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    Ultimecia Castle Guide (US) by Ruk Chan

    Version: 3.1 | Updated: 01/08/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    					v. 3.1
    				     by Ruk Chan
    [v. 1.0 September 16, 1999]
    [v. 2.1 September 30, 1999]
    [v. 3.0 November 11, 2000... working on FF9 U.S. walkthrough right now, 
    	love the game... added FF8 Omega Help for those who don't have 
    	hero drink and for those who run out of GFs for cover)
    [v. 3.1 January 08, 2001]  Just added a few notes, and some stuff
    	about Omega.
    Frustrated because entering Ultimecia Castle means all your powers are sealed
    off?  Wanna return to the days when FFVII allowed ALL your characters to 
    play against the final boss without having to kill some off them off first?  
    Well, stop hair-pulling, read on!
    I.  Surviving the Castle
    	- items you might find useful before going in (or when you feel like
    		you need to go out)
    II. Battling Ultimecia
    	- my favorite part
    III. Battling Omega Weapon
    	- this is especially for those who do not have hero drinks
    PRE-REQUISITE: Get Ragnarok in Disc 4 and re-explore the now dire-looking 
    world map.  
    To get Ragnarok, once you reach a giagantic chain bridge, you'll
    see 3 windows.  Choose the window nearest to the Castle by pressing X.
    Thanks to Scott Ong's Walkthrough (kangning@mbox5.singnet.com.sg -- I kinda 
    got an idea from there even though his Japanese version is a lot different  
    from the US version) for explaining where the 3 windows lead to.
    You'll find yourself on the outskirts of Esthar Continent (Grandidi Forest).
    Head to the north of the portal, going through the forest, until you see
    a dome like mound of forest structure.  That's the Chocobo Shrine where you
    can get a chocobo.  Ride it and head south of the map.  You'll see a number
    of deserted islands (one of them is the island where GF Cactuar is).  Look
    for the nearest docking area (or beach) in one of these desert islands. You
    will find the Ragnarok there.
    1.  	Get all the items
    	and magic you might have missed or are still lacking.
    	1.1.	Recommended magic to stock up:
    		1.1.1.	MELTDOWN - can be drawn from the Gayla, which
    			can be found on the snow field outside Trabia Garden.
    		1.1.2.	ULTIMA - Since you can't go back to Shumi Village to
    			draw Ultima, kill Elnoyles at the Esthar City.
    			Energy Crystals can be converted into Ultima, the
    			strongest magic that you can junction to strength.
    			Red Dragons at the Island Closest to Hell also give 
    			out Energy Crystals.
    		1.1.3.	AURA - Go dragon-hunting at the Island Closest to
    			Hell (with GF Ability Rare-Item equipped) and they'll
    			give out items that you can convert to Aura.
    		1.1.4.  DRAIN - You can either get this from the Blue Dragon
    			at Hell or you can get items that can be converted
    			to Drain from Hell, too.
    		1.1.5.	METEOR - Can be drawn from the Red Dragon at Hell.
    	1.2	Recommended junctioning:
    		1.2.1	ULTIMA - To Squall's strength
    		1.2.2.	METEOR - To your other party member's strengths
    		1.2.3.	DRAIN - To ALL characters' status attack.
    		AURA & MELTDOWN are also good for junctioning, but since it's
    		better to use them, I'd rather not junction them.
    		Recommended junction for Aura is HP-J, and for Meltdown is
    2.  Once you enter the Castle, you won't have to worry about not being able
    to use Recovery items, the Drain junctioned to your Status Attack will do
    the recovery for you.  I equipped ALL GFs on my main party so I can make use
    of all their junctioning abilities.  You can also spread out your GFs, but
    I'd rather not.
    3.  When you take control of your alternate party, switch ALL GF's with them.
    Yeah, I know that their HP will be only half-full, but enemies you can
    encounter along the way can be drained to fill your HP.  They're all wusses
    	NOTE: Remember to equip Move-Find Ability because Save Points are
    	kinda rare here.
