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    Boko Powerup Codes by Vilurum

    Updated: 09/30/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Power Up Boko Codes, v1.0, 9/30/00
    by Vilurum (crodgers@uclink.berkeley.edu)
    General copyright stuff: I created these codes myself, using Terence's 
    information as I say below. That being the case, feel free to give them 
    to your friends or use them on your site, but be sure to give credit 
    where credit is due.
    All right, this FAQ is short, sweet, and to the point. Here are some 
    GameShark codes I extrapolated from some information given to me at the 
    GameFAQs FF8 message board by the user Terence (whose e-mail address I'll 
    put here if he a. e-mails me about it saying he wants it, and b. e-mails 
    me period so I know what it is). What they do is, they power up the 
    chicobo, Boko, and make MiniMog available for summoning. Wouldn't 
    possibly have guessed that, would you?
    Normally Boko can only be powered up in the PC version, or by use of a 
    PocketStation to play Choco World. But seeing as I was not willing to 
    shell out the money for one of those, I just persistently asked around 
    for information about where the game stores the data about Boko's (and 
    MiniMog's) status, and Terence came to my rescue and provided the 
    information. After that it was a simple matter of comparing RAM addresses 
    to figure out what an appropriate GameShark code for me. I also thank the 
    user Sister on the same message board, for testing the codes for me and 
    assuring me that they do in fact work.
    So, without further ado, here are the codes. Put them in (all of them) 
    after finishing your first chocobo forest and initially getting the 
    ability to summon Boko. They don't work earlier in the game.
    300786D8 001D
    300786D9 0064
    300786DA 0031
    300786DB 0031
    300786DC 0099
    300786DD 0099
    30078705 0003
    Note: this will fully power up Boko, so he does his "Choco Bocle" attack 
    (yes, I know it should be Choco Buckle to match FF7, but it isn't). If 
    you're interested, and want to see Choco Flare or Choco Meteor, make the 
    last line end 0001 or 0002 respectively (0000 if for some reason you want 
    Choco Fire back). The effects of this code can be saved; that is, you 
    plug it in, load your game, turn the code on, save the game, and then 
    load without the code on, and Boko's still powered up.
    If you need Mog's Amulets to give one of your GFs the MiniMog command so 
    you can actually *see* him, you can refer to the GameShark Code Creator's 
    Club (http://www.cmgsccc.com/psx/ff8/) for a "have all items" code or 
    some item modifier code. Or, I can just give you this code which I got 
    from there, which should give you 100 Mog's Amulets in the very very last 
    item slot (bottom of item page 18). Just be sure it's empty beforehand, 
    or you'll lose whatever was in there previously.
    80078046 6441
    Note that this code won't give you any other Choco World-only items such 
    as Friendship or Ribbon. But since those work without the enabler codes 
    above, you can check the GSCCC for codes to get them.

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