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    Weapons (Ultima/Omega) Guide (US) by YSF

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                       FINAL FANTASY VIII WEAPON GUIDE
                  Final Fantasy VIII Weapon Guide Version 6.0
                           For Sony PlayStation Only
                              By YEE SENG FU
    E-Mail  :               ysf@pacific.net.sg
    Date    :                30th June 2000
    ICQ     :                   25076522
    HomePage:   http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Portal/7933/
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    Final Fantasy VIII has hit the US shores in September'99. Being an
    avid fan, i have already imported the version, and now, i am replaying 
    the US version. In this guide, it will cover all the essential
    strategies and tips that you need to defeat the two weapons in Final
    Fantasy VIII, Ultima Weapon and Omega Weapon. That's right! Omega 
    Weapon has made a comeback in Final Fantasy VIII ever since it made
    its first appearance in Final Fantasy V. Omega Weapon is by far the 
    game's greatest challenge and the most powerful boss you will ever
    encounter in the world of Final Fantasy VIII. Well, do not fear since 
    with the correct strategies and junctioning, Omega isn't near to
    impossible to be defeated. In fact, i have already beaten Omega weapon
    for more than five times, without using a single Hero's Drink/Holy
    Wars Drink or summoning a Guardian Force, Phoenix. Other than this
    weapon guide, i have written other Final Fantasy VIII guides like
    Boost/Compatibility guide, Limit Break guide, Basic Card guide,
    US/Japanese/Demo differences faq and so on. Be sure to refer to
    these faqs.
    This faq is best viewed using wordpad wrapped to ruler.
    Version 1.0
    -Added in new information and strategies on how to beat Ultima weapon.
    -Added in new information and strategies on how to beat Omega weapon.
    -Based on the US version.
    Version 2.0
    -Added information about Crisis level.
    -Added information about Zell's Armageddon Fist.
    -Edit some names and change it to the US version.
    -Based on the US version.
    Version 3.0
    -Added tables at certain sections to improve presentations.
    -Edit some names and change it to the US version.
    -Change some spelling mistakes.
    -Added more informations about the hidden save points when fighting
     Ultima weapon.
    -Added in a Copyright section.
    -Added in song lyrics.
    -Based on the US version.
    Version 4.0
    -Added new information on how to get Squall's lion heart.
     [Both Limit Break and Weapon]
    -Based on the US version.
    Version 5.0
    -Added history and overview for Ultima and Omega Weapon.
    -Added some new tips for beating Omega Weapon.
    -Added a Gilgamesh section dedicated to his attacks.
    -Added in a frequently-asked-question section.
    -Corrected some spelling mistakes.
    -Added Final Fantasy VIII OST List.
    -Added Ragnarok Specifications in the exclusive features section.
    -Added Balamb Train Specifications in the exclusive features section.
    -Added in my own Final Fantasy VIII logo.
    -Based on the US version.
    Version 6.0
    -Added information about Report Cards.
    -Added information about Obel Lake Mystery.
    -Added information about Organ found in Ultimecia Castle.
    -Added some more information on Quistis's Blue Magic limit break.
    -Added some more information on getting Squall's Lion Heart.
    -Added some more information on Zell's Armageddon Fist.
    -Added information about entering the underground basement,
     without having Zell as a compulsory character and that the
     plus point of this method is that you need not fight any
     enemies on your way back.
    -Corrected the names of Gilgamesh's attacks.
    -Updated the frequently-asked-question section.
    -Based on the US version.
    Next Update
    I believe i have changed all the translated names that is used in
    the US version for the whole refining process of Phoenix Pinion
    and Hero's Drink/Holy Wars Drink. Did i miss anything? If you
    have anything to ask, feel free to e-mail me at <ysf@pacififc.net.sg>
    I'll be glad to answer your question. Also, i have written other
    Final Fantasy VIII faqs like Boost/Compatibility, Card Guide, Limit
    Break Guide and so on. Be sure to refer to them!
       i)Ultima Weapon
      ii)Omega Weapon
     iii)Miscellaneous Strategy
         -Crisis Level
         -Armageddon Fist
         -Getting Phoenix Pinion
         -Getting Hero's Drink/Holy Wars Drink
         -Getting Squall's Lion Heart
         -Quistis Trepe:Blue Magic
      vi)Report Cards
     vii)Obel Lake Mystery
    viii)Song Lyrics
         -Eyes On Me
         -Liberi Fatali
      ix)Final Fantasy VIII OST List
       x)Exclusive Features
    xiii)Copyright Protected
    I.I)Ultima Weapon
    |History/Overview                                                     |
    |Remember Ultimate Weapon from Final Fantasy VII? Anyway, never mind! |
    |In my personal opinion, Ultima weapon is a weaker version of Omega   |
    |Weapon. Ultima Weapon looks quite identical to Omega Weapon, other   |
    |than its skin colour, and for the fact that he carries a sword, which|
    |Omega does not. Ultima Weapon isn't as tough as you think. The only  |
    |thing you need to worry about is his attack, Light Pillar, which     |
    |costs 9999HP to a single character. When he uses that, be sure to    |
    |quickly revive your character. He tends to use Light Pillar very     |
    |often and he's pretty fast. Other than that, you really shouldn't    |
    |have any difficulty with the correct strategy used. It's advisable   |
    |that you beat Ultima Weapon first before you challenge Omega Weapon. |
    |I strongly recommend that you use the same party that you are going  |
    |to fight Omega Weapon later on. My recommended characters are Squall,|
    |Quistis, and Zell.                                                   |
    |Info|After you have gotten G.F Bahamut, exit the island, and then    |
    |    |enter the cockpit of the Ragnarok by pressing Circle. Then, go  |
    |    |back to the research island with Zell in your party. On the spot|
    |    |where you have just fought Bahamut, you should see a save point |
    |    |and an underground tunnel. The path below will lead you to fight|
    |    |Ultima Weapon and obtain the last G.F, Eden.                    |
    |Note|Press Triangle to enter the cockpit instead of Circle if you are|
    |    |playing the Japanese version.                                   |
    |Note|Zell is a compulsory character and you will know why later on.  |
    |    |Be sure to enter the cockpit of the Ragnarok if you have not    |
    |    |done so.                                                        |
    |In the Underground Water Facility                                    |
    |Tips|Equip your character with Encounter-None first. You will know   |
    |    |why later on.                                                   |
    |To enter the underground basement, you need to adjust the steam block|
    |to 10. Examine the steam block on the bottom left corner of the      |
    |screen. You can choose to read the tutorial or not. Choose not. Now, |
    |initially, you will begin with 20 steam block.                       |
    |You will be asked to input Square button two times. Each Square      |
    |button took away two steam block, which means after pressing twice,  |
    |Steam Block No will become 20-2-2=16. A hidden door to the bottom    |
    |will be revealed. Proceed down the stair. Just near the stairs, you  |
    |will find a steam block machine. Examine it, and you will be asked to|
    |input the password. Let's say, if you choose 2, it will now become   |
    |16-2=14. As usual, the door to the underground will open up. The     |
    |process will be the same for the rest of the door. Repeat it.        |
    |Just in case, i keep you suspended about. The password is 2-2-1-1.   |
    |In case, you are confused, see the number of the door on the top-    |
    |right hand corner of the screen and input the password that match the|
    |ones below.                                                          |
    |Door Number   | 1 | 2 | 5 | 9 |Understand! Your Steam Block number   |
    |Input Password| 2 | 2 | 1 | 1 |should be 10 now.                     |
    |When you come down the elevator, you should see a huge steam machine.|
    |You are given two options.                                           |
    |1st Option|Allows you to activate the steam block machine, pressing  |
    |          |Square two times. The Steam Block will become 10-2-2=6.   |
    |          |Each Square button took up two steam block, just as the   |
    |          |first one.                                                |
    |2nd Option|This will let Zell to examine the steam block.            |
    |In order not to make it too direct, i will give you hints as to which|
    |option you should choose.                                            |
    |-How do you make the Steam Block still remains as 10?                |
    |-Have you been trusting your friends?                                |
    |-Ask yourself why Zell is a compulsory character?                    |
    |Well, you should more or less get the hint already. Choosing both    |
    |options will open up the door to the underground basement, but only  |
    |one options allows you to fight Ultima Weapon and that option is the |
    |hint as given above. If you choose the alternative option, you will  |
    |not fight Ultima weapon, but you can take this chance to explore the |
    |basement, and train your levels, since the monsters inside here are  |
    |very strong.                                                         |
    |Note|Assuming you have choosen the correct option, let me warn you   |
    |    |route to the basement is very tedious and long. Make sure you   |
    |    |are well-equipped. There are only two save points, one at the   |
    |    |entrance and one hidden near where you fought Ultima weapon. The|
    |    |hidden draw points require you to equip Siren's Move/Find item  |
    |    |before you can use it. Make sure you equip it and save it just  |
    |    |before fighting Ultima weapon because should you lose, you have |
    |    |to start the whole long, tedious process all over again. The    |
    |    |hidden save point is a shiny object at the bottom level to the  |
    |    |left of the machine that summons Ultima weapon.                 |
    |Credit|Thanks to <MoogleKng@aol.com> for telling me about the hidden |
    |      |save point.                                                   |
    |      |______________________________________________________________|
    |      |Thanks to X. Calibur <xcalibur@ignmail.com> for telling me    |
    |      |about the hidden save point.                                  |
    |Here is another way of entering the basement and this time now, Zell |
    |needs not be a compulsory character.                                 |
    |First, at the second level of the Undersea Research Center, use 2    |
    |steam RSP. Then, on the third level, you will see a little machine.  |
    |Press X on it and spend 3 steam RSP. It will then open up the door   |
    |too the steam room. [You will see the door open] Go inside. In the   |
    |back, there is another machine. Press X on it and it will give you   |
    |seven more steam RSP! Then, just keep spending 1 steam RSP 'till you |
    |get to level 6. DO NOT LET ZELL TRY TO FIX IT! The door will open    |
    |and you will have exactly 10 steam RSP left! Plus, the best part is  |
    |that you will fight no monsters on the way down to the bottom of the |
    |basement.                                                            |
    |Credit|Thanks to <MDCLAUSON@aol.com> for telling me the above method |
    |      |that you need not have Zell as a compulsory character in your |
    |      |party and that you need not fight anymore enemies on your way |
    |      |back after defeating Ultima Weapon. [Please refer to Kaze     |
    |      |Yagami <yagami@pacific.net.sg> for the chart in the Additional|
    |      |guide ssection for more details.]                             |
    |Even with Encounter-None, it can only minimise your chances of enter-|
    |ing into a battle. There are five areas which you need to go, before |
    |reaching Ultima Weapon at the very bottom. With Encounter-None, you  |
    |will encounter three battles for each area, which mean to say you    |
    |will have to fight 15 rounds of battle continously. Note that you    |
    |will fight the same enemy for three times in an area.                |
    |Before that, look at some of the requirements:                       |
    |1)Squall's LionHeart (Must)                                          |
    |2)Junction 100x Ultima to Squall and Zell's strength. (Must)         |
    |3)Junction 100x Silence to Status Attack to at least one character.  |
    |4)Junction 100x Poison and Blind to Status Defense to all characters.|
    |5)Junction 100x Sleep, Berserk etc to Status Attack. (Recommended)   |
    |6)Junction 100x Haste or Triple to all your characters' speed.       |
    |7)Have Aura, Full Life, Meltdown. (Recommended)                      |
    |8)Have plenty of Phoenix Pinions. (Recommended)                      |
    |  =>Refer to Miscellanous on how to get more Phoenix Pinions.        |
    |9)Equip any character abilities like HP + 80%, Spd + 40%, Vit + 40%, |
    |  most importantly, increase your characters' HP, Speed, Vitality to |
    |  the maximum as much as possible. Consider equipping Auto-Haste and |
    |  revive command also.                                               |
    |1st Area|Tri-Face                                                    |
    |It is a three-headed beast, and will sometimes cast poison on you. If|
    |have already junction poison to status defense, you do not need to   |
    |afraid of him, if not, you can use items/magics to remove poison. If |
    |100x Ultima is junctioned to Squall's strength, you should be able to|
    |kill it within a few attacks.                                        |
    |2nd Area|Grendel and Imp                                             |
    |Grendel |He uses lightning attacks and looks more of a lizard. But,  |
    |        |again, he is not that difficult to defeat, if you have met  |
    |        |the requirements as above.                                  |
    |Imp     |He can also be found in Esthar area after the lunar base    |
    |        |incident. He is not hard to defeat, and will use blind magic|
    |        |on you. If you have junctioned blind to status defense, this|
    |        |shouldn't be a problem, if not, use items/magics to remove  |
    |        |it. For the last fight(Third fight), Imp will cast his final|
    |        |attack, Holy on a character who kills him.                  |
    |3rd Area|Behemoth                                                    |
    |He uses magics like Meteor very frequently, causing some massive     |
    |damage on you. To stop him from using any magic, meteor, junction    |
    |Silence to Status attack. After some time, he may or may not use     |
    |barrier on himself, thus reducing any physical or magic damage on    |
    |him. Nevertheless, he is helpless when he is silenced. Also, you can |
    |get Barrier from him, which is one of the essential item for Quistis |
    |to learn Blue Magic, Mighty Guard.                                   |
    |4th Area|Ruby Dragon                                                 |
    |You should be very familiarised with Ruby Dragon since you fought him|
    |before fighting Bahamut and during one of the Laguna Scenerios. His  |
    |deadly attack, possibly Breath, does the most damage, along with     |
    |other attacks like flare, meteor. My strategy is use one Aura or keep|
    |Squall and Zell at low HP, and finish him as soon as possible before |
    |he casts Flare on you using Limit Breaks. If not, keep on drawing and|
    |cast Meteor on him. To ensure that Meteor reach the max effectiveness|
    |, consider switching 100x Ultima from Strength to magic first, then  |
    |switch back after that. To end the fight more quickly, consider using|
    |meltdown on him.                                                     |
    |5th Area|Iron Giant                                                  |
    |You will encounter two Iron Giants in each battle, making it a total |
    |of 6. Basically, Iron Giant does a great deal of physical damage, and|
    |it is advisable if you have high Vitality. With Sleep junction to    |
    |status attack, you can make Iron Giant fall asleep, while focusing   |
    |your concentrations on the other one. To make things simpler, you may|
    |consider using some aura spells and finish them off quickly. Also,   |
    |Iron Giant will cast Barrier on himself too.                         |
    |Make sure you take Ultima magic from the draw point just before you  |
    |leave the 5th Area. Now, you are on your way to fight. Examine the   |
    |machine on the top-right corner. Ultima Weapon will arrive shortly.  |
    |Note|Remember to draw G.F Eden.                                      |
    |Ultima Weapon is very easy, and can be defeated by executing a few   |
    |of Squall's limit break. Basically, his most fearsome attack is quite|
    |possibly the Light Pillar, which will kill your party member at      |
    |instant, regardless of your defense, but rest assure, it only attacks|
    |one party member, not all. Start off by using Aura straight away on  |
    |Squall and Zell, and let them use their limit breaks. Use Zell's     |
    |Limit Break, Armageddon Fist (duel). Refer to Limit Break section.   |
    |Have Squall keep on using Renzokuken. You should finish Ultima weapon|
    |very easily. If Ultima Weapon uses Light Pillar, quickly use Revive  |
    |command or Life/Full Life to revive the dead ally. Don't hesitate!   |
    |Ultima Weapon uses Light Pillar very frequently, sometimes giving you|
    |little time to revive your dead ally. Good Luck!                     |
    I.II)Chart Of Underground Research Island-Contributed by Kaze Yagami
    In case, you need extra help, the chart below deplicts the route to
    get to Ultima Weapon, kindly of Kaze Yagami. 0 means you can fight
    Ultima and X means you cannot and Z means you can force open the door
    if Zell is in your party.
