Review by CuteBoi

Reviewed: 07/07/10

Final Fantasy 8: Not bad, but not good either.

The Final Fantasy series, it gained much more popularity ever since Final Fantasy 7, but what about this game? I'd say not as good.

Story 6 / 10
The story starts off pretty good, the main character, Squall is a member of a SEED, an elite mercenary force and you do tasks you are assigned and the actions you take can effect your rank. You may think "wow! this is quite different from a normal rpg" But this idea is pretty much ditched later on, when the main character falls in love with Rinoa, the rest of the game will mainly focus on love and defeating an evil sorceress... just like any other rpg. I personally like the characters.

Graphics 8 / 10
The graphics gained a big upgrade since the previous installment in the Final Fantasy series, the character models look much more realistic and there are more FMVs as well. Also there aren't that many enemy-recolors as FFVII.

Sound 9 / 10
I expected no less from Nobuo, the soundtrack is amazing, almost better than FFVII, there's even a song with vocals in this one. No problem with sound effects.

Gameplay 6 / 10
This is where the game fails the most. The whole game is based on the junctioning system, here's how it works. You "draw" magic from enemies, such as "Blizzard, Fire, Thunder" and they are stored on your character. You can store up to 100 of them. You can equip "Guardian Forces" which are the summons from the past games, they let you "junction" your stored magic onto a certain stat. Different magic gives different amount of bonuses to different stats. Now this may sound like a pretty good system, and it is, but the real problem is that the ingame enemies aren't balanced with the available magic at certain parts of the game. Also, there are some passive skills you can equip that can multiply your stats up to 240%, and to top if off, the main character, Squall, has a limit break (like a special move) almost as strong as "Omnislash", the strongest move in the previous game, and guess what? He starts off with this limit break. Most bosses up till the final disk can easily be defeated with 1-3 uses of Squall's limit break, and unlike FFVII, the only requirement for using limit breaks only requires you to be in "critical" condition, so if nobody attacks that character, he/she can just keep spamming their limit breaks. Remember some tricky bosses like Rubicante back in FF4? Well this game has nearly none of that, there's only 1 boss with a "trick" in the whole game, all the other bosses require no strategy.

Final Rating 7/10
The storyline is acceptable and everything else is fine, but the difficulty is really disappointing for a Final Fantasy game.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Final Fantasy VIII (US, 09/07/99)

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