a fight as I have neither 
    died yet, or come near death.
      3. Leveling up- After each successful battle you win, you will be 
    brought to a screen with a 3 by 3 grid. A "magic stone" will be zipping 
    around the grid. Stop the movement of the stone with the enter button. 
    Every time you get 3 magic stones in a row, you level up. 
    NOTE: As Chicobo and Mini-Mog level up, their attacks and/or healing 
    abilities will improve not only in the Pocketstation game, but also in 
    Final Fantasy 8.
    VI. Bringing Chicobo "Home"
     A. Well, you've rescued Mog and have gotten a huge supply of nameless 
    items. Well, they're not going to do you much good sitting in your 
    Pocketstation. The entire point of playing this Mini Game is to gain 
    access to items that cannot be found in the normal game, such as Mog's 
    Amulet and the Friendship item. 
      1. Insert the Pocketstation into Slot 2 of your Playstation console 
    with your FF8 memory card inserted in Slot 1. Go to the save menu and 
    select the box with the words "Chocobo's World" highlighted. 
      2. After it loads, select the word "Home" on the menu. Chicobo and 
    Mog will be "transported" into your Playstation, along with the items 
    you gained in "Chocobo's World". The items are transported 
    automatically to your Items menu. You will also see an improvement in 
    Chicobo and Mini-Mog's stats. When you're done here, to return Chicobo 
    to the Pocketstation, select the "World" option from the menu. The game 
    can only be played while Chicobo is "inside" the Pocketstation. 
    IMPORTANT!!!!! If you do not intend to play Chocobo's World for a 
    while, exit from the menu after you're finished checking their stats, 
    WITHOUT selecting the "World" option which will put them back into 
    Chocobo's World. While they are "in" Chocobo's World, you cannot access 
    Mini-Mog's ability, and if left alone long enough, your Chicobo will 
    level down.
    VII. Using Mog's Amulet and Misc. Items
     A. You should be able to figure this out for yourself, but if not, 
    it's a simple procedure. 
      1. Explanation of MiniMog- MiniMog is a command ability. Mini Mog 
    will come out and do a little dance, (techno lights and all), which 
    restores life to your GF's. Using this ability will cost you Gil 
    though. Every time MiniMog is used, the average level of the three 
    characters you're using in battle will be multiplied by 100, that is 
    the amount of Gil that will be used. For example, if your character's 
    average level is 30, then MiniMog will cost you 3000 Gil. It's a very 
    very small price to pay for such a valuable command. 
      2. Procedure- Select a GF who you would like to have learn the 
    MiniMog ability. Once you've decided on a GF, make sure they have room 
    left to learn an ability, (if not just use one or two Amnesia Greens on 
    it), then select Mog's Amulet from your Item menu and use it on your 
    GF. Voila.
     B. Other items 
      1. Friendship- Another GF item you can gain from Chocobo's World is 
    Friendship. It can be used during battle to summon a Moomba that will 
    do damage to your opponent. I have yet to see it. If you get Friendship 
    it can be used as an item during battle in FF8.
      2. Misc.- Just because an item is rated as a D or a C, don't 
    automatically think it's going to suck. Sometimes you can pick up 
    Wizard Stones, and occasionally Irvine's ultra rare  and powerful Pulse 
    Ammo. Being on level 26, I have not received any item above a C rating, 
    but it can be assumed that the higher Chicobo's level, the better his 
    chances of receiving an A or B ranked item.
    Special Thanks:
    Mike Faschan- 
    Mike was with me when I got my Pocketstation, and was actually the 
    impetus for me to get the little thing. You see, Mike absolutely HAS to 
    finish every single RPG he plays COMPLETELY. (One look at his FF6 and 
    FF7 games alone will prove this). Mike is currently deciding upon 
    whether to actually buy a Playstation, or continue to borrow one. The 
    deciding factor was whether or not he could completely finish FF8, 
    which would be impossible without a Pocketstation, so I went ahead and 
    bought a Pocketstation that he could use. Now he'll hopefully get a 
    Playstation, and if he doesn't, I still have myself a nifty little 
    imported trinket that made me $55 dollars poorer. BUT THE MAIN REASON 
    Mike is mentioned here is because he figured out how to get the little 
    $@%$@*% Pocketstation open.
    Steve Wong-
    Steve, uh, just keep laughing and talking at the same time, that's all 
    I have say. (Inside joke).
    Steve Re-
    Steve, I'm not really sure why you're here, but heck, you're as much of 
    a FF fan as me, even though all you currently own is a N64 and a 
    Nintendo. Here's hoping for at least ONE real RPG for the 64 before it 
    dies, eh?
    James Sundheim-
    Uhhh...yeah, you watched me play FF8 once for a couple minutes.....
    JK. But seriously James, you had to listen to me babble on about FF8 
    for hours on end in Spanish, (with Senora Yoda), Gym, Band and Lunch 
    since Fall of last year. You probablly deserve to be here more than 
    anyone else. I just have two things to say...... "VIDEO GAMES!!". 
    Sean Halloran-
    Sean, it was/is fun discussing FF8 and Chrono Cross w/ you in Comp. 
    Aps. It's a shame you're soooooooooo far behind. And you know Sean, 
    there's this REALLY COOL part in the ending where...
    Kurt Swanson-
    Kurt, you beat the game way before me. You are truly a FF8 
    MAN!!! Sigh.....Anyway, I suppose it was punishment enough when the 
    ending froze on you 4 times. As you know I'm JUST KIDDING Kurt. I 
    really hope you enjoyed the game as much as I did.

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