    |B1  |B2  |B3          |B4           |B5            |B6               |
    |Usg |Usg |Flr No.|Usg |Flr No.| Usg |Flr No. | Usg |Remain |U.Weapon |
    |    |    |       |    |       |  4  | No. 7  |  4  |  0    |    X    |
    |    |    |       |    |       |_____|________|_____|_______|_________|
    |    |    |       | 4  |No. 4  |  2  | No. 8  |  2  |  4    |    X    |
    |    |    |       |    |       |_____|________|_____|_______|_________|
    |    |    |       |    |       |  1  | No. 9  |  1  |  6    |    X    |
    |    | 4  |No 1   |____|_______|_____|________|_____|_______|_________|
    |    |    |       |    |       |  2  | No. 8  |  2  |  6    |    X    |
    |    |    |       | 2  |No. 5  |_____|________|_____|_______|_________|
    |    |    |       |    |       |  1  | No. 9  |  1  |  8    |    X    |
    |    |    |       |____|_______|_____|________|_____|_______|_________|
    |    |    |       | 1  |No. 6  |  1  | No. 9  |  1  |  9    |    X    |
    |    |____|_______|____|_______|_____|________|_____|_______|_________|
    |    |    |    |  |    |       |  2  | No. 8  |  2  |  11   |    Z    |
    |    |    |    |  | 2  |No. 5  |_____|________|_____|_______|_________|
    |    |    |    |*A|    |       |  1  | No. 9  |  1  |  13   |    Z    |
    |    |    |    |  |____|_______|_____|________|_____|_______|_________|
    |    |    |    |  | 1  |No. 6  |  1  | No. 9  |  1  |  14   |    O    |
    |    |    |    |__|____|_______|_____|________|_____|_______|_________|
    |    | 2  |No.2|  |    |       |  2  | No. 8  |  2  |  8    |    X    |
    |    |    |    |  | 2  |No. 5  |_____|________|_____|_______|_________|
    |    |    |    |*B|    |       |  1  | No. 9  |  1  |  10   |    Z    |
    |    |    |    |  |____|_______|_____|________|_____|_______|_________|
    |    |    |    |  | 1  |No. 6  |  1  | No. 9  |  1  |  11   |    Z    |
    |    |____|____|__|____|_______|_____|________|_____|_______|_________|
    |    | 1  |  No.3 | 1  |No. 6  |  1  | No. 9  |  1  |  12   |    Z    |
    *A - Enter Steam Chamber (replenish 7 units)
    *B - Did not enter Steam Chamber
    II.I)Omega Weapon
    |History/Overview                                                     |
    |Do you remember all the long hours and time you have spent training, |
    |just to defeat that Omega weapon from Final Fantasy V? He's tough.   |
    |and he's back to be your greatest nightmare in Final Fantasy VIII.   |
    |Just like Final Fantasy V, Omega Weapon proves to be the greatest    |
    |challenge in Final Fantasy VIII. Of course, this is optional but for |
    |the sake of 'Proof of Omega' to indicate that you have just beaten   |
    |the strongest boss in the World of Final Fantasy VIII, every effort  |
    |you put in is worthwhile. The good new is that you do not really have|
    |to train so hard like Final Fantasy V to beat Omega Weapon. Why?     |
    |Final Fantasy VIII incoporates a 'parallel level' system that is     |
    |found in the Romancing Saga and Saga Frontier series. The higher your|
    |average party member is, the stronger Omega will be. In the Japanese |
    |version, i beat Omega Weapon with all characters at level 100 and i  |
    |beat Omega weapon in the US version, with an average of level 50.    |
    |What's most important is how you choose your party members and how   |
    |you take full advantage of the Junction system to customise your     |
    |characters. Of course, you need to be well-prepared too and have     |
    |stocked in all the good spells like Ultimas, Meteor, Haste and so on.|
    |Omega Weapon can be found in Ultimecia Castle. First, have the main  |
    |party gather at the fountain, that is the party that is going to face|
    |Omega Weapon later on. For your second party, at the main entrance of|
    |the castle at the hallway, head upstairs and enter the door on the   |
    |right. As you go down the spiral staircase, you will notice a party  |
    |changing spot and a handle at the southwest of the screen. If every- |
    |thing is ready, examine the handle, and the bell will ring. You will |
    |notice a timer at the top-left corner, giving you less than 50 secs. |
    |Quickly, use the party changing spot, and switch to the main party.  |
    |Now, head north and enter the room where the organ is supposed to be.|
    |As you enter, an enemy who resembles Ultima Weapon appears before you|
    |and he is Omega Weapon. (The differences are only the colour and that|
    |Omega Weapon doesn't have a sword like Ultima Weapon.) Go near him   |
    |to fight Omega. Good Luck!                                           |
    |Additional Info:                                                     |
    |-Every time, you enter the room, did you notice a purple colour form |
    | of cloud. That's actually Omega. (Sort of) He will appear only if   |
    | the bell is rang. (Don't know how i should describe that 'Cloud'!)  |
    |-Notice the timer in the top-left hand corner? You will need to REACH|
    | Omega weapon before the time runs out, after which he will disappear|
    | into the 'purple' cloud again.                                      |
    |-Note that the timer will still go on, if you happen to encounter a  |
    | battle.                                                             |
    |-Once you have defeated Omega, you will get the 'Proof Of Omega'.    |
    | Just go to the menu, select tutorial, then information and you      |
    | should see it.                                                      |
    |Here are the requirements:                                           |
    |Party Requirement|9999 HP for All.                                   |
    |Party Formation  |Preferably Squall, Zell and Quistis.               |
    |Note|The higher your level is, the stronger Omega Weapon will be.    |
    |    |When all characters are at Level 100, Omega Weapon can mean a HP|
    |    |of 1,161,000, Str of 255 and Mag of 255. This system is known as|
    |    |'Parallel Level' and is incorporated in Square's Romancing Saga |
    |    |Saga Frontier series. The level of the monsters depend on your  |
    |    |average level of the party that is on the battlefield.          |
    |Here are some Party Formation:                                       |
    |Name    |Reason Why It Is Being Choosen.                             |
    |Squall  |With best gunblade, LionHeart equipped, Squall's limit break|
    |        |is extremely lethal especially if he uses LionHeart as      |
    |        |finishing blow. The drawback is that LionHeart, appears     |
    |        |randomly.                                                   |
    |Zell    |Zell's Armageddon Fist, when mastered can do more damage    |
    |        |than Squall and is far more reliable. The drawback is that  |
    |        |you have to race against time. Refer to miscellaneous for   |
    |        |more information on it.                                     |
    |Quistis |Quistis has a wide variety of Blue Magics attack. These     |
    |        |three blue magics are a must-have. They are White Wind,     |
    |        |Mighty Guard, and Shockwave Pulsar. White Wind fully regain |
    |        |all characters' HP and cure any status aliments. Mighty     |
    |        |Guard cast positive status magics like shell, protect on all|
    |        |characters, which is an essential need if you want to       |
    |        |survive Omega's Terra Break. Sometimes, mighty guard also   |
    |        |cast invincibility, float, Regen etc on your characters.    |
    |        |Shockwave Pulsar is the strongest attack of Quistis, and the|
    |        |only one that can exceeds 9999HP damage.                    |
    |Optional Party Members:                                              |
    |Name    |Reason Why Choosen. |Reason why not Choosen.                |
    |Irvine  |His Limit Break is  |Bullets run out very easily. Different |
    |        |lethal.             |bullets have different 'recovery' rate.|
    |        |____________________|_______________________________________|
    |Suitable|Quick Shot          |Not powerful than Hyper Shot per bullet|
    |Bullet  |(Fast Ammo)         |but allows rapid shooting. It can shoot|
    |        |                    |more than 10 bullets within 3 secs.    |
    |        |                    |Easily run out of ammos.               |
    |        |____________________|_______________________________________|
    |        |Hyper Shot          |Most powerful bullet, causing most     |
    |        |(Pulse Ammo)        |damage per shot. Recovers very slow,   |
    |        |                    |meaning does not allow rapid firing.   |
    |        |____________________|_______________________________________|
    |Stats   |Different shots recover at different speed. At maximum      |
    |        |strength, Quick Shot is the most powerful and effective shot|
    |        |against single targets (3000 to 4000 x 20 to 30 shots) than |
    |        |Hyper Shot. (9999 x 4 to 5 shots= 40,000 to 50,000.)        |
    |Selphie |Use Limit Break, The|I am sure you want to have a good fight|
    |        |End to finish the   |with Omega than using The End to finish|
    |        |battle at instantly.|the fight quickly. And, you don't get  |
    |        |                    |The End so easily all the time.        |
    |Rinoa   |Wishing Star causes |Unreliable Limit Breaks. You may not   |
    |        |a lot of damage. In-|get the desire limit break you want.   |
    |        |vincible moon has   |Angel Wing does not let you control    |
    |        |the effect of 1 Holy|Rinoa, making it very risky.           |
    |        |War Drink.          |                                       |
    |Things you should have                                               |
    |Party Requirement|All at 9999HP                                      |
    |Magic            |Death, Aura, Full Life, Meltdown, Protect, Shell,  |
    |                 |Haste, Triple, Ultima.                             |
    |Item             |MegaElixir, Holy Wars Drink, Hero Drink, Phoenix   |
    |                 |Pinion.                                            |
    |Note|Phoenix Pinion must be used at least once time, so that G.F     |
    |    |Phoenix will appear randomly. Don't bother equipping G.F command|
    |    |since it will be of little use. Try equipping Item command.     |
    |Note|For more info of getting Phoenix Pinion, and Hero/Holy War      |
    |    |Drink, refer to the miscellaneous section.                      |
    |Junctioning Priority                                                 |
    |Have Maximum 9999HP, strength, vitality, speed, and death to your    |
    |status defense. Equip abilities like Auto-Haste, Auto-Shell, Auto-   |
    |Protect, Auto Potion, Revive, Recover, Defend, Speed + X%, Strength +|
    |X%, HP + X% etc, where X represents a number.                        |
    |Summary of Omega Attack (In Chronological Order)                     |
    |1)L5 Level Death (All)  (Instantly kill when level is multiple of 5) |
    |2)Meteor/Gravija/Ultima (Any one randomly)                           |
    |3)Megido Flame   (All)  (9998 Damage)                                |
    |4)Meteor/Gravija/Ultima (Any one randomly)                           |
    |5)Terra Break           (Random;Multiple Hit)                        |
    |6)Meteor/Gravija/Ultima (Any one randomly)                           |
    |7)Light Pillar   (One)  (9999HP Damage)                              |
    |8)Any Attack Randomly                                                |
    |Note|Gravija works like Demi and it attacks all party members.       |
    |Basic Requirement                                                    |
    |1)Junction 100x Ultima to Squall and Zell's strength.                |
    |2)Junction 100x Death to any characters that have levels multiple of |
    |  5, if not, save the trouble.                                       |
    |3)Junction 100x Haste or Triple to all characters' speed.            |
    |4)Squall's LionHeart. (Must)                                         |
    |5)Quistis's White Wind, Mighty Guard, Shockwave Pulsar. (Must)       |
    |6)Take priority in Str, Vit, Spd and HP.                             |
    |Tips|As Omega has very fast speed, try configure the battle speed to |
    |    |the minimum in the configuration option in the menu.            |
    |Note|When fighting Omega Weapon, having a good speed is a must. The  |
    |    |best three spells in my opinion to junction to Speed are either |
    |    |Haste, Ultima and Triple. As for Ultima magics, i suppose you   |
    |    |would want to junction it to other attributes like strength, so |
    |    |that leaves only Haste and Triple.                              |
    |Credit|Special thanks to Matthew Montgomery <Aragorn@dragonmount.com>|
    |      |For telling me that Triple is a better spell to junction to   |
    |      |Speed than Haste. Sorry for losing your e-mail the last time  |
    |      |and thanks for e-mailing me and clarifying your identity with |
    |      |me. I am terribly sorry for the inconviences caused to you.   |
    |How to Defeat Omega Weapon                                           |
    |Omega will initiate the fight by casting L5 level Death on all your  |
    |members. If you have junctioned 100x Death to status defense, or your|
    |characters' levels are not multiple of 5, you do not need to worry.  |
    |Start out the fight by using Aura on all your characters. Have Squall|
    |keep on using limit break, Renzokuken and Zell on using Armageddon   |
    |Fist, his duel limit break. Refer to Limit Break section on Zell     |
    |for more detail. When Quistis has cast Aura, use her blue magic,     |
    |mighty guard. This will cast protect and shell on all your party. Let|
    |Quistis concentrate on healing by using Blue Magic, White Wind, and  |
    |occasionally use Shockwave Pulsar to attack. Keep your characters' HP|
    |at 9999 as much as possible, and use Full Life to revive any dead    |
    |ally. Make sure that all your characters are in protect and shell    |
    |condition all the times, if not cast Mighty guard again. Terra Break |
    |will do very lethal damage, doing multiple physical hits and if you  |
    |have cast Mighty Guard, or equip abilities like defend, auto-shell,  |
    |auto-protect, it will reduce the impact of the attack, giving you a  |
    |higher chance of survival. Should your party gets wiped out, fear not|
    |since if you have Phoenix Pinion, you should be able to summon G.F   |
    |Phoenix, and revive all your party members. However, since Omega     |
    |weapon can absorb any fire magics, G.F Phoenix will heal Omega, re-  |
    |gaining a small amount of his HP. Repeat the same strategy using     |
    |Squall and Zells' Limit Break, and if you find it hard, you may      |
    |consider using Hero or Holy War Drink. As for Guardian Forces, there |
    |aren't any creature worth summoning other than Eden as Eden is the   |
    |only Guardian Force that can exceeds 9999HP. Even if you want to     |
    |summon Eden, i suggest that the character needs to have a very high  |
    |compatibility with Eden. It's no point and meaningless if Eden dies  |
    |before the Guardian Force's Active Time Bar ends, right? You might   |
    |also want to consider using Meltdown on Omega Weapon so that Omega   |
    |Weapon is in Vit 0 condition. Good luck!!!                           |
    |Note|If you want to use Hero Drink or Holy Wars Drink, make sure you |
    |    |cast Aura on your characters first. Why? At invincibility       |
    |    |condition, it is immune to all physical attacks, magic attacks, |
    |    |status attacks and that includes Aura as well.                  |
    III)Miscellaneous Strategy
    In this section, it will include detailed informations of using Zell's
    Armageddon fist, how to get Phoenix Pinions, Hero Drink/ Holy Wars etc.
    III.I)Limit Break-Contributed By Kaze Yagami <Yagami@pacific.net.sg>
    Limit breaks are special moves that characters can perform under
    special situation, for example when they are low on HP. Some causes
    massive damage while some can boast the party's power. For the
    japanese version, limit break is known as special or special arts
    in Final Fantasy VIII.
    Basic Requirement:
    1)Present HP is at or below 32% of max HP.
    =>Applies to ALL CHARACTER, except SEIFER.
    =>Seifer's HP must be at or below 84% of max HP.
    2)Aura Condition.
    3)Special Condition (Refer to b and c)
    When either one or both conditions are satisfied, a > mark will appear
    randomly on the right side of the "Attack" command. Hold right while
    pointing the cursor at the "Attack" command. Then choose the limit
    break(s) you want to use.
    Note:When in curse condition, the > mark will never appear, meaning
         you won't get a chance to use any limit break(s).
    Aura is a magical spell when cast on a character allows him to use
    limit breaks even though his HP is not very low. When in Aura
    condition, you will notice your characters turn golden yellow
    colour. Aura allows your character to use limit breaks temporarily
    and how long Aura condition last, depends on your Crisis level. The
    higher your Crisis level is , the longer the time your character will
    be in Aura condition. You can also use item, Aura Stone during battle.
    How to get Aura spells?
    You can get it by drawing Aura spells when fighting with Seifer in
    disc 3 at Lunatic Pandora. You can also draw Aura spells from draw
    points found in Island Of Hell or Island Of Heaven. Simply equip
    Siren's Move/Find and Encounter None and walk in the island(s).
    Island of Hell is found in the western part of Galbadia, which is
    that long stretch of coast in the most northwest part of the
    world map. You can find Island of Heaven in the northeast part of
    the world map, just north of the Grandidi forest where chocobo
    Holy is.
    Crisis Level
    Each character has an internal perimeter known as the crisis level,
    which works like a gauge bar in Final Fantasy VII. It affects the
    chances of using a limit break. As crisis level increases, chances
    of using limit break increases. Below shows the various ways of
    increasing your crisis level:
    a)HP is decreased.
    b)Negative Status Condition.
    c)Party member(S) is dead.
    |Negative Status Bonus|Crisis(Up)|
    |Slow                 |  +  6%   |
    |Petrify              |  + 12%   |    The table on the left
    |_____________________|__________|    shows how much your
    |Blind                |  + 12%   |    Crisis level will
    |_____________________|__________|    increase if your
    |Poison               |  + 12%   |    characters are in any
    |_____________________|__________|    of the negative status.
    |Silence              |  + 12%   |
    |Death Sentence       |  + 18%   |    Refer to below for
    |_____________________|__________|    more explanation on
    |1 Party Member down  |  +  8%   |    how this negative status
    |_____________________|__________|    bonus works.
    |2 Party Member down  |  + 16%   |
    So, in the example of character with Poison and Death Sentence, one
    party member down, and HP at 32%, the value is (32 (basic value) + 12
    + 18 + 8 )= 70% chance of > appearing.
    Acquiring New Limit Breaks
    Different characters have different ways of acquiring limit breaks.
    It can be through reading magazines; upgrading to a more powerful
    weapon, or even finding certain items. The details of how each
    character acquire his limit breaks will be covered individually
    at each character's section.
    Easy Limit Break
    1)Tap the switching member button until the > mark appear during
      battle. [The default button should be circle for the US version
      if i am not wrong, but i prefer it to be Triangle.]
    When the > mark appears, you should hear a clink sound. If your reflex
    is fast, you should immediately stop tapping the switching member
    button once you hear the clink sound.
    III.II)Armageddon Fist
    Zell's limit break is by far the most unqiueness. I believe the
    concept of Zell's limit break come from Final Fantasy VI(Final Fantasy
    III in the US). Remember Sabin's Blitz command. Zell's limit break is
    quite similar to Sabin's Blitz but this time, there is a time limit
    and you can chain combos. In another way, his moves are quite similar
    to Final Fantasy VII Tifa's limit breaks. Even some of the names of
    the limit breaks are the same like Final Heaven.
    Just like Squall's limit break, you can let the CPU control Zell's
    limit break or execute it manually. if your reflex is slow, i suggest
    you let the CPU control. The disadvantage of letting CPU controlling
    is that you may not get the combination of combos that you want or
    the CPU may not perform the moves as fast as you do.
    Name       :Duel.
    Crisis     :Time Limit increases as crisis level increases.
    Time       :4'66, 6'66, 9'33 ,12'00
    Feature    :Inputting buttons to perform moves and chain up combos.
    Acquired By:Reading Combat king Magazines.
    Limit Break List:
    |Limit Break      |Button                            |Magazine  |
    |Punch Rush       |Circle, X.                        |Beginning |
    |Booya            |Right, Left.                      |Beginning |
    |Heel Drop        |Up, Down.                         |Beginning |
    |Mach Kick        |Left, Left, Circle.               |Beginning |
    |Dolphin Blow     |L1, R1, L1, R1.                   |Combat 01 |
    |Meteor Strike    |Down, Circle, Up, Circle.         |Combat 02 |
    |Burning Rave   * |Down, Down, Down, Down, Circle.   |Beginning |
    |Meteor Barret  * |Up, X, Down, Triangle, Circle     |Combat 03 |
    |Different Beat * |Triangle, Square, X, Circle, X    |Combat 04 |
    |My Final Heaven* |Up, Right, Down, Left, Triangle.  |Combat 05 |
    * are finishing blow.
    4'66 and 6'66 will begin the fight with Punch Rush.
    9'33 and 12'00 will begin the fight with Booya.
    Finishing Blow are the most devastating moves, and once executed
    cannot be chained by another combo anymore.
    Fast Finish:
    Below shows the list of combo chain-ups you need to input in order
    to use any of the finishing blow.
    |Burning Rave    |Punch Rush, Mach Kick, Punch Rush, Heel Drop/Meteor |
    |                |Strike, Burning Rave.                               |
    |                |____________________________________________________|
    |                |Booya, Heel Drop, Meteor Strike, Booya, Burning     |
    |                |Rave.                                               |
    |Meteor Barret   |Punch Rush, Dolphin Blow, Meteor Barret.            |
    |                |____________________________________________________|
    |                |Booya, Meteor Strike, Dolphin Blow, Mach kick,      |
    |                |Meteor Barret.                                      |
    |Different Beat  |Booya, Meteor Strike, Booya, Different Beat.        |
    |                |____________________________________________________|
    |                |Booya, Heel Drop, Mach Kick, Heel Drop, Booya,      |
    |                |Different Beat.                                     |
    |My Final Heaven |Booya, Heel Drop, Meteor Strike, My Final Heaven.   |
    |                |____________________________________________________|
    |                |Booya, Heel Drop, Mach Kick, Rush Punch, My Final   |
    |                |Heaven.                                             |
    Note:As seen from the list above, you can only use finishing blow,
         Different Beat and My Final Heaven if you begin with Booya.
    Getting the Combat Magazines:
    Below shows the location of the combat king magazine.
    |Magazine Name    |Location of the Magazine(s)                        |
    |Combat King 001  |In the first floor of Desert Prison Tower.         |
    |Combat King 002  |Defeat both Fujin and Raijin inside Balamb Hotel.  |
    |Combat King 003  |After saving Balamb Town, you will occasionally    |
    |                 |find a girl at the entrance of the town or at the  |
    |                 |train there. Talk to her and she will mention      |
    |                 |something like, "Hey, zell, do you know a girl at  |
    |                 |the Garden with a pigtail?" Note that Zell must be |
    |                 |in your party. Next, go to Zell's house, and talk  |
    |                 |to his mom, and then check in at the Balamb Hotel. |
    |                 |The next morning, simply search the counter in the |
    |                 |hotel to recieve it.                               |
    |Combat king 004  |Get it from Esthar soldier during the attack of    |
    |                 |Lunatic Pandora.                                   |
    |Combat King 005  |Inside Lunatic Pandora by using elevator 03 and    |
    |                 |you should come to a ladder. From the ladder, go   |
    |                 |left and to the three open doors against the north |
    |                 |wall. Go down the hallway and to the left to take  |
    |                 |the magazine.                                      |
    To learn Zell's moves, simply go to item inventory and click on the
    respective combat king magazine to learn the respective skills. All
    you need is to click on the magazine once and Zell will automatically
    learn the skill.
    What if i have forgotten to take a magazine?
