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"Final Fantasy VIII The Best Game In The Series. (Spoiler-Free!)"

Final Fantasy VIII is my favorite Final Fantasy game - or any game for that matter. The story, characters, music,battle system, and junction system are so unbelievably entertaining that you will want to play it over and over again. No game will ever become comparable with this game.

Characters:The cast of characters Squall, Rinoa, Selphie, Zell, Quistis, and Irvine, are the greatest combination of characters in any game. The development and relationships between the characters, especially Rinoa and Squall, the two main characters The rest of the characters, are mostly backup people with not as much involvement to the game's story as Squall and Rinoa, but they still have great "personalities" and make the game what it is.

Story Line:This game has an Epic (Yes, I said Epic) storyline. I won't get into details, but the story is so amazing that you will want to play it over and over and over and over.( and over) Since I'm trying to make a Spoiler-Free Review theres really nothing else I can say, except that the story is Awesome.

Battle System: The battle system is timelessly fun and entertaining. Random battles aren't a pain in the neck, like Tales of Phantasia (for the SNES which had a TON of random battles). Once you get used to the junction system, and have some magic, you will be ready to take on anything. Each boss have their own weaknesses and strengths, and so do you! You can junction magic to yourself and become immune to magic!

Music: Nobuo Uematsu has made his master piece. The song played at the end called “Eyes on Me” is the best song in any game. It is sung by Faye Wong and fits wonderfully into the game. There are also other song played in the game (Julia and Waltz for the Moon, for example) which have the Eyes on Me melody in it. The world map theme, Blue Fields, is obviously the best world map theme (next to FF6). Other notable songs are, Find your Way (the dungeon theme), Succession of Witches (Ultimecia's/ Edea's Theme), and Liberi Fatali (The song played during the first clip). There are so many great songs in this game that it is hard to keep track. Every song in this game is Great.

Graphics: I was amazed at the graphics the first time I saw the opening scene. The graphics are as good as Final Fantasy X! Every where you go it's like your walking on a piece of art . It must have taken them hours to make each back round picture thing. The CG scenes so real and life-like it feels like your really there. They did an awesome job on them.

Fantasy VIII has everything you could imagine: from escaping exploding buildings to wandering aimlessly on a blank, empty plain. The only downside to it is that it ends. There probably won't ever be a game as good as Final Fantasy VIII (or not even close...) but do not despair;You can play it over again. I've played this game three times and still enjoy it. Thats why I give it a 10/10.

I'll be

-Rinoa Heartily

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/28/08

Game Release: Final Fantasy VIII (US, 09/07/99)

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