    4.  BOSS BATTLES WITH ASSISTANTS.  While it's better to ignore the assistants
    so you can concentrate on the bosses during boss battles, the assistants
    can be drained of their HP to fill yours once in a while ^^;;  Doncha just 
    love draining?
    5.  UNSEALING ABILITIES.  Recommended abilities to unseal in chronological
    	5.1.	Magic - So you can use Meltdown and Aura.  (I usually don't
    			use magic 'cause they're good for junctioning but
    			this is when magic usage comes in handy).
    	5.2.	Limit Breaks - For quick battles, especially with Aura in
    	5.3./5.4	GF Ability or Save - Whichever you want to free first
    	5.5.	Revive (Resurrect Dead Party Members)
    	5.6.	GF Command
    	5.7.	Item
    	5.8.	Draw
    6.  FINAL BATTLE WOES.  Ok, so your party is randomly chosen.  You can either
    (1) choose to reset everytime the wrong characters are chosen, (2) Have an 
    undesirable member killed off and removed from the battle scene so the others
    can replace them, and (3) spread your GFs.
    	If you want to get extra abilities for your GFs, make use of Eden's
    	GF-Ability-Med.  You will also want to unlock all your abilities by
    	battling all the bosses inside the castle.  Why?  Because some of the
    	bosses give out GF Abilities!
    	NOTE: I will not list here the bosses because there are walkthroughs 
    	for that.  It's my policy not to write about what another writer has 
    	already written in _complete_detail_.  Besides, it's a good exercise to 
    	use your brains in dungeons once in a while.
    1.  Make sure that everyone has ample set of magic in their inventories,
    especially the magic I mentioned above.  Everyone should have at least 100
    of each magic that you mean to use for junctioning.  Make sure that all GFs
    are also spread out evenly.
    2.  Spreading GFs out - don't put GFs with similar rare abilities in one
    	2.1.	Separate Revive, Recover, and Treatment
    	2.2.	Character with Revive is recommended to have the Item Command
    		Character with Recover is recommended to have the Magic
    		Character with Treatment command is recommended to have
    		either Magic, Item, or Draw.  Draw if you want to use
    		Apocalypse on Ultimecia.
    	2.3.	Separate GFs with Abilityx3 and Abilityx4
    	2.4.	Buy GF Ability Scrolls from Pet Shops, which you can use
    		to feed to GFs without the junctions that you need most.
    3.  Start of Battle:  If you have Cerberus, cast him while Ultimecia is
    in her weakest form.  If not, cast Triple on one of your characters (if that
    character has the Expend3-1 or 2-1, then better).  Have that character (on 
    triple status) cast Triple on the two other characters while one of them 
    either casts Doomtrain--because first form Ultimecia is susceptible to 
    poison--and the other cast Meltdown on Ultimecia.
    4.  Once all your characters are in Triple status, have one of them cast 
    Aura on everyone.  Wait for the next turns and then push cancel button 
    (circle) repeatedly until the arrow indicating Limit Break appears.  Do the 
    same with all the characters.
    	4.1.	Squall: Renzokuken (what else?)
    	4.2.	Rinoa: Whatever you do, don't choose Angel Wing!  Her best
    		Limit Breaks so far are the Invicible Moon and the Wishing
    		Star! (reminds me of the Omnislash, except you have a dog
    		with you)
    	4.3.	Irvine: While Pulse and Demolition Ammo are great because
    		of the 9999 damage, AP Ammo is faster and it also gives
    		9999 damage per hit.
    	4.4.	Quistis: Mighty Guard is truly awesome.
    	4.5.	Zell: His limit breaks are great but a bit stressful if you
    		don't set your combo.  Final Heaven is still the best
    		finishing blow.
    	4.6.	Selphie: If you're a fast reader and button tapper with
    		great reflex control, you can make use of her Wall.  Side
    		Effects: You can't use Recovery Magic to their fullest
    		capability because you are on Shell status.