    You can use Tonberry's call shop ability and buy the respective
    combat king magazines at various respective shops. You can also
    buy Combat King magazines in Karen's Book Store found in Esthar
    ARMAGEDDON FIST -Contributed By Kaze Yagami <yagami@pacific.net.sg>
    It is actually a chain of near-infinite combo and can be pull off very
    easily. How to do is very simple: Simply keep on repeating Punch Rush
    and Booya. Reason, because when a chain starts, it will begin with
    either one of the both, and then it will loop back to the first one.
    Punch Rush and Booya are easy to execute and since they remain in a
    loop, you can perform the move in 0.1 seconds or even less. If you
    are fast, you can execute about 3 to 9 combos in a second. Each combo
    can take about 1000 to 4000 damage. Think about it, how long do you
    need to input the buttons for complex moves like My Final Heaven.
    Let's do a simple calculation:
    =>At max str of 255, and max time, 12,00,
    =>you can do about 36 to 108 combos.
    =>Each combo does about 1000 to 4000 damage
    At max, it could mean:
    4000 x 108 = 432,000 damage.
    Note:Armageddon Fist is a name came out by Kaze Yagami. The name the
         Japanese came up, was Choukyu Bushin Hakken. (Lit, Super Ultimate
         War God Breaking Punch).
    III.III)Getting Phoenix Pinion
    Using Alexander's Med LV UP,
    |50x Phoenix Down   | => |1x Mega Phoenix   |
    Using Siren's Make Tool Ability,
    | 3x Mega Phoenix   | => |1x Phoenix Pinion |
    Tips:Phoenix Down can be easily bought in shops. Use it to convert.
    Using GF Abl Med-RF,
    |20x Phoenix Pinion | => |1x Phoenix Spirit |
    Note:Phoenix Spirit allows your G.F to learn Revive Command. Take
         note that in order to let a G.F learn new ability, you must
         first use Amnesia Greens to make the G.F forget one ability so
         he can learn another new ability.
    III.IV)Getting Hero's Drink/Holy Wars Drink
    Hero Drink
    -You will get 1 hero drink when you defeat both Seifer and Edea at the
     end of disc 1 and Seifer at the end of disc 3 in Lunatic Pandora.
     That's makes 2 Hero Drink already.
    -To get Hero Drink, win Laguna Card from Ellone in Disc 3 at the
     moonbase. Useing Quezacotl's Card Mod ability, convert Laguna card
     to 100x Hero Drink.
    Holy War Drink
    -Obtain Gilgamesh card from CC Card Master, and convert Gilgamesh card
     into 10x Holy War Drink using Quezatcotl's Card Mod ability.
    Refining Process
    Just in case, you don't have neither of these two cards. You may try
    this tedious, long process.
    Using Siren's Make Tool ability,
    |Material          |    |Product            |Effect of the Material|
    |1x Rosetta Stone  | => |1x Shaman Stone    |Junction Ability x 4  |
    |1x Hungry Cookpot | => |1x Shaman Stone    |Devour Command        |
    |1x Mog Amulet     | => |1x Shaman Stone    |MiniMog Command       |
    |1x Dark Matter    | => |1x Shaman Stone    |Quistis's Blue Magic, |
    |                  |    |                   |Shockwave Pulsar.     |
    Using DoomTrain's Forbidden Medicine,
    |Material         |    |Product               |
    |10x Shaman Stone | => |1x Trial Hero's Drink |
    Using Alexander's Med LV UP ability,
    |Material                |    |Product                  |
    |10x Trial Hero Drink    | => |1x Hero's Drink          |
    |10x Hero Drink          | => |1x Trial Holy War Drink  |
    |10x Trial Holy War Drink| => |1x Holy War Drink        |
    Note:I have changed the names to the US version. So, there shouldn't
         be a problem for reading it.
    Actually, Holy War Drink works exactly like Rinoa's Invisible moon.
    Hero Drink has the effect of invincibility on a character, and Holy
    War has the effect of invincibility on all characters. When in
    invincibility state, characters are immune to all kinds of attack,
    even Omega's attacks like Light Pillar, Terra Break, Megido Flame etc.
    "Trial" version works exactly the same, but works only 50% of the time.
    Also, using the above method, DoomTrain must be at Lv 100.
    III.V)Getting Squall's Lion Heart
    Basically, i don't intend to add in this section. But, i am SICK of
    recieving tons of similar mails again asking me how to get Squall's
    Lion Heart. I am going to do it once and for all. If you have any
    questions regarding Squall's Lion Heart, refer to the tables below.
    |Name of Junk Material    |Effect    |Source                       |
    |Adamantine               |Vit + 60% |Defeat Adamantoise at higher |
    |                         |          |levels. [Rare]               |
    |                         |          |_____________________________|
    |                         |          |10x Orihalcons are converted |
    |                         |          |to 1x Adamantine using Eden's|
    |                         |          |GFAbil Med-RF.               |
    |                         |          |_____________________________|
    |                         |          |1x Minotaur (L8 card) is con-|
    |                         |          |verted to 10x Adamantine     |
    |                         |          |using Quezacotl's card mod.  |
    |                         |          |_____________________________|
    |                         |          |Adamantoise can be found in  |
    |                         |          |Long Horn Island, northwest  |
    |                         |          |of Dollet City.              |
    |Pulse Ammo               |Irvine's  |1x Laser Cannon is converted |
    |[Hyper Shot]             | Limit    |to 5x Pulse Ammo using       |
    |                         | Break    |Ifrit's Make Bullet ability. |
    |                         | Bullet   |_____________________________|
    |                         |          |1x Energy Crystal is convert-|
    |                         |          |to 10x Pulse Ammo using      |
    |                         |          |Ifrit's Make Bullet ability. |
    |                         |          |_____________________________|
    |                         |          |1x Power Generator is convert|
    |                         |          |-ed to 20x Pulse Ammo using  |
    |                         |          |Ifrit's Make Bullet ability. |
    |Dragon Fang              | --NIL--  |Defeat Blue Dragon/Grendal/  |
    |                         |          |HexaDragon.                  |
    |                         |          |_____________________________|
    |                         |          |Blue Dragon is found at Deep |
    |                         |          |Sea Research Center [Deep Sea|
    |                         |          |Research Centre], Trabia     |
    |                         |          |forest [Rare] and Island     |
    |                         |          |closest to Hell.             |
    |                         |          |_____________________________|
    |                         |          |Grendal is found at Deep Sea |
    |                         |          |Research Center [Deep Sea Re-|
    |                         |          |search Centre] and Island    |
    |                         |          |closest to Heaven.           |
    |                         |          |_____________________________|
    |                         |          |HexaDragon is at Grandidi    |
    |                         |          |forest and Island closest to |
    |                         |          |Hell.                        |
    |Name of Junk Material    |Effect    |Source                       |
    |Orihalcon                |Vit + 40% |Mug/Defeat Adamantoise.      |
    |                         |          |_____________________________|
    |                         |          |Defeat Oilboyle [Boss] during|
    |                         |          |Balamb MD level time.        |
    |                         |          |_____________________________|
    |                         |          |10x Vit-J Scrolls are convert|
    |                         |          |-ed into 1x Orihalcon using  |
    |                         |          |Eden's GFAbil Med-RF. Vit-J  |
    |                         |          |Scrolls can be bought in     |
    |                         |          |shops like in Esthar Capital.|
    |Laser Cannon             |Quistis's |Defeat Belhemel/Elastoid.    |
    |[Homing Laser]           |  Blue    |[Rare]                       |
    |                         |  Magic   |_____________________________|
    |                         |          |Defeat Mobile Type 8 just    |
    |                         |          |before the fight with Seifer |
    |                         |          |at the end of disc 3 at      |
    |                         |          |Lunatic Pandora.             |
    |Energy Crystal           |  SumMag  |Defeat Ruby Dragon/Behemoth. |
    |                         |  + 30%   |[Rare]                       |
    |                         |          |_____________________________|
    |                         |          |Defeat Elnoyle at Esthar     |
    |                         |          |continent after lunar base   |
    |                         |          |event. [After getting Ragnar-|
    |                         |          |ok also]                     |
    |                         |          |_____________________________|
    |                         |          |10x Elnoyle (L5 card) are con|
    |                         |          |-verted to 1x Energy Crystal |
    |                         |          |using Quezacotl's card mod.  |
    |Power Generator          |Quistis's |Defeat Blitz. [Rare]         |
    |[Ray Bomb]               |  Blue    |                             |
    |                         |  Magic   |                             |
    Note:You may want to consider using Guardian Force, Tonberry's Lv
         Up or Down command ability on your enemies so that to adjust
         your enemies' levels to get certain items, either by defeating
         or mugging. You may also need to equip Rare command for help.
    III.VI)Quistis Trepe: Blue Magic
    Blue Magic was first incoporated in Final Fantasy V as one of the jobs,
    Blue Mage and ever since then, it came into various forms like Final
    Fantasy VI, Strago's Lore command, Final Fantasy VII's Enemy Skill
    materia. Quistis is the only character in Final Fantasy VIII that can 
    use blue magic. The wide variety of attacking and defensive blue magics 
    make her a very balanced character. Instead of being hit by enemies
    to learn blue magics, Square twisted the concept a bit. Instead, you
    will have to find certain blue magic items and use it on Quistis for
    her to learn blue magics.
    Name       :Blue Magic.
    Crisis     :Rank Up.
    Feature    :Enemy Skill.
    Avquired By:Using blue magic items on her.
    As Crisis level increases, rank increases from 1 to 4, with 4 being
    the highest. The higher the ranking, the more powerful her Blue Magic
    will be.
    To learn new blue magic, just go to the item inventory and click on
    these specific items as listed below and use the items on Quistis.
    |Blue Magic      |Item Needed     |Acquired By     |Description      |
    |Laser Eye       |Initial         |Nil             |Laser Attack on  |
    |                |                |                |an enemy.        |
    |Ultra Wave      |Spider Web      |Mug/Defeat      |Tremors of the   |
    |                |                |Caterchipillars.|Earth on an      |
    |                |                |                |enemy.           |
    |Electrocute     |Coral Fragment  |Mug/Defeat      |Electrocute all  |
    |                |                |Cockatrice/     |enemies. It is   |
    |                |                |Creeps.         |thunder          |
    |                |                |                |elemental.       |
    |Lv? Death       |Curse Spike     |Mug/Defeat      |Cast Death at all|
    |                |                |Tri-face/Imp.   |enemies. Depends |
    |                |                |                |on the level     |
    |                |                |                |multipler.       |
    |Degenerator     |Black Hole      |Mug/Defeat      |Instantly kill   |
    |                |                |Gesper.         |an enemy by      |
    |                |                |                |sending them to  |
    |                |                |                |a new dimension. |
    |Aqua Breath     |Water Crystal   |Mug/Defeat      |Water beam at all|
    |                |                |Chimera.        |enemies. It is   |
    |                |                |                |water elemental. |
    |Micro Missile   |Missile         |Mug/Defeat      |Firing missile at|
    |                |                |GIM52A/BGH251F2.|an enemy. Took   |
    |                |                |                |away half of     |
    |                |                |                |enemy's HP. Like |
    |                |                |                |demi attack.     |
    |Acid            |Mystery Fluid   |Mug/Defeat      |Acidic attack at |
    |                |                |Gayla.          |an enemy.        |
    |Gatling Gun     |Running Fire    |Mug/Defeat      |Rapid firing at  |
    |                |                |SAMO8G.         |an enemy.        |
    |Fire Breath     |Inferno Fang    |Mug/Defeat      |Fire beam at all |
    |                |                |Ruby Dragon/    |enemies. It is   |
    |                |                |Hexadragon.     |fire elemental.  |
    |Bad Breath      |Malboro         |Mug/Defeat      |Negative status  |
    |                |Tentacle        |Malboro.        |at all enemies.  |
    |                |                |                |It includes Sleep|
    |                |                |                |, Berserk etc.   |
    |White Wind      |Whisper         |Mug             |Restoring all    |
    |                |                |Adamantoise.    |allies' HP but   |
    |                |                |                |do not cure      |
    |                |                |                |status ailments. |
    |Homing Laser    |Laser Cannon    |Mug/Defeat      |Laser Beam at an |
    |                |                |Elastoid/Mobile |enemy.           |
    |                |                |Type 8/         |                 |
    |                |                |Belhelmel.      |                 |
    |Mighty Guard    |Barrier         |Mug/Defeat      |Positive         |
    |                |                |Behemoth.       |condition on all |
    |                |                |                |allies. This     |
    |                |                |                |includes Shell   |
    |                |                |                |and Protect also.|
    |Shockwave       |Dark Matter     |Convert 100x    |Attack all       |
    |Pulsar          |                |Curse Spike/    |enemies. [Same   |
    |                |                |Black Hole to   |as G.F Grievel]  |
    |                |                |1x Dark Matter. |Able to exceed   |
    |                |                |                |9999HP damage.   |
    |Raybomb         |Power Generator |Mug Blitz.      |Beam attack on   |
    |                |                |                |all enemies.     |
    Note:You may want to consider using Guardian Force, Tonberry's Lv
         Up or Down command ability on your enemies so that to adjust
         your enemies' levels to get certain items, either by defeating
         or mugging. You may also need to equip Rare command for help.
    *1 - Lv ? Death will be level 4 at rank 1, 3 at rank 2, 2 at rank 3
         and 1 at rank 4. Any monsters with multiple of that level will
         die instantly.
    *2 - Micro Missile will have 50% of the effect at rank 1, 75% at rank
         2, 87.5% at rank 3 and 93.75% at rank 4.
    *3 - Effects of Acid, Bad Breath and Mighty Guard increases as rank
    *4 - Shockwave Pulser is the only attack that can cause over 9999HP.
    *5 - Mighty Guard casts Shell, Protect, and sometimes, Haste, Float,
         Regen, Aura and even Invincibility on all enemies.
    *6 - Bad Breath casts Berserk, Poison, Sleep, Blind, Confusion etc on
         all enemies.
    *7 - White Wind does not heal any status ailments, only recover HP.
    Using Quezacotl's Card Mod Ability
    |Blue Magic     | Item Needed    |Card Mod Conversion                 |
    |Laser Eye      |      -         |            -                       |
    |Ultra Wave     |  Spider Web    |1x Caterchipillar card (Level 1     |
    |               |                |card) will refine into 1x Spider    |
    |               |                |web.                                |
    |Electrocute    | Coral Fragment |1x Creeps (Level 2 card) will       |
    |               |                |refine into 1x Coral Fragment.      |
    |LV? Death      |  Curse Spike   |1x Tri-face (Level 3 card) will     |
    |               |                |refine into 1x Curse Spike.         |
    |Degenerator    |  Black Hole    |1x Gesper (Level 1 card) will       |
    |               |                |refine into 1x Black Hole.          |
    |               |                |____________________________________|
    |               |                |1x Diablos (Level 9 card) will      |
    |               |                |refine into 100x Black Hole.        |
    |Aqua Breath    | Water Crystal  |5x Fastitocalon-F (Level 1 card)    |
    |               |                |will refine into 1x Water Crystal.  |
    |               |                |____________________________________|
    |               |                |1x Fastitocalon (Level 3 card) will |
    |               |                |refine into 1x Water Crystal.       |
    |Micro Missile  |   Missile      |            -                       |
    |Acid           | Mystery Fluid  |1x Galya (Level 1 card) will refine |
    |               |                |into 1x Mystery Fluid.              |
    |Gatling Gun    | Running Fire   |1x SAMO8G (Level 3 card) will refine|
    |               |                |into 1x Running Fire.               |
    |Fire Breath    | Inferno Fang   |10x Ruby Dragon (Level 5 card) will |
    |               |                |refine into 1x Inferno Fang.        |
    |Bad Breath     |   Malboro      |4x Malboro (Level 5 card) will      |
    |               |  Tentacle      |refine into 1x Malboro Tentacle.    |
    |White Wind     |   Whisper      |              -                     |
    |Homing Laser   |Laser Cannon    |              -                     |
    |   Mighty      |   Barrier      |10x Behemoth (Level 5 card) will    |
    |   Guard       |                |refine into 1x Barrier.             |
    |  Shockwave    | Dark Matter    |                                    |
    |   Pulsar      |                |              -                     |
    |Power Generator|   Ray Bomb     |              -                     |
      _______________   _________________
     |Laser Eye   P1 | |Degenerator   P2 |  To select limit breaks, choose
     |Ultra Wave     | |Aqua Breath      |  attack and click right and you
     |Electrecute    | |Micro Missile    |  will be shown a series of 
     |Lv1?Death      | |Acid             |  limit breaks group into four
     |_______________| |_________________|  pages.
      _______________   _________________
     |Gatling Gun P3 | |Homing Laser  P4 |  The diagrams on the left show
     |Fire Breath    | |Mighty Guard     |  how the limit breaks are
     |Bad Breath     | |Shockwave Pulsar |  grouped into various pages.
     |White Wind     | |Ray Bomb         |  Click on the respective limit
     |_______________| |_________________|  break to use it.
    I notice that other faqs do not have much details about Gilgamesh's
    attacks so this will be an exclusive section dedicated to Gilgamesh.
    |History/Overview                                               |
    |Gilgamesh made his first appearance in Final Fantasy V. For    |
    |those who has played and familiar with Final Fantasy V, you    |
    |should know that Gilgamesh was banished to the 'Cleft of       |
    |Dimension.' Gilgamesh was the righthand man of Exdeath, an evil|
    |black mage in Final Fantasy V. How or why he appears again in  |
    |Final Fantasy VIII remains a mystery to me. Can anyone explain |
    |why to me? Anyway, it's great to see Gilgamesh making a        |
    |comeback in Final Fantasy VIII, don't you think so? Anyway,    |
    |Omega weapon is back now, so why not Gilgamesh too as well?    |
    |Location |You must have gotten Odin first before fighting      |
    |         |against Seifer at the end of disc 3 in Lunatic       |
    |         |Pandora. Now, wait for a while, and enjoy the event! |
    |Tips     |Don't attack Seifer as Gilgamesh will appear soon.   |
    |         |Instead, keep drawing Aura spells from Seifer.       |
    |Attack   |Zantetsuken, Excalibur, Excalipoor and Masamune      |
    |General Information about Gilgamesh                            |
    |Like Odin, Gilgamesh cannot be junction to a character, neither|
    |does he have any ability for you to learn. However, like Odin, |
    |he will appear randomly during battle. Unlike Odin, it can     |
    |appear in the beginning, middle of the fight, whereas Odin can |
    |only appear in the beginning of the fight, if not, Odin will   |
    |not appear for the remaining half of the battle. As Gilgamesh  |
    |is summoned, you will notice that there are four swords descend|
    |-ing down together with Gilgamesh. Each of these four swords   |
    |represents an attack- Zantetsuken, Excalibur, Excalipoor and   |
    |Masamune. He will choose any of the four swords randomly and   |
    |that sword choosen will use that particular attack.            |
    |Do you know?                                                   |
    |According to <SolBadguy40@aol.com>, he says that after all the |
    |four swords had descended and stopped rotating, Gilgamesh will |
    |pick the sword that is at the back of him. Good observation    |
    |from <SolBadguy40@aol.com>!!! While so, you still cannot       |
    |determine the attack that Gilgamesh will use because you don't |
    |know which sword will land at the back of him. In general,     |
    |Gilgamesh's attacks are still random. Does that make sense to  |
    |you??? I hope so!!!                                            |
    |Credit         |The information listed above is contributed by |
    |               |<SolBadguy40@aol.com>.                         |
    |Name Of Attack |Effect and Special Note                        |
    |Zantetsuken    |This attack is inherited from Guardian Force,  |
    |               |Odin. It will slice all enemies apart, causing |
    |               |instant victory. However, Zantetsuken does not |
    |               |work against bosses.                           |
    |Excalibur      |Strong damage against all enemies. [Refer to   |
    |               |the table below for more details.]             |
    |Excalipoor     |It is a fake version of the sword, Excalibur as|
    |               |it does only 1 HP damage to all enemies.       |
    |Masamune       |Strong damage against all enemies and is more  |
    |               |stronger than Excalibur. [Refer to the table   |
    |               |below for more details.]                       |
    |Credit         |Special thanks to <Multiplayerman@aol.com> for |
    |               |the names of Gilgamesh's attacks as used in    |
    |               |English version.                               |
    |Below shows a table, listing out the attacks, damage, levels   |
    |of the swords, Excalibur and Masamune.                         |
    |Listing-Contributed By Kaze Yagami <yagami@pacific.net.sg>     |
    |The attack level of Guardian Force, Gilgamesh depends on the   |
    |average level of the party member, similarly to Guardian Force,|
    |Phoenix. The higher your luck is, the chances of Odin/Gilgamesh|
    |appearing will be higher.                                      |
    |   Attack Level    |     Masamune       |      Excalibur       |
    |       1           |       2625         |        1000          |
    |      10           |       3750         |        1562          |
    |      20           |       5000         |        2187          |
    |      30           |       6250         |        2812          |
    |      40           |       7500         |        3437          |
    |      50           |       8750         |        4062          |
    |      60           |       9999         |        4687          |
    |      70           |       9999         |        5312          |
    |      80           |       9999         |        5937          |
    |      90           |       9999         |        6562          |
    |     100           |       9999         |        7187          |
    |Note|The values are subjected to variables as different enemies|
    |    |have different defenses. However, the variations are very |
    |    |neligible.                                                |
    Ever wonder what the organ in Ultimecia Castle is used for? Well,
    nothing much but it can lead you to a rare item, Rosetta Stone.
