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Wow. Just...Wow.01/23/03Aganar
"Boy Meets World" meets "Star Trek."12/20/06Archmonk Iga
The game which ended Squaresoft's Golden Age09/13/10Avalokitesvara
Great gameplay, along with a motion capturing storyline makes a fantastic RPG12/16/03BigCj34
Final Fantasy VIII - A game which will always bring fond memories.05/27/08Black_Seed
One of the best games of all time, like it, or not.02/13/04Braben
Best. Game. Ever.04/13/04Kyle Bowen
What exactly is a gunblade, anyway?06/06/06MSuskie
Stop holding FF7 against this.08/11/15UltimaterializerX
Beautiful, if flawed, masterpiece07/08/092Deux2
And the final result is... DRAW!10/15/07Arkrex
Good by itself, but the odd-ball of the series even though it is pretty good-to a point04/07/02Behreandto
The weak gameplay isn't enough to stop this mesmerising classic06/24/04bigmuffpi
A game that breaks the normal mold, yet still is impressive12/08/08bover_87
This is the result of when Square becomes rich over a previously terrible game.03/06/09Calamity
One of the best of RPG's up to this date06/12/03Clallzidus
Final Fantasy VIII: my 'final' fantasy before FFXIII comes out, and probably the toughest to review04/24/08Computerbug8
A wonderful experience, and a controversial masterpiece.10/23/00Cyber-Sushi
An awesome game, but sadly, not for everyone06/20/03Cyril
Welcome to the Garden.06/03/05DarkReign128
You will never regret putting this game's disks into your Playstation and awakening the masterpiece that is contained05/21/12Demigod_Tyek
Home again, I promise not to leave you on your own again04/10/03Denouement
All style, no substance.08/23/05Draco1214
Truly, my favorite game of all time.03/30/04Dude Love Fan
A much more mature and mysterious entry into the series with mixed results.08/02/12Exodist
Square's romantic dream.11/27/04Fein
A great game... but nothing on FF711/16/03fghtita
Another legend in a long legacy of greatness.12/10/04Fraghappy
It is obvious that 'Final Fantasy VIII' is a much more mature and story-driven game than the rest...02/09/03Garbol Shora
The shattered lifespan was the downfall.02/01/04Gbness
Broken, because no one tried to make this game work.03/10/06grasu
How romantic can a game be?06/13/02Halron2
Squall's the Yin to my Yang... Or whatever...08/04/06hecktic00
A Slightly Flawed but Magnificent Final Fantasy Experience04/15/16HeroofThyme15
Retrospective: Still one of the greatest ever10/19/06Ice69_69
Underrated? That's for you to decide. Take a look.09/05/04IronMan0723
A Mixed Successor to Final Fantasy VII01/19/10JohnRobertLynch
A Game that has Inspired Cult-like Fanaticism in Some and Hatred in Others -- Here's Why02/09/07JPtheGreat
Moody teenagers transcend time and space.02/04/11Kafkaligula
Underrated. The BEST Final Fantasy and the BEST Rpg. Who sayd FF7?08/29/03Kaiden
Eight ain't great. But, it's still fun.05/28/14Kashell Triumph
A haunting epic story in Playstation History07/26/00KasketDarkfyre
A yard from immortality.07/07/03KingBroccoli
Just like Titanic...nothing but the hype.06/14/01Lady Raven
Find out why you should save the world all over again12/14/04Leebo
Easily as good as Final Fantasy VII05/18/09lighty691
Square Enix Does It Again09/21/09LordShibas
Don't let your obsession with FF7 'cloud' your mind.10/09/06Luniara
A game that has no redeeming qualities.05/22/13Manwithopinions
Only Edea can rival Queen Amidala’s wardrobe12/07/02matt91486
Same Fantasy, Different Style04/01/08Menji
An Unbiased, and fair review.07/15/03MIKE YO
New ideas. Embrace them.07/09/02Myzery_Clown
Final Fantasy VIII: a in depth review..07/25/04nalo010
FF Gameplay at its Very Best11/15/00Naomi
Playing this game is like going to a really nice house where you aren't allowed to touch anything03/08/13nastynate3118
One of the greatest games of our time11/07/06Neptune Star
A nice adventure, although a steep learning curve and weak characters do it no favors03/09/10nintendosega
Masterpiece or absolute disaster?04/12/10Ofisil
A fantastic game that receives unwarranted criticism due to the acclaim of its predecessor07/18/07Osafune2
It's all about the love!05/26/06Pastulio_
The ultimate RPG that the powers of the universe have finally blessed our meager reality with...04/07/02Perdurabo
Easily one of the best games on Playstation06/28/05plasmabeam
Now introducing the runner up for most overrated RPG of all time..07/16/01Psycho Penguin
Quite simply, the hands-down best game/experience ever in video gaming history. This is it.02/09/00Ranma
A true cinematic masterpiece - my favorite game of this type of movie-like storytelling08/02/02rxfang6
No words can describe the greatness of this game!01/04/03Sana chan
Possibly the greatest and most underappreciated Final Fantasy ever!11/24/00SCCAN85
A game to own in your collection07/15/09ShapeQuest
Square releases a more mature game at the expense of several factors11/09/02Shirow
This game doesn't deserve the hate it gets11/22/04Shivan Reincarnated
Don’t send me your poorly written hate mail filled with grammatical errors and unnecessary abbreviations, because I will simply ignore it.04/08/04shneepshnop
Is This The Most Broken Fantasy?10/21/13sirloinestake
The game like marmite - You either love it or hate it08/26/04sonicandfffan
Simply the most beautiful game in the history of gaming10/14/13SquallEX8
One of the better games in the series but not the best.07/30/04theone1batman
Convoluted storyline does NOT a good game make04/24/03Thunderlipz
It's not final, the story isn't really a fantasy story, but it IS the eighth in the series. Unless you count the Game Boy games..02/25/02Tom Clark
Try too hard to create a good game and Final Fantasy VIII will be the result01/02/07Tricky
This is just Square's way of mocking us!07/13/04White Ninja
Could have been potentially good.... but... It just didn't.02/03/09wilowns1
Why do some people like it while some don't? Read on to find out why???12/16/02YSF
Final Fantasy VIII - Mediocre RPG02/24/05Yugo1337
Space, time and orphanages -- does it get any crazier?09/10/07ZFS
8 Years Later and It's STILL My Favorite01/01/08zilaroth
What has happened to the series that I used to love?08/06/07Zylo the wolf

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