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    Game Enhancer Guide (JP) by AKraus

    Updated: 03/24/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Play Final Fantasy VIII with a Game Enhancer
    Author: Alex Kraus
    e-mail: cranguy@hotmail.com
    Please do not alter or distribute this without the author's permission
    Updated: 3/24/99
    Note: When I refer to a "Game Enhancer", this refers to a fairly new device 
    which works by reading the code off a US disc and then swapping the discs to 
    play an import.
         These codes can be used in a GameShark to play the game with a modchip. All 
    you need to do is enter the codes and turn them on and the game will play. I 
    personally do not have a modchip, so if you are having trouble with it, please 
    DO NOT e-mail me about the gs/modchip.
         This method works for me, and if it doesn't for you, I can't help you much. 
    Stick with the directions.
    I'll keep this fairly short, because a whole lotta details aren't needed ;)
    Also you know, Sony and Square flushed $60,000 down the drain when they
    came up with this new mod-chip lockout. Within a day, people already
    found out how to crack the lockout. It's fairly easy to play with a modchip,
    but certain steps are need to play it with a Game Enhancer. Here's how
    you do it:
    1. Enter Final Fantasy VIII into your Game Enhancer if you have not
    already done so.
    2. Enter the following codes. You may want to make them separate or all
    in one -- I don't know if it makes any difference.
    D009B1B8 6D09
    8009B1B8 0000
    D009B1BA 0002
    B009B1BA 00000000
    D009D182 0000
    8009B182 2402
    D009D2B0 FFF3
    8009D2E0 0046
    D009D2B0 FFF3
    8009D2E2 1000
    (this code must be entered exactly)
    Some say only of one these codes is necessary, but I find that if you put
    them all in, it helps.
    3. Exit and Save.
    4. Restart the GE select "Select Cheat Codes" FIRST!
    5. Once you have the mod codes on and any others, THEN you may proceed
    to swap the discs. (modchip owners need not do this step)
    6. Select "Start Games with Codes" and enjoy!
    Changing CD's:
    Of course at some time in the game you're going to have to go from disc one to 
    disc two, etc. With a Game Enhancer, you cannot restart a game that you stopped 
    in the middle of because your PSX will recognise it as a Japanese disc. The 
    solution? You should know when you're at the end of a disc (the save screen will 
    pop up). *Be sure you have room to save your game.* Save, reset the PlayStation 
    and start on the next disc. If you don't do this and attempt to just change the 
    discs, you'll get some kind of Caution screen, which basically is the PSX 
    telling you that you're doing something it doesn't want you to ;D
    Note: Modchipped people probably can bypass this step and change the discs 
    If you are still having problems, please do not email me unless it is absolutely 
    necessary -- and I'm warning you now I won't be much help unless you're doing 
    something really dumb.
    If you would like other patch codes, look here:
    There are a good bit there, so please don't ask me for them.
    Copyright 1999 Alex Kraus

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