    This is what you should do:
    Go to the organ and choose to play the organ. Press L1, R1, L2, R2,
    Circle, Square, X, Triangle simulaneously. Now, exit to return back
    to the courtyard and take the passage to the right. You will notice
    that the hole in the wall to the right is now opened. Enter and
    it will lead you to another new area. Walk through the passage
    and at the next screen, search the top-right corner of the
    screen for a Rosetta Stone.
    VI)Report Cards
    So, what's a report card? Well, it just a summary of your current
    progress in the game. There are a total of 3 battle reports, naming
    Battle, Character and Guardian Force reports. You can view these
    reports via the tutorial menu. So, how do you get it?
    Battle Report
    When Squall has promoted to a SeeD in disc 1, talk to Cid Krammer in
    the Headmaster Office in 3F of Balamb Garden to receive Battle
    Report. Note that this can be done only in disc one.
    Character Report
    When you are in Desert Prison in disc 2, head to floor 10, enter the
    door and you should see a card player and a save point. [And a hidden
    draw point as well.] Challenge the player there and when you win,
    he will give you the Character Report. This can be done only in disc
    two. Note that each card game you play with him costs 300 Gil.
    Guardian Force Report
    After returning back to Balamb Garden from Desert Prison and has
    beaten Master Norg, go to the Training Center [Training Centre]
    and CC Joker will occasionally appear there. Note that chances
    of CC Joker appearing there are random. He appears as a merchant,
    selling items. Talk to CC Joker and play cards with him. Once
    you defeat him, you will get the Guardian Force Report.
    Qns:So, what is the use of these Report cards?
    Ans:Well, nothing much actually! Remember the "The Man Who Knows
        ALL" in Final Fantasy V? Oh, never mind, if you can't remember
        or don't know. Each report card summarises different things.
        [Refer below for more details.]
    Battle Report
    It tells you the number of times you have:
    Character Report
    It tells you the number of times each character has:
    a)Killed [No of monster killed under your hand!]
    b)KO'd   [No of times your character has died!]
    Guardian Force Report
    It tells you the number of times each Guardian Force has:
    a)Killed [No of monster killed under your hand!]
    b)KO'd   [No of times your Guardian Force has died!]
    It also lists down:
    d)Menu Refinements
    That's all that these report cards will tell you!
    VII)Obel Lake Mystery
    At first, i didn't really want to add in this section because Scott
    Ong has already covered it in his faq. Secondly, i was quite lazy.
    Well, i got several mails, asking me about Obel Lake mystery. I have
    solved the mystery quite long ago but...... judging from the amount
    of mails i got, perhaps i should..... You might also want to refer
    to Scott Ong's faq/walkthrough Part II for Obel Lake mystery.
    Note that the mystery to Obel Lake can only be solved in disc three.
    The most important thing to do now is to locate where the Obel Lake
    is. You are now in disc three and have the Ragnarok airship. Take
    the Ragnarok and fly to Galbadia continent near Timber. You should
    notice a very small spit that curves into a lake. Land your Ragnarok
    somewhere nearby and walk to the edge. Press X for the American
    version and Circle for the Japanese version to search and you
    should notice a message that pops up something like this:
    This must be Obel Lake.
         Throw a rock.
        >Try humming.
    Choose the second option and hum. A message pops up again like this:
    A black shadow rose to the surface.
         Throw a rock.
        >Try humming again.
    When the Black Shadow appears, keep talking to him until he asks you
    to find his friend, Mr. Monkey. He hints that his friend, Mr. Monkey
    is somewhere in the forest. So, search the forest just to the west
    of Dollet near the train station on the Hasberry Plains. But before
    that, choose to throw a rock until it says 'The rock skipped
    many many times.'
    "It's my friend, Mr. Monkey...
    Can you find him for me?"
    Walk around the forest and a message will pop out, giving you two
    choices to choose. Choose the first option to throw a rock.
    If you get a message saying, 'The rock skipped many many times,'
    you should see this message:
    ...D-Darn it!
    ...You're gonna pay for that!"
    Enraged, Mr. Monkey will throw a stone carved with some writing
    on it at you. The letters on the carving are "URHAEO."
    If you throw a stone and the message says that it skip between 1 to
    5 times, you will always get a message like this:
    "Ahh Darn it!" Y-You're just a big loser. I can make the rock skip
    as many times as I want! So there! Ha-ha! Loser! Dork! Idiot! Your
    mom wears combat boots."
    There's the monkey!
        >Throw a rock.
    Return to Obel Lake and talk to the Black Shadow. Keep on talking
    to him until he gives you four useful hints. Each hints tell you
    where the location of a special stone with words carved on it is.
    Here's the hints:
    First Rock
    Hint:"At the beach in Balamb, something special washes a shore all
    Go to Rinaul Coast located east of Balamb Town. Walk around there
    and you will find a message pops up:
    It looks man-made, and
    has some carving on it...
    You have found the first stone already, now search for the
    other stones now.
    The letters on the carving are "STSLRM."
    Second Rock
    Hint:"Mr. Monkey had a rock like this i think..."
    Yes...The rock which Mr. Monkey throws it to you is the second stone.
    However, if you didn't manage to get the stone just now, Shadow
    will tell that,
    "If he's not around, perhaps he took a train towards Dollet."
    =>Only when Mr. Monkey escapes.
    =>You can find Mr. Monkey again in Hasberry Plains located near
    The letters on the carving are "URHAEO."
    Third Rock
    Hint:"This long narrow stretch of island is located east of Timber
         and next to the railroad bridge that leads to Fisherman's
         Horizon and Esthar.
    Go to Mandy Beach east of Timber. It's an isolated island and it
    is rather hard to find. Search along the island and a message
    will pop out somethibng like this:
    You found a piece of rock by your foot...
    Now, only left with one more stone.
    The letters on the carving are "REAIDR."
    Fourth Rock
    Hint:"There's also something on top of a mountain with a lake and
    Your next destination is Monterosa Plateau. Follow where the
    river flows and it will lead to a waterfall. Land your Ragnarok
    on top of the mountain and search the edge of the waterfall
    and a message will pop out something like:
    A bird is warming an egg.
        >Check it out.
         Leave it alone.
    Choose the first option, 'Check it out.' You will encounter a
    fight against 2x Thrustaevis. They are quite easy to defeat.
    Once they are defeated, you will find the last rock.
    The letters on the carving are "EASNPD."
    Now, return back to Obel Lake.
    |No. |Location of the Rock   |Letters     |
    | 1. |Rinaul Coast           |S T S L R M |
    | 2. |From Mr Monkey         |U R H A E O |
    | 3. |Mandy Beach            |R E A I D R |
    | 4. |Monterosa Plateau      |E A S N P D |
    Now, can you begin out the mystery?
    Okay, If you read from right to left starting from top to bottom,
    Okay, time to head to Modred Plains. Modred Plain is located north
    from the Great Plains of Esthar. The treasure is rather hard to
    find. So, if you want an ASCII diagram of the exact location of
    where the treasure is, refer to Scott Ong's walkthrough/faq
    Part II.
    Ignore what the other coloured rock says. Search for a red-faced
    rock and the rock will tell you to move in opposite direction.
    Follow what the red-faced rock tells you and the location of
    the treasure, Three Star is located in the centre of the star
    [From Scott Ong's ASCII art.]
    There's another item which you can also get from the clues that
    the other coloured rock gives you. But, i am not going to list
    out every single clues.
    Simply go to Minde Island at the lower left part of the Esthar
    Continent. Search around and you will find another item, Luck-J
    So far, these are the only treasures that i know. You can only
    solve Obel Lake's mystery in disc three. Don't worry if you
    can't solve the mystery or you are already in disc 4 and have
    not solved it yet. The treasures, in my opinion, aren't quite
    worthwhile. Firstly, solving this Obel Lake takes quite a long
    time. Secondly, though i agree with everyone that Three Stars
    is a valuable item, but don't forget that you can convert
    Squall's card to 3x Three Stars. This is just my personal
    opinion and you can choose to accept it or not!
    VIII)Song Lyrics
    Below are the lyrics for Eyes On Me and Liberi Fatali.
    Eyes On Me
    Composer:Nobuo Uematsu
    Vocalist:Faye Wong
    Whenever sang my songs
    On the stage, on my own
    Whenever said my words
    Wishing they would be heard
    I saw you smiling at me
    Was it real or just my fantasy
    You'd always be there in the corner
    Of this tiny little bar 
    My last night here for you
    Same old songs, just once more
    My last night here with you?
    Maybe yes, maybe no
    I kind of liked it your way
    How you shyly placed your eyes on me
    Oh, did you ever know?
    That I had mine on you 
    *Darling, so there you are
    With that look on your face
    As if you're never hurt
    As if you're never down
    Shall I be the one for you
    Who pinches you softly but sure
    If frown is shown then
    I will know that you are no dreamer 
    So let me come to you
    Close as I wanna be
    Close enough for me
    To feel your heart beating fast
    And stay there as I whisper
    How I loved your peaceful eyes on me
    Did you ever know
    That I had mine on you 
    Darling, so share with me
    Your love if you have enough
    Your tears if you're holding back
    Or pain if that's what it is
    How can I let you know
    I'm more than the dress and the voice
    Just reach me out then
    You will know that you're not dreaming  
    Credit:Thanks to Heero Yuy for allowing me to publish the lyrics
           in my faq.
    Liberi Fatali
    Excitate vos e somno, liberi mei.
    Cunae non sunt.
    Excitate vos e somno, liberi fatali. 
    Somnus non eat.
    Invenite hortum veritatis. 
    Ardente veritate
    Urite mala mundi.
    Ardente veritate
    Incendite tenebras mundi.
    Valete, liberi, 
    Diebus fatalibus. 
    Children of Fate
    Wake up, my children, 
    The cradles are gone. 
    Wake up, Children of Fate,
    The peaceful sleep is over. 
    Rise up
    Search for the Garden of Truth
    With fiery truth
    Burn off all the deceit of the world
    With fiery truth
    Light up the dark world. 
    Goodbye, children,
    The next moment of meeting is the moment of fate.
    Credit:Thanks to kaze Yagami for correcting the mistakes in the
           lyrics, as well as doing the translation for Liberi Fatali.
    IX)Final Fantasy VIII OST List
    Are you a fan of Nobuo Uematsu? Final Fantasy VIII Original Sound
    Track has been released. With a total of 74 tracks that are spread
    across four CDs, fans of Nobuo Uematsu shouldn't miss it. I will
    now list the name of the tracks below.
    Disc 1
    01.Liberi Fatali
    02.Balamb Garden
    03.Blue Fields
    04.Don't Be Afraid
    05.The Winner
    06.Find Your Way
    08.The Landing
    09.Starting Up
    10.Force Your Way
    11.The Loser
    12.Never Look Back
    13.Dead End
    15.Shuffie or Boogie
    16.Waltz for the Moon
    17.Tell Me
    19.The Man with the Machine Gun
    21.Roses and Wine
    23.Timber Owls
    Disc 2
    01.My Mind
    02.The Mission
    03.Martial Law
    04.Cactus Jack (Galbadian Anthem)
    05.Only a Plank Between One and Perdition
    06.Succession of Witches
    07.Galbadia Garden
    09.Under Her Control
    10.The Stage is Set
    11.A sacrifice
    12.Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec
    16.Fragments of Memories
    Disc 3
    01.The Spy
    04.Blue Sky
    07.Fisherman's Horizon
    08.Odeka Ke Chocobo
    09.Where I Belong
    10.The Oath
    11.Slide Show Part1
    12.Slide Show Part2
    13.Love Grows
    14.The Salt Flats
    15.Trust Me
    16.Silence and Motion
    17.Dance with the Balamb-fish
    18.Tears of the moon
    20.Eyes On Me
    Disc 4
    01.Mods de Chocobo
    02.Ride On
    04.Lunatic Pandora
    05.Compression of Time
    06.The Castle
    07.The Legendary Beast
    08.Maybe I'm a Lion
    09.The Extreme
    10.The Successor
    11.Ending Theme
    X)Exclusive Features
    To show my thanks to everyone who has been reading this faq, i thought
    it will be nice of me to share some informations with you and these
    information are exclusive and can only be found in my faq(s) only.
    A special thanks to Kaze Yagami for the contributions again. So,
    wonder what's the information about? Well, it isn't going to be of
    much help to you in the game but... Are you excited by the idea of
    riding a train, seeing various train stations that are scattered
    throughout the Balamb and Galbadia continent? How fast can the train
    move? Wow, Ragnarok is back. It was once an esper/sword in Final
    Fantasy VI. How did it become an airship? With such a cool name,
    are you dying for a ride? Back to the main topic. This section
    will feature all specifications of Balamb Train and Ragnarok. I
    will start with Balamb Train first.
    ~~~Balamb Train Specifications Exclusive Information!!!~~~
    Trains are used to move from city to city. It is a gray train with
    curvaceousness. You can see railways in Balamb and Galbadia Continent
    One of the trains is double-decked while another one looks very old
    shaped like a steam locomotive. There is even a special train for SeeD
    cadet's exclusive use. 
    Name         :TEMPEST    (TTS-II with turbo shaft engine)
    Length       :144 metres (Estimated the length of 6 cars)
    Width        :4.3 metres
    Height       :6.1 metres
    Maximum speed:260 kilometres per hour (Km/h)
    Weight       :313 tonnes
    Capacity     :360 passenger
    ~~~Ragnarok Specifications Exclusive Information!!!~~~
    ~Super High Mobility Flying Ship "RAGNAROK"~
    Made of red body, with the word 'ESTHAR' visible on the body,
    Ragnarok was made more than twenty years ago. It was highly regarded
    as one of the strongest flying ships. It was reportedly made secretly
    in an unknown country. There are at least 2 or more such flying ships
    of the same kind, with different markings.
    Highest Output:3450t
    Lowest  Output:2850t
    Total   Length:108m
    Total   Height:54m (Landing)
    		   65m (Cruising)
    Total   Weight:2,850 ton (Without Propellant, Charge and Occupants)
                   3,134 ton (1/3 Propellant, Full Charge and Occupant)
                   3,450 ton (Full Propellant, Full Charge and Occupant)
    Total Wingspan:77m
    Main  Weapon  :609mm Electron Particle Beam x 1
    Sub   Weapon  :152mm multi-barrel Laser x 2
    Main  Engine  :Reaction-Type 12-Level Compressor Turbine
                   (Power output 22500kg) x 2
    Sub   Engine  :Reaction-Type 6-Level Compressor Turbine 
                   (Power output 24800kg) x 4
    Occupant      :4 crews
                   (Navigator, wireless operator, cannoneer, and a cox)
                 =>Able to carry more than 10 occupants.
    Top Speed     :11.8km/s, 708km/min, 42480km/h
                 =>Second cosmic velocity;can launch a rocket into space.
    How? Do you like it? Are you interested about the specifications of
    these vehicles? Hopefully, you don't think it as a waste of time.
    I spent the time to type everything out. Hey, come on! Show some
    appreciation, please? Thanks! The specifications look really cool, in 
    my personal opinion but is that true in the game or in real life, i
    honestly don't know. What do you think?
    If you have any questions that you would like to ask me, please read 
    below. You may find your answers to your problems here. More questions
    will be added to the frequently-asked-question section with each new
    update of the faq.
    In future, if you wish to ask any questions, please read through this
    frequently-asked-question section at least once. From now onwards, i
    won't entertain anymore questions that can be found here in this
    section. However, if the questions that you want to ask can be found
    here and you still cannot solve it, feel free to e-mail me and tell
    me what your problems are. If you don't describe the problems, then
    i will not entertain. I hope you can understand that as i want to
    reduce the number of junk mails that i get almost everyday.
    One Final Note:
    If you have any questions, please write an e-mail and send it to my
    mailbox. Don't take the bother and try to ask me via ICQ because it
    is likely that i will avoid answering. Of course, chatting is another
    different matter but that also depends on whether i have the time
    because i may be occupied with replying e-mails and so on. I found it
    quite fustrating to answer questions via the ICQ. So to make things
    easier for me, please send an e-mail instead.
    Last Updated:30th June 2000
     1)Why is there a mod chip protection installed in the Japanese
       version of Final Fantasy VIII?
       The mod chip protection is something which prevents modified
       PlayStation from playing Japanese Final Fantasy VIII. A modified
       PlayStation breaks the codes and allows the system to play both
       the US and Japanese games. However, with this mod chip
       protection, you can't play Japanese Final Fantasy VIII. Note
       that the US version do not have any mod chip protection.
     2)Why is there a mod chip protection? What's the purpose for?
       Square wants to curb importers from buying Japanese version of
       Final Fantasy VIII. As for the real reason why, i don't know.
       Perhaps, Square wants to discourage importers so that they know
       the exact sales of Final Fantasy VIII in Japan.
     3)How do i overcome mod chip protection?
       The only way is to use a gameshark. You can refer to the
       gameshark codes in the gameshark code section. There is another
       way also but i strongly discourage it. In Asia, where piracy is
       rampant, they have figured out a way to bypass the mod chip
       protection. Refer to below for more informations.
     4)How do these people do it?
       According to my friend who has bought pirated Final Fantasy VIII
       CDs, the SquareSoft Staff Of Final Fantasy VIII Introduction was
       taken away from the game. It's the same thing you see in the
       introduction film you see in the US version. But, you would
       probably agree with me that this introduction film doesn't mean
       much at all. The SquareSoft Staff Of Final Fantasy VIII
       Introduction was taken out because that's where the Mod Chip
       Protection is being found. Once that's being taken out, you can
       play Final Fantasy VIII on a modified PlayStation. Since the Mod
       Chip Protection code is found in all SquareSoft Staff of Final
       Fantasy VIII, all the SquareSoft Staff of Final Fantasy VIII was
       taken out from all discs, meaning those who bought the pirated
       games would miss it.