    5.  I found this battle to be quite easy because I made full use of Aura and
    Limit Breaks.  Sometimes I also use GFs to distract Ultimecia (she kills off
    GFs) while the others do some serious damage.
    	TIP!  If all your characters are ready to execute a command at the
    	same time, don't let them all execute the command at once.  Execute
    	one at a time, meaning after Character-1 executes his/her command,
    	wait until his meter starts counting again before letting Character-2
    	execute, and so on.  That way, you can have always have one person on 
    	standby to recover, revive, or restore
    	positive status (like casting Triple again) in case somebody gets
    	killed, hit, or affected.  Ultimecia loves hitting everyone all at
    	once so better be prepared.  This tactic applies also to all other
    	lesser battles in the game.
    So far I've only seen this work once (since I only tried it once).  Ok, so
    for those of you who emailed me countless times about how to defeat Omega
    when you don't have the ultra famous hero drink or holy war, here is my gift to all 
    of you.
    One thing I must say, though.  There is no guarantee that what I did would 
    also work for you, so please be vewy vewy careful.
    There are 2 ways to do this:
    1.  At the beginning of the game, don't make Angelo learn limit breaks that he
    can acquire.  There's nothing you can do about the one that he already has though.
    - OR -
    2.  Since it's almost impossible for people to realize that most of Angelo's limit
    breaks are useless from the very beginning (and I bet 98% already made him learn 
    those other tricks), we go to the second recourse: When you meet Omega, Rinoa 
    should be in a super low yellow state (like if she has a 9999 max HP, her actual
    HP should be around 1,000+).
    Now for the back-up:
    	2.1.  Before you go meet Omega, you must have as many Phoenix Downs as
    		you believe you need.
    	2.2.  My best bet for this battle is Irvine.  No, it's not because I'm in
    		love with him (which is only 1/4th of the reason), but because
    		I think his limit break is easier to control and can dish out 
    		heavy damage.
    	2.3.  Bring Cerberus along, and make sure he has a 1000 affinity with
    		Irvine (or whoever you think is better).
    3.  The Battle - Have Irvine cast Cerberus, for emergency purposes.  Then
    	Have Squall cast Aura.
    	Then, when it's	Rinoa's turn, make her do a limit break.  If her limit
    	break arrow isn't showing up, just press triangle repeatedly until it
    	does.  With Rinoa near death (or if Angelo blessedly doesn't know 
    	a lot of tricks) the chances for Invisible Moon to activate most of the 
    	time will be very high.  Luck also plays a great part in this.
    	If Omega kills Rinoa, just give her Phoenix Down and don't heal her.
    	She needs to be kept at near death state.
    	You can use GFs to cover yourself every now and then, like most
    	FAQs say, if Invisible Moon doesn't want to activate (but most of the 
    	time in my game, it did).
    	Anyway, just keep using Cerberus, and Aura, and everybody's limit breaks
    	(AP ammo worked best for me).  I also kept Squall's HP at a minimum level.
    	I think that's what's activating Renzokuken Lionheart all the time.
    	If their limit break arrows aren't appearing, just press triangle 
    	repeatedly until they do.
    Note: There's another recourse to this, if you're really desperate.  Just have
    	Selphie in your party and have her do a limit break.  If The End appears
    	then your problem is solved (Omega is killed instantly).  But the chances
    	for this to happen is vewy vewy slim.  Got this little note from the 
    	maintainers of Disc 13's message board ( http://www.disc13.com )
    Under no circumstances can the content of this FAQ sheet be copied.  If
    you want this on your page, please give me and my sources proper credit.
    Disc13.Com http://www.disc13.com
    E-Mail: kraiders@yahoo.com
    FINAL FANTASY VIII is copyright 1999 by Square Soft Ltd.  FINAL FANTASY and 
    SQUARESOFT are registered trademarks of Square Co Ltd. and Dolby.

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