     5)How many discs does Final Fantasy VIII [PSX] have?
       Four discs. It's one more disc extra than Final Fantasy VII
       for the PlayStation.
     6)What is the technological advancement Final Fantasy VIII has
       over Final Fantasy VII?
       Final Fantasy VII runs in 15 frames per second but Final Fantasy
       VIII runs in 30 frames per second. As seen from the games, the
       characters are no longer deformed as before in Final Fantasy VII.
     7)Who is Faye Wong?
       This is a silly question. She's the most popular singing in Hong
       Kong and is agruably the best Asia Singer, and well-known as the
       Heavenly Queen in Asia. If you don't know her, then you are...
     8)What song did Faye Wong sing?
       Faye Wong was hired by Square to sing the song entitled 'Eyes
       On Me'. Nobuo Uematsu was told to write a love vocal song for
       Final Fantasy VIII to suit for the love theme. The song, as
       expected was 'Eyes On Me.' According to what i know, Square
       paid a reasonably high amount of money to hire her to sing.
     9)Why did they choose Faye Wong to sing 'Eyes On Me'?
       At first, they were thinking of who would be suited to sing
       'Eyes On Me.' They listened to many albums and they could not
       find a suitable one until they heard one of Faye Wong's songs.
    10)What is the PocketStation?
       The Pocketstation is a memory card with a screen, control pad,
       2 buttons,and battery powered. It allows you to save your game,
       as well as play mini games (outside of PS). There is apparently
       an extra mini-game called 'Choco World' or 'Odekate Chocobo RPG.'
       Final Fantasy VIII is one of the few games that support a
       PocketStation. Other few games that support PocketStation
       includes Metal Gear Solid Integral, Monster Rancher 2 etc. The
       US Final Fantasy VIII supports PocketStation as well but you
       need to import a PocketStation directly from Japan, which is
       quite expensive.
    11)Do you mean that the PocketStation we imported from Japan can
       play US games?
       I suppose so! According to Kaze Yagami <Yagami@pacific.net.sg>, he
       told me that his PocketStation can play both the Choco World for
       the Japanese and US version.
    12)How much does a PocketStation cost? And, how or where do i import
       a PocketStation?
       Honestly, i don't know how or where you can import one. According
       to Kaze Yagami<Yagami@pacific.net.sg>, a PocketStation is very
       rare and hard to find and is currently out of stock in Japan.
       In Singapore, it costs around Sing $70 but the actual price
       is around Sing $45. This is rather expensive. I don't have
       a PocketStation so i really don't know much about it.
    13)When is Final Fantasy IX being released?
       From what i have heard in Final Fantasy:World Apart, the CG for
       Final Fantasy IX has been completed. Square has also announced
       that Final Fantasy IX will be released in Japan, right after
       the release of Dragon Quest VII, meaning we won't see Final
       Fantasy IX before Dragon Quest VII. Square said that they can't
       imagine how the whole market will be like when two great
       RPG franchise, Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy is released
       together. So, they decided to postpone the release date. As for
       the US release of Final Fantasy IX, the earliest we can wait
       is until 2001. [Refer to Question #77 for more details!]
    14)Is Final Fantasy VIII a continuation of Final Fantasy VII?
       Definitely not! Just like tradition, each Final Fantasy
       has no story connections with the previous incarnations.
       The same goes to combat system.
    15)When is Final Fantasy VIII released in the US?
       Final Fantasy VIII has been released in the US on 9-9-99. For
       those impatient fans, you can preorder a copy first. The
       European release date is somewhere on late October 1999.
       So, have you started playing it yet?
    16)Is Edea the final boss? I heard you can use her in the party.
       No. Edea is not the final boss. Yes. But, she's a temporary
       character and can only be used in disc 3 for a certain
       duration. As for her real identity and why she appears as
       a villain first, i won't comment too much. You find out on
       your own.
    17)Is there a way to make Seifer into your party again after the
       Dollet mission?
       Sorry, no for the time being! And, i am not pretty sure about it.
       Perhaps, use a gameshark, i suppose. That may applies to getting
       Edea permanently also. But, that's cheating so i won't consider
       that this is the proper way to get both Seifer and Edea.
    18)When is PC version of Final Fantasy VIII released? Will the PC
       version of Final Fantasy VIII has 'Choco World' or 'Odekate
       Chocobo RPG.'?
       The PC release has been confirmed and will be released in late
       January next year in 2000. It has been reported that with the
       advanced capabilities of the PC, the graphics are far more
       superior to the PSX version. Of course, you can expect very
       high requirements to play Final Fantasy VIII on your PC. And,
       from what i have heard, Final Fantasy VIII for the PC should
       be out now.
    19)How many discs does Final Fantasy VIII [For the PC] have?
       A total of five discs. That's what i heard from my friends. The
       extra fifth disc is the installation disc. The same goes to
       Final Fantasy VII for the PC, which has four discs, with the
       fourth disc as the installation disc.
    20)What's the minimum requirement to play Final Fantasy VIII in the
       You can find more information about Final Fantasy VIII PC
       version at Final Fantasy: Worlds Apart. The minimum PC
       requirments to play PC Final Fantasy VIII are:
       Window 95/98 Compatible System
       Intel or 100% Compatible CPU
       Pentium 200 [Pentium II 266 recommended]
       32MB RAM [64MB recommended]
       8MB 3D Accelerator Graphics Card [16MB recommended]
       [Highly recommended]
       8x CD-ROM
       Direct 6.1 [Included]
       DirectSound and DirectMusic compatible sound card
       The information above is taken from Final Fantasy: Worlds Apart
       at <http://www.ffnet.net/>
    21)Do you think i should buy the PC Final Fantasy VIII even though
       i already have the PSX version?
       Of course, if you are a Final Fantasy franchise, go ahead and
       purchase it to support Square but please buy original game. It's
       no use buying pirated games. Of course, if you think you have
       enough of Final Fantasy VIII [like me after playing through it
       so many times], the PSX version is more than enough. It's
       advisable if you have a good PC with at least 266 MMX, 3-D
       accelerator, AWE64 sound card and so on, if not, i suggest you
       don't buy it or it will look even more terrible than the PSX
       version. Furthermore, if you are buying a PC version, make sure
       you have a controller at home. The control will really be
       sucked if you play it on a keyboard. Besides, a keyboard and a
       dual shock controller with vibrational function. Which one do
       you prefer more? The answer is obvious. Dual shock controller,
       right? Of course, if you do not have a PocketStation, you may
       consider buying Final Fantasy VIII PC version to play Choco
    22)How do i tune up weapon? What is Weapon Monthly Magazine for?
       Please refer to the advanced tutorial for more details. You can
       tune up your weapons by finding certain junk items and then
       tune up at any Junk shops. Also, the Weapon Monthly Magazine
       tells you what type and the quantity of items needed for you
       to tune up.
    23)I heard there is a bug in the Japanese Final Fantasy VIII. Is
       it true?
       Yes. In disc three, if you don't get Odin within the given time,
       the disc will freeze. However, this is not a crucial bug since
       you can collect the Odin at disc 2, or just make a save before
       entering. Also, there are some rumors that the game will also
       get jammed if you enter Shumi Tribe in disc 2. Also, there's a
       bug called Junction bug which allows you to junction one spell
       to various attributes. Note that all the bugs are applicable to
       the Japanese version only. The bugs have been fixed in the US
       version. For more information on Junction Bug, refer to the
       secret section. Square, however deny that the bugs exist in
       the Japanese version.
    24)I saw a demo version in the internet of Final Fantasy VIII
       (Ball Dance) for the PlayStation 2. Is Square going to
       re-developed Final Fantasy VIII for PlayStation 2.
       Well, that's a tough question. The ball dance demo is just
       part of the demo for PlayStation 2. I don't think Square will
       re-developed Final Fantasy VIII for PlayStation 2. I guess
       the demo is there to show the capabilities of the PlayStation
       2 and tell people how many times advanced it is over PlayStation.
    25)Is PlayStation 2 backwardly compatible true? Will all PlayStation
       games be enhanced when it is played in PlayStation 2?
       Yes. PlayStation 2 will be backwardly compatible, meaning all
       PlayStation games can be played on PlayStation 2. However,
       Sony has announced that there won't be any enhancements. From
       what i have heard, PlayStation 2 ultises an emotion engine and
       it's indeed really very powerful. Talk about realistic
       facial expressions. The screenshots in Final Fantasy Movie
       are perfect example. Since PlayStation 2 is backwardly
       compatible, you can expect to use PlayStation Peripherals
       like dual shock controller, and even PocketStation too etc
       on PlayStation 2. That includes even the PocketStation, PDA.
    26)Can PlayStation play PlayStation 2 games?
       Of course, not! The PlayStation 2 games are more technologically
       advanced than the PlayStation games. Obviously, the PlayStation
       can't play the PlayStation 2 games. And, i guess the answer is
       pretty obvious. If PlayStation can play PlayStation 2 games, what
       for do we need a PlayStation 2 system? The PlayStation 2, on the
       other hand, can play PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games. Does
       that make sense to you? Logical, right?
    27)I heard that there are some PlayStation games that PlayStation 2
       can't play it. Is that true? And, what is the PSOne?
       I heard about it too. This may sound a rather bad news but don't
       forget that majority of the Japanese PlayStation games still work
       on the PlayStation 2. Sony has listed about 15 PlayStation games
       that aren't compatible with PlayStation 2. But, thanksfully, most
       of the games are old games that aren't really very good. This is
       more on techical problems. PlayStation 2 is the first console to be
       able to support backward compatibility. But i believe that in the
       future PlayStation 2 models, more PlayStation games will be able to
       be played on the PlayStation 2. The chip works like an emulator for
       the PlayStation. And, don't forget that there is no emulator yet
       that can emulate a console successfully, meaning with ALL games on
       that particular console being compatible and without suffering any
       slowdowns, common gitches and so on. Therefore, i don't think it's
       rather surprising. Anyway, Sony is currently testing out thousands
       of PlayStation games on the PlayStation 2 and we can expect a list
       of non-compatible PlayStation games on the PlayStation 2 to be
       released very soon. I sincerely hope that all the technical problems
       on the PlayStation 2 will be fixed soon and that all PlayStation
       games can run smoothly on the PlayStation.
       As for PSOne, I don't really know much. I suppose it is almost the
       same as your normal PlayStation, except that the size has been
       reduced to a CD-Player. Looks more cool in design.
    28)When is PlayStation 2 going to be released?
       PlayStation 2 has already arrived in Japan in 4th March 2000. As
       for the US release of PlayStation 2, you probably have to wait
       until late 3rd quarter of the year or early 4th quarter of the
       year. As for me, i think i am not buying a PlayStation 2 this
       year, which is 2000. Perhaps, next year, 2001 until the price
       drops furthur and a modified PlayStation 2, that can play both
       Japanese and US games, is released. [Hope that a PlayStation 2
       that can play all PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games, whether
       it is English or Japanese games, will be released soon.] You can
       find related information regarding PlayStation 2 in related sites
       like IGNPS2, www.videogames.com etc.
    29)Now that PlayStation 2 has arrived in Japan, what's your view about
       it? Do you think that PlayStation 2 can beat Sega Dreamcast and be
       able to compete with the upcoming Nintendo's Dolphin? And, what do
       you think about Microsoft's X-Box?
       Basically, i think the system is awesome. I heard that within two
       days, more than a million PlayStation 2 has been sold in Japan.
       For the exact figures, i am not pretty sure. I heard that there
       was a long queue for people who was purchasing a PlayStation 2. The
       PlayStation 2 release is indeed a big phenomenon. I heard that
       import of PlayStation 2 in Japan is now illegal. Well, not really
       sure if that's true!
       So, will PlayStation 2 exceeds Sega Dreamcast in terms of sales? I
       personally believe that this is possible. While Sega is well known
       for sports and arcade games, Sega Dreamcast lacks RPG genre. As you
       know, the most popular game genre in Japan is RPG. Furthermore,
       Working Design will not be producing games for Sega Dreamcast.
       What does that mean! No lunar games for the Dreamcast. I expect
       Working Design to continue the lunar series in PlayStation 2, thus
       furthur expand the PlayStation 2 RPG saga. However, i can't deny
       the fact that Sega Dreamcast has RPG games like Phantasy Stars etc.
       However, don't forget about Final Fantasy and Draqon Quest. One
       Final Fantasy game alone can sell more than ten Sega Dreamcast
       games or perhaps even more. And, according to Sega, it seems like
       sales of Sega Dreamcast has started to decline in Japan. Perhaps,
       it's because that everyone is saving money to buy a PlayStation 2.
       [Did anyone mention about Square Millennium Show???]
       As for online gaming, i don't really care much. Of course, the
       ability to play online games with your friends is cool [Of course,
       money too.] I personally think that online support isn't that
       important when it comes to RPG. Of course, i may be wrong. That's
       just personal opinion. It just makes me wonder how RPGs like Final
       Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XI are going to provide online support
       to compete with Sega Dreamcast. Perhaps, just download some datas,
       i suppose. In my opinion, online support appeals more to outside
       Japan like US.
       As for the PlayStation 2 launch games, i think they are incredible.
       Street Fighter Ex 3, a new Ridge Racer from Namco, Gran Turismo
       2000 and so on... Overall, i still can't comment anything as i do
       not have a PlayStation 2 yet. Keep a look out at Tekken Tag
       Tournament for the PlayStation 2. I think it will beat Sega Dream-
       cast's Soul Calibur. And, i suppose Tekken 4 will be on the
       PlayStation 2. Will Namco make games for Sony PlayStation 2 or
       Sega Dreamcast? I don't think that Namco will make many games
       for Sega Dreamcast like Tekken 4 even though Namco's Soul Calibur
       is on the Dreamcast. That's because no other system can handle
       Soul Calibur perfectly, other than Sega Dreamcast in 1999, right?
       Get what i am trying to say?
       As for Nintendo's Dolphin, I can't comment anything. But, we can
       be sure that the Nintendo's Dolphin will be on par with the Play-
       Station 2 in terms of specifications.
       When Bill Gates announced that Microsoft is making a console system
       called X-Box, it sent shockwaves to everyone. Hardware manufacturer
       companies like Nintendo, Sony and Sega, whom have dominated the
       console market for years are definitely going to be affected by it.
       MicroSoft may be an expert when it comes to all PC-related stuff.
       But on how to get as many third-party developers to work on the
       games for X-Box, MicroSoft does need to learn from these masters
       like Nintendo and Sony. MicroSoft reveals that the X-Box is twice
       as powerful as the PlayStation 2 and clearly enough, this poses
       a threat to the promising future of PlayStation 2. Why? If games
       like Metal Gear Solid get released in both X-Box and PlayStation 2,
       the X-Box version of Metal Gear Solid will most likely to be better
       than PlayStation 2. If more games play and look better in X-Box,
       the PlayStation 2 will suffer. Given both consoles with the same
       games to choose, which one will you choose? Definitely, the one
       which is more powerful. A console needs to have many exclusive
       games in order to make it a success. PlayStation has many exclusive
       games like Final Fantasy, Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, Tekken
       etc while Nintendo 64 has exclusive games made by Rare, Zelda,
       Mario, Pokemon and manages to survive in the competition. Still,
       Sony needs Square more than any other third-party developers. If
       Square is gone, there will be no Final Fantasties and PlayStation 2
       is really hard to be a success as Sony doesn't have many third-party
       games to keep the PlayStation 2 survive. Remember that games like
       Final Fantasy sold millions worldwide. The total sales of five
       ordinary games can't even match up to a sale of just one Final
       Fantasy game. Square is the triumph card of Sony's future in the
       console market. Just in case you are interested:
                 Graphics       Joypads DVD  Storage   COMMS
       X-Box     150m polys/sec    4    Yes  8 GB HD   Ethernet/USB
       PS2        60m polys/sec    2    Yes  8 MB card USB/Firewire
       Dreamcast  12m polys/sec    4    No   128K VMU  56K modern/Exp Bus
    30)What about Nintendo's Dolphin?
       I don't know. Nintendo hasn't made any official announcement
       about Dolphin. But, you can expect it to be a great system,
       just like PlayStation 2 with many advanced chips. I personally
       believe that the next Nintendo system will be another name,
       definitely not Dolphin, which i think it sounds awesome. Dolphin
       is perhaps just a codename. The new Nintendo system will definitely
       be on par with PlayStation 2, if not perhaps better. This time,
       i expect Nintendo's new system to be CD/DVD-based, instead of
       sticking to the old cartridge format. [Refer to above questions
       for more details.] Dolphin will definitely be released either in
       2001 or even later.
    31)Will Square ever move to Nintendo or Sega?
       As for Sega, it's very unlikely and i honestly don't wish that
       to happen. The market in Japan is quite small for Dreamcast yet.
       There's still a possibility that Square might join Nintendo in
       According to a report, this is what it says:
       Before the PlayStation came along, Square had a long history of
       being a very Nintendo-system-centric publisher. It looks like
       that could soon change as a recent comment made by Square's
       President, Tomoyuki Takechi, makes it sound like the company
       might once again be in Nintendo's corner. Square held an event in
       mid-July to allow the American press to meet with members of
       design teams behind future US titles like Final Fantasy VIII,
       Saga Frontier 2 and Vagrant Story. The event was headlined by a
       speech from Takechi, who started his address with one main note-
       something we were not expected at all. Square is interested in
       Nintendo's Dolphin.
       "The gaming industry is becoming more and more exciting judging
       from the recent announcement of the next-generation Dolphin
       machine from Nintendo at E3," he said.
       The quote by itself could carry little more meaning than Square's
       surprise to hear of Nintendo's next platform, but when, how and
       to whom this information was presented makes it all the more
       curious. As previously stated, this was his first main comment-
       and it definitely was not prompted by any line of questioning.
       Takechi clearly wanted to deliver the message of the company's
       excitement over the system;it was quite unexpected, and frankly
       a bit surreal. A large reason it was such a surprise was that
       he delivered this message to the American media, who for the
       most part tend to read into information far more than the
       Japanese media. Takechi had to have known that this statement
       would be construed as something more.
       When we questioned the Final Fantasy VIII team on whether or not
       they could see the Final Fantasy series ever returning to a
       Nintendo platform, they responded saying that while the
       Dolphin is intriguing, they wouldn't make a decision until they
       had seen its final specs. Even so, it's extremely interesting
       to hear Square's excitment over the Dolphin system-that they
       would go on record in the system's support makes one wonder
       just how strong their loyalty for Sony is. 
       This report is found in Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue #122
    32)What is Final Fantasy the Movie? Is it a game? Will Final Fantasy
       the Movie has some story connections with the past Final
       No. It's just a movie made by Square using computer-generated
       graphics. Final Fantasy the Movie will hit the world's theaters
       in 2001. From what i have heard, Final Fantasy the Movie will
       star a whole new cast of characters. See the old man in one of
       the screenshots? It's computer-generated graphics but it's hard
       to tell the difference between him and a real man. The list of
       actors who will be providing voices for the movie were recently
       announced, and include such heavyweights as Alec Baldwin (The
       Hunt for Red October) and Ving Rhames (Mission:Impossible). Other
       cast members include Ming-na Wen (Mulan), James Woods (Contact),
       Donald Sutherland (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Steve Buscemi
       (Armageddon) and Peri Gilpn (Frasier). Quite a lot of big names
       for a movie based around a video game world, eh? This $70
       million project is currently under way at Square's Hawaii-based
       studios. [Hopefully, we can to see our famous favourite bird,
       chocobo in the movie as well.]
    33)I heard about the Final Fantasies Collection and Final
       Fantasy Anthology? Can you explain to me what is it all
       Final Fantasy Collection is a compilation that contains the
       Japanese Final Fantasy IV [II in US], Final Fantasy V [Never
       released in the United States before] and Final Fantasy VI
       [III in US]. Due to time constraint, Final Fantasy Collection
       will be released in the United States as Final Fantasy
       Anthology without Final Fantasy IV and it will contain only
       Final Fantasy V [Never released in the US] and Final Fantasy
       VI. To make up for the loss of Final Fantasy IV, Square added
       a music CD containing favourite scores from Final Fantasy V
       and Final Fantasy VI. Both Final Fantasy Anthology and
       Collection are available now. A few enhancments have been
       made to the game such as CG, a bonus option for Final
       Fantasy VI etc.
    34)Why isn't Final Fantasy IV released as one of the package in
       Final Fantasy Anthology?
       Honestly, i am not sure why. It can be because that there is
       time constraints. Don't forget that Square needs to translate
       Final Fantasy VIII at the same time so that Final Fantasy
       VIII can be released to the market in September. Some say that
       Square has to cancel off the plans to release Final Fantasy
       IV in the package, is due to the lengthy text and therefore,
       more time have to be spent on translating. However, it doesn't
       make any sense since Final Fantasy IV has been released as
       Final Fantasy II before. Thirdly, it can be because that there
       are two versions of Final Fantasy IV, the easy and the hard
       versions. Final Fantasy Collection had the easy version instead.
       As for the actual reason why, I am not pretty sure. [But, that
       goes my chance of having to try Final Fantasy IV.]
    35)Where or how can I draw Apocalypse magics?
       You can draw Apocalypse magics from Ultimecia: Her Final Form.
       Besides that, other than using a gameshark to get it, i don't
       think you can draw it from anywhere else. If anyone knows it,
       feel free to inform me and I will give you credits. Apocalypse
       magic is by far the strongest spell, if not slightly more lethal
       than Ultima magic. But the bad thing is you can only draw it
       from Ultimecia and that means you cannot junction Apocalypse
       to your character statistics.
    36)Someone told me about Seifer's R1 gunblade that worked like Squall.
       Is it true?
       Yes it is, but timing is a little bit faster, and more difficult.
       However, his limit break, Fire Cross: No Mercy does not have this
       R1 feature help like Squall's Renzokuken.
    37)I have problems finding Grasharaboras/Doomtrain. Can you help me?
       Refer to the G.F list and strategy. You can refer to other
       faqs or walkthroughs. You need to have 6x Remedy Plus, 6x
       Steel Pipe, 6x Malboro Tentacle and 1x Solomon's Ring.
    38)Will Square release sequel to games like Chrono Trigger,
       Secret of Mana?
       Yes. Chrono Cross, the sequel to Chrono Trigger and Legend of
       Mana has been released in Japan. The US version will probably
       arrive next year. Other games that Square is making includes
       Vagrant Story, Parasite Eve, Dew Prism and so on. You can
       expect all to be a great game. However, sadly, the team from
       Dragon Quest will not be helping Square to develop Chrono
       Cross. As you know, Akira Toriyama (fame for Dragonball) is
       responsible for the character design in Chrono Trigger. One
       look at Crono, and you will notice that his hair, appearance
       resembles Goku, a character from Dragonball. As Akira
       Toriyama has to help Enix for Dragon Quest VII, he is unable to
       help Square in the Chrono Cross project. Anyway, you can
       expect all games to be great!
    39)Do you know there is a comic based on Final Fantasy VIII?
       Indeed, this is true. The comic is being released in Hong kong,
       and will follow every plot in Final Fantasy VIII. Thanks to
       Kaze Yagami who told me about the existence of the comics. If
       anyone wants to know more about Final Fantasy VIII, this is
       a good chance now, provided that you know how to read chinese
       word characters. Also, the comic can also be found in Singapore.
       However, you must be warned that the comic can be misleading
       in certain plots. And, it's not officially licensed by Square
       and from what i have heard, due to copyrights, the comics
       have been banned, even in Hong Kong. Right now, i don't think
       i can find any more Final Fantasy VIII comics in Singapore.
       The new issues aren't coming anymore...
    40)When is PocketStation released in the United States?
       Probably 2000 or later. Sony hasn't made any announcement yet.
       You just have to wait and see.
    41)I heard that the loading times are extremely long for Final
       Fantasy Anthology/Final Fantasy Collection.
       Yes. The load times are extremely long, even longer than Final
       Fantasy VII and VIII. I have Final Fantasy Anthology and i think
       Final Fantasy VI has the longest load times. Many people were
       very displeased with the long loadings. Both Final Fantasy V and
       Final Fantasy VI suffer serious slowdowns.
    42)Where can i find Card Queen in disc four? You mention that it is
       in Abandon Plains. I have searched almost everywhere but to no
       avail and Abandon Plains is just too big.
       The Queen is found in the escape retrieval pod in Abandon Plains
       just at the southern most tip of Esthar Continent. It's invisible
       in the world map. Simply land your Ragnarok nearby and make your
       way to the southern tip. The world map screen will change to the
       field screen and you should see card queen.
       I got several mails, asking me about the exact location of Card
       Queen. The location is rather tricky. Notice that the major region
       of Esthar Continent is being surrounded by huge wire frames or
       walls. It's located just outside this major region in the south.
       Try going into the main menu and check if you are in Abandon Plains.
       [Assuming if you are outside this 'major region'!] Then, just land
       your Ragnarok and walk south.
       I have to admit i do have problems finding the Card Queen at first.
       Just be patient! If you simply just walk along the southern tips,
       you will definitely encounter Card Queen.
       The location is the same as where you discover Piet in in disc
       Refer to my basic card guide for more details.
    43)I can't seem to figure out the riddles or puzzles in a particular
       Chocobo Forest?
       Refer to Scott Ong's faq/walkthrough. He has typed out a very
       precise and detailed solution to solve the riddles in each Chocobo
       Forest. Therefore, i won't be going through this.
    44)What's wrong with your Crisis level theory? At Dollet city, when
       Seifer is at 100% of his HP with the two other remaining party
       members dead, i can use Seifer's limit breaks all the time. You
       don't really need to have 84% of his total HP?
       Bingo! The theory is correct but it's just that you have forgotten
       something. You did mention that two other members are dead, did
       you? If you look at the negative status bonus table in the limit
       break section, you should notice that it will increase your crisis
       level up by 16%. So, 84% + 16%= 100%. Doesn't that prove the theory?
       If you still don't believe, try reviving your two other members
       alive and check if you still can use limit break when Seifer is
       at 100% of his max HP. Of course, the same concepts applies to
       everybody, without using any Aura spell.
    45)I can't defeat Omega Weapon! He's too strong! I can't believe it.
       You can actually beat Omega Weapon without using any Hero Drink
       or Holy Wars Drink or summon a Guardian Force, Phoenix.
       Refer to the secret section in my basic guide or my weapon
       faqs if you really need help. If you want to find out how to get
       Hero Drink or Holy Wars Drink, you can find it in my weapon faqs 
       too or at the additional section. The process of refining is
       rather tedious and take quite a lot of time. Anyway, good luck!
       Lastly, i can't believe it! People are too relying on Hero 
       Drinks or Holy Wars Drink. Even game guides written from
       certain game magazines said that you need to use Hero Drinks.
       The fact is i have beaten Omega Weapon several times without
       using any of these items.
    46)I have forgotten to draw a particular Guardian Force? How do i
       get the Guardian Force back? [Very Frequently-Asked]
       If you are playing the Japanese version, you can't redraw it again,
       meaning you can only use a gameshark. But, if you are playing the
       US version, you can redraw it from the enemies in Ultimecia Castle
       in disc 4. This method applies only to the US version. The list
       of Guardian Forces that can be redraw at disc 4 are Siren,
       Carbuncle, Leviathan, Pandemona, Cerberus, Alexander and Eden.
       only. Refer to my US/Japanese/Demo version differences faq if
       you want to know more about the good and bad points of this
       redrawing. Also, i have added in the names of sub-bosses which
       you can draw Guardian Forces from in my Basic Guide faq, as well
       as my Boost/Compatibility faq.
    47)Hey, you are wrong for saying that once you have forgotten to draw
       a Guardian Force, as you can draw them in disc 4 at Ultimecia
       Castle. You can draw these Guardian Forces from the respective
       sub-bosses in Ultimecia Castle...blah...blah...blah... [Hmm... it
       seems endless to me!!!]
       Hmm... i know your good intentions. Thanks for describing everything
       so detail. This is just an example of a junk mail. Sorry, i am not
       criticising you but.........
       Did i ever say i don't know that? I am saying that for the Japanese
       version, if you miss drawing a Guardian Force, the Guardian Force
       will be gone forever unless you use a gameshark. Only the US
       version [and perhaps the PC version as well] has this feature that
       allows you to draw your Guardian Forces in disc 4 at Ultimecia
       Castle. Get that?
    48)Is it possible to get Guardian Force, Griever?
       Very unlikely! It could just be a rumor. Anyway, don't worry about
       this! However, Griever has an attack called Shockwave Pulsar. It's
       her strongest attack. Quistis can learn Shockwave Pulsar if you
       can find one Dark Matter. Shockwave Pulsar is Quistis's strongest
       limit break, which can deal past 9999HP.
    49)What is the use of Amnesia Greens?
       Basically, all the 16 Guardian Forces can learn only up to a
       maximum of 22 abilities. Now, in case you think that one of the
       ability is useless and wants the Guardian Force to learn another
       useful ability, for example Revive. First, use Amnesia Greens to
       make the Guardian Force forget that ability. Then, use Phoenix
       Spirit and your Guardian Force will learn the Revive command.
    50)I have sold the Magical Lamp? What can i do? What about Diablos?
       Sorry, i really don't know. I haven't tried to sell it before.
    51)How do i get Proof of Friendship and Mog's Amulet?
       I don't know. Please don't ask me anything that has to do with
       PocketStation. I have already stated everything i know about
       PocketStation in my faqs. I don't have a PocketStation so you
       have come to the wrong person. I strongly advise you to ask
       other people around, especially for those who has written a
       PocketStation faq. If you don't have a PocketStation and wants
       to play the Choco World, buy the PC version instead.
    52)How or where can i find all the four Occult Fans and what is the
       use of them?
       You can find information on the four Occult fan in my Basic
       guide faq or my Boost/Compatibility faq. The four Occult fans
       tell you hints about certain Guardian Forces, particularly
    53)I am now in disc four and i discovered that i have missed the
       last two Occult Fan, which are Occult III and IV. What should
       i do? Can i get them again?
       Sorry, no! Once you miss these two Occult Fans, III and IV, you
       can't get them again in disc 4. Anyway, don't worry! You don't
       really need these four Occult Fans to get all the Guardian
       Forces. You can really do without them.
    54)What's the use of collecting Combat King Magazines, Pet
       Pal Magazines and Timber Magazines?
       It lets you learn new limit breaks for Zell and Rinoa. Refer
       to my limit break section in basic guide faq or my limit
       breaks faq for more details. Timber Magazines tell you more
       informations about Laguna. Remember he's a journalist and has
       been to many places. The timber magazines are basically a record
       of his journey, nothing much! You can view it by going to the
       Balamb network in the classroom of Balamb Garden.
    55)You idiot! What kind of final Fantasy expert are you? Do you
       know how to solve Obel Lake mystery? Why do you ask me to
       refer to Scott Ong's walkthrough/faq Part II? Is it that you
       don't know?
       This is an example of a junk mail i got and the critics i
       received. I do know about the Obel Lake mystery and i have
       solved it quite long ago. To my surprise, there are quite
       a number of people asking me about Obel Lake mystery. To
       make things short, the process of finding the rocks and
       treasures are quite long and i am LAZY to describe   
       everything in detail so i ask you to refer to Scott Ong
       faq. This is because he has written quite a detail explanation
       on how to solve Obel Lake mystery. Yes, if there is 1 person
       asking, i don't mind typing but how about four to five or
       even ten persons? All right, the way to solve Obel Lake
       mystery can be found in my basic guide faq in the secret
       section. You might want to refer to Scott Ong's faq for
       more information. So, enough of agruments?
    56)I know of a good way to beat Ultima weapon. Use hero drink on your
       characters and Ultima weapon will not be able to hurt you.
       Hey, come on! Isn't that obvious? Why waste the trouble and use a
       precious Hero drink on just a 'little troublesome' weapon when you
       can finish it off with just a few hits of Renzokuken and Armageddon
       Fist? [Hey, i didn't even use one single hero drink or holy wars
       drink when i beat Omega weapon, so why use these items when beating
       against Ultima weapon?]
    57)How do i get Squall's Lion Heart?
       This is a question which i always refuse to answer because i got
       the same questions everyday from my mailbox. Just look around and
       scan through other faqs.
    58)How do i get Quistis's Shockwave Pulsar limit break?
       Look at my basic guide faq on the limit break section or my
       limit break faq.
    59)How do i get Pulse Ammo, Energy Crystal, Dragon Fang, Admantine
       Again, it's the same thing. Just scan through other faqs. I am
       tired of repeating these over and over again. I hope you can
       understand that.
    60)What's the use of collecting cards?
       There isn't really any rewards. However, through Quezacotl's
       card mod ability, you can convert certain rare cards to some
       rare items. For example, one is converting 1x Laguna card to
       100x Hero drinks, and another one is converting 1x Gilgamesh
       card to 10x Holy Wars. Both Hero drinks and Holy Wars drinks
       are a valuable assets, especially when you are fighting against
       tough bosses like Omega Weapon. Of course, if you are good, you
       can don't use it. But, don't skip playing the card games just
       because it does not have any rewards. In my opinion, it's far
       more rewarding than the lame mini-games in Final Fantasy VII,
       [Other than Chocobo breeding which i really love it!] in terms
       of strategic thinking. And, if you really want to enjoy Final
       Fantasy VIII to the fullest, you can't miss the card game.
    61)What's the use of the organ found in Ultimecia Castle?
       Go to the organ and choose to play the organ. Press L1, R1,
       L2, R2, Circle, Square, X, Triangle simulaneously. Now, exit
       to return back to the courtyard and take the passage to the
       right. You will notice that the hole in the wall to the right
       is now opened. Enter and it will lead you to another new area.
       Walk through the passage and at the next screen, search the
       top-right corner of the screen for a Rosetta Stone.
    62)Hey, can you tell me where are all the locations of the bosses
       found in Ultimecia Castle so that i can unlock all my abilities,
       save option and so on, as well as telling me how to beat those
       It seems like i got more than one such mails. I will not be so
       STUPID to list down all the locations of the bosses and tell you
       HOW to beat them. If you are in need of help in finding or beating
       a boss, tell me the name of the boss and be more specific why you
       can't find it or can't beat it and i will help you. Several of the
       bosses are pretty obvious to find and easy to beat and it will be
       a waste of time typing. I will rather do other work, such as doing
       my school homework or revision, spent my time updating faqs or
       writing reviews etc. Get that? Should you need help in Ultimecia
       Castle, refer to walkthroughs or other faqs such as those written
       by Scott Ong.
    63)Can you tell me the passwords? I enter an art gallery at Ultimecia
       Castle and there are many paintings around. I am at a loss and
       don't know what to do.
       Press the confirmation button to view all the paintings if you
       wish, but most importantly, these three paintings must be viewed.
       They are Vivdarium, Intervigilium and Viator.
       Wonder how do you derive at the password? It's pretty obvious! Take
       a look at the clock and take note of the messages found in the
       paintings. You should be able to figure out the passwords, if not,
       see below.
       Next, go to left wall on the first floor and input all these
       passwords in order: Vivdarium, Intervigilium and Viator. You will
       then encounter a boss fight with Trauma.
    64)Have you ever heard of the Battle/Character/GF Report? If yes,
       why didn't you mention it in your faqs?
       Yes. I did know it very long ago. But, it is just that i am too
       lazy to mention these things in my faqs. Anyway, those report
       cards aren't really much important, in my opinion. These
       reports simply give you summary of what you have done such
       as how many steps you have taken, how many battles you have
       encountered and so on. You can really do without them and i
       mean it! If you want more information on these reports, please
       refer to Scott Ong's faq/walkthrough part II. And, just to let
       you know, i have just added some information regarding these
       Report cards recently. So, don't argue anymore!
    65)Why isn't Ward present in Laguna scenario at the Trabia Canyon?
       That depends on the Timber Maniacs. Refer to below for more
       There are two Timber Maniacs you can find in Balamb but you can
       only pick one up (the other one will disappear). One is as above
       in the hotel, and the other is in the train station. Reading the
       one at the hotel will cause Laguna to get drunk in the later event,
       while choosing the one at the station will not. Dialogues between 
       Laguna and his friends will also be slightly changed. If you read
       the TimberManiac in Shumi Village before you cleared the Laguna
       Trabia Canyon event, Ward will not be in the party in the Trabia
       Canyon event. You can view his saga at the Balamb Garden Network
       homepage hosted by Selphie.
    66)I can't beat Sorceress Adel? Can you help me?
       Hmm...i am not pretty sure why some people find Sorceress Adel hard
       to beat. Perhaps, that has to do with the method of junctioning.
       In fact, i find Sorceress Adel to be one of the easiest bosses in
       Final Fantasy VIII.
       Anyway, your aim is to kill Sorceress Adel without letting Rinoa
       hurt. Sorceress Adel will drain Rinoa's HP. So, it's advisable that
       you don't use spells like Ultimas, Meteors, or summon any Guardian
       Forces as this will hurt Rinoa too and that you use cure spells to
       heal Rinoa's HP periodically. Should Rinoa get kill, it will be
       "Game Over" for you.
       My advise is use physical attacks on Sorceress Adel. It is best
       that Squall has 100x Ultimas junctioned to his strength and have
       Lion Heart equipped so that he can have the maximum strength. Let
       the other characters use their physical attacks on Adel too and
       perhaps, one should use cure spell on Rinoa periodically. Remember
       the secret to win this fight lies on physical strength and the
       ability to protect your comrade. It is best to have all the
       priorities given to strength. So, if you can achieve that, this
       fight is a piece of cake.
    67)Can you tell me where i can find Island closest to Hell and Island
       Closest to Heaven?
       Can you recommend me a place where i can easily stock powerful
       First, it was the Japanese version, then the US version and finally,
       the PC version. How many times do i need to repeat? My hand is
       almost numbed as i typing. Anyway, i am just trying to vent out my
       fustration. I am going to repeat this ONE LAST TIME.
       To get to Island Closest to Hell and Island Cloest to Heaven, you
       need the Ragnarok airship, therefore you can only go there from
       disc three onwards after the Lunar Base incident.
       Island Closest to Hell is a long stretch of island located in the
       most eastern part of the world. It is directly east of Galbadia
       Continent, or be more specific, Deling City.
       Island Closest to Heaven is north of the Lunar Gate and east of
       Trabia Garden. It is a rather small island found in the north-
       eastern part of the world. Also, it is north of the Grandidi
       Forest, that huge patch of forest north of Esthar Continent.
       Notice that there are quite a few islands there? Yes, one of them
       is Island Closest to Heaven.
       Both Island Closest to Hell and Island Of Heaven have countless
       hidden draw points but also populated with tough monsters ripe
       for spell drawing. The monsters there give a lot of experiences
       and AP and are some good places for levelling up. The monsters
       that can be found there include Ruby Dragon, Blue Dragon, Malboro
       and so on.
       Just in case, you do not wish to fight and want to stock up good
       spells, equip Encounter-None and perhaps also Siren's Move/Find
       ability. Then simply walk around the island and rapidly press the 
       confirmation button to draw magics from drawpoints. Of course, the
       most basic thing that you need to do before you can draw magics,
       is to let your character equip the draw command, right?
    68)Where can i find Admantine and Blue Dragon?
       Blue Dragon can be found in Island Closest to Hell. [Refer to above
       for more details.] To get Admantine, one of the ways is to defeat
       Admantoise in Long Horn Island. [Remember the huge turtles in
       Final Fantasy VII?] Did you see an island place horizontally north
       of Galbadia Continent? That's the place. Long Horn Island is
       located northwest of Dollet City. And, take note that it can only
       be accessed by Ragnarok alone. Simply walk along the coast and
       you will encounter huge turtles, Admantine.
       Remember to steal Whisper from Adamantine, which is one of the
       blue magic item for Quistis's limit break. Whisper allows Quistis
       to learn White Wind.
    69)Why can't i enter the towns or cities at disc four? Now, i can't
       play anymore card games.
       Remember that Squall and the party is undergoing some sort of time
       compression? The place maybe the same but the era is different.
       Take some time to think about it!
    70)Hey, i took your advice and i had been stealing or defeating a
       certain monster, yet i still can't get the item i want? [Often
       ask, especially when that person is finding certain item(s) to
       remodel his weapon or learn Quistis's blue magic.]
       Depending on your average party's level, the level of the monsters
       is variable. This is due to parallel levels. At different levels,
       the monsters drop different items. Get it? And, because of this,
       you may consider using Tonberry's Level Up or Level Down ability
       to adjust the monster(s)' levels so as to get the item(s) that you
    71)Then, do you have a list of what items the monsters will drop at
       different levels?
       Sorry, i don't have it. You might want to refer to other faqs.
    72)Do you have a world map of Final Fantasy VIII?
       If i have a scanner, i won't be repeating myself, answering the
       same questions over and over again. Get what i mean?
    73)I am playing the Final Fantasy VIII PC version. Your faqs covers
       the PlayStation version. Can you list down the configuration for
       the PC version?
       Hmm... i am sorry! First of all, I do not have the PC version. I
       have gone to my one of my friends' house who has a copy of Final
       Fantasy VIII PC version. He simply shows me the game for about a
       few minutes. As for the PC version configuration, i am not
       really sure. Unless I have a copy of PC version and that many
       people have requested me to list down the configuration, if not,
       i don't think i will do it. Till then, I didn't get that many
       requests. Other than confguration differences, the rest should
       more or less be the same. Try reading the instruction manual.
       This might help you.
    74)I know of a good way to defeat the fake president of Deling,
       Gergero. Use phoenix Down to end the fight as soon as possible.
       And, if you have already known this, what's your excuse for not
       putting this in your faq? Please give me credits for that.
       I already know this beforehand. The reason why i didn't add this
       information to my faq is because it's not related to what i want
       to put in my faqs. I am not writing a walkthrough faq and neither
       do i write a boss faq. So, do you think this is neccessary??? This
       is an example of another junk mail that i do not wish to get. I
       am not criticising you or whatever. I appreciate that for telling
       me but...... I hope i didn't offend anyone. Even if you don't use
       Phoenix Down, the fight with Gerogero is pretty easy. Besides, you
       can take your time to draw some good spells from him. Get that???
    75)I can't seem to get Guardian Force, Cactuar. That's because he ran
       away when I wanted to fight him. Can you explain why and tell me
       what i should do?
       To get Guardian Force, Cactuar, you need to defeat Jumbo Cactuar in
       the desert area at Cactuar Island. You should see a small green
       Cactuar that juts out of the island. Go into contact with it to
       encounter a fight with Jumbo Cactuar. The reason why Jumbo Cactuar
       runs away is because you take too long to defeat him. When a message
       flashes across the screen and says something like, "Jumbo Cactuar
       is hesitating..." it indicates that Jumbo Cactuar is about to run
       away. When this message pops up, keep attacking him, preferably
       using water attacks or summon Guardian Force, Leviathan as Jumbo
       Cactuar is weak against water. This will prevent Jumbo Cactuar from
       running away. So, should he run away, too bad for you because you
       have to fight all over again. Is that clear enough for you???
    76)Can you make a Final Fantasy VIII faq based on the PC version???
       Sorry, no!!! As mentioned in the above question, I don't have a
       copy of Final Fantasy VIII for the PC and it's very unlikely that
       i will buy one. If you want a faq for the PC, try asking other
       faq writers. Perhaps, Scott Ong, Aya Brea...??? I am not sure if
       they have Final Fantasy VIII PC version but it's worth giving a
       try by asking them.
    77)What is/are your opinion(s) of Square's release of screenshots of
       Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X, and Final Fantasy XI in the
       Square Millennium Show?
       Hmm...recently, i got quite a lot of mails from people asking me
       for information about Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X and Final
       Fantasy XI. When i took a look at the message boards found in
       gamefaqs, i was rather surprised to see people discussing about
       Square and the future Final Fantasies. I didn't know what happen
       then, until i surfed the net and knew about the Square Millennium
       Show. I expected Square to release information about Final Fantasy
       IX but......... Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XI- indeed a real
       What can i say? Do you think it is possible for Square to work on
       all three Final Fantasies at the same time? Definitely, impossible.
       But think about it, Square has a respectable reputation for making
       RPG games. I am sure many talented developers are waiting in a long
       queue for a chance to join Square. That's what Square normally does.
       Luring talented developers and make games like Tobal No. 1, Final
       Fantasy Tactics etc for them. I am not criticising Square. But,
       with a large number of staff, there may be a possibility. I don't
       Final Fantasy IX will be released for the PlayStation in Japan this
       summer, followed by both Final Fantasy X and XI for PlayStation 2
       in subsequent years. Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XI are said
       to have online support. [Compete with Dreamcast, huh?] How this
       online will be liked, i am not pretty sure. Perhaps, some sort of
       downloading certain datas from the internet.
       Perhaps, the greatest excitement is about Final Fantasy IX. Why?
       First of all, i heard a rumour saying that Yoshitaka Amano will
       be back to design the artworks for Final Fantasy IX. I also heard
       that Final Fantasy IX will feature deformed characters. But, don't
       worry! It's not something like the deformed polygonal characters
       in Final Fantasy VII. I suppose it's going to be animated using
       some textures or shading. I am not pretty sure. It could be wrong
       too! Anyway, with Yoshitaka Amano, the legendary artist that makes
       Final Fantasy dream possible, you can expect the artworks to be
       great, right?
       Secondly, according to certain sources, I heard that Final Fantasy
       IX will have CRYSTALS and the plot will be more like tradition 
       instead of having a futuristic setting. [Did anyone mention Final 
       Fantasy V?] And, there's also black wizards in this fantasy world
       of IX. [Does that give a hint that the widely successful Job
       system or Ability Point system will be back?] Obviously, these
       could be just a rumour. I can't confirm it either. So, don't blame
       me. Perhaps, only when the final version comes, then the mystery
       can unfold. If not, at least a demo game, please?
       Now, here comes the sad news. I am not sure if i am right! So,
       don't blame me. I heard that Nobuo Uematsu will be retiring. What
       does that mean? Does that mean that Nobuo Uematsu will not compose
       any tunes for the upcoming Final Fantasy IX or even future Final
       Fantasies? Nobuo Uematsu is by far my second favourite composer,
       with Yasunori Mitsuda ranking top. It's sad to hear that and let's
       hope that this is not true and that Nobuo Uematsu is just taking a
       This is just my speculation. The screenshots of Final Fantasy IX to
       Final Fantasy XI aren't many so we can't really judge and conclude
       anything from it. But, one thing we can conclude is that. Square
       has already planned for the future. What do I mean? Perhaps, they
       have already developed a plot for both Final Fantasy X and XI but
       have not started on making them yet. Possible, right? All they
       show was the FMV or CG, not even a single combat scene or whatever.
       [Surely, before you start making an RPG game, you need to write out
       the plot first and plan everything, right? Perhaps, there are
       exceptions. A talented game developer who can plan the story and
       design the game at the same time. Yuji Hori? I don't know.] Anyway,
       it's a good thing that Square has planned everything beforehand,
       right? So, when Final Fantasy IX is finished, they can immediately
       start work on Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XI without wasting
       any unneccessary time on planning, right?
       Lastly, i have to stress that this is just sheer guessing. It could
       be right or wrong. I don't know. Indeed, the Square Millennium Show
       is full of surprises. Yeah, a surprise from Square to start the
       millennium. [Does that indicate anything?]
    78)Why is there a word, 'Final' in the series yet the series never
       seem to end?
       This is actually history. I can guarantee that almost 8 out of
       10 who has played at least one Final Fantasy out of these eight
       gams don't know why it is called 'Final.' For more information,
       you can refer to other sites like www.videogames.com. There
       is a feature there, covering on the history of Role Playing
       Games. Okay, just in case, you are interested. I will briefly
       describe it.
       Many years back, Square was on the verge of closing down. They
       needed a game that would really sell. They saw Enix's Dragon
       Quest and the sales were a big phenomenon in Japan. For your
       information, Yuji Hori did the script for Dragon Quest and
       Akira Toriyama [Fame and Creator of Dragon Ball!] did all the
       artworks. Creator of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi had an
       intuition. Why not create something like Enix's Dragon Quest
       and improve the basic formula of the game? "Will the game
       sell?" his boss asked. Hironobu Sakaguchi replied, "Yes!"
       Together with Yoshitaka Amano, responsible for Final Fantasy
       artworks, and Nobuo Uematsu, the famous composer, began work
       on this so-called 'Final' game and if this 'Final' game wasn't
       a hit, Square is finished. The 'final' game was then known as
       'Final Fantasy.' Luckily, the first Final Fantasy managed to
       sell quite well, though sales in Japan didn't exceed that of
       Dragon Quest but it managed to keep Square alive.
       So, do you think there is a need to change the series to 'Immortal
       Fantasy?' I suppose no. As long as there is Final Fantasy fanchise
       and Square maintains the quality, Final Fantasy series will never
       end. However, Yoshitaka Amano wasn't involved in creating artworks
       for Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII. I really hope that
       Yoshitaka Amano will be back again. [Hmm... I heard a rumour saying
       that Yoshitaka Amano will be designing the artworks for Final
       Fantasy IX. Hopefully, this is true!!!]
    79)What is the difference between Square and SquareSoft?
       Square is the main developer of this mega RPG franchise in Japan.
       They are responsible for developing games and that includes
       hiring a programmer, graphic designer and so on. Square publish
       the games they made in Japan.
       SquareSoft is the main headquarter of Square in the United States,
       responsible for translating Square games. In 1998, Square and
       Electronic Arts merged to form a new company called Square
       Electronic Art or SquareEA for short, which is responsible
       for publishing Square titles in the United States, as well
       as in European countries. [Thanks to SquareEA as we will able
       to see Square's masterpiece, Xenogears in 1998 to reach the
       United States.] Games that have been published by SquareEA
       includes Parasite Eve, Brave Fencer Musashi, Final Fantasy
       Anthology, Final Fantasy VIII and so on.
       There is also another headquarter in Honolulu Hawaii called
       Square U.S.A. And, note that since 1992, Square of Japan
       has been changed to SquareSoft of Japan.
    80)I heard that there is a program which allows you to view
       PlayStation CGs in your PC. Is it true?
       The URL is http://www.phoenix.net/~feldon/psxvideo.html
       Indeed, you can. Go to the above URL to download the programs
       and read the explanations there to understand how to use it.
       CGs or FMVs are created in .Str files and what the program
       does is to read these .Str files. Both PSXVideo and PSXPlay
       allows you to view any PlayStation CGs that are in .Str
       format on your PC. PSXVideo allows you to take screenshots.
       However, you must bear in mind that you will need a CDFind
       file to extract .Str files into your hard drive. And, note
       that .Str files very huge and it's all about hundreds of
    81)Where or how can i find older Final Fantasy games?
       You can try and download a Nes or a SNES emulator, as well as
       the roms from the internet. A Nes/SNES emulator is a program
       which allows you to play Nes/SNES games on your PC. But, you
       need the rom to play the games. Rom is actually the game itself.
       There are quite a number of emulators available that are designed
       to play various console games such as ZSNES emulator to play
       SNES games, Bleem to play PS games and so on. Simply type in
       either emulator or rom in any search engine and you will have
       a whole list of sites which you can refer to.
    82)When did you actually start writing a faq?
       It was actually more than a year in November'1998. I was reading
       Henry Chan's faq on Tactics Orge and an idea suddenly struck me!
       At that time, i had just passed my 15th birthday. [Right now, i
       am 16.] I was playing the US version of Brave Fencer Musashi at
       that time. Somehow, there wasn't any strategy guides available
       for the US Brave Fencer Musashi so i decided to give it a try.
       Though it wasn't a school project, writing a faq is a pretty
       challenging task for me. My second faq was of course Final
       Fantasy VIII demo. Since i have the demo disc packed with Brave
       Fencer Musashi, i decided to start off with my second faq. My
       third faq will be Final Fantasy VIII, followed by Metal Gear
       Solid Integral and Thousand Arms. I am a huge Final Fantasy fan
       and i imported the Japanese version as well and decided to write
       a Basic Guide on it. However, there were many errors in my faq
       since the game was Japanese and special thanks to Kaze Yagami
       <Yagami@pacific.net.sg> for clearing up my doubts. Between
       September'1999 and November'1999, i was having a major exam so
       i stopped writing faqs for several months until December'1999.
       Right now, i have written quite a few faqs on Brave Fencer Musashi,
       Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy VIII Demo and Metal Gear Solid 
       Integral, as well as several reviews on my favourite games at 
       www.gamefaqs.com. Feel free to give me any comments!
    83)Which game do you think have taken the PlayStation technology to
       extreme limits?
       It's either Gran Turismo 2 or Metal Gear Solid. Gran Turismo 2's
       graphic is truly awesome, with a more advanced Al than its
       original. But, in terms of graphics, Al, ram memory, creativity,
       sound effects, music, voices, i will nominate Metal Gear Solid. 
       It's truly an original game. It's not Resident Evil or Parasite Eve
       style. The setting of the game is quite similar to most Hollywood 
       films and that's what i like about it. [Reminds me of Bond and 
       Jackie Chan.] And then, the ability to view in first person mode,
       take photos, view in the scope mode are incredible. Metal Gear
       Solid took around two years to be completed, but sadly, the game
       can be completed in less than 7 hours. According to Hideo Kojima,
       he wanted to make a short game for Metal Gear Solid. Hideo Kojima
       probably felt that there were things left unfinished, therefore 
       returned with the essential "director's cut" called Metal Gear 
       Solid Integral. I suppose you will agree with me that Metal Gear
       Solid has a lot of potential. Just look at the wish list. It's
       interesting to see what Konami can do to Metal Gear as technology
       improves, especially with superconsoles looming over the horizon
       like PlayStation 2 and Dolphin.
       And, I can't forget about Square's latest hit, Vagrant Story- the
       game that surpasses even Metal Gear Solid in terms of realism, Al.
       The characters' motion are so well-captured and the cutscenes
       appear seamlessly. Square is heading the right direction if you
       want to talk about realism. Square seems determined in bridging
       the gaps between movie production and videogames fields and based
       on their recent games, they are very close to doing it.
    84)Which Final Fantasies have you played before? Do you plan to
       write any faqs for other Final Fantasies?
       I have completed only Final Fantasy V to VIII. As for Final
       Fantasy I and IV, I haven't finished these two games yet.
       Final Fantasy V was my first Final Fantasy and I loved it.
       Final Fantasy VI was even better. My favourite Final Fantasy
       series is of course, Final Fantasy VI. I do hope to write a
       faq on Final Fantasy VI in future but considering that there
       are quite a number of faqs already, I guess it is really not
       neccessary for me to write a Final Fantasy VI faq.
    85)Why do you think that Final Fantasy VI is the best?
       I think all the four Final Fantasies i have played are great.
       Each game has a different emphasise. The combat systems,
       storylines are different in each incarnation and it's hard
       to compare. Anyway, i just share with you some of my opinions.
       Hmm... I didn't have a chance to finish FFIIj and FFIIIj. As
       for FFI and FFIV, I played the game halfway many years back.
       Anyway, never mind! Note that i only count the 8 Final Fantasy
       games so I will exclude Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest and Final
       Fantasy Tactics.
       Here's my ranking of all the Final Fantasy i have played:
       1.Final Fantasy VI
       2.Final Fantasy V
       3.Final Fantasy VII
       4.Final Fantasy VIII
       Final Fantasy V has a very deep storyline. The Job system is
       definitely one of the best combat systems. Square took the
       concepts from the past Final Fantasies and further modified
       it. There are at least 100+ of abilities, giving more than
       enough flexibility for strategies. Countless strategies, even
       more than Final Fantasy VI. Countless sidequests just like
       most other Final Fantasies. Even the highly strategy-RPG
       game, Final Fantasy Tactics took the job system from Final
       Fantasy V. The music is really good and the crystal tune is
       definitely one of my favourites. The graphic, overall is quite
       good, considering that it's a game made in 1992. And then,
       there are flying black chocobo, dragons and so on.
       Final Fantasy VI has one of the best storylines. It's the first
       RPG that i played that really handles relationships that well.
       Well, not love relationship. But, kins [Cyan lost his family],
       friendship and so on. The story unfolds in a very mature way and
       each character's destiny is very well described in the game. Each
       character has his or her own music themes and it's hard to decide
       who is the main lead character as everyone seems to be so. The
       games that really come close to Final Fantasy VI in terms of
       story are Chrono Trigger and Xenogears. The graphic has improved
       tenfolds over its previous incarnations. Just look at Final
       Fantasy V and VI and the graphics are asolutely a vast difference.
       The mode 7 effects in the Phantom Train, Opera scene and so on are
       very well, making it one of the most memorable game i have ever
       played. I like kefka's humor too. I think there's no villains that
       come really close to him, not even Sephiroth or Ultimecia. The
       combat system, in my opinion is very innovative with abilities
       like Blitz, Tools. Just like Final Fantasy V, there are certain
       strategies that you need to use to beat certain bosses and enemies.
       The combat system, particularly Esper system, is simple enough to
       understand compared to complex combat system like Materia and
       Final Fantasy VII's prerendered background was beautiful but it
       lacked exploration. The characters were too deformed and the
       designers weren't able to portray the characters' expressions,
       feelings, emotions quite well when compared to games like
       Final Fantasy VIII. The Materia system, limit break system were
       something very innovative. The highly-successful Materia provides
       more than enough flexibility to create materia combinations and
       come out with many different strategies. The integration of
       CG was something cool and it makes Final Fantasy VII play more
       like a cinematic RPG than a traditional RPG. Honestly, i didn't
       really like the prerendered backgrounds. In some areas, because
       of the camera view, the character really looks very tiny. [Mainly
       Cloud!] Combat system moved from 2-D to polygons and Square had
       to reduce the party from four to three so that more details
       can be paid to the individual characters during combat system.
       Nevertheless, Final Fantasy VII has a decent storyline, though
       it is way too much on the futuristic side. There are quite a lot
       of sidequests and mini-games like Chocobo breeding, Gold Saucer
       and so on which i found it really cool!
       Final Fantasy VIII continues the direction that Final Fantasy VII
       is. The story focuses around a love theme. The characters are no
       longer deformed and polygons and are nicely-textured. This allows
       the designers to portray the characters' feelings, emotions etc
       through their behaviours, actions, facial expressions and so on.
       The setting is unlike most other traditional RPGs and creates a
       new level of maturity. There are more CGs than Final Fantasy VII
       and it really looks very awesome than Final Fantasy VII. The
       details on the prerendered backgrounds have been raised. Still,
       the prerendered backgrounds lack the exploration that 2-D and
       3-D polygonal RPGs have. To replace the lame mini-games found
       in Final Fantasy VII, Square has created a mini-card game in
       Final Fantasy VIII. Honestly, i didn't think much about the card
       game until i really got serious in it. You can easily tell that
       it isn't going to be a simple card game designed for three years
       old kids, especially with complex rules like Plus, Same and so on.
       In my opinion, Final Fantasy VIII has a major breakthrough over
       traditional RPGs. It keeps some of the traditional elements like
       chocobos, vehicles etc while introducing new concepts like
       SeeD Ranking, Draw, Junction and modifying existing concepts
       like Guardian Forces by introducing concepts like compatibility,
       Boost and so on. Which RPGs you have played so far do not have
       the MP system, armour and so on? Perhaps, only Final Fantasy
       VIII. Sadly, Final Fantasy VIII is still not flawless. The Junction
       system allows you to customise your characters using magics, the
       first of any RPGs but because of that, the Draw system has to be
       introduced. The draw system is mainly what most people complaint
       about and a reason why most people prefers the traditional MP
       system. Tired of drawing magic spells. Me too sometimes! But, think
       about it, if magic is not measured in 'quantity', meaning how many
       magic spells are stocked, how are you going to introduce the
       Junction system. The music, in my opinion, is quite good,
       especially with 'Eyes On Me' around. Somehow, the tunes weren't
       that catchy as the past Final Fantasies and not everyone can
       appreciate it. Liberi Fatali is an example. It has a lot of
       meanings in it but... And, let me just give you a piece of
       advice. If you really want to enjoy Final Fantasy VIII to the
       fullest, then you really must play the card games. I know that
       a lot of people didn't play the card game because they thought
       it was useless but in my opinion, the best moments that i got
       from the game, was when i was playing the card game.
       These are just personal opinions. Feel free to comment.
    86)What do you think of the strategy guides written by other game
       magazines like Electronic Gaming Monthly, GamePro, PSM and so
       One word, "Sucks!" I seldom read strategy guides written by
       those game magazines for a few reasons. Of course, the official
       game guides written by Bradygames, and other publishers are
       another case. First of all, these strategy guides are not detailed
       enough and always missing a few important points. That's because
       they have to squeeze every single information into a limited
       space. Secondly, these strategy guides are often quite
       disorganised, specifically RPG games, but i am not referring to
       every single ones as that will make me look as if i am biased
       against them. The only good thing in their strategy guides are
       the numerous screenshots and that you don't need to waste time
       printing out strategy guide, unlike when referring to a faq.
       [but, don't forget that faqs are free of charge!!!]  A picture
       tells a thousand words. This is a great advantage that these
       strategy guides have over faqs. Faq writers have to visual
       what is happening on in the game and then using his words to
       express, which is quite tough actually. However, the screenshots
       can be of a spoiler too! I am not saying that all the strategy
       guides written by all these game magazines are no good but...
       And talk about plagiarism... Oh, forget about that!
    87)I have read many reviews written by you. So, how do you write
       a review and when writing a review what should i look out for?
       Your personal feelings toward the game. Just write whatever you
       think about this game in your review. Don't worry about what
       others said in their review. Just provide enough evidences to
       support your reasonings. Of course, you can read a few other
       reviews on a particular game as some samples for you before you
       write one on it. But, please write an original review. It's
       best to minimise any grammatical or spelling error and write
       in clear, concise English, if possible. Gamefaqs really need a
       review editor. Basically, most of the reviews i have read in
       gamefaqs have some grammatical errors and spelling errors. The
       same applies to mine as well.
       If you have read any game magazines like EGM, Gamepros, you will
       notice some trends. First of all, the previews are usually
       longer than the reviews and most, if not all, reviews are pretty
       short and are usually less than 200 words. Secondly, the gameplay
       is almost always about the same score as the graphics. Why?
       Simple enough! Stiff competition! In order to remain competitive,
       a game magazine must release as many latest news, reviews,
       screenshots, previews on the latest game. Space and time are
       two important factors. Reviews must be short so as to allow
       more pages for other feature coverages. And, it's unfair if
       one game review is extremely long and another one is too
       short. And to release reviews on the latest games as soon
       as possible, the reviewers can only judge on the graphics and
       the few hours of time they have spent. Surely, you wouldn't
       want to read a review about two or three months after the
       game has come out, right? I understand that!
       Like what Dingo Jellybean said in his Final Fantasy Anthology
       faq, make the graphics the least important. I do understand
       why Dingo Jellybean said in his Final Fantasy Anthology that
       he hates reviews written by EGM, IGNPSX and so on BUT i do
       understand why game magazines must have short reviews. And,
       it doesn't mean that the reviewers at EGM aren't expert
       reviewers. The choice of words, vocabulary used are
       definitely better than most reviewers at gamefaqs.
       And, when you review a very old game like Final Fantasy
       Anthology or any other Nes, SNES system or even earlier
       games, before you give a score on the graphics, think
       whether which year the game was made. Why? Take Final
       Fantasy Anthology as an example. Final Fantasy V was
       made in 1992 and Final Fantasy VI was made in 1994.
       Both games are pretty old and obviously turn paler in
       comparison now than in those days. But do a serious
       analysis! Both Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI
       were made many years back. Were there any games that
       could come close to these games in terms of graphics in
       those days? If you think it this way, your review will
       be rather fair and unbiased.
       Just some words of advice. Whenever you review a RPG game,
       do not complain about the high enemy encounter rate. I hate
       fools saying this. This shows their ignorant and tells
       people that they have never played an RPG game before. Yeah,
       walk about three to five steps and you will encounter some
       random enemies... very fustrating like this.. makes the game
       bored... blah... blah... blah. This is totally a load of craps.
       If you think like this, then you are not fit to write a
       review and NOT EVEN FIT to play any RPG. I mean, what's
       wrong with high enemy encounter rate? Take a look at
       traditional games like Final Fantasy V, VI or even other
       game series like Breath of Fire, Lufia and so on. The
       enemy encounter rates are much higher than most modern
       games today like Final Fantasy VIII. People still play
       those traditional RPGs in the past and even TODAY. Final
       Fantasy Anthology is a perfect example. So, what's the
       big deal here? Does that mean that RPGs in the past can
       have high enemy encounter rate but not in modern games?
       Do you mark the game down just because of that? This is
       totally unbiased and unfair.
       So, talk about style of reviewing a game. Before that,
       make sure you have played at least five hours on a
       particular game or have completed it. Make some analysis
       on the game and be clear with what you are going to say.
       Now, back to the style of writing a review. I used to
       break the my reviews into several parts like graphics,
       music, sound, storyline, gameplay and so on. Later on,
       i found that writing in this style, it's quite hard to
       put down everything i want to say. [I am not sure about
       you.] If you read my latest reviews like Thousand Arms,
       Final Fantasy VIII and so on, i decided to break my
       reviews into paragraphs and then write the scores such
       as graphics, music, sound, gameplay and so on at the
       end of my review. Each paragraph will have one main
       idea, perhaps one will describe about the combat system,
       one about the storyline and so on. I strongly believe
       it's more effective this way, at least for me. I don't
       know about you because i am not you.
       Of course, if you are really interested in writing one
       review, you can consult some Master Reviewers like Dingo
       Jellybean or almost everyone on the top 20 reviewer
       contribution page. Don't get dishearted if your first
       review isn't ^. As you keep on writing game reviews, you
       will get better and better. Who knows? Maybe, someone
       working in a game magazine is interested in hiring you!
       Haha! Good luck, anyway!
    88)What is/are your opinion(s) of what humaetorcH said in his
       Thousand Arms? He gave Thousand Arms an overall score of
       2 and criticised your Thousand Arms review.
       Hmm... what can i say? It's rather strange that he didn't
       mention the names of other reviewers who has also given
       Thousand Arms a rather high average score but only me alone.
       Anyway, never mind!
       Honestly, there are some parts that I do agree with him and
       some parts that I strongly disagree with. He was the only
       reviewer who gave Thousand Arms such a ridiculously low score
       of 2. And to defend my own opinion, I decided to rewrite
       my Thousand Arms review. The score still remains me as 8.
       And, if you read my Thousand Arms review, the portion
       towards the end are what i have just added. That includes
       the 8 points which I have given to defend my opinion. Feel
       free to read it! I wonder if he has read it yet!
       There is one important note which I want to stress to whoever
       is planning to write a RPG review. Don't be like humaetorcH!
       What's wrong with high enemy encounter rate? I am simply
       sick of such stupid reasonings given by those lazy gamers.
       It's rather common to see some people disagree with your reviews.
       I remembered Dingo Jellybean who gave Soul Calibur a ridiculously
       low score of 2 whereas all the rest of the reviewers gave it a 9
       or 10. I can't comment anything about the Dreamcast version of
       Soul Calibur since I do not own a Dreamcast. I am sure each
       reviewer has his own reasons for giving that score. The same
       goes to humaetorcH too. I am not saying that he is entirely
       wrong but... I just happen to disagree. Take Xenogears as
       another example. There are some reviewers who kept complaining
       about the poor control and long texts, and thus give Xenogears
       a very low score. On the other hand, for those who seriously
       enjoyed the storyline and the music [like me], you will find
       them giving Xenogears a very high score such as a 9 or 10.
       As for Final Fantasy VI, most give it a 10 but there are some
       who gave it a 7 as they complaint that Final Fantasy VI is
       too big and enemies are too many. I remembered I gave the first
       Suikoden a 6, and then, I got several mails from the fans of
       the first game who disagreed with me. I have to admit that i do
       enjoy the first Suikoden, as it plays more like a traditional
       RPG than today's modern games like Final Fantasy VIII. But, it
       ruins the novel. The game was not anything like a novel and did
       you know that Suikoden is a popular classic chinese novel. And,
       do you really need so many warriors, as huge as 108?
       Of all the reviews I have written so far, the most hardest to
       write is Final Fantasy VIII. Final Fantasy series has changed
       tremendously over the last few years. People were complimenting
       and criticising Final Fantasy VIII. Just go to any message
       board in gamefaqs that has to do with RPGs, PlayStation, SNES etc
       and almost 75% will have something to do with Square and Final
       Fantasy series. Some preferred the way Final Fantasy is in the
       past and some welcome the change. And, my review nearly got
       I really like Perdurabo's [Review by Recovered] Final Fantasy
       VIII review. He is the only one so far who really convinced me
       that Final Fantasy VIII is really good. After reading his
       review, i did some serious thoughts. I ask myself. Why must
       there be a draw system? What happens if the draw system is
       being replaced by the traditional MP system? Will the Junction
       system still work as well? He gave it a 10 for Final Fantasy
       VIII. I didn't give that high. I have to admit Final Fantasy
       VIII is good, but there seems to be more bad points than the
       good points. So, i gave it a 7 instead but it doesn't mean that
       Final Fantasy VIII is no good. And, if you read an interview
       with Hironobu Sakaguchi, he mentions that the Final Fantasy
       series must change.
       Anyway, Thousand Arms is still a great game. The animation
       and voices are really excellent, and the game is really
       in-depth. As long as you have substantial reasons to back
       up your opinions, this is a good review.
    89)So, can you recommend me some good reviewers whom i should
       look up to as a guideline?
       Sure. I guess all the reviewers who manage to get into the
       top 20 reviewer contributions are good reviewers though i
       haven't gotten the time to read everyone's reviews. And, if
       you really want me to recommend some of the best reviewers
       in the top 20 reviewer contribution, they will be GlucoseJoe,
       Dingo Jellybean and SmCFadden. These reviewers are well known
       for writing in-depth and informative reviews. Other reviewers
       worth looking up for includes J-dog, Celestial Avenger,
       Sunshine, Sixto Limiac and so on. As for me, what do you think?
       [Yeah, a person must be modest!]
    90)Since you have contributed a lot of faqs and reviews to gamefaqs,
       do you prefer writing a faq or a review?
       Obviously, it will be a review. Why? You do not really need to
       spend time researching on moves, secrets although you need to be
       familiar with the game. Besides, a review takes shorter time than
       writing a faq and you don't need to update that often unlike faqs.
       Lastly, your mailbox won't be jammed with countless mails, right?
       Hey, after writing a faq, you still need to respond to their
       questions, right? But, definitely not reviews, although you do get
       feedbacks too. Of course, i am not saying that i don't enjoy. In
       fact, i enjoy writing faqs and reviews because i want to contribute
       some of my ideas to the gaming community.
    91)Can i post any of your faqs or reviews in my website?
       Sure you can if you want to. But, please send me a e-mail,
       giving me your website URL, what the website is all about
       and so on. Of course, you must give me credits and promise
       that the contents will not be unaltered and you will check
       out www.gamefaqs.com every month to check for any new
       updates. But, this applies only to non-commercial webpage.
       As for any commerical webpages or any publisher working in
       a game magazine, he or she has to send me the e-mail first,
       asking for permission. And, before he or she can publish
       the informations, he or she must send me the final 'product'
       and if i am happy with it, i will agree to his or her
       request. Of course if anyone wants to convert my faq into HTML,
       he or she must show me the final 'product' first. I guess
       that's fair because you do not want all your hard work to be
       taken by someone else and let him or her gain the credits and
       not you. I hope you can understand that. Most importantly, be
       sure to check for new updates. It's no use if the faqs are
       posted but not updated.
       Note:If you don't receive my reply after a week, that means you
            have not obtained my permission. I am restricting the number
            of sites that are allowed to post my faqs. This is because
            I realise that there have been a number of sites who has
            either posted my faqs without my permission or have obtained
            my permission but fail to fulfill the conditions i set. An
            example is Gamesdomain who always fail to update the faq. 
    92)You mention that if anyone wants to put a faq in his site, he
       must obtain your permission and give you credits, as well as
       promise you to update everytime and not EDIT any of the content.
       Why the heck do i see a similar Final Fantasy VIII Basic Guide
       in Kaze Yagami's website?
       His is a special case and i have given Kaze Yagami the right to
       edit anything he wishes. Kaze Yagami has helped me a lot in my
       Final Fantasy VIII Basic Guide. A lot of information or almost
       80% of the information you see here, regarding whether it is
       about Crisis level, Boost, Compatibility and so on are kindly
       contributed by Kaze Yagami. You can consider him as half of
       the author here and that's why he has this special privilege.
       so, don't argue about it!
    93)Can you send me your updated faq?
       My most definite answer is no. If there's 1000 readers, do I always
       have to my updated faq to 1000 people. It will be VERY troublesome
       to me this way. Just go to www.gamefaqs.com and check if there's
       any updates in the 'What's New' section. Or, you can go and check
       out my contributor page at:
       You can find all the faqs I have written, including reviews at
       my contributor page.
    94)Can I ask you a question regarding games via ICQ?
       In the past, I used to answer questions via ICQ. But now, I don't.
       I find that it's quite annoying when I was replying e-mails but
       the ICQ messages keep popping up and I have to answer so many
       questions together. If you have any question, do not ask me through
       the ICQ. E-mail me instead if you have any question.
       One more thing. Do NOT add my ICQ number to your CONTACT list.
       Though I put my ICQ number at every faq, I did not expect everyone
       to add my ICQ number to his or her contact list. The thing is I
       already have a lot of contacts in my ICQ list. Those ICQ numbers
       which I added to my contact list, are those who are my CLASSMATES,
       and my PENPALS.
       Even if you add my ICQ number to your contact list, I won't bother
       to add your ICQ number to my contact list. First, I HARDLY know
       you well so it's unlikely that I will chat with you via ICQ. I
       might as well save the trouble of adding your ICQ number to my
       contact list. Secondly, if you have any question regarding games,
       you can e-mail me and ask me. ICQ will not be needed at all. I
       hope you can understand this.
    Myself      <ysf@pacific.net.sg>
    -For typing, and almost everything you see here.
    Kaze Yagami <yagami@pacific.net.sg>
    -For telling me about Armageddon Fist.
    -For telling me about Crisis level.
    -Providing me ways of defeating the Omega Weapon.
    -For telling me the difference between Trial version.
    -For editing and correcting the mistakes of the lyrics of Liberi
     Fatali, as well as doing the translation.
    -For Ragnarok Specifications in the exclusive features section.
    -For Balamb Train Specifications in the exclusive features section.
    Heero Yuy   <kanketsu@usa.net>
    -Helping me how to get G.F Eden from Omega Weapon.
    -Telling me how to get LionHeart.
    -For advice on beating Omega Weapon.
    -For allowing me to publish the lyrics of eyes on me.
    StevenBruck <Stevenbruck@bigfoot.com>
    -For the list of refining process to get Hero and Holy War Drink.
    -For telling me the difference between Trial version.
    MoogleKng   <MoogleKng@aol.com>
    -For telling me about the hidden save point located just before
     fighting Ultima weapon.
    X. Calibur  <xcalibur@ignmail.com>
    -For telling me about the hidden save point located just before
     fighting Ultima weapon.
    Matthew Montgomery <Aragorn@dragonmount.com>
    -For telling me that Triple is a better spell to junction to Speed
     than Haste.
    -Sorry for losing your e-mail. Thanks for e-mailing me again and
     clarifying your identity with me.
    -For the English names of Gilgamesh's attacks.
    -For telling me that Gilgamesh will always pick up the sword that
     lands behind him, and therefore determine the attack that Gilgamesh
     will use.
    -However, there's no way to determine which sword will land behind
    -For telling me another method to enter the underground basement,
     without having Zell as a compulsory character and that the plus
     point of this method is that you need not fight any enemies on
     your way back.
    Jeff "CjayC" Veasey
    -The webmaster of www.gamefaqs.com.
    -Thanks for hosting all my faqs and reviews.
    -Thanks for making me a contributor page.
    Final Fantasy:Worlds Apart <http://www.ffnet.net/>
    -For the PC requirments to play Final Fantasy VIII on the PC.
    SquareSoft  <www.SquareSoft.com>
    -For adding Ultima Weapon [From FFVII] and Omega Weapon [From FFV]
     to FFVIII, providing more challenge.
    XIII)Copyright Protected
    Copyright Protected. 1999-2000. All Right Reserved. This faq is
    written by Yee Seng Fu. (Yu Shenfu) No Part of the content can be
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    faq is original. Anyone who wants to link this faq to his or her own
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    my ICQ number, 25076522. Please visit my site and sign my
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    Anyone who has violated the agreement will be severely dealt with.
    All the contents that are inside this faq cannot be reproduced in any
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